OST 95 10440-2002

ОСТ 95 10440-2002

Equipment for radioactive environments. Welded joints. Types and dimensions and structural elements.

Оборудование для работы с радиоактивными средами. Сварные соединения. Типы, конструктивные элементы и размеры.

Status: Reference materials, MP, TPR. In connection with the entry into force of the Federal Law of December 27, 2002 N 184-ФЗ "On Technical Regulation"

The standard establishes the main types, structural elements and dimensions of welds of welded joints from corrosion-resistant steels and alloys used for the manufacture of equipment designed to work with radioactive media in industries covered by the requirements of the “Radiation Safety Standards NRB-99” and “Basic Sanitary radiation safety regulations OSPORB-99. It is allowed to use these types of welded joints for equipment intended for the processing of low- and intermediate-level NPP wastes as agreed with the chief designer for the equipment for the processing and solidification of radioactive waste. Control of welded joints in this case should be carried out according to OST 95 39

Стандарт устанавливает основные типы, конструктивные элементы и размеры швов сварных соединений из коррозионно-стойких сталей и сплавов, применяемых для изготовления оборудования, предназначенного для работы с радиоактивными средами в производствах, на которые распространяются требования "Норм радиационной безопасности НРБ-99" и "Основных санитарных правил обеспечения радиационной безопасности ОСПОРБ-99. Допускается применение данных типов сварных соединений для оборудования, предназначенного для переработки низко- и среднеактивных отходов АЭС по согласованию с главным конструктором по оборудованию для переработки и отверждения радиоактивных отходов. Контроль сварных соединений в этом случае должен проводиться по ОСТ 95 39

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Approved: Minatom of the Russian Federation, 2/8/2002

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Technical Supervision » Section II. State regulation of safety in use of atomic energy » Other documents »

PromExpert » SECTION IV. INDUSTRIAL SAFETY » III Nuclear and radiation safety » 2 Nuclear fuel cycle enterprises »

The Document References:

GOST 10885-85: Hot-rolled two-ply corrosion-resistant steel sheets

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GOST 16098-80: Welded joints of clad corrosion resistant steel. Main types, design elements and dimensions

GOST 2.312-72: Symbolic designations and representations of welds and welded joints

GOST 23518-79: Cas-shielded arc welding. Welded joints. Main types, design elements and dimensions

GOST 5264-80: Manual are welding. Welding joints. Main types, design elements and dimensions

GOST 8713-79: Flux welding. Welded joints. Maih types design elements and dimensions

NRB 99: Radiation Safety Standards

OST 95 10439-2002: Equipment for radioactive environments. General technical requirements. Acceptance. Maintenance and repair.

PNAE G-7-009-89: Equipment and pipelines of nuclear power installations. Welding and overlaying, general provisions

PNAE G-7-010-89: Equipment and pipelines of nuclear energy facilities. Welded joints and beads. Testing rules

SP Main sanitary regulations to ensure radiation safety

The Document is Referenced By:

OST 95 10439-2002: Equipment for radioactive environments. General technical requirements. Acceptance. Maintenance and repair.

RD 95 10541-98: Equipment for working with radioactive media. Classification

RD EO Nondestructive control. Uniform requirements for the form and content of technological maps

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