MDS 11-3.99

МДС 11-3.99

Recommended Practice for Conformity Assessment of Feasibility Studies (Projects) for Construction of Nonindustrial Facilities

Методические рекомендации по проведению экспертизы технико-экономических обоснований (проектов) на строительство объектов жилищно-гражданского назначения

Status: Effective

Guidelines prepared to ensure a unified approach to the consideration of feasibility studies (projects, work projects) for the construction of housing and civil facilities, the necessary completeness and quality of expertise and are intended for employees of expert bodies of the Russian Federation, as well as non-staff experts who prepare local opinions on relevant sections or specific issues of construction projects. Recommendations can also be used by other participants of the investment process in construction: design and survey organizations, customer services, government bodies, banks, financial and credit and other organizations.

Методические рекомендации подготовлены с целью обеспечения единого подхода к рассмотрению технико-экономических обоснований (проектов, рабочих проектов) на строительство объектов жилищно-гражданского назначения, необходимой полноты и качества экспертизы и предназначены для работников экспертных органов Российской Федерации, а также нештатных экспертов, подготавливающих локальные заключения по соответствующим разделам или отдельным вопросам проектов строительства. Рекомендации могут быть также использованы другими участниками инвестиционного процесса в строительстве: проектно-изыскательскими организациями, службами заказчика, органами управления, банками, финансово-кредитными и иными организациями.

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Page Count: 47

Approved: Glavgosexpertiza of Russia, 1/15/1997

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The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

Highways (Max) » Design, construction, repair and maintenance of roads » 5. Examination of design documentation »

Construction (Max) » Reference documents » Policy letters, regulations, recommendations, etc. »

ISO classifier » 91 CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION » 91.010 Construction industry » 91.010.10 Legal aspects »

The Document References:

GOST Ecology-Certificate-Industrial-Enterprise

GOST R 21.1101-92: System of design documents for construction. General technical requirements. Main requirements for working documents

GOST R 21.1501-92: System of design documents for construction. Rules for execution of architectural and construction working drawings

GOST R 22.0.02-94: Safety in emergencies. Basic terms and definitions

NPB 103-95: Trade pavilions and kiosks. Fire protection requirements

NPB 105-95: Determination of Rooms and Buildings Categories on Explosion and Fire Hazard

OND 1-84: Procedural Guidelines for the Review, Examination, and Conformity Assessment of Proposed Air Quality Protection Measures and for Issuing a Permit for Emission of Pollutants into the Atmosphere

RD 34.21.122-87: Manual for installation of the lightning protection of buildings and structures

RD 78.143-92: Security alarm systems and sets elements of technical reinforcement of sites, design standards

RD 78.145-93: Guiding document systems and complexes of security, fire and security and fire alarm rules for execution and acceptance of work

RD 78.147-93: Common requirements to technical strengthening and alarm equipment of guarded objects

RDS 30-201-98: Code of practice of the projecting and placing of red lines in the cities and other settlements of the Russian Federation

SanPiN 4630-88: Sanitary rules and standards for preservation of surface waters against pollution

SanPiN 5179-90: Sanitary rules for the device, equipment and operation of hospitals, maternity hospitals and other medical hospitals

SN 512-78: Instruction on design of buildings and rooms for computer technologies

SN 535-81: Design Guidelines for Sanitation and Disease Control Stations

SNiP 1.02.07-87: Engineering Research for Construction

SNiP 1.06.05-85: Regulation on construction design supervision of enterprises, buildings and installation by design organizations

SNiP 11-01-95: Instructions on the procedure of elaboration, coordination, approval, and composition of design documentation for construction of enterprises, buildings, and structures

SNiP 2.01.01-82: Construction climatology and geophysics

SNiP 2.01.51-90: Civil defense technical Engineering measures

SNiP 2.01.53-84: Blacking out of populated areas and economic objects

SNiP 2.01.57-85: Adaptation of Commercial and Domestic Facilities for Decontamination of People and Motor Transport Rolling Stock

SNiP 2.02.03-85: Pile foundations

SNiP 2.02.04-88: Bases and foundations on the permafrost soils

SNiP 2.03.11-85: Corrosion protection of buildings structures

SNiP 2.03.13-88: Floors

SNiP 2.04.09-84: Automatic fire protection systems

SNiP 2.06.07-87: Retaining walls, ship locks, fish ways, and fish-protection devices

SNiP 3.01.03-84: Survey operations in construction

SNiP 3.01.04-87: Project acceptance for operation after construction

SNiP 3.02.01-87: Earthen structures, foundation and basis

SNiP 3.03.01-87: Bearing and enclosing structures

SNiP 3.04.01-87: Insulation and finishing coatings

SNiP 3.05.05-84: Processing equipment and process pipelines

SNiP 3.05.06-85: Electrical devices

SNiP 3.08.01-85: Construction mechanical means. Rail tracks for tower cranes

SNiP 4.07-91: Collection of estimation standards for additional costs during execution of civil and installation work

SNiP 4.09-91: Compendium of Base Cost Indexes for the Construction of Temporary Buildings and Structures

SNiP 82-01-95: Norms of materials usage for construction industry. Basic principles

SNiP II-11-77: Civil defense protective facilities

SNiP II-25-80: Wood constructions

SNiP II-26-76: Roofing

SP 11-101-95: Procedure of Development, Coordination, Approval and Composition of Feasibility Studies for Construction of Enterprises, Buildings and Structures

SP 81-01-94: Code of regulations on cost estimation of construction during elaboration of priliminary and detail design

TSN 31-304-95: Many-function building and complexes

VNTP 112-92: Volume 1: Municipal and Rural Telephone Networks

VSN 01-89: Enterprises for servicing motor vehicles

VSN 116-93: Instruction of designing of linear-cable facilities of communication

VSN 43-85: Development of Collective Gardens. Buildings and Structures. Design Standards

VSN 59-88: Electrical Equipment for Residential and Public Buildings. Design Standards

VSN 60-89: Communications Devices, Alarm and Remote Control Systems for Building Services Equipment Used in Residential and Public Buildings. Design Standards

VSN 62-91*: Designing living environments taking into account the needs of people with disabilities and low mobility

Manual for SNiP 2.08.02-89: Design of vocational, secondary special educational institutions and educational combines

Manual for SNiP 2.08.02-89: Design of kindergartens

Manual for SNiP 2.08.02-89: Design of warning and evacuation systems for people during fires in public buildings

Manual for SNiP 2.08.02-89: Health Facility Design Guide

Manual for SNiP 2.08.02-89: Club Design

Manual for SNiP 2.08.02-89: Pool Design

Manual for SNiP 2.08.02-89: Design of educational complexes and centers

Manual for SNiP 2.08.02-89: Designing Higher Educational Institutions and Continuing Education Institutions

Manual for SNiP 2.08.02-89: Designing consumer services enterprises

Manual for SNiP 2.08.02-89: Design of catering facilities

PPBO-07-91: Fire Safety Regulations for Health Care Facilities

RDS 11-201-95: Instructions on the procedure for conducting state examination of construction projects

ST SEV 3976-83: Residential and public buildings. The main provisions for design

VNP 001-01: Industry-Specific Design Standards. Buildings for Territorial Main Administrations, National Banks, and Clearing Centers of the Russian Federation Central Bank

VNP-001-95: Departmental design standards. Buildings of institutions of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

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