NRB 99

НРБ 99

Radiation Safety Standards

Нормы радиационной безопасности

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Radiation Safety Standards

Стандарты радиационной безопасности

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Approved: Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation, 7/2/1999

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Construction (Max) » Regulations » Regulatory documents of supervisory authorities » Normative documents of State Committee for Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision and Ministry of Health of Russian Federation »

Technical Supervision » Section II. State regulation of safety in use of atomic energy » Other documents »

PromExpert » SECTION III. LABOR PROTECTION AND SAFETY » V Social Security » 2 Safety requirements » 2.5 Radiation safety »

PromExpert » SECTION III. LABOR PROTECTION AND SAFETY » II Industrial sanitation and occupational health » 6 Protection against electromagnetic radiation » 6.2 Ionizing radiation »

PromExpert » SECTION IV. INDUSTRIAL SAFETY » III Nuclear and radiation safety » 3 Atomic stations »


The Document is Replaced With:

SanPiN Norms of radiation safety

As a Replacement Of:

NRB 96: Radiation Safety Standards

The Document References:

NRB 96: Radiation Safety Standards

The Document is Referenced By:

GOST 10140-2003: Thermal insulating mineral wool slabs on bituminous binder. Specifications

GOST 12.1.040-83: Occupational safety standards system. Laser safety. General

GOST 16136-2003: Thermal insulating Perlite bitumen slabs. Specifications

GOST 23061-2012: Soils. Methods for radioisotope measurement of density and humidity

GOST 23208-2003: Thermoinsulating cylinders and semicylinders of mineral wool on synthetic binder. Specifications

GOST 23309-78: Boxes radiation-protective. General technical requirements

GOST 23649-79: Encased radioisotope sources of radiation

GOST 24748-2003: Heat insulation lime-siliceous products. Specifications

GOST 28506-90: Fuel assemblies in nuclear power WWER reactors. Fuel failure detection methods

GOST 31015-2002: Bituminous stone mastic mixtures and stone mastic asphalt. Specifications

GOST 31309-2005: Building heat-insulating mineral fibers materials. General specifications

GOST 32207-2013: Wheel for railway stock. Methods of residual stress determination

GOST 7392-2002: Crushed stone of solid rocks for railway ballast. Specifications

GOST R 12.4.239-2007: Occupational safety standards system. Additional protective footwear for works with radioactive and chemically toxic substances. General technical requirements and test methods

GOST R 12.4.240-2007: Occupational safety standards system. Additional personal protective clothing for works with radioactive and chemically toxic substances. General technical requirements and test methods

GOST R 12.4.241-2007: Occupational safety standards system. Additional respiratory protective equipment for works with radioactive and chemically toxic substances. General requirements and test methods

GOST R 12.4.242-2007: Occupational safety standards system. Decontaminable protective footwear with textile top for works with radioactive and chemically toxic substances. General technical requirements and test methods

GOST R 12.4.243-2007: Occupational safety standards system. Personal protection equipment for works with radioactive substances and materials for their making. Testing methods and evaluation of decontamination ratio

GOST R 12.4.244-2007: Occupational safety standards system. Personal protective means for works with radioactive substances and materials for their making. Testing method of solutions decontaminating ability

GOST R 22.8.08-2001: Safety in emergencies. Method of external gamma rays absorbed dose determination by thermoluminescence of quartz extracted from building ceramics. The order of carrying out measurements

GOST R 50089-2003: Radioactive waste. Method of measuring long-time alpha-radiation resistance of solidified high-level radioactive waste

GOST R 50325-92: Medical products. Dosimetric techniques for radiation sterilization

GOST R 50584-93: Radiation engineering. Radiation-ecological requirements

GOST R 50630-93: Bismuth-207, cadmium-109, cobalt-57, produced in cyclotron. Grades

GOST R 51037-97: Protective polymer coatings for insulation, localization, localization dust suppression and deactivation. General technical requirements

GOST R 51635-2000: Nuclear material radiation monitors. General specifications

GOST R 51641-2000: Filtering granular materials. General specifications

GOST R 51713-2001: Ingots of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Permissible levels of specific activity of the radionuclides. Method of radiation control

GOST R 51824-2001: Non-retrievable shielding casks for radioactive waste made of concrete based structural materials. General technical requirements

GOST R 51873-2002: Radionuclide ionizing radiation sealed sources. General technical requirements

GOST R 51882-2002: Heat-insulating radioactivity resistant products for atomic power stations. General technical requirements

GOST R 51965-2002: Transfer bases of spent nuclear fuel. General requirements

GOST R 51966-2002: Radioactive contamination. Technical facilities for decontamination. General technical requirements

GOST R 52028-2003: Non-destructive testing. Measurement of rupture and corrosion by a superficial activation method

GOST R 52037-2003: Shallow ground (near surface) repository for radioactive waste disposal. General requirements

GOST R 52126-2003: Radioactive waste. Long-time leach testing of solidified radioactive waste forms

GOST R 52319-2005: Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use. Part 1. General requirements

GOST R 52599-2006: Precious metals and their alloys. General requirements for methods of analysis

GOST R 52615-2006: Compressors and vacuum pumps. Safety requirements. Part 2. Vacuum pumps

GOST R 52768-2007: Centrifuges for industries working with radioactive media. General technical requirements and test methods

GOST R 53198-2008: Ores and concentrates of non-ferrous metals. General requirements for methods of chemical analysis

GOST R 53237-2008: Fiber glass. General requirements for safety in the course of Production and Application

GOST R 53264-2009: Fire equipment. Special clothing for fire-fighter. General technical requirements. Test methods

GOST R 53370-2009: Removable protective polymeric covering for radiation protective rooms and box-like premises. Improvement of radioactivity situation. Technological requirements

GOST R 53371-2009: Decontaminable protective polymeric material and coating. Method used determine the decontamination coefficient

GOST R 53949-2010: Technical potassic saltpeter. Specifications

GOST R 54093-2010: Wheel for railway stock. Methods of residual stress determination

GOST R 56598-2015: Resources saving. Waste treatment. Technical guidelines for specially engineered landfill

GOST R 56605-2015: Medical electrical equipment. Stereotaxis system for intraoperational control. Technical requirements for governmental purchases

GOST R 8.666-2009: State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Moisture meters neutron. The method of verification

GOST R IEC 60519-1-2005: Safety in electric heating equipment. Part 1. General requirements

Manual: Manual for impulse and low consumption fire extinguishing systems

Manual for MGSN 3.01-01: Residential buildings

MDS 13-6.2000: Method for the Determination of Unfitness of Residential Occupancies and Dwelling Units for Occupation

MDS 31-13.2007: Design guidelines for the safety and comfort of industrial buildings

MGSN 3.01-01: Residential buildings

MGSN 4.19-2005: Temporary norms and standards for design of multifunctional high-rise buildings and buildings complexes in Moscow. Part 2. (Part 1 is sold separately as MGSN 4.19-05)

MI 2630-2000: State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Metrology. Physical quantities and their units

MI 2707-2012: Recommendation. State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Drinking water. Interpretation of radioactivity measurement results and accuracy requirements for instrumental and methodological measurement support

MI 2728-2002: State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. The list of regulatory documents on security requirements. The order of their application in the normative documents of the ICE

MI 3006-2006: Recommendation. State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Thickness gauges radioisotope coatings. Method of verification

MI 3055-2007: Recommendation. State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Thickness gauges radioisotope for sheet and tape materials. Method of verification

MR 01/8152-8-26: Conducting radiation monitoring of inspection and inspection accelerator complexes

MR 0100/12883-07:34: Determination of the radiation output of X-ray emitters of medical X-ray diagnostic devices

MR 1.2.2639-10: Using of methods of quantitative determination of nanomaterials in nanotechnology factories

MR 11-2/206-09: Sample survey of residential buildings to assess population exposure doses

MR Surveillance area for radiological facility. Organization and performance of environmental radiation control

MR 30-844-2001: The organization of personnel training and the procedure for conducting a certification test of knowledge on radiation safety at the enterprises of the Ministry of Atomic Energy of Russia. Guidelines

MU 1.2.1796-03: Hygienic estimation and expertise of materials and goods containing natural and artificial mineral fibers

MU 1.2.2636-10: Sanitary-epidemiological examination of products produced by using nanotechnology and nanomaterials

MU Procedural Guidelines for Introduction and Application of the Sanitation and Disease Control Regulations of SANPIN 2 -1 -4 -1116-02 "Potable Water. Hygienic Requirements for Quality of Bottled Water. Quality Control

MU 2.2.8/ Organization of ventilation at radiation facilities

MU 2.2/ Evaluation and classification of working conditions of staff when working with sources of ionizing radiation

MU Assessment of potential radon danger of land for construction of residential, public and industrial buildings

MU Reconstruction of the radiation dose of iodine radioisotopes in the thyroid gland of residents of settlements of the Russian Federation exposed to radioactive contamination due to the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986

MU Evaluation of absorbed and effective doses to population permanently living on the radioactive traces resulted from atmospheric nuclear explosions

MU Radiation safety provision during interstitial radiation therapy (brachytherapy) of the prostate by the method of implantation of closed source, I-125, fixed on a polymeric absorbable thread 'I-125 Rapid Strand'

MU Evaluation of Individual Effective Radiation Doses from Natural Sources of Ionizing Radiation

MU Determination of individual effective doses of radiation to personnel from short-lived daughter products of radon isotopes

MU Radiation monitoring of aircraft pollution and determination of the dose rate of ionizing radiation from radiation sources in the components and assemblies of aviation equipment

MU Determination of individual effective doses of radiation to personnel from short-lived daughter products of radon isotopes

MU Radiation monitoring. General requirements

MU Tritium and its compounds. Control of the magnitude of the individual effective dose of internal exposure when entering the human body

MU Determination of surface tritium contamination

MU The estimation and control of patient effective doses in the course of radionuclide diagnostic investigation

MU Implementation of radiation safety indicators on the state of environmental objects, incl. food raw materials and food products in the system of socio-hygienic monitoring

MU Hygienic requirements for ensuring radiation safety during radionuclide diagnostics using radiopharmaceuticals

MU Radiation monitoring and hygienic assessment of sources of drinking water supply and drinking water according to radiation safety indicators. Optimization of protective measures of drinking water sources with a high content of radionuclides

MU Conducting radiation monitoring in x-ray rooms

MU Exposure doses estimation for critical groups of inhabitants living in the settlements of Russian Federation affected by radioactive contamination after the accident on the Chernobyl NPP

MU Identification of the potential hazard category of a radiation facility

MU Hygienic requirements to the placement and operation of radio sighting devices in dental offices

MU Hygienic requirements to placement and operation of electron accelerators with energies up to 100 MeV

MU Organization and conduct of individual dosimetry monitoring. Medical staff

MU Hygienic requirements for radiation safety during radiation therapy by sealed radioactive sources

MU Efficient estimation of people exposure by aerial way radioactive contamination of territory

MU Monitoring of radioactive iodine in the event of a large-scale radiation accident

MU Estimation of radiation doses to populations exposed to increased exposure from natural sources of ionizing radiation

MU Radiation monitoring and sanitary-epidemiological assessment of land plots for the construction of residential buildings, public and industrial buildings and structures in terms of radiation safety

MU Organization of radiation safety oversight and radiation monitoring in the radionuclide diagnostics unit

MU Dosimetric control of occupational internal exposure. General requirements

MU Organization of emergency radiation monitoring of external exposure of personnel during work at nuclear hazardous sites of enterprises of the Ministry of Atomic Energy of Russia. General requirements

MU Volumetric activity of radionuclides in the air at workplaces. Requirements for determining the value of the average annual activity

MU Zoning of localities of the Russian Federation subjected to radioactive contamination due to the accident at the Chernobyl npp, based on the annual dose of population exposure

MU 2000/34: Classification of mineral waters and therapeutic muds for certification purposes

MU 4.3.1517-03: Sanitary-epidemiological assessment and operation of aeroionizing equipment

MUK Regulation of dosimetric control of internal exposure of nuclear power plant personnel. General requirements

MUK Radiation monitoring of scrap metal

MUK Radiation monitoring. Strontium-90 and cesium-137. Food products. Sampling, analysis and hygienic evaluation

MUK Patient Effective Dose Control in X-Ray Examinations

MUK Estimation of the personal effective dose of patients by x-ray examinations using the dose area product meters

MUK 4.1/4.3.2038-05: Sanitary-epidemiologic evaluation of toys

MUK 4.3.1675-03: General Requirements for Conducting Air Ion Control

MUK 4.3.2503-09: Strontium-90. Determination of specific activity in food

MUK 4.3.2504-09: Cesium-137. Determination of specific activity in food

MUK 4.4.052-08: Measurement of ambient dose equivalent and ambient equivalent dose of gamma radiation using gamma radiation dosimeters DKG-02U Arbiter, DKG-01D Garant, DKG-03D Grach, MKS RM-1401K radiation monitoring in an emergency

MVR Determination of radionuclide intake and individual effective radiation dose based on the results of measurements on WBC of the radionuclide content in the human body for nuclear power plant personnel. Calculation procedure

MVR Calculation of the expected effective doses of internal exposure of personnel based on the results of measurements of the activity of radionuclides in biological samples using the MMK-01 computer program

NP 016-2000: General Safety Assurance Provisions for Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities

NPB 88-2001*: Fire extinguishing and alarm systems. Norms and design rules

NTP-APK Standards for technological design of breeding complexes and reproduction greenhouses

ODM 218.6.021-2019: Guidelines for the use of clean low-temperature deicing materials for winter road maintenance

OIT-0013-2000: Nomenclature of equipment, products and technologies for nuclear installations, radiation sources and storage facilities, subject to mandatory certification in the System of certification of equipment, products and technologies for nuclear installations,

OST 36-100.3.13-85: Labour safety standard system. Processing equipment installation. General safety requirements.

OST 95 10439-2002: Equipment for radioactive environments. General technical requirements. Acceptance. Maintenance and repair.

OST 95 10440-2002: Equipment for radioactive environments. Welded joints. Types and dimensions and structural elements.

OTT 08042462: Instruments and automation equipment for nuclear power plants. General technical requirements

PB 03-428-02: Safety Requirements for Construction of Underground Structures

PB 08-353-00: Offshore Exploration Safety Rules

PB 08-37-2005: Exploration Safety Rules

PNAE G-14-029-91: Safety rules for storage and transportation of nuclear fuel at nuclear power plants

PNST 31-2015: Coil nanocomposite basaltic meshes. Technical requirements and test methods

POT R M-022-2002: Intersectoral rules on labor protection during soldering and tinning of products

POT R M-025-2002: Intersectoral rules on labor protection during the operation of water supply and sewer facilities

POT R O-00-97: Occupational Safety and Health Requirements in the Pulp and Paper and Rosin Industry

POT R O-01-2002: Occupational Safety and Health Regulations in Departments of the State Fire Service of the Russian Federation Ministry of Civil Defense, Emergencies, and Disaster Response

PR 50.2.030-2001: State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Accreditation system of radiation control laboratories (SARK). Main provisions

R 2.2.2006-05: Guide on Hygienic Assessment of Factors of Working Environment and Work Load. Criteria and Classification of Working Conditions

R 2.2/ Hygienic Criteria for Evaluation of Working Conditions and Classification of Workplaces for Handling Ionizing Radiation Sources

R 2.6.4/ General Requirements for Technological Regulations for Radiation Sterilization of Disposable Medical Devices

R 412-81: Recommendations for the design and construction of offshore subsea oil and gas pipelines

R 50.2.022-2002: State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Aspiration counters of light ions. Method of verification

RB 008-99: Safety provision when dealing with radioactive waste of nuclear research installations

RB 010-2000: Safety provision when dealing with radioactive waste of ships and other floating crafts with nuclear reactors and radiation sources

RB 016-01: Requirements for the report on justification of nuclear and radiation safety of the debarkation of discharge fuel assemblies when executing integrated disposition project PTB 'LEPSE'

RB 039-07: Safety provision at transportation of radioactive materials

RB-014-2000: Safety Ensuring in Radioactive Waste Management Generated from Mining, Processing and Use of Natural Resources

RB-042-07: Methodology of Categorization of the Sealed Radionuclide Sources by Considering Potential Radiation Hazard

RB-044-09: General Recommendations to the Probabilistic Safety Analysis (Level 2 PSA) for NPPs with WWER-type Reactors

RB-046-08: Monitoring of Meteorological and Aerological Conditions in the Location Area of Nuclear Facilities

RB-053-10: Provision on the Accuracy Improvement in Respect to Prognostic Assessments of Radiation Characteristics of Environment Contamination and Radiation Exposures for Population and Personnel

RD 03-28-2008: Procedures of technical investigation of accidents and emergency situations at facilities supervised by the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision

RD 07-13-2001: Typical program of targeted inspection of the state of radiation safety at national facilities

RD 08-28-2002: Model initial training program for state and main state inspectors on the supervision of the physical protection of nuclear materials, nuclear installations, radiation sources, radioactive substances, storage facilities for nuclear materials and radioacti

RD 10-02-2005: Methodological guidelines for supervision of radiation safety assurance while handling with natural sources of ionizing radiation.

RD 10-04-2006: Guidelines on the procedure for exercising supervision over the provision of radiation safety during decommissioning, transportation and transfer of radioisotope thermoelectric generators for long-term storage

RD 153-00.0-012-2002: Radiological safety assurance in facilities of the fuel and energy complex of the Russian Federation.

RD 153-34.2-03.205-2001: Safety Requirements for Maintenance of Hydraulic Structures and Hydromechanical Equipment of Power Utility Organizations

RD 153-39.0-072-01: Technical instruction for conducting geophysical surveys and cable instrumentation in oil and gas wells

RD 31.21.18-82: Guidelines for the survival of atomic vessels of the Minmorflot. Addition to NBZhS

RD 31.6.07-2002: Instructions for maintenance of navigation equipment of marine approach channels and harbour areas.

RD 39-133-94: Instructions for protecting the environment during onshore oil and gas well construction

RD 95 10550-2000: Packing kits for the transportation and storage of spent nuclear fuel using dual-purpose containers. General safety specifications

RD 95 10551-2000: Spent nuclear fuel storage using dual-purpose containers. General technical requirements and safety regulations

RD EO 0356-02-2002: Technical Requirements for the Design of Storage for Packages of Solid and Hardened Radioactive Waste in Reinforced Concrete Protective Non-Returnable Containers of the NZK-150-1.5P Type

RD EO Regulations on accreditation and audit of organizations for performance of work, provision of services for the repair of nuclear power plants of Energoatom Concern OJSC

Recommendations: Aspiration smoke-sensitive alarms VESDA. Part 1. Scope

RMD 30-23-2014 Sankt-Peterburg: Guidance on the design of engineering preparation of the territory, engineering networks and improvement of residential and public business neighborhoods

Rules on the Selection of Pressure Vessels and Equipment: Instruction on the selection of pressure vessels and devices operating under pressure of 100 kgf/cm2 and overpressure protection, Ministry of Petroleum Energy

SanPiN Hygienic requirements for placement, arrangement, equipment and operation of hospitals, maternity homes and other health facilities

SanPiN Potable Water. Hygienic Requirements for Quality of Bottled Water. Quality Control

SanPiN Water diposal at inhabitted points. Sanitary protection of water bodies. Hygienic requirements to surface waters protection

SanPiN Sanitary-epidemiologic requirements to soil quality

SanPiN Hygienic requirements for the air ion level of industrial and public facilities

SanPiN Sanitary requirements to safety and nutritive value of food products

SanPiN Hygienic requirements for design of enterprises and facilities of nuclear industry

SanPiN Hygienic requirements for design and operation of radioisotope instruments

SanPiN Hygienic Requirements for the Design and Operation of X-Ray Rooms, X-Ray Equipment, and X-Ray Examinations

SanPiN Hygenic requirements for the use of sealed radionuclide ionising radiation sources for geophysical work in boreholes

SanPiN Sanitary rules on the radiation safety of personnel and the public during transportation of radioactive materials (substances)

SanPiN Hygienic requirements for the design and operation of nuclear research reactors JV IR-03

SanPiN Hygienic requirements for ensuring radiation safety during radiation therapy using open radionuclide sources

SanPiN Sanitary requirements for radiation safety during operation of ray inspection installations

SanPiN Norms of radiation safety

SanPiN Hygienic requirements for ensuring radiation safety when using X-ray scanners for personal inspection of people

SanPiN Ensuring radiation safety of JSC TVEL enterprises

SanPiN Hygienic Requirements for Radiation Safety Assurance During the Processing and Sale of Scrap Metal

SanPiN Ensuring radiation safety in handling industrial waste with a high content of natural radionuclides at the facilities of the oil and gas complex of the Russian Federation

SDOS-01-2008: Methodical recommendations about on the order of radiation control of technical devices and structures applied and operated on hazardous production objects

SNiP 32-02-2003: Subways

SP 1.2.1170-02: Hygienic requirements to safety of agrochemicals

SP 120.13330.2012: Subway systems

SP 12-133-2000: Safety in construction. Statutes on the procedure for certification of work stations by working conditions in construction and housing and utilities.

SP 122.13330.2012: Railway and highway tunnels

SP Hygienic requirements for underground water protection against pollution

SP Occupational hygiene enterprise designing building reconstruction and maintenance. Hygienic requirements to the designing of new and reconstructible industrial enterprises

SP Hygienic regulations for organization of technological processes, production equipment and working instrument

SP Ensuring the radiation safety of the ports of the Russian Federation when nuclear vessels, nuclear technology service vessels and floating power units of nuclear power plants enter and stop there

SP Hygienic Requirements for Design and Operation of Sources Generating X-Radiation at Accelerating Voltage from 10 to 100 kV

SP Radiation safety of X-ray inspection.

SP Ensuring radiation safety during radionuclide inspection

SP Sanitary rules on securing radiation safety at the objects of oil and gas complex of Russia

SP Hygienic Requirements for Limiting Public Exposure to Natural Sources of Ionizing Radiation

SP Hygienic requirements for design, equipment and operation of radon laboratories, departments of radon therapy.

SP Ensuring Radiation Safety in the Comprehensive Disposal of Nuclear Submarines

SP Ensuring Radiation Safety During Decommissioning of a Nuclear Power Plant Unit

SP Sanitary protection zone monitoring radiation facilities. Operating conditions and justification of borders

SP Radiation safety regulations for the operation of nuclear power plants. Ionizing radiation, radiation safety

SP Allowable levels of Cs-137 and Sr-90 in forest products

SP Handling of mineral raw materials and materials with the higher contents of natural radionuclides

SP Main sanitary regulations to ensure radiation safety

SP 2.6.12040-05: Ensuring radiation safety in the design, construction, operation and decommissioning of nuclear vessels

SP Hygienic Requirements for Work with Activated Materials and Products when Determining their Wear and Corrosion

SP Sanitary rules for radioactive wastes handling

SP 3.5.1378-03: Sanitation and Disease Control Regulations for Organization and Execution of Disinfecting Activity

SP 31-107-2004: Architectural and planning designs of apartment buildings

SP 35-104-2001: Facilities and buildings with places of work for people with disabilities

SP 42.13330.2011: Urban development. Urban and rural planning and development

SP 5.13130.2009: Fire protection systems. Automated fire alarm and fire extinguishing installations. Design norms and regulations

SP 86.13330.2014: Main (Trunk) pipelines

SP AS 03: Sanitary rules for design and operation of nuclear power plants

TI R M-074-2002: Interindustry typical regulations on labor protection during operation of electrical installations, electrical measurements and tests TI RM-(062-074)-2002

TSN 13-301-2004: Composition and procedure for the development, coordination and approval of project documentation for the repair and technical re-equipment of residential buildings of the first mass series. St. Petersburg

TSN 22-303-2001: Ensuring radiation safety of the population from the effects of natural radionuclides during the construction of facilities in the Perm region

TSN 23-354-2004 MO: Requirements for ensuring radiation safety during construction in the Moscow region

TSN 30-305-2002: Urban planning. Reconstruction and development of non-central areas of St. Petersburg

TSN 30-306-2002: Reconstruction and development of historically developed areas of St. Petersburg

TSN 30-308-2002: Design, construction and reclamation of solid waste landfills in the Moscow region

TSN 30-311-2004: Urban planning. Planning and development of urban and rural settlements of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

TSN 31-323-2002: Underground constructions. In mining workings in the permafrost area

TSN 31-330-2005: Treatment and prevention institutions in St. Petersburg

TU 5761-001-00126238-00: Basalt Mineral Wool and Products Thereof (Natural Stone Products). Technical Specifications

Turkmenistan Guidelines for the development and application of standards: Guidelines for the development and application of standards for unavoidable losses and waste of materials in construction

VMR Temporary recommended practice for the placement, arrangement and equipment of centers of high medical technologies

VRD 39-1.13-062-2002: Concept of Radiation Safety Assurance in Subsidiaries and Organizations of Gazprom OAO. Standard Procedures

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