GOST 24211-2003

ГОСТ 24211-2003

Additives for concretes and mortars. General specifications

Добавки для бетонов и строительных растворов. Общие технические условия

Status: Not effective - Superseded

This standard applies to inorganic and organic substances of natural and artificial origin and their complexes, used as modifiers of the properties of concrete and mortar mixes, concrete and mortar, made on binders based on portland cement clinker. The requirements of this standard should be considered when developing technical conditions and other regulatory documents for which specific types of additives are issued, which establish a list of standardized quality indicators that provide technological and technical efficiency in concrete and concrete solutions of a specific type, as well as in the development of technological documentation for their use concretes and mortars

Настоящий стандарт распространяется на неорганические и органические вещества естественного и искусственного происхождения и их комплексы, применяемые в качестве модификаторов свойств бетонных и растворных смесей, бетонов и строительных растворов, изготавливаемых на вяжущих на основе портландцементного клинкера. Требования настоящего стандарта следует учитывать при разработке технических условий и других нормативных документов, по которым выпускаются конкретные виды добавок, устанавливающих перечень нормируемых показателей качества, обеспечивающих технологическую и техническую эффективность в бетонах и растворах добавок конкретного вида, а также при разработке технологической документации на их применение в бетонах и растворах

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Approved: Gosstroy of Russia, 6/21/2003

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Construction (Max) » Regulations » Documents System of normative documents in construction » 6. Regulatory documents for building materials and products » k.62 Concretes and mortars »

ISO classifier » 71 CHEMICAL INDUSTRY » 71.100 Chemical products » 71.100.01 Chemical industry products in general »

National standards » 71 CHEMICAL INDUSTRY » 71.100 Chemical products » 71.100.01 Chemical industry products in general »

ISO classifier » 91 CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION » 91.100 Building Materials » 91.100.15 Mineral materials and products »

National standards » 91 CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION » 91.100 Building Materials » 91.100.15 Mineral materials and products »

National Standards for KGS (State Standards Classification) » Latest edition » Zh Construction and building materials » Zh1 Construction materials » Zh13 Concretes and mortars »


The Document is Replaced With:

GOST 24211-2008: Admixtures for concretes and mortars. General specifications

As a Replacement Of:

GOST 24211-91: Concrete additives. General technical requirements

The Document References:

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The Document is Referenced By:

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RD EO Guide to the construction and commissioning of reinforced concrete tower cooling towers of nuclear power plants

Recommendations: Aspiration smoke-sensitive alarms VESDA. Part 1. Scope

RMD 31-04-2008 Sankt-Peterburg: Recommendations for construction of residential and public high-rise buildings

SNiP 3.09.01-85: Precast reinforced concrete structure and work-piece production

SNiP 52-01-2003: Concrete and ferroconcrete structures. Principal rules

SP 82-101-98: Preparation and use of masonry mortars. To replace SN 290-74. Letter № AB-20-218 / 12 dated 06.17.98.

STO DOKTOR BETON 68686983-001-2011: Dry building mixtures trade mark "ДОКТОР БЕТОН®" for waterproofing and repair concrete construction. Classification. Nomenclature of indicators. Technical requirements

STO DOKTOR BETON 68686983-002-2011: Dry building mixtures trade mark "ДОКТОР БЕТОН®" for waterproofing and repair concrete construction. Technical specifications and quality characteristics

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TU 67-1003-88: Lattice arched beams prestressed with a span of 12 m

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