Code 24-FZ

Кодекс 24-ФЗ

Code of Inland Water Transport of the Russian Federation

Кодекс внутреннего водного транспорта Российской Федерации

Status: Effective. The Code entered into force from the day of its official publication

The Code regulates relations arising between the organizations of inland water transport of the Russian Federation, shippers, consignees, passengers and other individuals and (or) legal entities when navigating on the inland waterways of the Russian Federation, and defines their rights, duties and responsibilities.

Кодекс регулирует отношения, возникающие между организациями внутреннего водного транспорта Российской Федерации, грузоотправителями, грузополучателями, пассажирами и другими физическими и (или) юридическими лицами при осуществлении судоходства на внутренних водных путях Российской Федерации, и определяет их права, обязанности и ответственность.

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Approved: President of Russian Federation, 3/7/2001

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The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

Construction (Max) » Regulatory documents » Examination, state supervision »

PromExpert » SECTION V. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. NATURE USE » I Environmental-legal and economic-legal mechanisms for environmental protection » 1 Management infield of environmental protection and environmental management » 1.1 Fundamentals of Environmental Management »



ISO classifier » 13 ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, HUMAN PROTECTION AGAINST ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT. SECURITY » 13.020 Environmental protection » 13.020.01 Environment and environmental protection in general »

ISO classifier » 47 SHIPBUILDING AND MARINE STRUCTURES » 47.060 Internal Navigation Vessels »

The Document References:

Code 197-FZ: Labor Code of the Russian Federation

Federal Law 210-FZ: On the basics of tariff regulation of utilities

Federal Law 294-FZ: On the protection of the rights of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in the implementation of state control (supervision) and municipal control

The Document is Referenced By:

Code 136-FZ: Land Code of the Russian Federation

GOST R 55506-2013: Inland navigation transport. Terms and definitions

GOST R 55507-2013: Operation of the river ports. Terms and definitions

GOST R 56022-2014: Inland navigation transport. Safety management system of the ship. Requirements for environmental pollution prevention

GOST R 56023-2014: Inland navigation transport. Safety management system of the ship. General provisions

GOST R 56024-2014: Inland navigation transport. Safety management system of the ship. Requirements for the organization of ensuring survivability of vessels

GOST R 56175-2014: Casing and tubing for petroleum and natural gas industries. Recommendation for care and use

GOST R 56221-2014: Tourism services. River cruises. General requirements

GOST R 56243-2014: Inland water transport. Safety management system for ships. Requirements of safety mechanisms ensuring

GOST R 56414-2015: Inland water transport. Safety management system of the ship. Documentation

GOST R 57113-2016: Inland water transport. Cargo transfer complexes and passenger terminals of river ports. Harbour aquatorium and roads. Safety requirements

GOST R 57119-2016: Technique of carrying out assessment of vulnerability objects of transport infrastructure and vehicles. General requirements

GOST R 57805-2017: Tourism services. Water tourism. General requirements

ODM 218.2.036-2013: Guidelines for the design, repair, maintenance and operation of ferries and floating bridges

RD 212.0182-02: Manual for technical operation of inland waterway vessels

SP 101.13330.2012: Retaining walls, navigation locks, fish passing and fish protection facilities

SP 377.1325800.2017: Buildings in the ports. The rules of exploitation

SP 86.13330.2014: Main (Trunk) pipelines

Federal Law 201-FZ: On the entry into force of the Forest Code of the Russian Federation

Federal Law 232-FZ: On Amendments to the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation and Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation

Federal Law 246-FZ: On artificial land plots created on water bodies owned by the federal property, and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation

Federal Law 261-FZ: On energy conservation and on improving energy efficiency and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation

SP 393.1325800.2018: Pipelines trunk and field for oil and gas. Organization of construction production

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