4.3.2 Livestock products

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Federal Law 159-FZ
On agricultural products, raw materials and food with improved characteristics
GOST 10202-71
Raw-cotton of hand-yield. Specifications
Price: $196.02
GOST 10376-77
Regenerated wool from wool and semi-wool old and new rags. Specification
Price: $156.42
GOST 11839-75
Hypothises of cattle, sheep, goats and pigs. Methods of control
Price: $115.83
GOST 1213-74
Pigs for slaughter. Specifications
Price: $75.24
GOST 13612-77
Shedding hair of cattle and horses. Specifications
Price: $61.38
GOST 15990-70
Porcine erysipelas concentrated aluminum-hydroxide formolvaccine
Price: $89.10
GOST 18253-72
Horn-and-hoof material
Price: $61.38
GOST 18292-2012
Slaughter poultry. Specifications
Price: $214.83
GOST 18292-85
Slaughter poultry. Specifications
Price: $115.83
GOST 19779-74
Unwashed semicoarse classed sheep wool. Specifications
Price: $142.56
GOST 20728-75
Bee colonies
Price: $61.38
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