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03.240 Postal Services

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GOST 22381-77
Pneumatic tube systems. Types, overall parameters and dimensions
Price: $142.56
GOST 26796-85
Bags for international post dispatch. General specifications
Price: $116.82
GOST 28095-89
Automates for sale of post cards envelopes and post-stamps. General technical requirements
Price: $99.99
GOST 28109-89
Cancelling machines. General specification
Price: $132.66
GOST 28641-90
Pack binding machines. General specifications
Price: $132.66
GOST 28642-90
Half-automatic installations for sorting of sendings. General specifications
Price: $132.66
OST 45-14-78
Occupational safety standards system. Non-serviced repeater stations. General safety requirements.
OST 45-15-79
Labour safety standard system. Mail exchange through the hatch window of the stationary post offices when using motor transport. Safety requirements.
OST 45-17-79
Labour safety standard system. Technological equipment for postal communication and Soiuzpechat enterprises. General safety requirements.
OST 45-18-86
Periodicals. Packaging and labelling.
OST 45-28-86
Information symbols of a mail service. Requirements to symbols purpose and content.
OST 45-29-85
Labour safety standard system. Mail exchange with mail cars. Safety requirements.
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