GOST 380-71

ГОСТ 380-71

Common quality carbon steel. Grades

Сталь углеродистая обыкновенного качества Марки

Status: Not effective - Superseded

The standard applies to carbon steel of ordinary quality: hot-rolled-varietal, shaped, thick-plate, thin-sheet, broad-band (universal) and cold-rolled-thin-sheet, and in part of the norms of chemical composition also to ingots, blooms, slabs, billets, rolled and cast from continuous installations casting steel, pipes, forgings and stampings, tape, wire and hardware. The standard does not apply to steel made by the Bessemer method.

Стандарт распространяется на углеродистую сталь обыкновенного качества: горячекатаную-сортовую, фасонную, толстолистовую, тонколистовую, широкополосную (универсальную) и холоднокатаную-тонколистовую, а в части норм химического состава также на слитки, блюмсы, слябы, сутунки, заготовки катаные и литые с установок непрерывной разливки стали, трубы, поковки и штамповки, ленту, проволоку и метизы. Стандарт не распространяется на сталь, изготовленную бессемеровским способом

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Approved: State Committee of Standards of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, 4/6/1971

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The Document is Replaced With:

GOST 380-88: Common quality carbon steel. Grades

As a Replacement Of:

GOST 380-60: Carbon general purpose steel. Grades and general technical requirements

The Document References:

GOST 9454-78: Metals. Method for testing the impact strength at the low, room and high temperature

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GOST 25797-83: Products of lock and hardware for the focal elements of enclosing structures made of aluminum alloys. General specifications

GOST 25821-83: Fluid PGV. Specifications

GOST 25945-87: Polymer building non-hardening sealing materials and products. Test methods

GOST 26584-85: Motorcycle helmets

GOST 26589-85: Roofing and hydroinsulatings mastics. Method for determination of the bond strength with the base

GOST 26609-85: Blocks of three-cassette press moulds for producing the rubber technical parts on presses with heating plates dimensions 800x800 mm. Design and dimensions

GOST 27204-87: Steel moulds for reinforced concrete members. Sides. Construction and dimensions

GOST 27321-87: Demountable tubular scaffold for construction works. Specification.

GOST 27640-88: Engineering materials and lubricants. Experimental evaluation of coefficient of friction

GOST 27702-88: Steel and alloys. Unified grades

GOST 2991-76: Wooden uncollapsible cases for weights up to 500 kg. General specifications

GOST 3025-78: Steel drifts for use with morse taper sockets and sleeves. Design and basic dimensions

GOST 3496-74: Knife clips and adjusting plafes for cutter bars of agricultural machines

GOST 356-68: Pressure - conditional, testing and working for valves and connecting parts of pipelines

GOST 398-81: Carbon steel tires for rolling stock for broad gauge railways. Technical requirements

GOST 4648-71: Plastics. Method of static bending test

GOST 5.403-70: Steel-teeming ladles. Quality requirements for certified products

GOST 503-71: Cold-rolled steel strip of low-carbon steel

GOST 5037-78: Metallic churns

GOST 535-88: Common quality carbon bar and shaped sections. General specifications

GOST 538-78: Window and door fittings. General specifications

GOST 5466-74: Soil transfering pipes

GOST 5735-81: Carbide tipped machine reamers. Specifications

GOST 5781-75: Hot rolled steel for reinforcement of concrete structures

GOST 5799-78: Flasks for paints and varnishes. Specifications

GOST 5946-79: Conveyors, chain, suspension, load-carrying, general purpose. Specification

GOST 6009-74: Hot-rolled steel strip. Specifications

GOST 6127-52: Bath valves. Technical requirements

GOST 6619-75: Single and double horned lamellar hooks. Specifications

GOST 6765-75: Hot rolled three-layer steel and wide steel strip (universal). Specifications

GOST 6899-75: Manual hoists and trolleys. General specifications

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GOST 7092-79: Steel pins for insulators of overhead communication lines and radio communication. Specification

GOST 7140-81: Industrial explosives. Test methods in methanair and dustair mixtures

GOST 8.393-80: State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Optical quadrants. Methods and means of verification

GOST 8278-75: Roll-formed steel equal channels. Dimensions

GOST 8282-76: Bent-steel С-shaped equal flange sections. Dimensions

GOST 8479-70: Structural carbon and alloy steel forgings

GOST 8483-81: Fishing taps and overshots for prospecting

GOST 8556-72: Portable wood fire ladders

GOST 8579-57: Large-panel slabs of reinforced concrete, boarding, for light windows of industrial buildings

GOST 8591-76: The telephone canalization cable man-hole hatches

GOST 8965-75: Connecting parts made of steel, with parallel thread, for pipelines of pressure p = 1.6 мpа

GOST 9.040-74: Unified system of corrosion and ageing protection. Calculated and experimental method for accelerated test of corrosion losses in atmospheric conditions

GOST 9.506-87: Unified system of corrosion and ageing protection. Corrosion inhibitors of metals in water-petroleum environments. Methods of protective ability evaluation

GOST 9035-74: Frames for commutator with slots. Specification

GOST 9561-76: Panels of reinforced-concrete hollow-core for floors of buildings. Specification

GOST 9817-82: Household appliances operating on solid fuel

GOST 9818.0-81: Reinforced concrete flights of steps and stair landings. General specifications

GOST 9916-77: Oil coolers for stationary steam and gas turbines. Specification

GOST 9933-75: Absolute pressure gauges and u-tubes combined pressure vacuum gauges

Manual for SNiP 2.04.02-84: A guide for the design of water supply and sanitation in difficult engineering and geological conditions. T-3083

Manual for SNiP 2.04.02-84: Drawing up the technical and economic part of the off-site water supply and sewage systems projects. Reference manual to SNiP

Manual for SNiP 2.04.02-84: A guide to designing automation and dispatching water systems

Manual for SNiP 2.04.02-84: Cooling Tower Design Guide

Manual for SNiP 2.04.02-84: Manual for the design of facilities for water treatment and treatment

Manual for SNiP 2.04.02-84: Design of facilities for sludge dewatering of natural water treatment plants

Manual for SNiP 2.04.02-84: Allowance for the volume and content of technical documentation for off-site water supply and sewage systems

Manual for SNiP 2.04.02-84: A guide to determining the wall thickness of steel pipes, the selection of grades, groups and categories of steels for external water supply and sewage networks

Manual for SNiP 2.04.02-84: Design Guide for Surface Water Abstraction Facilities

Manual for SNiP 2.04.02-84: Design Guide for Groundwater Abstraction

Manual for SNiP 2.04.02-84: Manual for the protection of the inner surface of steel pipes from corrosion (to SNiP 2.04.02-84)

Manual for SNiP II-37-76: Manual for the use of steel pipes for the construction of gas supply systems

Manual for SNiP II-94-80: Manual for the design and installation of rigid reinforcement of vertical shafts of mines and mines

Manual to SN 527-80: Manual to SN 527-80. On the strength design of the technological steel pipelines at Py up to 10 Mpa

MI 1053-85: State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Planimeters Method of verification

ONTP 16-86: All-Union standards for technological design of thermal areas, workshops, production facilities of enterprises of mechanical engineering, instrument engineering and metalworking

OST 108.001.11-81: Order of uniform design documentation system (UDDS) standards application.

OST 108.021.04-78: Steam Stationary Turbines. Welded diaphragms. Guide vanes. General specifications.

OST 108.030.04-75: Stationery steam boilers. Devices for sampling of steam and water. Types, design and dimensions. Technical requirements

OST 108.030.30-79: Stationary structural steel boilers. General specifications.

OST 108.033.01-86: mechanical stokers. Technical conditions.

OST 108.101.107-76: Water-steam heaters. Aft water chambers (with flat bottom, four-way). Design and dimensions.

OST 108.101.108-76: Water-steam heaters. Aft water chambers (with elliptic bottom, two-way). Design and dimensions.

OST 108.101.109-76: Water-steam heaters. Aft water chambers (with elliptic bottom, four -way). Design and dimensions.

OST 108.360.101-76: Water-steam heaters. Casings. Ribs. Design and dimensions.

OST 108.360.102-76: Water-steam heaters. Tubing. Slider. Design and dimensions.

OST 108.360.103-76: Water-steam heaters. Tubing. Bars. Design and dimensions.

OST 108.360.104-76: Water-steam heaters. Forward water chambers and building. Jumpers. Design and dimensions.

OST 108.360.105-76: Water-steam heaters. Forward water chambers . Jumpers. Design and dimensions.

OST 108.369.101-76: Water-steam heaters. Tubing. Forward tube planks. Design and dimensions.

OST 108.369.102-76: Water-steam heaters. Tubing. Rear tube planks. Design and dimensions.

OST 108.369.103-76: Water-steam heaters. Tubing. Boards. Design and dimensions.

OST 108.369.104-76: Water-steam heaters. Tubing. Support grates. Design and dimensions.

OST 108.369.105-76: Water-steam heaters. Tubing. Support grates. Design and dimensions.

OST 108.389.101-76: Water-steam heaters. Tubing. Adjusting collar. Design and dimensions.

OST 108.500.101-76: Water-steam heaters. Forward water chambers. Bottoms. Design and dimensions.

OST 108.500.102-76: Water-steam heaters. Casings. Bottoms. Design and dimensions.

OST 108.500.103-76: Water-steam heaters. Aft water chambers . Bottoms. Design and dimensions.

OST 108.540.103-76: Water-steam heaters. Casings. Flanges. Design and dimensions.

OST 108.540.104-76: Water-steam heaters. Aft water chambers. Flanges. Design and dimensions.

OST 108.838.01-75: Continuous blowdown separator of nominal diameter 800. Design and technical requirements.

OST 20-1-74: Steel fencing for stairs, balconies and roofs. General technical requirements.

OST 23.328-71: Plank-type clips. Construction and dimensions.

OST 24.030.45-74: Air heaters tubular steam stationary boilers. General technical conditions

OST 24.050.34-84: Wagon steel structures design and production. Specifications.

OST 24.090.39-78: Shell stacker cranes. Specifications.

OST 24.090.39-83: Shell stacker cranes. General specifications.

OST 24.090.50-79: Cargo slings. Technical requirements.

OST 24.691.02-84: connecting flanges for heating system of passenger wagons.Types, Design and dimensions.

OST 24.838.14-73: Ash gate for stationary steam boilers. Design and dimensions.

OST 24.838.15-73: Slag gate for stationary steam boilers. Design and dimensions.

OST 24.838.17-74: Stationary steam boilers. Turbo-steam separators. Types, design and dimensions. Technical requirements.

OST 26-01-1242-75: Shaft seals for apparatuses with mixing devices. Hydraulic locks. Parameters, Design and main Dimensions. Technical requirements .

OST 26-01-1512-76: Axial lens compensators for PN <= 2,5 MPa (25 kgf / cm2). Technical requirements

OST 26-02-1402-76: straight-flow, four-stream valve plates for columns. Parameters, design and basic dimensions.

OST 26-02-1496-76: Air, gas and liquid medium vessels and devices. Technical specifications.

OST 26-02-602-72: Supporting beams for ring fillings. Design, main dimensions and technical requirements.

OST 26-02-757-79: Ladders. Design, dimensions and specifications.

OST 26-02-910-80: Condensate expanders. Specifications

OST 26-04-1250-75: Ranks of pipes for pipelines.

OST 26-3-87: Welding in chemical mechanical engineering. Main provisions.

OST 34 001-73: Lifting equipment. Requirements for materials

OST 34 023-74: Winches special electric gantry hook cranes. Parameters and dimensions. Technical requirements

OST 34-13-910-86: Cargo rope slings for construction. Technical conditions

OST 34-13-931-86: Steel Pins for insulators. Specifications.

OST 34-42-394-77: Tanks and vessels of thermal power plants with a capacity of up to 1000 m3. Tanks, rectangular. Types and main sizes

OST 34-42-395-77: Tanks and vessels of thermal power plants with a capacity of up to 1000 m3. Tanks, cylindrical vertical. Types and main sizes

OST 34-42-396-77: Tanks and vessels of thermal power plants with a capacity of up to 1000 m3. Tanks, cylindrical horizontal. Types and main sizes

OST 34-42-397-77: Tanks and vessels of thermal power plants with a capacity of up to 1000 m3. Vertical cylindrical tanks with external heating. Types and main sizes

OST 34-42-398-77: Tanks and vessels of thermal power plants with a capacity of up to 1000 m3. Vertical cylindrical tanks with a conical bottom. Types and main sizes

OST 34-42-399-77: Tanks and vessels of thermal power plants with a capacity of up to 1000 m3. Vertical cylindrical tanks. Types and main sizes

OST 34-42-400-77: Tanks and vessels of thermal power plants with a capacity of up to 1000 m3. Vertical cylindrical tanks with thermal insulation. Types and main sizes

OST 34-42-813-86: Tanks and reservoirs for acid solutions and alkali with relative density more than 1 t/m3. Technical requirements.

OST 34-42-816-85: Welding of pipelines from the pearlitic and austenitic steels on nuclear power plants. Main provisions.

OST 34-72-645-83: Steel structures of pylons with voltage of 0.38-35 kV. General Specifications.

OST 36-141-87: free metal Flange for plastic pipes for Pnom. to 1.0 MPa. Specifications.

OST 36-145-88: Steel technological pipelines for pressure Ру up to 10 MPa. Fluxing automatic arc welding. Typical technological process.

OST 36-79-83: Steel process pipes of carbon and low alloy steels Pi up to 10 MPa (100 kgs/cm2). Semi-automatic welding with consumable electrode in carbon dioxide. Typical process.

OST 5.2059-73*: Ancor chains. Technical requirements to coloration and marking

OST 66-14-86: Ferroconcrete complex plates. Specification.

OST 95 10170-86: Radiation-protective doors, hinged steel. Design and dimensions

P 780-83/Gidroproekt: Manual on the design of steel-reinforced concrete structures of hydraulic structures

PB 08-342-00: Safety regulations at production, storing and delivery of liquefied natural gas at gas distribution stations of gas main pipelines (GDS GMP) and car gas-filling compressor stations

PND F 13.1.66-09: Methods for measuring the mass concentration of elements (zinc, copper, nickel, manganese, lead, cadmium, chromium, iron, aluminum, titanium, cobalt, calcium, magnesium) in industrial emissions using inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry

PND F 13.1:3.68-09: Quantitative chemical analysis of atmospheric air and air emissions. Methods of measuring mass concentrations of benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes in atmospheric air and emissions of industrial enterprises by gas chromatography

PVKM 79: Instructions for the design of railway temporary and short-term bridges and pipes

R 503-83: Recommendations on the construction of pits and trenches during emergency repair works on main pipelines

RD 102-002-88: Machines, tools and equipment for pipeline construction. Designing and manufacturing.

RD 2201-8-80: Building and road machines. Standard values ​​of stress concentration factors and changes in residual stresses in welded units

RD 22-157-86: Shovel excavators. Swivel platforms and running frames. Strength calculation

RD 22-158-86: Shovel hydraulic excavators. Work equipment. Calculation of metal structures for static strength

RD 24.030.142-88: Methodological instructions. Selection of steel products for construction of stationary boilers.

RD 24.031.15-88: Methodological instructions. Designing stationary boilers steelworks.

RD 31.44.05-80: Crane metalwork. Repairs. Technical specifications

RD 31.46.07-87: Rope grabs for bulk cargo. Typical strength calculations. Technique

RD Spare parts for gantry cranes of foreign construction. Assembly units and parts. Technical requirements

RD Spare parts of ship auxiliary mechanisms of foreign construction. Centrifugal pumps. Technical requirements

RD 34.17.202: Instructions for automatic submerged-arc welding of low-carbon and low-alloy steel of 20 to 60 mm thickness using granulated filler metal

RD 34.17.203-76: Technological guidelines for the use of mechanized methods of welding with flux-cored wires in the manufacture and installation of steel structures and non-standard equipment in the construction of thermal power plants

RD 39-30-655-81: Methodology for the determination and assessment of local corrosion in laboratory studies

RD 39-30-708-82: Method for evaluating the aftereffects of film-forming corrosion inhibitors in aqueous media

RD 39-30-923-83: Method for assessing the aftereffect of film-forming inhibitors in hydrogen sulfide-containing mineralized media

RD 39-3-126-78: Methods of calculating consumption rates and analysis of the consumption of rolled ferrous and non-ferrous metals

RD RTM 26-14-02-78: Materials

RD RTM 26-366-80: Accelerated and marking methods for chemical and spectral analysis of basic and welding materials in chemical and petroleum engineering. Spectral methods of steel analysis

RDI 76-76: Instructions on how to check existing standards

Recommendations: Aspiration smoke-sensitive alarms VESDA. Part 1. Scope

RSN 342-86: Technology for reinforcing building structures in reconstructed enterprises

RST RSFSR 48-82: Furniture and wicker products. General technical conditions

RST RSFSR 56-81: Duga harness. General technical conditions

RST RSFSR 678-82: Cast-iron stoves. General technical conditions

RST RSFSR 687-83: Cylinders. Repair and technical certification. Rules of repair and examination

RTM 108.020.39-81: Sealed oil coolers for steam and gas turbines of thermal power plants. General technical requirements

RTM 108.023.20-83: Vertical rotary-blade axial and radial-axial hydraulic turbines. Metal consumption limit

RTM 24-85: Information index of state, republican and industry standards, technical specifications for materials and products used in the design of furnaces and dryers

RTM 26 123-73: Calculation of forces on the rolls of three- and four-roll plate bending machines

RU 34-1203-71: Guidelines for the design of dust and air ducts of boiler units

SN 471-75: Instructions for fastening technological equipment with foundation bolts

SN 78-79: Instructions on the device, operation and relocation of rail tracks of construction tower cranes

SNiP 2.03.01-84 Reference Manual: Reference manual on design of concrete and reinforced concrete structures made of heavy and light concrete without reinforcement prestressing

SNiP 2.06.09-84: Hydrotechnical tunnels

SNiP I-G.8-66: Gas Supply. Indoor Installations. Materials, Equipment, Fittings, Parts, and Devices

SNiP III-24-75: Industrial Furnaces and Brick Smokestacks

SP 13-102-2003: Rules of inspection of bearing structures of buildings and facilities

TU 14-2-204-76: Hot-rolled steel. Channels thin-walled with narrow parallel shelves. Technical conditions

TU 14-2-287-77: Steel bent channel equal-shelf. Technical conditions

TU 14-2-369-79: Rolled metal sheets, broadband universal and shaped carbon steel with a differentiated level of mechanical properties. Pilot batch

TU 14-2-767-88: Hot-rolled steel strip with improved quality. Technical conditions

TU 24-09.411-82: Special electric bridge cranes

TU 26-01-949-85: The devices gummed with the mechanical mixing device of volume 1; 2; 3.2; 6.3; 10 and 16 m3

TU 26-01-957-85: Gummed capacitive devices

TU 33-82-86: Plates flat with reinforcement outlets

TU 35-1385-81: Span metal railway buildings with riding on top 18.2 - 33.6 m

TU 35-369-78: Pontoon KS-63 metal universal

TU 36-1199-81: Slatted welded floor type "Visp". Technical conditions

TU 36-2287-80: Bent closed welded square and rectangular profiles

TU 3680-001-04698606-04: Pipe Support

TU 38 105517-72: Adhesive for the automotive industry

TU 67-1003-88: Lattice arched beams prestressed with a span of 12 m

VNTP 29-83: Norms of technological design of concentrating factories. Section "Chutes and pipelines"

VNTP 3-86: Norms of technological design of coal concentrating factories

VSN 01-75: Instructions for Designing the Steel Vertical Tanks for Oil and Oil Products

VSN 10-83/Minhimprom: Instruction on designing of oxygen gas pipelines

VSN 136-78/Mintransstroj: Instructions for the design of auxiliary structures and devices for the construction of bridges

VSN 16-84/USSR Minpromstroy: Instructions for strengthening the foundations of emergency and reconstructed buildings with multi-section piles

VSN 186-74: The pipe assortment of process pipelines for Ru <100 kgf/cm2 of carbon steel and 10G2 steel

VSN 193-81: Guidelines for development of programs of works execution on erection of construction structures

VSN 34/XXII-78: Technical guidelines for the production and acceptance of work during the construction of sea and river port facilities. Chapter XXII. Mooring structures from precast reinforced concrete shells of large diameter

VSN 3-80/Minmorflot: Instructions for the design of offshore berthing facilities

VSN 48-93: Installation Manual for Cast-In-Place Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Tunnel Lining for Transportation Tunnels

Zh3-139: Recommendations for the design of pipelines for water treatment plants. Assortments of pipeline parts. Construction and laying of pipelines

Zh3-78: Temporary recommendations for the design of boiler plants in the northern building-climate zone

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