GOST 8734-75

ГОСТ 8734-75

Seamless steel tubes cold deformed. Range

Трубы стальные бесшовные холоднодеформированные Сортамент

Status: Effective - Supersedes. The limitation of effectiveness has been lifted: Decree of the State Standard No. 1714 of 11.11.91

The standard establishes the diameter, wall thickness and theoretical mass of cold-formed steel seamless pipes.

Стандарт устанавливает диаметр, толщину стенок и теоретическую массу холоднодеформированных стальных бесшовных труб.

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Approved: State Committee of Standards of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, 10/13/1975

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The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

Construction (Max) » Standards » Other state standards used in construction » 23 Hydraulic and pneumatic systems and components for general use. »

ISO classifier » 23 HYDRAULIC AND PNEUMATIC SYSTEMS AND GENERAL PURPOSE COMPONENTS » 23.040 Pipelines and their components » 23.040.10 Cast iron and steel pipes »

National standards » 23 HYDRAULIC AND PNEUMATIC SYSTEMS AND GENERAL PURPOSE COMPONENTS » 23.040 Pipelines and their components » 23.040.10 Cast iron and steel pipes »

National Standards for KGS (State Standards Classification) » Latest edition » V Metals and metal products » V6 Pipes metal and pipe products » V62 Steel pipes and their connecting parts »

As a Replacement Of:

GOST 8734-58: Steel seamless tubes, cold-rolled and cold-drawn. Range

The Document References:

GOST 8733-74: Cold-formed and heat-formed seamless steel pipes. Technical requirements

GOST 8734-58: Steel seamless tubes, cold-rolled and cold-drawn. Range

GOST 9567-75: Precision steel tubes. Range

The Document is Referenced By:

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GOST 5984-80: Explosives. Methods for determination of brisance

GOST 8733-74: Cold-formed and heat-formed seamless steel pipes. Technical requirements

GOST 8733-87: Steel seamless cold-deformed and heat-deformed pipes. Technical specifications

GOST 9.704-80: Unified system of corrosion and ageing protection. Vulcanized rubbers. Methods of determination of the packing parts for the fixed joints working capacity during the radiation-thermal ageing

GOST 9567-75: Precision steel tubes. Range

GOST 9690-71: Lanyard stoppers

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GOST R 70464-2022: Three-axle axle suspension bogies for freight wagons. General specifications

GOST R 70517-2022: Hydrometallurgical plants of uranium mining enterprises. Norms of technological design

GOST R 70597-2022: Marine vessels. International flange connection for drainage of oily water and oil residues. Dimensions and technical requirements

GOST R 70598-2022: Marine vessels. International flange connection for waste water discharge. Dimensions and technical requirements

IM 14-51-00: Guidelines and explanations on topical issues of creating automation systems. Release 4. New standard drawings of the Montazhavtomatika association

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IM 4-12-95: Automation systems. Handbook of materials. Part 1. Basic materials

Manual: Manual for impulse and low consumption fire extinguishing systems

Manual for RD 78.145-93: Manual for the guiding document "Systems and complexes of security, fire and security-fire alarms. Rules for the production and acceptance of work"

Manual for SNiP II-37-76: Manual for the use of steel pipes for the construction of gas supply systems

MDS 12-56.2010: Wire rope slings for construction. Recommendations for compilation of technical specifications

MDS 40-2.2000: Design Manual for Self-Contained Utility Systems (Water Supply, Sewerage, Piped Heat Supply and Ventilation, Gas Supply, and Electricity Supply Systems) for Single-Dwelling and Multiple-Dwelling Residential Occupancies

MI 1069-85: State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Methodical instructions. Machine-oriented data recording system for metals (alloys)

NPB 88-2001*: Fire extinguishing and alarm systems. Norms and design rules

NTPD-90: Norms of technological design of diesel power plants

ODM 218.2.026-2012: Design and calculation guidelines for pile-anchor structures of highways

ODM 218.2.066-2016: Guidelines for the use of anchor piles and micropiles as part of the engineering protection of roads

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OST 26-02-1015-85: Tube fastening to tube sheets.

OST 26-04-1250-75: Ranks of pipes for pipelines.

OST 26-04-1334-75: Straight welded carbon steel elbows. Design and dimensions.

OST 26-04-1336-75: welded straight carbon steel tees. Design and dimensions.

OST 3-1686-90: Billets made of structural steel for engineering. General Specifications.

OST 34-10-569-93: Axial single-lens compensator for Pnom ≤1.6 MPa (16 kg/cm2). Design and dimensions.

OST 34-10-701-97: Parts of seamless steel welded pipelines on Rrab <2.2 MPa (22 kgf

OST 34-42-353-77: Rolled ferrous metals and pipes for the manufacture of boiler auxiliary equipment and pipelines. Limit Assortment

OST 34-42-747-85: Details and prefabricated units of TPS pipelines, working P<2.2 MPa (22 kg/cm2), t ≤545 °C. Pipes and rolling. Pipe grades.

OST 36-13-90: Shields and consoles of automation systems for technological processes. General technical conditions

OST 36-145-88: Steel technological pipelines for pressure Ру up to 10 MPa. Fluxing automatic arc welding. Typical technological process.

OST 36-41-81: Welded and bent details pipelines made of carbon steel with Dy up to 500 mm, for Py up to 10 MPa (100 kg/cm2). Types and basic parameters.

PB 11-401-01: Safety regulations for gas-handling facilities of metallurgic and coke-chemical industries and enterprises

PI 249-2000: Riveting of metal structures. application

PNST 320-2018: Bearing structures of railway signaling devices. General technical requirements

R 18-76/NIIZhB: Recommendations for determining the flatness and non-perpendicularity of the faces of control samples of concrete

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RD 200-RSFSR-12-0227-88: Conversion Guide for Trucks with Diesel Engines for Compressed Natural Gas

RD 22-16-2005*: Guiding regulatory material. Hoisting machines. Selection of materials for the manufacture, repair and reconstruction of welded steel structures

RD 24.203.03-90: Radii and angles of gib pipes

RD 34.10.306-88: Material allowances for repairs. Stationary steam boilers.

RD 34.24.601: Instructions for repair of dust preparation equipment of power plants

RD 34.37.407: Procedural Guidelines for Pre-Startup Steam-Oxygen Cleaning and Passivation of Steam-Water Line of Thermal Energy Equipment

RD 34.39.201: Guidelines for Installation of Steam and Water Piping Systems in Thermal Power Stations

RD 38.13.004-86: Operation and repairs of process pipelines operating under pressure up to 10.0 MPa (100 kgf/cm2)

RD 39-0147103-328-86: Process Guidelines for Application of Polymer Protective Coatings on the Interior Surface of Field Water Pipes Used for Transport of a Medium Containing Sulfur (Up to 100 mg/liter)

RD 39-0147103-338-88: Temporary standards for the design of electric heating above-ground main pipelines (Axial electric heating system of ASE)

RD 39-132-94: Regulations for Operation, Inspection, Repair and Rejection of the Field Pipelines 1994

RD 39-9-254-79: Guidelines for the design of oilfield facilities using a waterflooding method with polymers

RM 3-82-90: Shields and consoles of automation systems of technological processes. Features of application. Guide to OST 36.13-90

RM 4-150-92: Process automation systems. Integrated norms of consumption of materials and products

RM 4-206-95: Automation systems. Specification of equipment, products and materials. Directions for implementation. Allowance to GOST 21.110-95

RM 4-242-92: Automation systems. Recommendations for the design of heating and thermal insulation of pipe wiring

RM 4-246-91: Automation systems. General requirements for CAD

RM 4-2-96: Computer-aided design system. Automated systems. Directions for application

RM 4-6-92: Process automation systems. Design of electrical and pipe wiring. Part 3. Guidelines for the implementation of the documentation. Allowance for RTM 36.22.7-92

RST RSFSR 516-88: Eaves metal. Technical conditions

RST RSFSR 655-81: Ice screws fishing. General technical conditions

RTM 24-85: Information index of state, republican and industry standards, technical specifications for materials and products used in the design of furnaces and dryers

SN 412-70: Consumption rates of materials, pipes, sanitary ware and heating devices per 1 million rubles. estimated cost of construction and installation works. Light industry. Food industry. Meat and dairy industry. Fish industry

SN 416-70: Consumption rates of materials, pipes, sanitary wares and heating devices for 1 million rubles. estimated cost of construction and installation works. Oil industry. Oil refining industry. Chemical (petrochemical) industry. Gas industry. Transportation of

SNiP 2.04.12-86: Steel pipelines strength analysis

SNiP 3.05.07-85: Automated systems

SNiP II-G.14-62: Technological steel pipelines with nominal pressure up to 100 kgf/cm2 inclusive. Design Standards

SNiP III-34-74: Automation Systems

SNiP II-M.4-62: Underground mine workings of mining companies. Design Standards

SO 34.03.355-2005: Methodological instructions for ensuring fire and explosion safety during operating power gas turbine electric power units.

SO 34.26.724: Methodical instructions for testing furnaces and burners of boiler installations

SP 10.13130.2020: Fire protection systems. Internal fire-fighting water supply. Norms and rules of design

SP 24.13330.2011: Pile foundations

SP 241.1311500.2015: Fire protection systems. Automatic water extinguishing systems for high rack storages. Designing and regulations rules

SP 25.13330.2012: Soil bases and foundations on permafrost soils

SP 402.1325800.2018: Residential buildings. Rules for the design of gas consumption systems

SP 41-101-95: Designing heat supply stations (to the SNiP 2.04.07-86)

SP 41-104-2000: Design of independent heat supply sources

SP 42-102-2004: Design and construction of gas pipelines from metal pipes. To replace SP 42-102-96

SP 42-102-96: Code of practice for the use of steel pipes for the construction of gas supply systems

SP 485.1311500.2020: Fire protection systems. Automatic fire extinguishing installations. Norms and rules of design

SP 5.13130.2009: Fire protection systems. Automated fire alarm and fire extinguishing installations. Design norms and regulations

SP 510.1325800.2022: Heating units and internal heating systems

ST RK 1657-2007: Brakes of rolling stock running in freight trains at a speed up to 120 km/h and in passenger trains at a speed up to 200 km/h. Specification

STB GOST R 51659-2001: Railroad tankers of mainline railways of 1520 mm gauge. General specifications

TU 1390-002-86695843-08: Steel pipes and parts of pipes with internal anti-corrosion coating based on highly viscous materials

TU 1390-012-86695843-2011: Steel pipes and fittings 57–2020 mm in diameter with internal single-layer coating based on liquid solvent-free epoxy materials

TU 1390-014-86695843-2011: Steel pipes and parts of pipelines with external two-layer epoxy anticorrosion coating

TU 1390-015-86695843-2011: Steel pipes with Stelrant external anticorrosion polyurethane coating

TU 1394-006-86695843-10: Steel pipes with epoxy protective coating

TU 1394-011-86695843-2011: Steel pipes with an external two-layer epoxy coating resistant to ultraviolet radiation. Technical conditions

TU 14-161-184-2000: Steel seamless tubes of steel grade 09G2S

TU 14-3-190-2004: Seamless steel pipes for boiler plants and pipelines

TU 14-3-190-82: Seamless steel pipes for boiler plants and pipelines

TU 14-3-523-76: Steel pipes lined with high density polyethylene. Technical conditions

TU 14-3-963-80: Steel bends lined with high precision polyethylene. Technical conditions

TU 5210-001-25432924-2008: Fences, road, metal, barrier type

TU 5768-009-86695843-2011: Steel pipes with thermal insulation made of polyurethane foam in a protective sheath for oil and gas pipelines

U-ST 01-87: Guidelines for the design of open pumping refineries and petrochemical plants

VNTP 13-2-85: Standards for technological design of mining enterprises of metallurgy with underground mining method

VNTP 29-83: Norms of technological design of concentrating factories. Section "Chutes and pipelines"

VNTP 3-92: Temporary norms of technological designation of processing plants

VSN 07-81/Minoborony: Technical rules of quality control and acceptance of installation work at the facilities of the Ministry of Defense

VSN 189-78: Guidelines for Planning and Execution of Artificial Soil Freezing Used in Subway and Tunnel Construction

VSN 21-02-01/MO RF: Automatic gas fire extinguishing installations of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. Norms and design rules

VSN 25-95: Guidelines for the Application of Polyethylene Foam Jackets for Pipe Insulation

VSN 362-87: Disinfections and Etching of Pipelines

VSN 464-85: General Specified Quantity Allowances for Building Materials. Compendium 20: Installation of Industrial Ventilating Systems

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