GOST 380-94

ГОСТ 380-94

Normal quality carbon steel

Сталь углеродистая обыкновенного качества

Status: Not effective - Superseded. Information on the registration of 185-st dated 07/19/2007 (the official website of FSUE "Standartinform"); (IUS 10-2007)

Standard applies to carbon steel of ordinary quality, intended for the manufacture of hot rolled: profiled, shaped, plate, sheet, broadband and cold rolled sheet, and ingots, blooms, slabs, billets, blanks rolled and continuously cast, pipes, forgings and stampings, strips, wire, hardware, etc.

Стандарт распространяется на углеродистую сталь обыкновенного качества, предназначенную для изготовления ��роката горячекатаного: сортового, фасонного, толстолистового, тонколистового, широкополосного и холоднокатаного тонколистового, а также слитков, блюмов, слябов, сутунки, заготовки катаной и непрерывнолитой, труб, поковок и штамповок, ленты, проволоки, метизов и др.

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Approved: State Committee of the Russian Federation for Standardization and Metrology, 6/2/1997

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The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

Construction (Max) » Standards » Other state standards used in construction » 77 Metallurgy »

ISO classifier » 77 METALLURGY » 77.080 Ferrous metals » 77.080.20 Steel »

National standards » 77 METALLURGY » 77.080 Ferrous metals » 77.080.20 Steel »

National Standards for KGS (State Standards Classification) » Latest edition » V Metals and metal products » V2 Carbon steel of ordinary quality (ordinary stock) » V20 Classification, nomenclature and general rules »

The Document is Replaced With:

GOST 380-2005: Common quality carbon steel. Grades

As a Replacement Of:

GOST 380-88: Common quality carbon steel. Grades

The Document References:

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The Document is Referenced By:

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GOST 667-73: Battery sulphuric acid. Specifications

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GOST 7075-80: Manual Traveling Underrunning Cranes Specifications

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GOST 765-85: Anchor shackles. Specifications

GOST 766-74: Anchors. General specifications

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GOST 809-71: Track wood screws. Specifications

GOST 8117-74: Ship's bells. Specifications

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GOST 8479-70: Structural carbon and alloy steel forgings

GOST 8497-78: Matrosov's anchor. Specifications

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GOST 9.402-2004: Unified system of corrosion and ageing protection. Paint coatings. Metal surface preparation for painting

GOST 9.402-80: Metal surface preparation for painting

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GOST R 52042-2003: Anchor supports. General specifications

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GOST R 52082-2003: Support polymeric outdoor insulators for voltage 6-220 kV. General specifications

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KPO 01.05.12-05: Catalog-list of equipment. Boiler equipment. Volume 2

KPO 01.05.12-05: Catalog-list of equipment. Boiler equipment. Volume 2

Manual: Manual for impulse and low consumption fire extinguishing systems

Manual for MGSN 2.09-03: Corrosion protection of concrete and reinforced concrete structures of transport facilities

Manual for SNiP 2.09.03-85: Design of retaining walls and basement walls

Manual for SNiP 2.09.03-85: Design of open crane overpasses

Manual for SNiP 2.09.03-85: Design Guide for Anchor Bolts for Securing Building Structures and Equipment

Manual for SNiP 2.09.03-85: Manual on designing stand-alone supports and overpasses for process pipelines

Manual for SNiP 2.09.03-85: Conveyor Gallery Design Guide

Manual for SNiP II-23-81*: Manual on the design of steel structures of overhead power lines (VL) power transmission towers and outdoor switchgears (outdoor switchgear) of substations with voltages above 1 kV

Manual for SNiP II-23-81*: Strength Design Guide for Steel Structures

Manual for SNiP II-23-81*: Steel Structural Engineering Tutorial

MDS 12-22.2005: Recommendations for the application in the construction industry of the requirements of regulatory legal and other regulatory acts containing state regulatory labor protection requirements

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MVI 62-09: Methodology for measuring the mass fraction of sludge in samples of mineral energy oils

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OST 26-01-64-83: Clamps. Design and dimensions.

OST 26-02-602-72: Supporting beams for ring fillings. Design, main dimensions and technical requirements.

OST 26-04-1035-74: Assembling units and fastening details of cold pipelines with a diameter from 100 to 1020 mm. Design and dimensions.

OST 26-04-1222-75: Products of cryogenic engineering. General technical requirements and standards.

OST 26-04-2386-79: Lugged transportation plugs for working P 0 MPa (0 kg/cm2). Design and dimensions.

OST 26-2091-93: Horizontal support vessels and equipment. Design.

OST 26-291-94: Steel welded vessels and devices. General technical requirements.

OST 26-705-79: Plates ТСН ТСН-2 and-3 of columns. Design and dimensions.

OST 26-805-73: Perforated plates of column apparatus. Type and parameters. Design and dimensions.

OST 34-10-469-89: Captivating welded and casted plates for turbo-units. Captivating casted non-symmetrical plates. Design and dimensions.

OST 34-10-747-97: Parts and assembly units of pipelines of TPPs at Rrab <2.2 MPa (22 kgf

OST 34-13-016-88: Self-tapping bolts. Design and dimensions. Technical requirements

OST 34-42-836-86: Flat Flanges for pipes of TPP and NPP. Design and dimensions.

OST 35-02-72: High-strength bolts, nuts and washers for them.

OST 35-09-86: Hoisting machinery and equipment. General specifications.

OST 35-22-83: Pipe culverts made of corrugated metal intended for railroad and auto road. Specifications.

OST 36-128-85: mounting Devices and assemblies. Calculation and design Methods.

OST 36-146-88: Bearings for steel industrial pipelines for P 10 MPa. Specifications.

OST 36-18-77: Device for truing of vertical and tower vessels. Design, dimensions and specifications.

OST 36-26-77: Welded details of pipelines Dy 500-1400 mm made of carbon steel for Pnom <= 2.5 MPa (≈ 25 kg/cm2). General technical requirements.

OST 36-58-81: Steel building structures. Welding. Basic requirements.

OTU 3-01: Vessels and apparatuses. General specifications for the repair of buildings

PB 03-108-96: Process pipeline design and safe operation rules

PB 03-384-00: Rules for design, manufacture and acceptance of steel welded vessels and apparatus

PB 03-576-03: Regulations of design and safe operation of pressure vessels

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PB 10-574-03: Safety Operation and Design Codes for Steam and Hot Water Boilers

PB 10-575-03: Requirements for the Design and Safe Operation of Electric Boilers and Electric Boiler Plants

PB 11-401-01: Safety regulations for gas-handling facilities of metallurgic and coke-chemical industries and enterprises

Pin AE 5.6: Norms of structural design of nuclear power plants with reactors of different types

R 51-31323949-58-2000: Guidelines for the Application of Steel Pipe in the Oil and Gas Industry

RD 01-001-06: Welding of steel gas pipelines and the gas equipment in the city municipal services and power installations.

RD 03-380-00: Guidelines for Inspection of Spherical Tanks and Gas Holders for Storage of Liquefied Gases Under Pressure

RD 03-410-01: Instructions on the procedure of comprehensive engineering certification of cryogenic tanks for liquefied gases

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RD 10-33-93: Slings for loading and general purposes. Requirements for arrangement and safe operation.

RD 10-69-94: Typical technological process of installation electrical equipment. Main provisions.

RD 12-411-01: Guidelines for Operating Condition Diagnostics of Underground Steel Gas Lines

RD 153-34.0-04.185-2003: Machines and equipment for construction, technical re-equipment and repair of energy facilities. Requirements for design, materials, manufacturing, acceptance and testing

RD 153-34.1-003-01: Welding, heat treatment and control of copper pipe systems and pipelines at power equipment installation and repair.

RD 153-34.1-17.465-00: Methodological guidelines for the assessment of internal corrosion driving rat in heating systems.

RD 153-34.1-21.326-2001: Procedural Guidelines for Inspection of Structural Elements of Process Buildings and Structures of Thermal Power Stations. Part 1: Reinforced Concrete and Concrete Structures

RD 153-34.1-21.530-99: Procedural Guidelines for Inspection of Structural Elements of Process Buildings and Structures of Thermal Power Stations. Part 2: Metal Structures

RD 153-34.1-43.204-2001: Petroleum-Based and Fireresistant Turbine Oils. Quantitative Method for the Determination of Anticorrosion Properties

RD 31.1.02-04: Rules of technical operation of lifting and transport equipment of sea trading ports

RD 31.35.13-90: Instructions for repair of hydraulic structures in maritime transport. Minmorflot, Soyuzmorniiproekt, 1990

RD 31.44.01-97: Rules of technical operation of lifting and transport equipment of sea trading ports

RD 32 TsV 052-2005: Repair of freight car trucks

RD 34 02.028-2007: Technical rules. Mechanical equipment and special steel structures for hydraulic structures. Manufacturing, installation and acceptance.

RD 34.10.306-88: Material allowances for repairs. Stationary steam boilers.

RD 34.24.602: Standard Procedure. Hardening Blades of Pulverizing Fans Type VM by Automatic Surfacing Method

RD 34.26.203: Guidelines for Brick Lining Work During Installation of Boiler Plants and Energy Facilities

RD 34.26.601: Guidelines for Repair of Brickwork of Steam Boilers at Electric Power Generating Stations

RD 34.26.603: Guide to Use of Scaffolding and Cradles for Steam Boiler Repair

RD 34.27.101: Guidelines for Calculation and Design of Ash Collector with Venturi Tube Type MV for Modernization of Gas Cleaning Equipment of Thermal Power Stations

RD 34.39.101: Guidelines for Design, Construction, and Acceptance of Gas Pipelines Supplying Natural Gas to Boilers at District Electric Power Generating Stations

RD 34.39.201: Guidelines for Installation of Steam and Water Piping Systems in Thermal Power Stations

RD 34.39.601: Guide to Repair of Fittings for Piping Systems at Pressure of 64-100 kgf/sq. cm

RD 34.40.503-94: Model Guidelines for Operation System Water Heating Units at Thermal Power Stations and Condensing Electric Power Generating Stations

RD 34.47.611-75: Manual overhaul of air circuit breakers VVN-220-15 and VVN-330-15

RD 36-62-00: Hoisting equipment. General technical requirements.

RD 39-132-94: Regulations for Operation, Inspection, Repair and Rejection of the Field Pipelines 1994

RD 50:48:0075.02.05: Platform buffers. Recommendations for design, construction and operation

RD 50:48:0075.03.05: Recommendations for the design and safe operation of elevated crane tracks

RD EO 0505-03: Instructions for metal styloscope

RD EO 0657-2006: Methods of assessing the technical condition and resource characteristics of systems and means of fire protection of nuclear power units

RD EO Guidelines for the construction and commissioning of the foundations of turbine units of nuclear power plants

RD OP.42-001-85: Main provisions for welding and control of the NPP tanks (reservoirs)

Recommendations: Aspiration smoke-sensitive alarms VESDA. Part 1. Scope

Resolution: Rules for the design and safe operation of steam and hot water boilers

RMD 56-05-2008 Sankt-Peterburg: Recommendations for the design, manufacture and installation of translucent structures with safety glazing

RTM 17-01-2002: Guiding technical materials on the design and use of steel-fiber-concrete building structures

RTM 38.001-94: Guidelines for the calculation of strength and vibration of technologically steel pipe.

RTM 75-95: Process Guidelines for Factory Production of Prefabricated Prestressed Reinforced Concrete Structures -

SA 03-005-07: Industrial pipelines of oil-refining, petrochemical and chemical industry. Requirements to configuration and operation

SNiP 2.03.01-84 Reference Manual: Reference manual on design of concrete and reinforced concrete structures made of heavy and light concrete without reinforcement prestressing

SO 153-34.21.322-2003: Guidelines for the organization and conduct of observations of the deposition of foundations and deformations of buildings and structures under construction and operating thermal power plants

SP 16.13330.2011: Steel structures

SP 41-104-2000: Design of independent heat supply sources

SP 42-101-2003: The general provision and construction gas distribution sistem from steel and polyethyelene pipes

SP 42-102-2004: Design and construction of gas pipelines from metal pipes. To replace SP 42-102-96

SP 53-102-2004: General rules for steel structure design

ST RK 1278-2004: Road restrictions systems. Metal safety barriers. Specification

ST RK 1454-2005: Air reservoir for traction railway stock. Basic requirements for structure

ST RK 1647-2007: Railway transport. Magnetic particles method of non-destructive control of car parts

ST RK 1857-2008: Motor roads. Requirements at designing of supporting walls

ST RK 1858-2008: Bridgeworks and culverts on motor roads. Requirements at designing of concrete and reinforced concrete structures

ST TsKBA 025-2006: Pipe fittings. Welding and quality control of welded joints. Technical requirements

ST TsKBA 053-2008: Pipe fittings. Surfacing and quality control of weld surfaces. Technical requirements

STB GOST R 51659-2001: Railroad tankers of mainline railways of 1520 mm gauge. General specifications

STN TsE 141-99: Design norms for contact network

TR 94-2003: Crop loops of precast concrete and reinforced concrete structures, design, calculation and testing. Technical recommendations

TU 0991-125-46854090-2001: Milled steel fiber for concrete reinforcement

TU 102-356-83: Three-layer roofing panels from steel corrugated profile and mineral wool insulation

TU 102-738-95: Weighted reinforced concrete marsh wedge with a diameter of 530, 426, 525 with low steel reinforcement consumption (1 UBKm, 2 UBKm)

TU 14-3-377-99: Steel welded longitudinal welded pipes for main gas and oil pipelines

TU 14-3R-50-2001: Steel pipes, seamless, hot-rolled, thick-walled, of cast ingot

TU 14-3R-56-2001: Welded steel pipes with a diameter of 1420, 1620, 1720, 2020 and 2220 mm for general use. Technical conditions

TU 24.08.1702-91: OZS-4 brand electrodes

TU 35-369-78: Pontoon KS-63 metal universal

TU 3612-013-00220302-99: Shell-and-tube heat exchangers for special purposes. Evaporators with steam space and tube bundles to them

TU 3612-014-00220302-99: Heat exchangers "pipe in pipe". Technical conditions

TU 36-1395905-015-95: A set of structures of buildings of arched type. Technical conditions

TU 3615-044-00220302-02: Cylindrical horizontal reservoirs for liquid hydrocarbonic propane and butane gases

TU 3645-033-05785477-98: Torch propane-oxygen for powder surfacing GN-5P

TU 38 0051166-98: Rubber compounds for the rubber products of aircraft

TU 5210-001-25432924-2008: Fences, road, metal, barrier type

TU 5216-001-05765820-2007: Roadside restraints for automobiles, side, first, metal type

TU 5216-006-44884945-2006: Barrier retaining barriers for cars, side in unilateral and bilateral execution of the pavement and road groups

TU 5216-007-44884945-2006: Fencing road restraints for cars, the first type, groups 11Д and 11ДД

TU 5216-017-00110604-02: Fences bridge, holding, for cars, side, first type, single-sided

TU 5216-021-00110604-03: Road guardrail for cars, side, first type, metal, single-sided

TU 5216-063-01393697-2006: Road and bridge fences for automobiles, side, first type, metal

TU 5216-067-36910961-2002: Retention fences, for vehicles, side, first type, single-sided and double-sided

TU 5262-001-23083253-96: Expanded steel sheets. Technical conditions

TU 5851-008-01388383-2002: Reinforced concrete beams with frame fittings for the superstructure of road bridges and overpasses with a length of 12, 15 and 18 m. Specifications

TU 9462-001-84299122-2010: Ampoules medical colorless and brown from glass of the 1st hydrolytic class

VMU 50:48:0075-02-02: Platform buffers. General requirements for design, construction and operation

VNP 001-01: Industry-Specific Design Standards. Buildings for Territorial Main Administrations, National Banks, and Clearing Centers of the Russian Federation Central Bank

VSN 31-68: Technical instructions for the design and construction of prefabricated prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs for aerodromes of classes B and C GA

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