4.2.2 Oil, oil products and gas

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GOST 10062-62
Combustible natural and associated gases. VTI method for determination of heat ratio by burning in a calorimetric bomb
GOST 10062-75
Natural combustible gases. Method for determination of specific heat of combustion
Price: $297.00
GOST 1012-2013
Aviation petrols. Specifications
Price: $137.61
GOST 1012-44
Aviation petrols. Specifications
GOST 1012-46
Aviation petrols. Specifications
GOST 1012-54
Aviation petrols. Specifications
GOST 1012-72
Aviation petrol
Price: $130.68
GOST 10196-62
Hydrocarbon liquefied fuel gases
Price: $286.20
GOST 10227-2013
Jet fuels. Specifications
Price: $88.11
GOST 10227-86
Jet fuels
Price: $48.51
GOST 10364-90
Petroleum and petroleum products. Method for determination of vanadium
Price: $101.97
GOST 10373-75
Motor gasolines for car engines. Methods of knock jests
Price: $520.74
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