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27.010 Energy and heat engineering in general

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GOST 21027-2021
Electric power systems. Terms and Definitions
GOST 27322-87
The energy balance of the enterprise. General concepts
Price: $280.17
GOST 33961-2016
Stationary boilers. Gas-tight structures calculations
Price: $584.10
GOST 33962-2016
Stationary water-tube boilers. General. Materials and stress allowances for the boiler pressure parts
Price: $329.67
GOST 33963-2016
Stationary boilers. Calculation for earthquake and wind nfluence
Price: $280.17
GOST 33964-2016
Stationary water-tube boilers. Verification calculation. Static strength calculation. Cyclical strength calculation. Brittle-structure resistance calculation
Price: $504.90
GOST 33965-2016
Stationary water-tube boilers. Calculation for the component basic dimensions selection. Strength factors and hole reinforcement
Price: $815.76
GOST 34045-2017
Electric power systems. Operational dispatching control. Automatic emergency control of regimes of power systems. Emergency control of power systems. Norms and requirements
Price: $409.86
GOST 34045-2023
Electric power systems. Operative-dispatch control. Automatic emergency control of power systems. Automatic emergency control of power systems. Norms and requirements.
GOST 34184-2017
Electric power systems. Operational dispatch control. Frequency control and active power flow in power interconnection. General requirements
Price: $149.49
GOST R 51749-2001
Energy conservation. Energy consuming equipment in general industrial application. Kinds. Types. Groups. Indicators of energy efficiency. Identification
Price: $520.74
GOST R 51750-2001
Energy conservation. Methods of determination of energy capacity on production of output and rendering of services in technological energy systems. General principles
Price: $457.38
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