13.220.10 Fire fighting

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GOST 11101-2021
Fire-fighting equipment. Air-foam fire barrels. General technical requirements. Test methods
Price: $217.00
GOST 11101-73
Air-foam nozzle. Specifications
Price: $421.13
GOST 12.1.114-82
Occupational safety standards system. Fire engineering. Symbolic representations
Price: $168.00
GOST 12.2.037-78
Fire engineering. Safety requirements
Price: $151.00
GOST 12.2.047-86
Occupational safety standards system. Fire engineering. Terms and definitions
Price: $250.00
GOST 12.3.046-91
Occupational safety standards system. Automatic fire-fighting sets. General technical requirements
Price: $48.00
GOST 12962-80
Medium expansion foam-making branch pipes. Specifications
Price: $641.28
GOST 12963-80
Suction gauzes. Specifications
Price: $217.00
GOST 13815-82
Fire foam sprinklers and drenchers
Price: $267.00
GOST 13816-80
Hydrant column. Specification
GOST 14279-79
Sleeved water collecting. Technical conditions
Price: $184.00
GOST 14286-69
Wrenches for fire connecting equipment. Specifications
Price: $134.00
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