PB 11-401-01

ПБ 11-401-01

Safety regulations for gas-handling facilities of metallurgic and coke-chemical industries and enterprises

Правила безопасности в газовом хозяйстве металлургических и коксохимических предприятий и производств

Status: Not effective - Canceled in the Russian Federation. Order of Rostekhnadzor No. 82 dated 03/02/2015 is not applicable in the territory of the Russian Federation

Safety rules in the gas industry of metallurgical and coke-chemical enterprises and industries apply to projected, under construction, reconstructed and existing gas facilities of metallurgical and coke-chemical enterprises and industries, energy facilities associated with the preparation, transportation and consumption of blast furnace, coke, converter, ferroalloy natural gas (gas and oil fields), as well as their mixtures with an overpressure of not more than 1.2 MPa and liquefied th hydrocarbon gas with an overpressure of not more than 1.6 MPa, used as fuel.

Правила безопасности в газовом хозяйстве металлургических и коксохимических предприятий и производств распространяются на проектируемые, строящиеся, реконструируемые и действующие объекты газового хозяйства металлургических и коксохимических предприятий и производств, на объекты энергетического хозяйства, связанные с подготовкой, транспортировкой и потреблением доменного, коксового, конверторного, ферросплавного, природного газа (газовых и нефтяных месторождений), а также их смесей с избыточным давлением не более 1,2 МПа и сжиженного углеводородного газа с избыточным давлением не более 1,6 МПа, используемых в качестве топлива.

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Approved: Gosgortekhnadzor of Russia, 2/20/2001

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Construction (Max) » Regulations » Regulatory documents of supervisory authorities » Regulatory documents of Gosgortekhnadzor »

Welding regulations » Welding work »

Welding regulations » Main materials »

Welding regulations » Pipelines »

Welding regulations » Metal structures »

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Technical Supervision » Section I. Technological, construction, energy supervision and environmental protection regarding limitation of negative anthropogenic impact » IV. Regulatory legal acts and regulations » 2. Industrial safety » 2.8. Metallurgical and coke-chemical production and facilities »

PromExpert » SECTION IV. INDUSTRIAL SAFETY » II Industrial safety requirements for operation of a hazardous production facility » 2 Special industrial safety requirements for operation of a hazardous production facility » 2.5 Industrial safety requirements for gas distribution and gas consumption facilities »

PromExpert » SECTION IV. INDUSTRIAL SAFETY » II Industrial safety requirements for operation of a hazardous production facility » 2 Special industrial safety requirements for operation of a hazardous production facility » 2.3 Industrial safety requirements in metallurgical industry »

PromExpert » SECTION III. LABOR PROTECTION AND SAFETY » III Occupational safety requirements for production equipment and processes » 2 Safety requirements for certain types of work » 2.14 Gas Safety Requirements »

ISO classifier » 71 CHEMICAL INDUSTRY » 71.020 Manufacture in chemical industry »

ISO classifier » 75 EXTRACTION AND PROCESSING OF OIL, GAS AND RELATED PRODUCTION » 75.020 Production and processing of oil and natural gas »

ISO classifier » 77 METALLURGY » 77.020 Metal production »

ISO classifier » 91 CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION » 91.140 Installations in buildings » 91.140.40 Gas supply systems »

The Document References:

Code 197-FZ: Labor Code of the Russian Federation

Federal Law 128-FZ: Amendments to the Russian Federation Laws

Federal Law 151-FZ: About emergency services and the status of rescuers

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GOST 10704-91: Electrically welded steel line-weld lubes. Range

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GOST 10706-76: Electrically welded steel line-weld tubes. Technical requirements

GOST 12.1.003-83: Noise. General safety requirements

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GOST 12.2.008-75: Equipment and facilities for gas-flame treatment of metals and thermal

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GOST 23118-99: Steel construction structures General Technical Specifications

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GOST 2405-88: Pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, pressure-vacuum gauges, pressure meters, draft gauges and draft-pressure gauges

GOST 25812-83: Steel pipe mains. General requirements for corrosion protection

GOST 380-2005: Common quality carbon steel. Grades

GOST 380-94: Normal quality carbon steel

GOST 4543-71: Structural alloyed steel

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GOST 8732-78: Seamless hot-deformed steel pipes. Range of sizes

GOST 8733-74: Cold-formed and heat-formed seamless steel pipes. Technical requirements

GOST 8734-75: Seamless steel tubes cold deformed. Range

GOST 8856-72: Equipment for gas flame treatment. Fuel gas pressure

GOST 9238-83: Construction and rolling stock clearance diagrams for the USSR railways of 1520 (1524) mm gauge.

GOST 9356-75: Rubber hoses for gas welding and metal cutting. Specifications

GOST 9544-93: Pipeline cut-off valves

GOST 9940-81: Seamless hot-deformed tubes made from corrosion-resistant steel

GOST 9941-81: Seamless cold- and warm-deformed tubes made from corrosion-resistant steel

GOST R 12.4.026-2001: Occupational safety standards system. Safety colors, safety signs and signal marking. Purpose and rules of application. General technical requirements and characteristics. Test methods

GOST R 51164-98: Steel pipe mains. General requirements for corrosion protection

NPB 105-03: Determination of categories of rooms, buildings and external installations on explosion and fire hazard

NPB 105-95: Determination of Rooms and Buildings Categories on Explosion and Fire Hazard

NPB 110-03: The list of buildings, constructions, rooms and equipment subject to protection by automatic extinguishing units and automatic fire alarm

NPB 110-99: The list of buildings, constructions, rooms and equipment subject to protection by automatic extinguishing units and automatic fire alarm

OSP-72/87: Basic sanitary rules for working with radioactive substances and other sources of ionizing radiation

PB 03-108-96: Process pipeline design and safe operation rules

PB 03-246-98: Rules for audit of industrial safety

PB 03-445-02: Safety Rules for the operation of smoke and ventilation of industrial pipes

PB 03-576-03: Regulations of design and safe operation of pressure vessels

PB 03-582-03: Design and Safety Operation Regulations for Reciprocating Compressor Operating with Explosive and Hazard Gases

PB 03-585-03: Process Pipelines Design and Safe Operation Rules

PB 03-591-03: Rules of design and safe operation of flare systems

PB 09-12-92: Rules on the flare system design and safe operation

PB 09-297-99: Rules of setup and safe operation of compressor units with piston compressors operating on dangerously explosive and noxious gases

PB 10-115-96: Regulations of design and safe operation of pressure vessels

PB 10-382-00: Rules of hoisting crane structure and safe operation. Series 10. Revision 7.

PB 10-574-03: Safety Operation and Design Codes for Steam and Hot Water Boilers

PB 11-219-98: Safety Requirements in Coke Byproducts Operations

PB 11-493-02: General safety rules for metallurgical and by-product-coke plants and manufactures

PB 11-543-03: Safety Requirements in Coke Byproducts Operations

PB 12-368-00: Gas industry safety rules

PB 12-529-03: Gas distribution and gas consumption system safety rules. Series 12. Revision 4.

PPB 01-03: On Approval Of Fire Safety Standards In The Russian Federation

PPB 01-93*: Fire Safety Rules in the Russian Federation

RD 03-19-2007: Regulations on the organization of work on the training and certification of specialists of organizations supervised by the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Atomic Supervision

RD 03-293-99: Statute laying down a procedure for technical inquiry into the causes of failures at hazardous production facilities

RD 03-294-99: Regulations on the registration of objects in the state register of hazardous production facilities and maintaining the state register

RD 04-265-99: Regulations of training and official evaluation of employees of enterprises operating hazardous production facilities under control of the Gosgortekhnadzor of Russia

RD 11-561-03: Instructions for preparation of emergency response plans in steel and coke production enterprises.

RD 12-341-00: Directions for the carbon oxide content control in the boiler rooms

RD 34.21.122-87: Manual for installation of the lightning protection of buildings and structures

REGA RF-94: Operation manual for civil airfields of the Russian Federation

Resolution: Rules for the design and safe operation of steam and hot water boilers

Resolution 73: Regulations on the specifics of investigating industrial accidents in certain industries and organizations and Forms of documents required for the investigation and recording of industrial accidents

SNiP 11-01-95: Instructions on the procedure of elaboration, coordination, approval, and composition of design documentation for construction of enterprises, buildings, and structures

SNiP 2.01.01-82: Construction climatology and geophysics

SNiP 2.03.11-85: Corrosion protection of buildings structures

SNiP 2.09.03-85: Structures for industrial installations

SNiP 3.01.04-87: Project acceptance for operation after construction

SNiP 3.05.05-84: Processing equipment and process pipelines

SNiP 3.05.07-85: Automated systems

SNiP 31-03-2001: Production buildings

SNiP 41-01-2003: Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

SNiP 42-01-2002: State committee of Russian Federation for construction and residential-utility complex (GOSSTROY OF Russia)

SNiP III-18-75: Steel structures. Regulations on execution and acceptance of work.

SP Basic sanitary rules for radiation safety

SP Main sanitary regulations to ensure radiation safety

TU 14-3-1128-82: Seamless hot-deformed steel pipes for gas pipelines of gas-lift systems and gas field equipment. Technical conditions

TU 14-3-808-78: Spiral-welded electrowelded carbon steel pipes 20 for pipelines of nuclear power plants

VSN 332-74: Manual on assembly of power and lighting networks electric equipment in explosion hazard zones

The Document is Referenced By:

GOST 5542-2014: Natural fuel gases for commercial and domestic use. Specifications

GOST R 56021-2014: Liquefied natural gas. Fuel for internal-combustion engine and generating unit. Specifications

PB 11-523-03: Safety Requirements for Production of Hard Alloys and Heat Resistant Metals

PB 11-542-03: Safety Requirements in Blast Furnace Operations

PB 11-543-03: Safety Requirements in Coke Byproducts Operations

PB 11-547-03: Ferroalloy Industry safety rules

PB 11-551-03: Safety rules for foundry industry

PB 11-552-03: Safety regulations in steelmaking

PB 11-556-03: Safety Requirements for Production of Antimony and Antimony Compounds

PB 11-562-03: Safety Requirements in Pipe Fabrication

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