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07.100 Microbiology


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GOST ISO 16212-2020
Perfumery and cosmetic products. Microbiology. Yeast and Mold Counting
OST 59-01.002.10-82
Products of the microbiological industry. Key terms and definitions
OST 59-01.002.35-84
System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing. Directory assistance system of microbiological industry. General requirements.
OST 59-01.002.41-84
System of product development and launching into manufacture. Carrying out procedure of patent researches in the microbiological industry.
OST 59-01.003.48-85
Labour safety standard system. Workplace air. Microorganism acceptable concentration that are used to control pests of agriculture. Control methods.
OST 59-01.003.50-85
Labour safety standard system. Organization of worker and officer of microbiological industry with individual protection means, their maintenance, operation.
OST 59-01.003.51-85
Labour safety standard system. Biological factor. Terms and definitions.
OST 59-02.004.09-82
Labour safety standard system. Training organization of safe labour method in microbiological industry. General provisions.
OST 59-02.004.34-83
Labour safety standard system. Technological equipment for microbiological industry. Safety requirements.
OST 59-03.045.45-85
Nature preservation. Atmosphere. Emission classification by content. Atmosphere pollution control in microbiology companies.
OST 59-03.047.05-81
Occupational safety standards system. Production process in microbiological industry. General safety requirements.
OST 64-002-86
Medical and microbiological industry products. Regulations for manufacturing processes. Development, content and approval procedure requirements.
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