03.120.10 Quality Management and Quality Assurance

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GOST 12.4.166-2018
Occupational safety standards system. Respiratory protective devices. Facepiece. General specifications
Price: $394.02
GOST 12.4.250-2019
Occupational safety standards system. Special clothing for protection against sparks and splashes of molten metal. Technical requirements
Price: $250.00
GOST 15.601-98
System of product development and launching into manufacture. Industrial products maintenance. Principal positions
Price: $70.29
GOST 15467-79
Product quality control. Basic concepts. Terms and definitions
Price: $159.39
GOST 16504-81
The state system of testing products. Product test and quality inspection. General terms and definitions
Price: $226.71
GOST 17216-71
Industrial purity
Price: $75.24
GOST 20.57.406-81
Electrical equipment, devices for electronic technology and quantum electronics
Price: $791.01
GOST 23.001-2004
Products wear resistance assurance. General principles
Price: $101.97
GOST 23.216-84
Ensuring of wear resistance of products. Method of testing materials for wear and friction applying oil-refrigerant mixtures as lubricants
Price: $263.34
GOST 23.218-84
Ensuring of wear resistance of products. Determination of energy-consumption while plastic deformation of materials
Price: $169.29
GOST 23.219-84
Products wear resistance assurance. Test method for wear resistance of materials and details with hydro erosion wearing by dispersed particles
Price: $315.81
GOST 23.223-85
Products wear resistance assurance. Method for determination of tribotechnical properties of construction materials in contact with fibrous material
Price: $371.15
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