GOST 380-88

ГОСТ 380-88

Common quality carbon steel. Grades

Сталь углеродистая обыкновенного качества Марки

Status: Not effective - Superseded. IUS 9-1997

The standard applies to carbon steel of ordinary quality. Carbon steel of ordinary quality is manufactured by the following brands: St0, St1kp, St1ps, St1sp, St2kp, St2ps, St2sp, St3kp, St3ps, St3sp, StZGps, StZGsp, St4kp, St4ps, St5ps, St5ps, St5ps, St5ps, St4ps, St4ps, St4ps, St5ps, St3ps The letters St designate "Steel", the numbers - conditional number of the brand depending on the chemical composition of steel, the letters "kp", "ps", "cn" - the method of deoxidation ("kp" - boiling, "ps" - semi-calm, "c" - calm)

Стандарт распространяется на углеродистую сталь обыкновенного качества. Углеродистую сталь обыкновенного качества изготовляют следующих марок: Ст0, Ст1кп, Ст1пс, Ст1сп, Ст2кп, Ст2пс, Ст2сп, Ст3кп, Ст3пс, Ст3сп, СтЗГпс, СтЗГсп, Ст4кп, Ст4пс, Ст4сп, Ст5пс, Ст5сп, Ст5Гпс, Ст6пс, Ст6сп. Буквы Ст обозначают «Сталь», цифры - условный номер марки в зависимости от химического состава стали, буквы "кп", "пс", "сп" - способ раскисления ("кп" - кипящая, "пс" - полуспокойная, "сп" - спокойная)

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Approved: USSR State Committee for Standards, 3/30/1988

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English keywords: carbon steel grades; metallurgy;

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ISO classifier » 77 METALLURGY » 77.080 Ferrous metals » 77.080.20 Steel »

National standards » 77 METALLURGY » 77.080 Ferrous metals » 77.080.20 Steel »

National Standards for KGS (State Standards Classification) » Latest edition » V Metals and metal products » V2 Carbon steel of ordinary quality (ordinary stock) » V20 Classification, nomenclature and general rules »

National Standards for OKSTU » CAST IRON, FERRO ALLOYS, STEEL » Steel (without steel for duplex process in own plant) »

The Document is Replaced With:

GOST 380-94: Normal quality carbon steel

As a Replacement Of:

GOST 380-71: Common quality carbon steel. Grades

The Document References:

GOST 17745-72: Steel and alloys. Method for the determination of the content of gases

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The Document is Referenced By:

ATK 24.201.17-90: Stirrers. Types, parameters, design, main dimensions and technical requirements

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GOST 18126-94: Bolts and nuts with thread diameter over 48 mm. General specifications

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GOST 19570-74: Autoclave cellular concrete panels for internal walls, partitions and floors of house and civil buildings. Technical requirements

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GOST 22326-93: Joints by flange dowels for wooden split patterns and core boxes. Design

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GOST 5257-89: Rough carbon steel tires for tramway rolling stock

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GOST 7945-86: Scoops for finishing works. Specifications

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GOST 8142-89: Rail soles for R18, P24, P33 rail types

GOST 8483-81: Fishing taps and overshots for prospecting

GOST 8591-76: The telephone canalization cable man-hole hatches

GOST 8594-80: Installation boxes for switches and plug sockets for flush wiring

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NRP-93: Norms for strength calculation of transport packaging kits for transportation of nuclear fissile materials

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OST 26-07-2027-80: Symbols of materials in the design documentation.

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OST 26-2043-91: Bolts, studs, nuts and washers for flanged joints. Technical requirements

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OST 32.48-95: Air reservoirs for traction rolling stock. Overall and mounting dimensions and technical requirements

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OST 34-10-755-97: Parts and assembly units of pipelines of TPPs at Rrab <2.2 MPa (22 kgf

OST 34-10-756-97: Parts and assembly units of pipelines of TPPs at Rrab <2.2 MPa (22 kgf

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RD 153-112-017-97: Instructions for the diagnosis and assessment of residual life of vertical steel tanks

RD 153-34.0-04.185-2003: Machines and equipment for construction, technical re-equipment and repair of energy facilities. Requirements for design, materials, manufacturing, acceptance and testing

RD 153-39.4-078-01: Operation Requirements for Tanks on Trunk Petroleum Product Pipelines and at Petroleum Depots

RD 24.023.52-90: Products of chemical engineering. Gumming. Typical technological process.

RD 24.090.52-90: Lifting-transport machines. Materials for welded metal structures.

RD 302-07-22-93: Pipe fittings. Packing glands. Construction and main dimensions. Technical requirements

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RD 34.03.204: Safety rules when working with tools and accessories

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RD 34.15.132-96: Welding and Quality Control of Welded Joints in Metal Structures of Buildings During Construction of Industrial Facilities

RD 34.17.435-95: Methodological instructions. Technical diagnostics of boilers with working pressure up to 4.0 MPa inclusive.

RD 34.21.322-94: Procedural Guidelines for Organization and Execution of Inspections of Settling of Foundations and Deformations of Buildings and Structures Under Construction and in Service at Thermal Power Stations

RD 34.21.623-96: Procedural Guidelines for Inspection of Metal Structures of Fuel Supply Trestles

RD 34.30.106-95: Guidelines for the design of gas supply system with the addition of natural gas up to 0.5 MPa for gas turbine and combined cycle thermal power plants of RAO "UES of Russia", 08/24/95

RD 36-62-00: Hoisting equipment. General technical requirements.

RD 39-132-94: Regulations for Operation, Inspection, Repair and Rejection of the Field Pipelines 1994

RD RTM 26-07-241-79: Surfacing of sealing surfaces of pipeline fittings with monel metal

RD RTM 26-07-246-80: Design, manufacturing and control regulations for steel pipeline fittings welded joints.

Recommendations: Aspiration smoke-sensitive alarms VESDA. Part 1. Scope

RM 38.14.008-94: Guiding Material. Radial (centrifugal) and axial fans. Maintenance and repair.

RST RSFSR 508-75: Electric Guitar. General technical requirements

RST RSFSR 678-82: Cast-iron stoves. General technical conditions

RST RSFSR 746-88: One-sided carriages. General technical conditions

RTM 108.030.21-78: Calculation and design of thermal deaerators

RTM 26-07-141-73: Details of pipe valves. Heat treatment of billets made of carbon and alloyed structural steels.

RTM 393-94: Technical Guides for welding and quality control of the joints of reinforcement and embedded items of concrete elements

RTM 75-95: Process Guidelines for Factory Production of Prefabricated Prestressed Reinforced Concrete Structures -

SN 393-78: Instructions for welding of reinforcement joints and embedded parts of reinforced concrete structures

SNiP 3.06.04-91: Bridges and pipes

SP 42-101-2003: The general provision and construction gas distribution sistem from steel and polyethyelene pipes

SP 42-102-96: Code of practice for the use of steel pipes for the construction of gas supply systems

TU 102-107-76: Boxes of unified with hinged panels of BNP type (construction part of block-boxes)

TU 102-162-78: Weighers prefabricated reinforced concrete belt type UBP

TU 102-190-78: Aluminum frame panels for walls of heated industrial buildings

TU 102-199-78: Therapeutic and prophylactic unit for hot dry baths

TU 102-237-85: Mobile buildings (inventory) of the block of the "Watch" system. Group specifications

TU 102-264-81: Weighted reinforced concrete modular ring. UTK type for main pipelines

TU 102-339-83: Asbestos-cement three-layer partition walls on a wooden frame with mineral wool plates

TU 102-358-83: Three-layer steel coating panels with mineral wool insulation for block boxes

TU 102-360-85: Aluminum aluminum masts for radio relay communication type MAP

TU 102-390-85: Vibrational low-frequency platforms with spatial oscillations of the HSV type

TU 102-416-86: Garage reinforced concrete prefabricated for individual use

TU 102-461-88: Garage reinforced concrete prefabricated box single and double row collective use

TU 102-463-88: Frameless three-layer roofing panels with mineral wool insulation

TU 102-464-88: Three-layer aluminum frame wall panels with mineral wool insulation

TU 102-46-75: Weights prefabricated cantilever type UKS

TU 102-79: Concrete belt weighting compounds type UE for main pipelines

TU 1303-002-08620133-01-TU-LU: Electrowelded pipes made of carbon and low alloy steels for steam and hot water pipelines

TU 14-3-1428-86: Electric-Welded Straight-Seam Steel Pipes 1020 mm in Diameter for Gas and Oil Pipelines. Technical Specifications

TU 14-3-1760-91: Seamless Steel Pipes, Hot Deformed, Higher Precision

TU 1469-006-00153229-2001: Parts connecting on Рр up to 16 MPa (160 kgf

TU 2513-001-00152081-93: Glues 51-K-10V. Technical specifications

TU 26-14-100-90: Single cyclones of the type СЦН-40 of the right and left execution. Technical conditions

TU 26-14-99-91: DP-10M smoke exhauster. Technical conditions

TU 34-38-20111-96: Centrifugal pump TsN-400-105-U4 (3B-200x2). Technical conditions for repair

TU 34-38-20135-94: Tubular air heaters of stationary boilers. Technical conditions for major repairs

TU 34-38-20189-94: Gas-oil burners for steam stationary boilers. Technical conditions for major repairs

TU 34-38-20190-94: Burner, types pulverized steam stationary boilers. Technical conditions for major repairs

TU 34-38-20191-94: Headset stationary boilers. General technical conditions for major repairs

TU 34-38-20310-96: Centrifugal multistage sectional pumps CNS 180-85 ... 425. Technical conditions for repair

TU 34-38-20395-95: Fans VDN-32B, VDN-28, VDN-26, VDN-24, VDN-22, VDN-20, VDN-18. Technical conditions for major repairs

TU Windows and bindings of light emitting lamps. Technical conditions

TU 3612-005-00220302-98: Shell-and-tube heat exchangers for special purposes. Thermosiphon evaporators. Technical conditions

TU 3612-007-00220302-99: Shell-and-tube heat exchangers for special purposes. Vacuum capacitors. Technical conditions

TU 36-26-11-5-89: Expanded steel sheets. Technical conditions

TU 3644-006-00220302-99: Shell-and-tube heat exchangers for special purposes. Refrigeration evaporators and condensers

TU 5216-002-18601734-2000: Metal road holding guard for cars, side, first type, single-sided

TU 5216-067-36910961-97: Fences are road, holding, for cars, side, of the first type in one-sided and two-sided execution.

VSN 286-90: Guidelines for the calculation of reinforced concrete chimneys

VSN 34-91/MT-st: Execution and Acceptance Requirements for New Construction, Rehabilitation, and Expansion of Existing Marine and River Hydraulic Transport Structures. Part I: Part II: Part III

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