RD 34.17.427-89

РД 34.17.427-89

Procedural Guidelines. Nondestructive Testing at Thermal Power Stations. General Requirements

Методические указания. Контроль неразрушающий на тепловых электростанциях. Общие требования

Status: Not effective

These Guidelines establish the procedure and conditions for conducting non-destructive monitoring of the condition of the metal of thermal mechanical equipment and pipelines of thermal power plants, general requirements for methods, means and preparation of regulatory and technical documentation (STD) for control, personnel, as well as safety requirements for control work.

Настоящие Методические указания устанавливают по��ядок и условия проведения неразрушающего контроля за состоянием металла тепломеханического оборудования и трубопроводов ТЭС, общие требования к методам, средствам и составлению нормативно-технической документации (НТД) на контроль, к персоналу, а также требования безопасности при проведении работ по контролю.

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Approved: USSR Ministry of Energy, 12/19/1989

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Power industry » 17. Welding. Heat treatment. Metal control »

Welding regulations » Main materials »

Welding regulations » Pipelines »

Welding regulations » welding equipment »

Welding regulations » Admission Testing »

Welding regulations » Certification »

Welding regulations » Documentation »

Welding regulations » Non-destructive control »

Welding regulations » Heat treatment »

Welding regulations » Main materials » Steel, cast iron »

PromExpert » SECTION IV. INDUSTRIAL SAFETY » I Industrial Safety Administration » 6 Requirements for organizations infield of industrial safety »

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RD 34.17.417: Ordinance on Assessment of Service Life and Procedure for Inspection and Replacement of Bends in Unheated Pipes of Boilers with Operating Pressure of 10 and 14 MPa

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RD 50-89-86: Guidelines. Registration of enterprises, organizations and institutions for the right to manufacture, repair and calibration of measuring instruments. Organization and procedure

Resolution: Rules for the design and safe operation of steam and hot water boilers

The Document is Referenced By:

RD 153-34.1-17.308-2001: Ultrasonic testing of welded joints on the conical seating washers of boiler units down comers.

RD 153-34.1-17.412-02: Guidelines for application of the electropotential method for measurement of crack depths in power equipment metal of TPPs

RD 34.17.440-96: Procedural Guidelines for Assessment of Individual Service Life of Steam Turbines and Prolongation of Their Operational Life Beyond the Individual Service Life of Steam Turbines and Prolonging Their Operational Life Beyond The Equipment Service Life

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