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GOST R 50.05.22-2020
Conformity assessment system in the field of atomic energy use. Conformity assessment in the form of control. Quality assessment standards for metallographic studies of welded joints and deposited surfaces
Price: $201.00
GOST R 59210-2020
Norms and rules for testing machine tools. Part 11: Measuring tools used in geometric testing of machine tools
Price: $1,943.00
OST 27-72-445-79
Industry-based production planning system. Forging at screw presses with electric arc drive. Typical technological process.
OST 36-39-80
Steel technological pipelines made of carbon and alloy steels for pressure Ру up to 9.81 MPa (100 kgf / cm2). Shielded manual metal arc welding. Typical technological process.
Price: $355.00
OST 36-50-81
Steel technological pipelines. Heat treatment of the welded joints. Typical technological process.
OST 36-50-86
Steel industrial pipelines. Heat treatment of welded joints. Template technological process
Price: $450.00
RTM 24.002.28-73
The procedure for the examination of product designs
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