R 50-601-21-92

Р 50-601-21-92

Recommendations. Establishment of product safety requirements in standards and technical conditions

Рекомендации. Установление требований безопасности продукции в стандартах и технических условиях

Status: Effective - Introduced for the first time

The recommendations contain methodological provisions for setting requirements and standards in technical standards aimed at ensuring the safety of life and health of citizens-consumers of products.

Рекомендации содержат методические положения по установлению в стандартах и технических условиях требований, направленных на обеспечение безопасности жизни и здоровья граждан-потребителей продукции.

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Page Count: 14

Approved: VNIIS Gosstandart, 2/17/1992

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The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

Construction (Max) » Regulations » Regulatory documents of supervisory authorities » Normative documents of Committee of Russian Federation for Standardization, Metrology and Certification »

PromExpert » SECTION I. TECHNICAL REGULATION » II Standardization » 2 Activities and organization of work on standardization »

ISO classifier » 01 GENERAL PROVISIONS. TERMINOLOGY. STANDARDIZATION. DOCUMENTATION » 01.120 Standardization. General rules »

The Document References:

GOST 12.0.003-74: Dangerous and harmful production effects. Classification

GOST 12.1.001-89: Occupational safety standards system. Ultrasound. General safety requirements

GOST 12.1.002-84: Occupational safety standards system. Power frequency electric fields. Permissible levels of field strength and requirements for control at work-places

GOST 12.1.003-83: Noise. General safety requirements

GOST 12.1.004-91: Fire safety. General requirements

GOST 12.1.005-88: General sanitary requirements for working zone air

GOST 12.1.006-84: Occupational safety standards system. Electromagnetic fields of radio frequencies. Permissible levels at work-places and requirements for control

GOST 12.1.007-76: Noxious substances. Classification and general safety requirements

GOST 12.1.008-76: Occupational safety standards system. Biological safety. General requirements

GOST 12.1.010-76: Explosion safety. General requirements

GOST 12.1.012-90: SSBT. Occupational Safety Standards System. Vibrational safety. General requirements

GOST 12.1.013-78: Occupational safety standards system. Construction. Electrical safety. General requirements

GOST 12.1.014-84: Working zone air

GOST 12.1.016-79: Work area air

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GOST 12.1.029-80: Means and methods of defense from noise. Classification

GOST 12.1.030-81: Electrical safety protective grounding, neutral grounding

GOST 12.1.036-81: Noise. Admissible levels of noise in houses and public buildings

GOST 12.1.038-82: Occupational safety standards system. Electric safety. Maximum permissible values of pick-up voltages and currents

GOST 12.1.040-83: Occupational safety standards system. Laser safety. General

GOST 12.1.041-83: Fire and explosion safety of combustible dusts

GOST 12.1.044-89: Fire and explosion hazard of substances and materials. Nomenclature of indices and methods of their determination

GOST 12.1.045-84: Occupational safety standards system. Electrostatic fields. Tolerance levels and methods of control at working places

GOST 12.1.046-85: Occupational safety standards system. Building. Lighting of building sites

GOST 12.1.050-86: Occupational safety standards system. Methods of noise measurement at work-places

GOST 12.2.003-91: Industrial equipment. General safety requirements

GOST 12.2.006-87: Safety of the electronic mains-connected and similar devices intended for everyday and similar general-purpose use

GOST 12.2.030-83: Manual machines. Noise characteristics. Norms. Control methods

GOST 12.2.032-78: Operators location in a silting position. General ergonomic requirements

GOST 12.2.033-78: Operators location in a standing position General ergonomic requirements

GOST 12.2.038-84: Occupational safety standards system. Web teleprinters. Permissible levels of noise characteristics and its control methods

GOST 12.2.049-80: Occupational safety standards system. Industrial equipment. General ergonomic requirements

GOST 12.2.061-81: Occupational safety standards system. Industrial equipment. General safety requirements to working places

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GOST 12.2.110-85: Air piston stationary general-purpose compressors

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GOST 12.3.027-92: Foundry work

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GOST 12.4.004-74: Filtering protective mask RPG-67

GOST 12.4.010-75: Means of individual protection protective mittens

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GOST 12.4.023-84: Protective face shields

GOST 12.4.024-76: Specific footwear for protection from vibration

GOST 12.4.026-76: Signal colors and safety signs

GOST 12.4.028-76: Respirators шб-1 "lepestok"

GOST 12.4.029-76: Special aprons

GOST 12.4.032-77: Safety leather footwear for protection against high temperatures

GOST 12.4.034-85: Occupational safety standards system. Means for individual protection of breathing organs. Classification and marking

GOST 12.4.035-78: Protective face shields

GOST 12.4.044-87: Women's suits for protection against high temperatures

GOST 12.4.045-87: Men's suits for protection from high temperatures

GOST 12.4.050-78: Safety felt shoes for protection against high temperatures. Specifications

GOST 12.4.051-87: Individual hearing protection means

GOST 12.4.066-79: Occupational safety standards system. Means of hands individual protection from radioactive substances. General requirements and application rules

GOST 12.4.068-79: Occupational safety standards system. Dermatologic personal safety means. Classification and general requirements

GOST 12.4.072-79: Special, rubber, molded boots protecting from water, petroleum oils, and mechanical effects

GOST 12.4.073-79: System of standards on industrial safety measures. Fabrics for industrial clothing and means of hand protection. Nomenclature of quality characteristics

GOST 12.4.077-79: Occupational safety standards system. Ultrasound. Measurement method of sound pressure at work places

GOST 12.4.087-84: Occupational safety standard system. Building. Building helmets. Specifications

GOST 12.4.091-80: Plastic miner's helmets

GOST 12.4.100-80: Man's overalls for protection against non-toxic dust, mechanical effects and general industrial contaminations. Specifications

GOST 12.4.103-83: Occupational safety standards system. Special protective clothes, personal means of hand and legs protections. Classification

GOST 12.4.120-83: Occupational safety standards system. Means of the collective protection against ionizing radiation. General technical requirements

GOST 12.4.121-83: Industrial filtering gas-masks

GOST 12.4.122-83: Occupational safety standards system. All service canisters for protective masks. Specifications

GOST 12.4.123-83: Occupational safety standard system. Means of collective protection against infra-red radiation. General technical requirements

GOST 12.4.124-83: Occupational safety standards system. Means of static electricity protection. General technical requirements

GOST 12.4.125-83: Safety equipment for collective protection of personnel against exposure of mechanical factors

GOST 12.4.130-83: System of safety standards. Materials for special foot-wear uppers. Method for determination of petroleum and petroleum products resistance

GOST 12.4.133-83: Chamber gloves

GOST 12.4.139-84: Occupational safety standards system insulating autonomous heat protective suit. Technical requirements and test methods

GOST 12.4.154-85: Occupational safety standards system. Screening devices for protection from power frequency fields. General technical requirements. Basic parameters and dimensions

GOST 12.4.155-85: Earth leakage circuit breakers

GOST 12.4.166-85: Helmet face piece for commercial gas masks

GOST 12.4.172-87: Individual screening set for protection from power frequency fields

GOST 12379-75: Electric rotating machines. Methods of vibration evaluation

GOST 16097-83: Chemical charges for fire extinguishers

GOST 17269-71: Gas- and dust-protecting filtering respirators Ru-60m and Ru-60mu

GOST 18198-89: TV sets

GOST 19747-74: Transportation of explosives in containers

GOST 20296-81: Aircraft and helicopter of civil aviation. Acceptable noise levels in flight decks and in salons and methods of noise measurement

GOST 22293-76: Silica glass products. Method of test on thermal stability

GOST 23023-85: Light-weight propeller aeroplanes. Acceptable noise levels on ground and methods for its determination

GOST 23468-85: Micro calculators

GOST 23941-79: Noise of machines. Methods for determination of noise characteristics. General requirements

GOST 24428-80: Gas lasers. General specifications

GOST 24646-81: Transport supersound aircrafts. Acceptable noise levels on the ground and method of noise level determination

GOST 24647-91: Helicopters of civil aviation. Acceptable noise levels and methods of noise level determination on the ground

GOST 24659-81: Short take off and landing aircrafts. Acceptable noise levels on the ground and method of noise level determination

GOST 25052-87: Ultrasonic therapy apparatuses

GOST 25779-90: Toys. General safety requirements and control methods

GOST 25980-83: Vibration. Means for protection. Nomenclature of parameters

GOST 26043-83: Vibration. Dynamic characteristics of stationary machines. General

GOST 26329-84: Computers and data processing systems

GOST 26568-85: Vibration. Methods and means for protection Classification.

GOST 26831-86: Medical ultrasonic diagnostic

GOST 26952-86: Fire-extinguishing powders

GOST 27201-87: Personal computers

GOST 27296-87: Sound insulation of enclosing structures

GOST 27408-87: Noise. Methods for statistical processing of data in determination and control of machine emitted noise level

GOST 27435-87: External noise of motor vehicles. Permissible level and methods of measurement

GOST 27436-87: Internal noise of motor vehicles. Permissible level and methods of measurement

GOST 27483-87: Fire hazard testing. Test methods. Glow-wire test and guidance

GOST 27484-87: Fire hazard testing. Test methods. Needle-flame test

GOST 27570.0-87: Safety of household appliances and similar devices

GOST 27714-88: Digging vehicles

GOST 27818-88: Admissible noise levels at workplaces and methods for their determination

GOST 27924-88: Fire-hazard testing. Test methods. Bad-connection test with heaters

GOST 28100-89: Noise silencers. Methods for determination of acoustic characteristics

GOST 28130-89: Fire. engineering. Fire extinguishers, fire extinguishing systems and fire alarm systems. Graphical conventional signs.

GOST 5651-89: Domestic radio receiving appliances

GOST 6755-88: Type HP-I calcareous chemical absorbent

GOST 7153-85: General-purpose telephones

GOST 8762-75: Round threading diameter 40 mm for gas-mask with the gauges main dimensions and the tolerances

GOST 8799-90: Starters for tubular fluorescent lamps

SN 181-70: Design Guidelines for Color Finishing of the Interiors of Production Buildings of Industrial Facilities

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