03.120.20 Certification of products and companies. Conformity assessment

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Decision 126
On the Procedure of mutual comparative evaluation by accreditation bodies of the Eurasian Economic Union member states
Decree 201
Regulations on the formation and maintenance of a unified register of certificates of conformity, the provision of information contained in the specified register and payment for the provision of such information
Federal Law 184-FZ
About technical regulation
FTS ZhT TM 01-98
Elements of the upper structure of the railway track. Certification requirements
FTS ZhT TsL 01-98
Railway passenger cars. Certification requirements
FTS ZhT TsV 01-98
Railway freight cars. Certification requirements
GOST 24555-81
The state system of testing the production. The procedure of verification of testing equipment. General principle
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GOST 28496-90
System of quality evaluation and certification of interdelivered production. Mark of conformity.
Price: $116.82
GOST 28558-90
Certification of refrigerating chambers for storage of fruits and vegetables. Main principles
Price: $169.29
GOST 31815-2012
Conformity assessment. Order of carrying out surveillance in certification
Price: $280.17
GOST 31816-2012
Conformity assessment. Use of marks indicating conformity
Price: $198.99
GOST 31879-2012
Principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). Guides for compliance monitoring procedures for GLP Principles
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