GOST 19904-90

ГОСТ 19904-90

Cold-rolled steel sheets. Dimensions

Прокат листовой холоднокатаный Сортамент

Status: Effective - Supersedes. The limitation of effectiveness has been lifted: Protocol No. 5-94 of the IGU dated 05.17.94 (IUS 11-12-1994)

The standard applies to cold-rolled steel sheets with a width of 500 mm and more, manufactured in sheets with a thickness of 0.35 to 5.00 mm, rolls with a thickness of 0.35 to 3.50 mm.

Стандарт распространяется на листовой холоднокатаный прокат шириной 500 мм и более, изготовляемый в листах толщиной от 0,35 до 5,00 мм, рулонах толщиной от 0,35 до 3,50 мм.

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Approved: USSR State Committee for Product Quality and Standards Management, 3/28/1990

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The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

Construction (Max) » Standards » Other state standards used in construction » 77 Metallurgy »

Standards for pipe fittings (TPA) » 10. Production » 10.2 Billets (forgings, stampings, rolling, castings, etc.) »

PromExpert » SECTION I. TECHNICAL REGULATION » V Testing and control » 4 Testing and control of products » 4.12 Testing and control of products of metallurgical industry » 4.12.4 Iron and steel products »

ISO classifier » 77 METALLURGY » 77.140 Iron and steel products » 77.140.50 Steel sheet products and semi-finished products »

National standards » 77 METALLURGY » 77.140 Iron and steel products » 77.140.50 Steel sheet products and semi-finished products »

National Standards for KGS (State Standards Classification) » Latest edition » V Metals and metal products » V2 Carbon steel of ordinary quality (ordinary stock) » V23 Sheets and Stripes »

National Standards for OKSTU » FINISHED ROLLED STEELS (INCLUDING BILL FOR EXPORT) » General rules and regulations »

National Standards for OKSTU » FINISHED ROLLED STEELS (INCLUDING BILL FOR EXPORT) » Rolled sheet metal and sheet metal »


As a Replacement Of:

GOST 19904-74: Cold-rolled sheet. Range

The Document References:

GOST 19904-74: Cold-rolled sheet. Range

GOST 26877-91: Metal products

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GOST R 52246-2004: Hot-dip zinc-coated steel sheet. Specifications

GOST R 52246-2016: Hot-dip zinc-coated steel sheet. Specifications

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GOST R 54301-2011: Cold-rolled electrolyze zinc sheet with polymer coating, repainted by the continuous coil-coating process. Specifications

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GOST R 54748-2011: Crushed stone from rocks for railway ballast. Specifications

GOST R 54908-2012: Heat-resistant steel metal products. Specifications

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OST 153-34.0-979-99A: Assembly units and support parts for station pipelines of nuclear power plants Py <= 4.0 MPa (40 kgf/cm2). Half holders and gaskets. Design and dimensions

OST 153-34.0-979-99А: Assembling units and support station pipeline details of nuclear power plants. Nominal pressure is no more than 4,0 MPa. Semi-saddles and laying. Design and dimensions.

OST 26-04-1036-74: Assembling units and fastening details of warm pipelines with a diameter from 100 to 1020 mm. Design and dimensions.

OST 26-04-1216-75: Cryogenic pipelines. Parts of disk supports. Design and dimensions.

OST 26-04-2384-79: Transportation plugs for working P 0 MPa (0 kg/cm2). Design and dimensions.

OST 26-04-2385-79: Transportation plugs for working P 0 MPa (0 kg/cm2), working P 0.04 MPa (0.4 kg/cm2). Design and dimensions.

OST 26-07-2027-80: Symbols of materials in the design documentation.

OST 95 10439-2002: Equipment for radioactive environments. General technical requirements. Acceptance. Maintenance and repair.

OTU 3-01: Vessels and apparatuses. General specifications for the repair of buildings

PKO-2010.6: Reference materials for the design work of the electrical part of the project

RD 153-34.0-45.510-98: Model Guidelines for Operation and Repair of Slip Rings and Brushes of Turbine Generators with Power of 63 MW and Above

RD 34.10.306-88: Material allowances for repairs. Stationary steam boilers.

RD 34.15.132-96: Welding and Quality Control of Welded Joints in Metal Structures of Buildings During Construction of Industrial Facilities

RD 34.35.618: Explosionproof Indicating Electrical Contact Pressure Gauges Type VE-16rb. Guide to Overhaul

RD OP.42-001-85: Main provisions for welding and control of the NPP tanks (reservoirs)

RD RTM 26-14-02-78: Materials

Recommendations: Aspiration smoke-sensitive alarms VESDA. Part 1. Scope

RK 34-38-025-87: Guide to Overhaul of Indicating Pressure Gauges for Precise Measurements Type MTI

RM 4-150-92: Process automation systems. Integrated norms of consumption of materials and products

RM 4-246-91: Automation systems. General requirements for CAD

RST RSFSR 516-88: Eaves metal. Technical conditions

RST RSFSR 643-80: Black steel economic dishes . General specifications

RST RSFSR 655-81: Ice screws fishing. General technical conditions

RST RSFSR 91-78: Percussion musical instruments. General technical requirements

RTM 17-02-2003: Guiding technical materials on the design and manufacture of steel-fiber-concrete structures on fiber, cut from sheet

SP 362.1325800.2017: Fencing structures made of sandwich panels. Design rules

SP 409.1325800.2018: Pipelines trunk and field for oil and gas. Work on the installation of thermal and anticorrosive insulation, monitoring of work

SP 55-103-2004: Structures made with the gypsum partition plates

ST RK 1278-2004: Road restrictions systems. Metal safety barriers. Specification

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TU 102-190-78: Aluminum frame panels for walls of heated industrial buildings

TU 112000-001-12586100-2009: Steel curved profiles for light steel structures. Technical conditions

TU 36.16.22-64-92: Wrapping Clamps

TU 36-16-22-23-88: Limestone-Silica Lining Panels with Protective Layer (PFI, PFIm)

TU 67-411-82: 10HNDP and 10HDP steel profiles, cold-formed with trapezoidal corrugation for construction. Technical conditions. Experimental batch 15000 t

VSN 10-83/Minhimprom: Instruction on designing of oxygen gas pipelines

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