RD 36-62-00

РД 36-62-00

Hoisting equipment. General technical requirements.

Оборудование грузоподъемное. Общие технические требования.

Status: Effective

The document establishes general technical requirements for the manufacture of lifting machines for installation, construction and loading and unloading. The governing normative document applies to the following lifting machines: special types of assembly cranes of all types (automobile, tracked, gantry, tower, pneumowheel railway, etc.); on lifts (towers) of all types (automobile, trailed, mobile, etc.); on all types of pipe laying cranes; on cranes of all types; mounting machines for special purposes (loaders, drilling and crane machines, heavy trailers, etc.); load-lifting mounting devices (mounting masts, booms, portals, etc.); load gripping mounting devices (traverses, clamps, slings, trolley suspensions, grabs, etc.); electric and manual hoists and winches, jacks for installation work. To other machines and devices, in the drawings or in the technical specifications of which there are references to this guide regulatory document.

Документ устанавливает общие технические требования к изготовлению грузоподъемных машин, предназначенных для монтажных, строительных и погрузочно-разгрузочных работ. Руководящий нормативный документ распространяется на следующие грузоподъемные машины: на краны монтажные специальные всех типов (автомобильные, гусеничные, козловые, башенные, пневмоколесные железнодорожные и др.); на подъемники (вышки) всех типов (автомобильные, прицепные, передвижные и др.); на краны-трубоукладчики всех типов; на краны-манипуляторы всех типов; машины монтажные специального назначения (погрузчики, бурильно-крановые машины, прицепы-тяжеловозы и др.); грузоподъемные монтажные приспособления (монтажные мачты, стрелы, порталы и др.); грузозахватные монтажные приспособления (траверсы, захваты, стропы, троллейные подвески, грейферы и др.); электрические и ручные тали и лебедки, домкраты для монтажных работ. На другие машины и приспособления, в чертежах или в технических условиях которых имеются ссылки на настоящий руководящий нормативный документ.

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As a Replacement Of:

OST 36-62-81: Hoisting equipment. General technical requirements.

The Document References:

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GOST R 15.201-2000: System of product development and launching into manufacture. Products of industrial and technical designation. Procedure of product development and launching into manufacture

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GOST R 50968-96: Gearmotors of general purpose. General standard specifications

GOST R 51402-99: Noise of machine. Determination of power levels of noise sources using sound pressure. Survey method using an enveloping measurement surface over a reflecting plane

Norms 8-95: Industrial interference. Electrical devices operated outside residential buildings. Enterprises in selected areas or in separate buildings. Valid values. Test methods

OST 36-100.2.03-84: Occupational safety standards system. Labour saving tools. Installation tools and devices. General safety and ergonomics requirements.

PB 03-273-99: Rules for qualification test of welders and welding production specialists

PB 10-157-97: Installation and Safe Operation Requirements for Pipe-Laying Machine Safety

PB 10-256-98: Regulations on design and safe operation of hoists (derricks)

PB 10-257-98: Rules for the installation and safe operation of crane manipulators

PB 10-382-00: Rules of hoisting crane structure and safe operation. Series 10. Revision 7.

PB 10-611-03: Installation and safe operation of hoists (towers)

RD 10-30-93: Standard Guidelines for Engineering and Technical Support Personnel Responsible for Maintaining Hoisting Machinery in Safe Operating Condition

RD 10-397-01: Statute about industrial safety inspection for lifting equipment

RD 10-399-01: Requirements for parameter recorders of cargo cranes

RD 10-89-95: Procedural Guidelines for the Inspection of Hoisting Facilities Operators (Owners)

RD 22-16-2005*: Guiding regulatory material. Hoisting machines. Selection of materials for the manufacture, repair and reconstruction of welded steel structures

The Document is Referenced By:

GOST R 18.12.01-2015: Technology of the aviation fuelling. Functional and technological parameters of airfield fuelling tankers (tankers). Customer requirements

GOST R 52906-2008: Equipment of the aviation fuelling system. General technical requirements

RD 10-30-93: Standard Guidelines for Engineering and Technical Support Personnel Responsible for Maintaining Hoisting Machinery in Safe Operating Condition

RD 10-399-01: Requirements for parameter recorders of cargo cranes

RD 10-528-03: Regulation on the examination of industrial safety of hazardous production facilities that use lifting equipment

RD 10-89-95: Procedural Guidelines for the Inspection of Hoisting Facilities Operators (Owners)

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