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03.060 Finance. Banking. Monetary systems. Insurance

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Bylaw 197-r
On approval of lists of questions confirming knowledge of the legislation of the Russian Federation regulating relations in the sphere of insurance and agriculture in the field of crop, livestock and commercial aquaculture (commercial fish farming)
Decree 486
On a lump sum payment to citizens receiving a pension
Decree 487
On a one-time cash payment to certain categories of citizens receiving a pension
Federal Law 117-FZ
Safety of Hydraulic Structures
Federal Law 122-FZ
Government Registration of Rights to Real Estate and Transactions Involving Real Estate
Federal Law 123-FZ
Privatization of Government Property and the Foundations for Privatization of Municipal Property in the Russian Federation
Price: $480.68
Federal Law 125-FZ
On Amendments to Part One of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation
Federal Law 160-FZ
Foreign Investments in the Russian Federation
Federal Law 164-FZ
Financial Leasing
Price: $673.12
Federal Law 173-FZ
On Amendments to Chapter 21 of Part Two of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation
Federal Law 178-FZ
Privatization of Government and Municipal Property
Federal Law 179-FZ
About insurance rates for compulsory social insurance against industrial accidents and occupational diseases for 2006
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