19.040 Climatic tests

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GOST 11478-88
Electronic consumer equipment. Norms and methods of climatic and environmental mechanical testing procedure
Price: $731.00
GOST 15152-69
Unified system of corrosion and ageing protection. Industrial rubber products for tropics. General requirements
Price: $316.00
GOST 21793-76
Plastics. Method for determination of the oxygen index
Price: $250.00
GOST 21964-76
Environmental factors. Nomenclature and characteristics
Price: $526.00
GOST 23750-79
Artificial weather apparatus with xenon emitters. General technical requirements
Price: $168.00
GOST 24546-81
Piles. Field test methods in permafrost
GOST 24813-81
Testing of items the point of view of influence on climatic factors. General
Price: $1,254.34
GOST 24981-81
Package. Test methods for dust-proofness
Price: $71.00
GOST 25051.2-82
The state system of testing products. Test chambers of heat and cold. Certification methods
Price: $777.00
GOST 26548-85
Air heaters. Methods of tests
Price: $349.00
GOST 26883-86
Exposure factors. Terms and definitions
Price: $201.00
GOST 28198-89
Basic environmental testing. Part 1. General and quidance
Price: $398.00
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