GOST 14192-96

ГОСТ 14192-96

Cargo marking

Маркировка грузов

Status: Valid - Supersedes

The standard establishes general rules for labeling goods, including those exported, and is intended for the development of regulatory documents on products of specific types. The standard does not apply to labels containing data on packaged products, the requirements for which should be established in regulatory documents for products of specific types, as well as marking of goods sent by specialized vehicles, postal parcels in bulk or in bulk in vehicles.

Стандарт устанавливает общие правила маркировки грузов, в том числе поставляемых на экспорт, и предназначен для разработки нормативных документов на продукцию конкретных видов. Стандарт не распространяется на маркировку, содержащую данные об упакованной продукции, требования к которой должны устанавливаться в нормативных документах на продукцию конкретных видов, а также на маркировку грузов, отправляемых специализированными транспортными средствами, почтовыми посылками насыпью или насыпью в транспортных средствах.

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Approved: State Committee of the Russian Federation for Standardization and Metrology, 6/18/1997

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Construction (Max) » Standards » Other state standards used in construction » 55 Packing and placement of goods »

Evidence base (TR CU, Technical Regulation of the Customs Union) » 040/2016 TR EAEU. On safety of fish and fish products » Regulations and standards (to 040/2016 TR EAEC) »

PromExpert » SECTION III. LABOR PROTECTION AND SAFETY » III Occupational safety requirements for production equipment and processes » 1 General occupational safety requirements »

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ISO classifier » 55 PACKAGING AND DISTRIBUTION OF GOODS » 55.200 Packaging equipment »

National standards » 55 PACKAGING AND DISTRIBUTION OF GOODS » 55.200 Packaging equipment »

National Standards for KGS (State Standards Classification) » Latest edition » D Vehicles and packaging » D7 Wooden, paper, cardboard containers » D79 Test methods. Packaging. Marking »

As a Replacement Of:

GOST 14192-77: Marking of cargoes

The Document References:

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GOST 14192-77: Marking of cargoes

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The Document is Referenced By:

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GOST 10174-90: Polyurethane-foam doors and windows seal strips

GOST 1018-2015: Aluminium, copper, brass and cupronickel strips for capsules. Specifications

GOST 10199-2017: Feed concentrates for sheep and goats. General technical conditions

GOST 10200-2017: Electrode coal-tar pitch. Specifications

GOST 1020-97: Casting brass in pigs. Specifications

GOST 10232-77: Pure linen, linen and semilinen toweling and towels

GOST 10234-77: Moderate strength flattened

GOST 10246-86: Pea seeds. Varietal and sowind characteristics. Specifications

GOST 10247-85: Buckwheat seed. Varietal and sowing characteristic. Specifications

GOST 10248-85: Chick pea seeds. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 10250-80: Rice seed. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 10251-85: Bean and mung bean seeds. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 10252-84: Lentil seeds. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 10253-85: Everlasting pea seeds. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 10259-78: Reagents. Acetylacetone. Specifications

GOST 10274-79: Graphite for production of electrocarbon products. Specifications

GOST 10277-90: Putties. Specifications

GOST 10280-83: Electrical household vacuum cleaners

GOST 10285-81: Insert blanks for upsetting tools and insert blanks for parting blades made of cemented carbides. Specifications

GOST 10287-83: Dc electric meters

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GOST 10297-94: Indium. Specifications

GOST 10298-2018: Тechnical selenium. Specifications

GOST 10298-79: Technical selenium. Specifications

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GOST 10352-80: Refractories for ships' boiler furnaces. Specifications

GOST 10354-82: Polyethylene film Specifications

GOST 10362-2017: Pressure rubber hoses with thread reinforcement without end fittings. Technical conditions

GOST 10362-76: Pressure hoses of vulcanized rubber with thread reinforcement and without end fitting. Specifications

GOST 10385-2014: Combined feeding staffs for fishes. General specifications

GOST 10393-2014: Compressors, electrically driven compressor sets and compressor units for the railway rolling stock. General specifications

GOST 10430-83: Hemp seed. Varietal sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 10468-76: Rye seed. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 10469-76: Barley seed. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 10470-76: Oats seed. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 10471-96: Flaxseed meal. Specifications

GOST 1048-2016: Strips of aluminium bronze for springs. Specifications

GOST 10484-78: Reagents. Hydrofluoric acid. Specifications

GOST 1049-2015: Manganese nickel wire. Specifications

GOST 1049-74: Manganese nickel wire

GOST 10499-95: Heat insulating products made of glass staples fibre. Technical requirements

GOST 10512-93: Magnetic and electromagnetic separators

GOST 10524-2014: Linen and half-linen terry cloth and piece products. General specification

GOST 10524-74: USSR state standard terry linen and semilinen fabrics and piece goods

GOST 10530-79: Textile decorative piece-goods. General specifications

GOST 10531-2013: Canned fried fish in marinade. Specifications

GOST 10533-86: Cold-rolled thermostatic bimetal strip

GOST 10543-98: Steel surfacing wire. Specifications

GOST 10564-75: Synthetic latex CKC-65 ГП. Specifications

GOST 10578-95: Diesel engine fuel pumps. General specifications

GOST 10579-2017: Injectors for diesels. Technical requirements and test methods

GOST 10579-88: Diesel engine injectors

GOST 10580-2006: Technological foundry equipment. General specifications

GOST 10581-91: Ready-made sewing. Marking, packing, transportation and storage

GOST 10589-2016: Moulding polyamide 610. Specifications

GOST 10597-87: Painting brishes. Specifications

GOST 10617-83: Heating boilers with heat output heating capacity from 0.10 to 3.15 mw

GOST 10632-2007: Wood particle boards. Specifications

GOST 10632-2014: Wood particle boards. Specifications

GOST 10632-89: Wood particle boards

GOST 1066-2015: Brass wire. Specifications

GOST 10667-90: Sheet organic glass. Specifications

GOST 1066-90: Brass wire

GOST 10689-75: Soda ash from nepheline raw stock for industrial use. Specifications

GOST 10690-73: Technical potassium carbonate (potash). Technical conditions

GOST 10692-2015: Steel and cast iron pipes and fittings. Acceptance, marking, packing, transportation and storage

GOST 10692-80: Steel and cast iron pipes and fittings. Rules for acceptance of marking, packing, transportation and storage

GOST 10700-97: Waste paper and board. Specifications

GOST 10703-73: Aluminium sheets for graphic arts industry. Specifications

GOST 10708-82: Pendulum impact machines

GOST 1071-81: Heat treated steel spring wire

GOST 10760-76: Electrical insulating varnish ВЛ-941. Specifications

GOST 10766-64: Coconut oil

GOST 10782-85: Glass bottles for blood, transfusion and infusion preparations/compounds

GOST 10807-78: Road signs. General specifications

GOST 10821-2007: Wire made of platinum and platinum-rhodium alloys for thermoelectric temperature transducers. Specifications

GOST 10821-75: Wire made of platinum and platinum-rhodium alloys for thermoelectric thermometers

GOST 10831-87: Paint rolls specification

GOST 10832-2009: Perlite expanded sand and crushed stone. Specifications

GOST 1084-2016: Herring and sardines from Pacific, spicy salted and pickled. Specification

GOST 10848-79: Barium hydroxide for industrial use. Specification

GOST 1084-88: Spiced-salted and marinated herring

GOST 1086-74: Silk insulating threads. Specifications

GOST 108-76: Cocoa powder

GOST 10882-93: Monogerm sugar beet seeds. Sowing characteristics. Specification

GOST 10887-75: Silicoorganic damping fluids 132-30. Specifications

GOST 1089-82: Antimony. Specifications

GOST 10905-86: Surface plates and face-plates. Specifications

GOST 10922-2012: Welded reinforcing products and inserts, welded, lap and mechanical joints for reinforced concrete structures. General specifications

GOST 10922-90: Welded reinforcing products and inserts, welded joints of reinforcement and inserts for reinforced concrete structures. General specifications

GOST 10923-93: Ruberoid. Specifications

GOST 10944-97: Manual control and stop valves for building water heating systems. General specifications

GOST 10958-78: Protective glasses for apparatus of general industrial application. Specifications

GOST 10974-95: Linseed cake

GOST 10979-2009: Special salted saury preservers. Specifications

GOST 10981-97: Canned 'Ragout of Far-Eastern salmon fishes in natural juice'. Specifications

GOST 10988-2016: Oxygen-free copper bars for electrovacuum industry. Specifications

GOST 11002-80: Wooden cases reinforced with wire. General specifications

GOST 11025-78: Industrial felt of line wool for electrotechnical equipment and details of it. Specifications

GOST 11027-2014: Cotton terry-cloth plain and waffled fabrics and goods sold separately. General specifications

GOST 11030-2017: Motor graders. General specifications

GOST 11030-93: Motor graders

GOST 11032-97: Domestic gas storage water heaters. General specifications

GOST 11036-75: Electrotechnical quality unalloyed steel. Specifications

GOST 11039-2015: Coloured-yarn and acidified linen and semilinen fabrics. General specifications

GOST 11041-88: Rossiyskiy cheese

GOST 11042-90: Construction steel hammers. Specifications

GOST 11048-95: Rape cake

GOST 11049-64: Corn extraction cake

GOST 11070-74: Primary aluminium ingots. Specifications

GOST 11086-76: Sodium hypochlorite. Technical conditions

GOST 11102-75: Acceptance and acting instruments and devices for diesel automation. Types, basic parameters and technical requirements

GOST 111-2001: Flat glass. Specifications

GOST 11125-84: Super pure nitric acid. Specifications

GOST 11127-78: Wooden drums for wire ropes. Specifications

GOST 11142-78: Plate boxes for personal defense means. Specifications

GOST 11201-65: Peanut oil cake

GOST 11202-65: Rapeseed oil cake

GOST 11203-65: Sesame cake

GOST 11208-82: Unbleached sulfate (coniferous) wood chemical pulp

GOST 11209-85: Cotton and blended fabrics for protective clothing

GOST 11226-82: Seeds of feeding beans. Varietal and sowing properties. Specifications

GOST 11227-81: Seed of annual lupine. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 11229-89: Sorghum seeds. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 11230-95: Seeds of vetch. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 11268-76: Structural thin sheets of special purpose alloyed high quality steel

GOST 11269-76: Universal rolled plates and wide strips made of special purpose structural high-grade Alloy steel

GOST 11270-88: Bakery products. Solomka

GOST 112-78: Meteorological glass thermometers

GOST 11285-2017: Glands pancreas cattle and pigs frozen. Technical conditions

GOST 1128-75: Refined cotton-seed oil

GOST 1129-2013: Sunflower oil. Specifications

GOST 11293-89: Gelatin. Specifications

GOST 11298-2002: Cold-smoked salmons and whitefishes. Specifications

GOST 1129-93: Sunflower oil

GOST 11354-93: Returnable cases of wood and wood materials for food-stuffs and agricultural products. Specifications

GOST 11364-80: Organic dyes. Chrome black O. Specifications

GOST 11365-75: Nitrophoska

GOST 11368-89: Wood moulding compounds. Specifications

GOST 11383-2016: Thin-walled copper and brass tubes. Specification

GOST 1142-90: Horse-driven load carriages. Specifications

GOST 11482-96: Cold smoked fish

GOST 1150-2018: Boiler zinc plates. Specifications

GOST 1150-72: Boiler zinc plates. Specifications

GOST 11518-88: Fabrics for shirts of chemical threads and blended yarn

GOST 11539-2014: Bakelized plywood. Specifications

GOST 11539-83: Bakelite resin plywood

GOST 11677-85: Power transformers

GOST 11679.1-2018: Rubber-metal instrument shock-absorbers. Specifications

GOST 1168-86: Frozen fish

GOST 11694-66: Hemp-seed oil cake

GOST 11729-78: Marine, locomotive and industrial diesel engines. Air cleaners. General specifications

GOST 1173-2006: Copper foil, ribbons, sheets and plates. Specifications

GOST 1173-93: Copper strips. Specifications

GOST 11771-93: Canned and preserved fish and sea products. Packing and marking

GOST 11808-88: Synthetic latex БC-30. Specifications

GOST 1180-91: Zinc anodes. Specifications

GOST 11823-91: Check valves for stipulated pressure of pn < 25 MPa (250 kgf/sm2)

GOST 11829-66: Cold-smoked balyk of black-spine shad. Specifications

GOST 11850-72: Steel wire for spring washers

GOST 11881-76: Controllers acting without

GOST 11945-78: Vulcanized fibre tubes. Specifications

GOST 1198-93: Asbestos brake bands

GOST 11996-79: Batch-type mixers for rubber. General specifications

GOST 12.2.004-75: Occupational safety standards system. Special machines and devices for pipe-line building. Safety requirements

GOST 12.2.011-2012: Occupational safety standards system. Building, road and earth-moving machinery. General safety requirements

GOST 12.2.111-85: Mounted and trailed agricultural machines

GOST 12.2.121-2013: Occupational safety standards system. Industrial tractors. General safety requirements

GOST 12.2.124-2013: Occupational safety standards system. Alimentary product equipment. General safety requirements

GOST 12.2.124-90: The food industry equipment

GOST 12.2.140-2004: Small tractors. General safety requirements

GOST 12.3.016-87: Occupational safety standards system. Building construction anticorrosive protective works. Safety requirements

GOST 12.3.020-80: Occupational safety standards system. Transporting process of loads in all fields of national economy. General requirements safety

GOST 12.4.004-74: Filtering protective mask RPG-67

GOST 12.4.010-75: Means of individual protection protective mittens

GOST 12.4.026-2015: Occupational safety standards system. Signal colors, safety signs and marking. Purpose and rules of use. Safety colors, safety signs and signal marking. Methods of tests

GOST 12.4.029-76: Special aprons

GOST 12.4.035-78: Protective face shields

GOST 12.4.050-78: Safety felt shoes for protection against high temperatures. Specifications

GOST 12.4.087-84: Occupational safety standard system. Building. Building helmets. Specifications

GOST 12.4.111-82: Men's suits for protection against oil and products of oil processing

GOST 12.4.112-82: Women’s suites for protection from oil and oil products

GOST 12.4.121-2015: Occupational safety standards system. Respiratory protective devices. Filtering gas мasks. General technical specifications

GOST 12.4.121-83: Industrial filtering gas-masks

GOST 12.4.122-83: Occupational safety standards system. All service canisters for protective masks. Specifications

GOST 12.4.128-83: Safety helmets

GOST 12.4.166-2018: Occupational safety standards system. Respiratory protective devices. Facepiece. General specifications

GOST 12.4.253-2013: Occupational safety standards system. Personal eyes protection means. General technical requirements

GOST 12.4.272-2014: Occupational safety standards system. Individual protective respiratory devices. Apparatus with chemical oxygen or compressed oxygen. General technical requirements. Test methods. Marking. Sampling rules

GOST 12.4.285-2015: Occupational safety standards system. Respiratory protective devices. Filter self-rescuer. General technical requirements. Test methods

GOST 12.4.287-2015: Occupational safety standards system. Filter protective clothing from steams, gases of toxic substances. Specifications

GOST 12.4.296-2015: Occupational safety standards system. Respiratory protective devices. Filtering gas half мasks. General specifications

GOST 12003-76: Dried fruits. Packing, marking, transport and storage

GOST 12028-2014: Canned small herring fish in oil. Specifications

GOST 12034-77: Enamels MЛ-165, MЛ-165ПM and MC-160. Specifications

GOST 1207-70: Sterile medical bandages

GOST 1208-2014: Pressed bronze tubes. Specifications

GOST 12082-82: Roof boarding for consignments up to 500 kg. General specifications

GOST 1208-90: Pressed bronze tubes

GOST 1209-90: Calcium babbits in pigs. Specifications

GOST 12120-82: Metal and combined cans

GOST 12138-86: Diphenylolpropane for industrial use. Specifications

GOST 12161-2006: Сanned fish with vegetables in tomato sauce. Specifications

GOST 1216-87: Magnesite caustic powder. Specifications

GOST 12172-2016: Phenol-polyvinylacetyl adhesives. Specifications

GOST 12172-74: Phenol-polivinylacetyl adhesives. Specifications

GOST 12183-2018: Rye-wheat and wheat-rye whole bakery flour. Specifications

GOST 1220-76: Sorted waste of industry of woollen and half-woollen textile materials. Specification

GOST 12220-96: Feed toasted soybean extraction cake

GOST 12247-80: Large seamless steel gas cylinders for operating pressure of 31,4 and 39,2 MPa (320 and 400 kgf/cm sq.). Specifications

GOST 12271-76: The copolymers of styrene. Specifications

GOST 12292-2000: Canned garnished fish with vegetables. Specifications

GOST 12301-2006: Cartons of paperboard, paper and composite materials. General specifications

GOST 12301-81: Cartons made from cardboard, paper

GOST 12302-2013: Packs made of polymeric films and composite materials. General specifications

GOST 12302-83: Bags made of polymeric and composite materials. General specifications

GOST 12303-80: Boxes made from cardboard, paper

GOST 123-2008: Cobalt. Specifications

GOST 123-2018: Cobalt. Specifications

GOST 1232-2017: Insulators linear pin porcelain and glass for voltage from 1 to 35 kV. General technical conditions

GOST 1232-82: Porcelain and glass pin-type insulators for voltage 1-35 kv

GOST 12339-2016: Osmium refined powder. Specification

GOST 12342-2015: Rhodium refined powder. Specification

GOST 12388-76: Flax-fibre seed. Sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 12393-2013: Line fittings for overhead system of railways. General common requirements

GOST 12393-77: Fittings for overhead system of electric railways. General specifications

GOST 123-98: Cobalt. Specifications

GOST 12433-83: Standard isooctanes. Specifications

GOST 12456-83: Fibre for grinding disks. Specifications

GOST 12494-77: Cognacs (brandy) for export. Specifications

GOST 12512-67: Frozen beef, quarters for export. Specifications

GOST 12513-67: Frozen pork, halves for export. Specifications

GOST 125-2018: Gypsum binders. Specifications

GOST 12525-85: Grade reference cetane. Specifications

GOST 12600-67: Dry sausages for export. Specifications

GOST 12617-78: Ship's cargo winches. General specifications

GOST 12633-90: Hand-held pneumatic rotary machines

GOST 12670-99: Porcelain dick insulators for contact net of electrified railways. General specifications

GOST 12696-77: Commercial explosives. Alumotol. Specifications

GOST 12707-77: Wash primers. Specifications

GOST 12738-77: Glass bulbs with graduated neck. Technical specification

GOST 1274-76: Sorted waste of used woolen and half-woolen textile materials. Specification

GOST 12766.1-90: High electrical resistant wire made of precision alloys

GOST 12766.2-90: Strip from precision high electric resistance alloys

GOST 12766.5-90: Flattened strip of high electric resistance precision alloys

GOST 1277-75: Reagents. Silver nitrate. Specifications

GOST 12810-79: Green brick tea to be delivered for export

GOST 12816-80: Flanges for valves, fittings and pipelines for Pnom from 0,1 to 20 MPa (from 1 to 200 kgf/sq sm). General technical requirements

GOST 1284.2-89: Driving v-belts of standard cross-sections driving v-belts of standard cross-sections

GOST 12851-87: Polystyrene filaments. Specifications

GOST 12856-96: Asbestos-steel sheets and gaskets made of them

GOST 12871-2013: Chrysotil. General specifications

GOST 12871-93: Chrysotile asbestos - chrysotile. General specifications

GOST 12893-2005: Single-seated, double-seated and cage control valves. General specifications

GOST 12893-83: Single-seated, double-seated and cage control valves.

GOST 12920-2013: Brass wire for cold upsetting

GOST 1292-81: Lead-antimony alloys. Specifications

GOST 12928-2017: Brain dorsal cattle and pigs frozen. Technical conditions

GOST 12935-76: Free wheeling clutch of agricultural machines. Specifications

GOST 12936-2017: Automobile speedometer wilh electric drive. Technical requirements and test methods

GOST 12936-82: Automobile speedometers with electric drive

GOST 12966-85: Aluminum sulfate technical purified. Technical conditions

GOST 12997-84: SSI Products. General specifications

GOST 12998-85: Polystyrene film. Specifications

GOST 13.1.512-97: Reprography. Micrography. Readers. General specifications

GOST 13.2.001-2001: Reprography. Copyrography. Electrophotographic document copying machines. General technical requirements

GOST 13.2.007-88: Reprography. Copirography. Diazotype calgue. Specifications

GOST 13015-2003: Concrete and reinforced concrete products for construction. General technical requirements. Rules for acceptance, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 13015-2012: Concrete and reinforced concrete products for construction. General technical requirements. Rules for acceptance, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 13017-83: Surface gravimeters. General specifications

GOST 1304-76: Fish and marine mammals fats for industrial use. Specifications

GOST 13073-2018: Zinc wire.Technikal requirements. Specifications

GOST 13078-81: Sodium glass liquid. Technical conditions

GOST 13083-2016: Rods of nickel and nickel-silicon alloys. Specifications

GOST 13083-77: Rods of nickel and nickel-silicon alloys. Technical requirements

GOST 13085-79: Mineral water supplied for export

GOST 131-2013: Crude ethyl alcohol from edible raw material. Specifications

GOST 13145-67: Talc for cable industry. Specifications

GOST 13197-2013: Cold-smoked balyk products of Baltic salmon. Specifications

GOST 13198-77: Technical acetoncyanohydrin. Specifications

GOST 13200-75: Copper oxychloride 90 %

GOST 1320-74: Tin and lead babbits. Specifications

GOST 13207-85: Food rations for rescue boats and rafts of ships

GOST 13211-80: Shell and tube water-oil and water-water type coolers of diesels engines and gas engines. General specifications

GOST 13236-83: Electrotechnical periclase powders. Specifications

GOST 13252-91: Swing check valves for Pnom £25 MPa (250 kgf/cm2). General specifications

GOST 13272-2009: Canned fish liver. Specifications

GOST 13273-88: Drinking medicinal and medicinal and table waters

GOST 13297-86: Diamond cutting tools and inserts

GOST 13330-77: Felt wicks and plates. Specifications

GOST 13342-77: Dried vegetables. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 13345-85: Tin-plate and black plate

GOST 1335-84: Rubber brake hoses with thread reinforcement for railroad and subway transport without couplings

GOST 13358-84: Board boxes for canned foods. Specifications

GOST 1341-2018: Vegetable parchment. Specifications

GOST 13451-77: Feldspar and quartzfeldapar raw material for glass industry. Specifications

GOST 13456-82: Dried beat-root cake for export. Specifications

GOST 13479-82: Cardboard and combined cans

GOST 13511-2006: Boxes of corrugated board for food-stuffs, matches, tobacco and detergents. Specifications

GOST 13511-91: Boxes of corrugated board for food-stuffs, matches, tobacco and detergents. Specifications

GOST 13512-91: Boxes made of corrugated cardboard for confectionery

GOST 13513-86: Crates from corrugated cardboard for meat and milk industry products

GOST 13514-93: Boxes of corrugated board for products of light industry. Specifications

GOST 13515-91: Boxes of container flat glued cardboard for butter and margarine

GOST 13516-86: Corrugated cardboard boxes for canned food, preserves and food liquids. Specifications

GOST 13522-78: Synthetic latex ДMMA-65 ГП. Specifications

GOST 13534-2015: Meat and meat containing cans. Packing, marking and transportation

GOST 13534-89: Meat and meat-vegetable cans. Packing, marking and transportation

GOST 13547-2015: Pipeline valves. Butterfly wicket valves. General specifications

GOST 13547-79: Butterfly valves for pnom up to 2.5 MPa (25 kgf/cm2)

GOST 13548-2016: Thin-walled tubes of nickel and nickel alloys. Specification

GOST 13556-91: Building tower pillars building tower pillars

GOST 13603-89: Twisted wire nettings with hexagonal meshes

GOST 13634-2017: Fresh corn on the cob. Technical conditions

GOST 13717-84: Pressure-operated indicating electrical-contact instruments

GOST 13726-97: Aluminium and aluminium alloys strips. Specifications

GOST 13741-91: Cognacs

GOST 13750-88: Micaceous plates for instrument-making. Specifications

GOST 13753-86: Trimmed muscovite mica for brush-holders. Specifications

GOST 13758-89: Agricultural machinery. Drive shafts. Specifications

GOST 13799-2016: Canned fruit, vegetable and mushroom produce. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 13799-81: Canned fruit, berry, vegetable and mushroom produce. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 1381-73: Hexamethylenetetramine for industrial use. Specifications

GOST 13821-77: Single-operator rectifiers with falling external characteristics for arc welding. General specifications

GOST 13830-97: Food common salt. General specifications

GOST 13840-68: Reinforced steel wire ropes 1x7

GOST 13841-95: Corrugated board boxes for chemical products. Specifications

GOST 13861-89: Pressure regulators for the flame machining

GOST 13865-2000: Canned fish in natural juice with oil. Specifications

GOST 13877-96: Sucker rods and sucker rod couplings. Specifications

GOST 13914-78: Frozen thyroid glands of cattle and pigs. Specifications

GOST 13918-88: Soviet champagne

GOST 13950-91: Welded and folded steel barrels

GOST 13996-93: Facade ceramic tiles and carpets of them. Specifications

GOST 1400-91: Handles for builder's axes. Specifications

GOST 14022-88: Anhydrous hydrogen fluoride

GOST 14031-68: Wafers

GOST 14032-2017: The galety. General technical conditions

GOST 14033-2015: Cracker. General specifications

GOST 14033-96: Crackers (dry biscuits)

GOST 14080-78: Precision alloy strip with specified temperature coefficient of linear expansion. Specifications

GOST 14081-78: Wire of precision alloys with specified temperature coefficient of linear expansion. Specifications

GOST 14083-68: Sunflower-seed oil for export. Specifications

GOST 14109-2016: Biological medicine remedies for veterinary use. Mallein. Specification

GOST 14109-82: Mallein

GOST 14110-97: Reusable semi rigid slings

GOST 14117-85: Strip made from precision alloys for elastic elements

GOST 14118-85: Wire made of precision alloys, designed for elastic elements

GOST 14163-88: Electric cast iron rings

GOST 14177-88: Spindles with built-in drive

GOST 14183-78: Organic watch glass. Specifications

GOST 14189-81: Pesticides. Rules for acceptance, methods of sampling, packing, marking, handling and storage

GOST 14191-88: Low power rotating electrical machines. Motors for sound recording equipment and electrical players of domestic purpose

GOST 14204-69: Instrument for separation of arsenic in steels, casts irons and alloys. Specifications

GOST 14225-83: Wooden cases

GOST 14227-97: Dish washing machines. General specifications

GOST 14231-88: Urea-formaldehyde resins. Specifications

GOST 14253-83: Unwoven stitched wiping rags. Specifications

GOST 14256-2000: Electro-and heat insulating tapes. Specifications

GOST 14260-89: Fruits of pepper. Specifications

GOST 14311-85: Steel cord

GOST 14327-82: Crushed muscovite mica for electrodes. Specifications

GOST 14332-78: Suspension polyvinylchloride. Specifications

GOST 14333-79: Rubber working mills. General specifications

GOST 14361-78: Oil ФM-5,6 AП for refrigerating machines. Specifications

GOST 1460-2013: Calcium carbide. Technical conditions

GOST 1460-81: Calcium carbide. Technical conditions

GOST 14637-89: Thick sheet rolled stock of normal quality carbon steel

GOST 14651-78: Electrode holders for manual arc welding

GOST 1467-93: Cadmium. Specifications

GOST 1468-90: Cadmium anodes. Specifications

GOST 14693-90: Unsealed metal-enclosed switchgear

GOST 14702-79: Ammonium nitrate waterproof. Technical conditions

GOST 14705-83: Domestic immersion electric heaters

GOST 14791-79: Sealing non-hardening

GOST 14803-85: Rivets (high precision). General specifications

GOST 14832-79: Refractory forsterite and forsteritechromite products. Specifications

GOST 14838-78: Aluminum wite

GOST 14896-84: Rubber u-packing seals for hydraulic devices

GOST 14901-93: Moulds for the manufacture of industrial rubber articles

GOST 14918-80: Continuously galvanized sheet steel. Technical conditions.

GOST 14919-83: Household electric ranges, electric plates and electric frying ovens

GOST 14923-78: Enamels ПФ-223. Specifications

GOST 14925-79: Cis-isoprene synthetic rubber. Specifications

GOST 14940-96: Bleached sulphate pulp made of deciduous (aspen) wood. Specifications

GOST 14963-78: Doped steel spring wire

GOST 15035-80: Underground scraper winches

GOST 15040-2016: Oxygen-free copper pipes. Specification

GOST 15040-77: Oxygen-free copper pipes

GOST 15045-78: Quartz-feldspar raw materials for building ceramics. Specifications

GOST 1505-2001: Cigarettes. General specification

GOST 15052-96: Cakes

GOST 15056-89: Rhizomes and roots of elacampane. Specifications

GOST 15062-2017: Seats for unitation. Specifications

GOST 1510-84: Petroleum and petroleum products. Marking, packing, transportation and storage

GOST 15108-80: Positive-displacement hydraulic drives, pneumatic drives and lubricating systems. Marking, packing, transportation and storage

GOST 15130-86: Optical quartz glass

GOST 15146-69: Thermal-treated steel tape for musical instrument reeds. Specifications

GOST 15159-76: Technical felt and parts from it for technical products used in tropics. Specifications

GOST 15167-93: Ceramic sanitary ware. General specifications

GOST 15176-89: Extruded electrotechnical buses from aluminum and aluminum alloys

GOST 1525-2015: Rods of monel. Specifications

GOST 1526-81: Steel zinc-coated wire for electrical lead and cable armoring

GOST 1532-81: Viscosimeters of relative viscosity. Specifications

GOST 1535-91: Copper rods. Specifications

GOST 15471-2014: Ribbons and strips made of oxygen-free copper for electronics. Specifications

GOST 15471-77: Strips and ribbons of oxygen-free copper for electronics. Specifications

GOST 15515-2016: Nickel electrolyzed strips. Specifications

GOST 1551-93: Dry-cured fish

GOST 15519-70: Technical agate and chalcedony. Specifications

GOST 15530-93: Ducks and double-threads

GOST 15588-2014: Polystyrene insulating slabs. Specifications

GOST 15588-86: Polystyrene foam boards. Specifications

GOST 15598-70: Piano steel wire

GOST 15623-84: Wooden cases for tools and accessories. Specifications

GOST 15635-70: Refractory fire-clay products for hot-metal transfer ladles lining. Specifications

GOST 1573-2011: Fish salted screened caviar. Specifications

GOST 1573-73: Salted screened roe

GOST 15763-2005: Threaded and flange pipe connections for PN to 63 MPa (to 630 kgf/sq sm). General specifications

GOST 15763-91: Pipeline thread connections for Py up to 63 MPa (up to 630 kgf/cm2)

GOST 1577-93: Plate and broadband roll stock of construction fine steel.

GOST 1578-2017: Speedometers with flexible shaft drive for cars and cycles. Technical requirements and test methods

GOST 1578-76: Speedometers with flexible shaft drive for cars and cycles. General technical specifications

GOST 15810-2014: Confectionery. Gingerbread confectionery. General specifications

GOST 15810-96: Gingerbread confectionery

GOST 15829-89: Booster fuel piston type pumps for diesel engines

GOST 15834-2016: Beryllium bronze wire. Specification

GOST 15834-77: Wire from beryllium bronze

GOST 15835-2013: Beryllium bronze bars. Specifications

GOST 15835-70: Beryllium bronze bars. Specifications

GOST 1583-93: Aluminium casting alloys. Specifications

GOST 15841-88: Wooden boxes for the production of agricultural and tractor machine-building industry

GOST 15844-2014: Glass packaging for milk and dairy products. General specifications

GOST 15844-92: Glass bottles for milk

GOST 15846-2002: Production for transportation to the areas of Far North and similar regions. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 15850-84: Mine parachutes for cages

GOST 15851-84: Suspension devices for mine cages

GOST 15860-84: Steel welded cylinders for liquefied hydrocarbon gases at pressure up to 1.6 MPa.

GOST 15879-70: Glass ruberoid. Specifications

GOST 15880-83: Electric drills

GOST 15880-96: Electric drills. General specifications

GOST 15885-2018: Tin-zinc-lead bronze ribbons and strips. Specifications

GOST 15892-70: Steel zinc-coated bind wire for aerial communication lines

GOST 1595-90: Aluminium-manganese bronze strips and ribbons. Specifications

GOST 15968-2014: All-linen, linen and half-linen fabrics for clothes. General specification

GOST 15968-87: All-linen, linen and half-linen fabrics for clothes. General specifications

GOST 15981-70: Apparatus for determining dropping temperature of phenolformaldehyde resins. Specifications

GOST 16014-78: Diamond rollers for dressing of abrasive wheels. Specifications

GOST 16079-2002: Salted whitefishes. Specifications

GOST 16079-2017: Whitefish salty. Technical conditions

GOST 16079-70: Salted whitefishes

GOST 16080-2002: Salted far eastern salmons. Specifications

GOST 16081-70: Salted mackerel and horse mackerel. Specifications

GOST 16097-83: Chemical charges for fire extinguishers

GOST 16100-79: Niobium bricks. Technical requirements

GOST 16106-82: Coal-chemical naphthalene. Specifications

GOST 16108-80: Concentrated datolite. Specifications

GOST 16118-70: Cylindrical helical compression (extension) springs made of round steel. Specifications

GOST 16121-86: Weak-current electromagnetic relays

GOST 16130-90: Welding wire and rods of copper and copper alloys. Specifications

GOST 16131-86: Dry sausages

GOST 16135-70: Steel wire for calculating devices

GOST 16136-2003: Thermal insulating Perlite bitumen slabs. Specifications

GOST 16148-79: Wooden boxes for rolling bearings. Specifications

GOST 16153-80: Monocrystalline germanium. Specifications

GOST 16214-86: Tape polyvinylchloride electro insulation

GOST 1625-2016: Formalin for industrial use. Specifications

GOST 16280-2002: Food grade agar. Specifications

GOST 16286-84: Potentiometric transducers SSI. Industrial auxiliary electrodes. Specifications

GOST 1628-78: Bronze rods. Specifications

GOST 16290-86: Cooked smoked sausages

GOST 1629-2015: Granular salmon roe in transport packing. Specifications

GOST 16295-2018: Anticorrosive paper. Specifications

GOST 16295-93: Anticorrosion paper

GOST 1629-97: Grain salmon caviar packed in barrels. Specifications

GOST 16306-80: Granulated double

GOST 16313-97: Electric motor frequency convertors with rated power up to 200 kW and frequency to 20000 Hz. General specifications

GOST 16317-87: Household electrical refrigeration devices

GOST 16336-2013: Polyethylene compositions for cable industry. Specifications

GOST 16336-77: Polyethylene compositions for cable industry. Specifications

GOST 16337-77: High-pressure polyethylene. Specifications

GOST 16338-85: Low-pressure polyethylene. Specifications

GOST 16349-85: Cyclic mixers for building materials

GOST 16351-86: Semi -smoked sausages

GOST 16357-83: Nonlinear resistor-type arresters for standard ac voltage

GOST 16358-79: Copper strips for coaxial main cables. Specifications

GOST 16371-2014: Furniture. General specifications.

GOST 16371-93: Furniture

GOST 1639-2009: Non-ferrous metals and alloys scrap and waste. General specifications

GOST 16398-81: Calenderer vinyl plastic film. Specifications

GOST 1639-93: Non-ferrous metals and alloys scrap and waste. General specifications

GOST 1641-75: Paper. Packing marking, transportation and storage

GOST 16424-83: Blanks for sporting and hunting shooting gun stocks. Specifications

GOST 16426-81: Electrotechnical marble crumb. Specifications

GOST 16427-93: Medical gauze sheets and cuts

GOST 16445-2012: Serum haemolytic for the complement fixation test. Specification

GOST 16445-78: Haemolytic serum for the compliment fixation test. Specifications

GOST 16446-2012: Dry complement for the complement fixation test. Specification

GOST 16469-2017: Canal excavators. General specific

GOST 16469-79: Canal excavators

GOST 16511-86: Wooden boxes for electrical equipment. Specifications

GOST 16518-96: Machine vice with hand and mechanical drives

GOST 16524-2017: Dogwood fresh. Technical conditions

GOST 16528-87: Rectangular magnetic plates

GOST 16535-95: Corrugated board boxes for ice-cream. Specifications

GOST 16536-90: Wooden boxes for automotive industry products

GOST 16539-79: Reagents. Cupric oxide. Specifications

GOST 16556-2016: Ground connections for movable electric units. General specifications

GOST 16556-81: Grounding rods for mobile electrical equipment

GOST 16561-76: Metal accessories for wood containers. Specifications

GOST 16569-86: Burners for domestic gas heaters

GOST 16594-85: Uncooked smoked pork products

GOST 16599-71: Vanillin. Specifications

GOST 16617-87: Household electric heating appliances

GOST 1663-81: Glasses for liquid level indicators. Specifications

GOST 16677-2017: Brain of the head cattle and pigs frozen. Technical conditions

GOST 16677-71: Frozen cattle brain. Specifications

GOST 16678-2017: Shell mucous sychugov cattle and swine stomachs frozen. Technical conditions

GOST 16678-71: Frozen mucous membranes of cattle rennet bags and pig stomachs. Specifications

GOST 16679-71: Frozen ovaries of cattle, sheep, goats and pigs. Specifications

GOST 1668-73: Steel zinc-coated wire for aerial lines

GOST 167-2018: Lead tubes. Specifications

GOST 16739-88: Purified tuberculin (ppd) designed for mammals

GOST 16756-71: Butyl methacrylate. Specifications

GOST 16762-82: Sulphate prehydrolized pulp for cords and high-module fibres. Specifications

GOST 167-69: Lead tubes. Specifications

GOST 16774-2015: Copper tubes of rectangular and square sections. Specifications

GOST 16774-78: Copper pipes of rectangular and square section

GOST 1683-2017: Mixes of dried vegetables for first courses. Technical conditions

GOST 16833-2014: Walnut kernels. Specifications

GOST 16853-88: Steel tackle ropes for operational and deep probe boring. Specifications

GOST 16854-2016: Armchairs for auditoriums. General technical conditions

GOST 16854-91: Auditorium arm-chairs. General specifications

GOST 1692-85: Chlorinated lime

GOST 16935-93: Manually and power driven round rotary tables

GOST 16978-99: Canned fish in tomato souse. Specifications

GOST 16992-78: Zinc phosphate monosubstituted. Technical conditions

GOST 17032-2010: Horizontal steel tanks for petroleum products. Specifications

GOST 17057-89: Glass carpet-mosaic facing tiles and carpets from them. Specifications

GOST 17065-94: Wound cardboard drums

GOST 17081-97: Fruits of coriander. Requirements for purchases and deliveries. Specifications

GOST 17083-87: Electric fan heaters for household use. General specifications

GOST 1709-75: Coal-tar vanishes. Specifications

GOST 17100-79: Caps for light sources. Specifications

GOST 17111-88: Peanut

GOST 17139-79: Roving of glass threads. Specifications

GOST 17151-81: Cooking utensils made

GOST 171-81: Pressed bakery yeast. Specifications

GOST 17217-2018: Tubes of copper-nickel alloy МНЖ 5-1. Specifications

GOST 1723-2015: Fresh onion for industrial processing. Specifications

GOST 17232-99: Aluminium and aluminium alloys plates. Specifications

GOST 17256-71: Hemp-seed extraction cake

GOST 17269-71: Gas- and dust-protecting filtering respirators Ru-60m and Ru-60mu

GOST 17290-71: Castor oil plants feed meal

GOST 17299-78: Technical ethyl alcohol. Specifications

GOST 17305-91: Wire of carbon construction steel

GOST 17404-2017: Serum sapna for complement fixation reaction. Technical conditions

GOST 17405-2016: Biological medicine remedies for veterinary use. Glanders antigen designed for carrying out the complement-fixation reaction. Specification

GOST 17431-72: Powder material. M-MP alloy Sheets. Specifications

GOST 17432-72: Powder material M-MP alloy Forgings and Rods. Specifications

GOST 17471-2013: Canned food. Vegetable sauces. General specifications

GOST 17472-2013: Canned foods. Cabbage or pepper, stuffed with meat and rice. Specifications

GOST 17478-95: Moulding materials. Measuring glass-fibre-base laminate and granulated glass-fibre-base laminate. Specifications

GOST 17482-85: Pork products baked and fried

GOST 17536-82: Feeding meal of animal origin

GOST 17557-88: Terminal blocks for illuminating engineering

GOST 17581-72: Mechanical signal flags of warning means. Design, dimensions and technical requirements

GOST 1760-2014: Vellum. Specifications.

GOST 1761-2016: Tin-phosphorus and tin-zinc bronze ribbons and strips. Specifications

GOST 17614-2018: Technical tellurium. Technical requirements

GOST 17614-80: Tellurium technical. Technical requirements

GOST 1761-92: Tin-phosphorus and tin-zinc bronze ribbons and strips. Specifications

GOST 17648-83: Glass filled polyamides. Specifications

GOST 17649-2014: Preserves. Beans or peas with bacon or pork fat in a tomato sauce. General specifications

GOST 17660-97: Frozen fish gutted by special method. Specifications

GOST 17661-2013: Frozen mackerel, marline, swordfish, sailfish and tuna. Specifications

GOST 17661-72: Frozen tuna, sailfish, mackerel,

GOST 17677-82: Light fixtures

GOST 17731-79: Compound П-5-7 ЛДП. Specifications

GOST 17746-96: Sponge titanium. Specifications

GOST 17768-90: Medicine remedies. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 177-88: Hydrogen peroxide

GOST 1779-83: Asbestos cord

GOST 17811-78: Polyethylene bags for chemical products. Specifications

GOST 17812-72: Multi-use wooden cases for vegetables and fruits. Specifications

GOST 1789-2013: Beryllium bronze strips and tapes. Specifications

GOST 1790-2016: Wire made of chromel alloy T, alumel, copes and constantan for thermoelectrodes of thermoelectric converters. Specification

GOST 1791-2014: Wire of nickel and copper-nickel alloys for extending wires for the thermoelectric converters. Specifications.

GOST 18051-83: Wooden containers for heat-insulating materials and products

GOST 18077-2013: Canned food. Fruit sauces. Technical conditions

GOST 18108-2016: Polyvinylchloride linoleum with heat and sound-insulating backing. Specifications

GOST 18108-80: Polyvinylchloride linoleum with heat and sound-insulating backing. Specifications

GOST 1811-97: Traps for sewer systems in buildings. Specifications

GOST 18124-2012: Chrysotile cement sheets are flat. Technical conditions

GOST 18124-95: Asbestos cement flat sheets. Specifications

GOST 18140-84: SSI differential pressure gauges. General specifications.

GOST 18143-72: Corrosion resistant

GOST 18160-72: Fasteners. Packing. Marking. Transportation and storage

GOST 18170-72: Pearl paste. Specifications

GOST 18172-80: Yellow iron oxide pigment

GOST 18173-2004: Grained salmon caviar packed in cans. Specifications

GOST 18173-72: Granular salmon roe in tins

GOST 18187-72: Solvents of РЭ type for electrocoating. Specifications

GOST 18188-72: Solvents of grades 645, 646, 647, 648 for paint materials. Specifications

GOST 18191-78: Special graphite with low ash content. Specifications

GOST 1820-2001: Matches. Specifications

GOST 18221-2018: Mixed full-ration feeds for poultry. General specifications

GOST 18222-2015: Sardine, sardinella and sardinops spiced-salted. Specifications

GOST 18222-88: Sardines of spiced salting

GOST 18223-2013: Mackerel and jack mackerel spice-salted. Specifications

GOST 18223-88: Mackerel and horse mackerel of spiced salting

GOST 18224-2013: Canned food. Second dinner dishes. Specifications

GOST 18236-85: Cooked pork products

GOST 18255-85: Smoked and cooked pork products

GOST 18256-2017: Smoked baked pork products. Technical conditions

GOST 18256-85: Pork products,

GOST 18297-96: Pig-iron enameled sanitary devices. Technical conditions

GOST 18300-87: Technical rectified ethyl alcohol. Specifications

GOST 18307-78: Soot white. Specifications

GOST 18316-2013: Canned food. First dinner dishes. Specifications

GOST 18319-83: Corrugated board boxes for meat mincers. Specifications

GOST 18327-2018: Zinc strips for general use. Specifications

GOST 18327-73: Zinc strips for general use. Specifications

GOST 18335-83: Enamel НЦ-184. Specifications

GOST 18337-95: Thallium. Specifications

GOST 18343-80: Pallets for bricks and hollow clay tiles

GOST 18389-2014: Wire of platinum and platinum alloys. Specifications.

GOST 18389-73: Wire made of platinum and its alloys

GOST 18390-2014: Wire of palladium and palladium alloys. Specifications.

GOST 18390-73: Wire from palladium and its alloys

GOST 18394-2016: Tin plated lead and tin foil. Specifications

GOST 18397-86: Ac high-voltage circuit breakers standard voltage 6-220 kv for frequent switching operations

GOST 18423-2012: Canned natural squids and cuttle. Specifications

GOST 18423-97: Canned squids and cuttle in natural juice. Specifications

GOST 18475-82: Cold-worked aluminum and aluminum alloy pipes

GOST 18481-81: Glass hydrometers and cylinders. General specifications

GOST 18482-2018: Aluminium and aluminium alloy extruded tubes. Specifications

GOST 18482-79: Aluminium and aluminium alloy extruded pipes. Specifications

GOST 18487-80: Canned dinner courses for special consumer. Specifications

GOST 18572-2014: Rolling bearings. Axle box cylindrical roller bearings for rolling stock. Specification

GOST 18573-86: Wooden boxes for the production of chemical industry

GOST 18578-89: Builders axes. Specifications

GOST 18599-2001: Polyethylene pressure pipes. Specifications

GOST 18611-2013: Canned Food. Sliced vegetables in tomato sauce. General specifications

GOST 18617-83: Wooden cases for hardware. Specifications

GOST 18621-73: Qarded all woollen and half woollen yarn for knitting manufacture. Specifications

GOST 18663-78: Fodder vitamin b12

GOST 18689-81: Capacitors for electro thermal installations with frequencies of 0.5 - 10.0 kHz

GOST 18690-2012: Cable, wires, cord and armature. Marking, packing, carriage and storage

GOST 18694-2017: Phenol-formaldehyde resins are solid. Technical conditions

GOST 18694-80: Hard phenol formaldehyde resins. Specifications

GOST 18698-79: Rubber delivery hoses with textile framework

GOST 18699-2017: Electric glass cleaners. Technical requirements and test methods

GOST 18699-73: Electric windshielf wipers. Specifications

GOST 18707-81: Jumpers for protection of rocketry and space-rocketry items from static electricity

GOST 18714-81: Grounding wires for the protection of aerospace crafts from static electricity

GOST 18724-88: Coarse-wool fulled footwear

GOST 18829-2017: Rubber o-ring seals for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. Specifications

GOST 18834-83: Magnetic wire for recording harmonic signals

GOST 18846-2018: Zinc foil. Specifications

GOST 18899-73: Steel wire ropes. Locked conveying wire ropes. Specifications

GOST 18910-96: Hydraulic instruments and devices. General specifications

GOST 18954-73: Gas sampling and storage glass apparatus and tubes (pipettes). Specifications

GOST 18962-97: Vehicles, floor, trackless battery-powered

GOST 19034-82: Tubes of polyvinylchloride plastic. Specifications

GOST 190-78: Drying oil

GOST 19111-2001: Polyvinylchloride shaped linear articles for interior finish. Specifications

GOST 19126-2007: Medical metallic instruments. General specifications

GOST 19132-86: Contact clips for mounting in blocks

GOST 19147-82: Skiing sticks. Specifications

GOST 19151-73: Red lead. Specifications

GOST 191-82: Loading leaf chains

GOST 1923-78: Sterilized condensed canned milk

GOST 19261-98: Ship's side scuttles. Specifications

GOST 19263-73: Mains busways up to 1200 V, dc. General technical conditions

GOST 19284-79: Microtalc for varnish and paint and pencil industry. Specifications

GOST 1928-79: Coal solvent. Specifications

GOST 193-2015: Copper ingots. Specifications

GOST 19343-2017: Frozen pig stomachs. Technical conditions

GOST 19347-2014: Copper sulfate. Technical conditions

GOST 19347-99: Copper sulfate. Technical conditions

GOST 19351-2006: Wire made of iridium and rhodium. Specifications

GOST 19351-74: Iridium and rhodium wires

GOST 19360-74: Film liner-bags. General specifications

GOST 193-79: Copper ingots. Specifications

GOST 1937-90: Black baikhovi tea in bulk

GOST 1938-90: Packed black baykh tea

GOST 1939-90: Packed green baikhovi tea

GOST 1940-75: Black brick-tea

GOST 19423-81: Household electric coffee grinders

GOST 19424-97: Cast zinc alloys in pigs. Specifications

GOST 1942-86: 1,2-Dichlorethane for industrial use. Specifications

GOST 19433-88: Dangerous goods. Classification and marking

GOST 19437-81: Cylindrical aluminium ingots. Specifications

GOST 19449-93: Seeds of perennial grass farage crops. Sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 19450-93: Seeds of perennial legume forage crops. Sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 19451-93: Seeds of annual forage and nectareous crops. Sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 1954-82: Measures of electromotive force standard cells

GOST 19588-2006: Preserves of fish in special brine. Specifications

GOST 19657-84: Magnesium alloy pressed profiles. Specifications

GOST 19658-81: Monocrystalline silicon in ingots. Specifications

GOST 19671-91: Tungsten wire for light sources

GOST 19677-87: Farm tractors

GOST 19681-2016: Sanitary and technical water fittings. General specifications

GOST 19681-94: Sanitary technical water mixing and distributing accessories. General specifications

GOST 19689-80: Glass-fiber thin-layered electric heaters

GOST 19691-84: Nitroammophoska

GOST 19703-79: Leaded brass wire type LS 63-3 specifications

GOST 19710-83: Ethylene glycol. Specifications

GOST 19716-81: Automatic pneumatic rapier looms

GOST 19739-2015: Strips from silver solders. Specifications

GOST 19746-2015: Wire made of silver solders. Specification

GOST 19790-74: Potassium nitrate technical (potassium nitrate technical)

GOST 19792-2001: Natural honey. Specifications

GOST 19792-2017: Honeynatural. Specifications

GOST 19815-74: Life-buoy

GOST 1983-2001: Voltage transformers. General specifications

GOST 1983-2015: Voltage transformers. General specifications

GOST 19878-2014: Furs, fur and sheepskin articles. Marking, packing, transportation, storage

GOST 19878-74: Furs, fur and sheepskin articles. Marking, packing, transportation, storage

GOST 19907-83: Dielectric fabrics made of glass. Twister complex threads. Specifications

GOST 19908-90: Transparent quartz glass crucibles, basins, cups, flasks, funnels, test-tubes and caps. General specifications

GOST 19910-94: Household gas running water heaters

GOST 1994-93: Fruits of sweetbrier. Specifications

GOST 20010-93: Industrial rubber gloves

GOST 20055-90: Sweet calamus rhizome. Specifications

GOST 20056-2013: Preserves of oceanic fish in special brine. Specifications

GOST 20057-96: Frozen sea fish

GOST 200-76: Sodium hypophosphite, 1-aqueous. Specifications

GOST 20-2018: Rubber-fabric conveyer belts. Specifications

GOST 2021-90: Ship's steel manholes. Specifications

GOST 20219-93: Household water-circuit gas heating facilities. General specifications.

GOST 2023.1-88: Lamps for road vehicles. Dimensional, electrical and luminous requirements

GOST 20272-2014: Lining fabrics of chemical threads. General specifications

GOST 20272-96: Lining fabrics of chemical threads and yarn. General specifications

GOST 202-84: Zinc white

GOST 20298-74: Ion-exchange resins. Cation exchangers. Specifications

GOST 20352-2012: Fish salted delicatessen roe. Specifications

GOST 20352-74: Salted delicatessen roe

GOST 20402-2014: Stuffed cooked sausages. Specifications

GOST 20402-75: Stuffed boiled sausages

GOST 20414-2011: Frozen squid cuttle. Specifications

GOST 20414-93: Frozen squid cuttle. Specifications

GOST 20429-84: Folgoisol. Specifications

GOST 20437-89: Moulding material AГ-4. Specifications

GOST 20448-90: Liquefied hydrocarbon fuel gases for domestic use. Specifications

GOST 20455-93: Coriander seeds. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 20456-95: Clary seeds. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 20464-75: Active carbon AГ-3. Specifications

GOST 20469-95: Household electric mincers

GOST 20477-86: Polyethylene tape with adhesive layer. Specifications

GOST 20478-75: Reagents. Ammonium persulphate. Specifications

GOST 20493-2001: Voltage detectors. General specifications

GOST 20494-2001: Insulating operative rods and rods for movable grounding. General specifications

GOST 20546-2006: Preserves of oceanic fish in spicy brine. Specifications

GOST 20548-87: Heating hot-water boilers with heating outputs

GOST 20558-82: Steel zinc-coated houseware items. General specifications

GOST 2060-2006: Brass rods. Specifications

GOST 2060-90: Brass rods. Specifications

GOST 2067-93: Bone glue. Specifications

GOST 20680-2002: Mechanical mixing devices (agitated vessels). General specifications

GOST 20692-2003: Roller bits. Specifications

GOST 20707-2015: Copper and brass ribbons for radiators. Specifications

GOST 20707-80: Copper and brass ribbons for radiators. Specifications

GOST 20728-2014: Bee colony. Specifications

GOST 20728-75: Bee colonies

GOST 20740-75: Beehives. Specifications

GOST 20790-93: Medical instruments, apparatus and equipment. General specifications

GOST 20797-87: Pelleting seeds of sugar beet. Sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 2080-76: Sodium acetate for industrial use. Specifications

GOST 2081-2010: Carbamide. Specifications

GOST 2081-92: Carbamide

GOST 20845-2002: Frozen shrimps. Specifications

GOST 20845-2017: Frozen shrimps. Technical conditions

GOST 20845-75: Frozen shrimps

GOST 20849-94: Heating convectors. Specifications

GOST 20-85: Rubber-fabric conveyor belts

GOST 20850-2014: Wooden glued load bearing structures. General specifications

GOST 20888-81: Household electrical coffee makers specifications

GOST 20900-2014: Copper tubing for waveguides and brass right angle tubes. Specifications

GOST 20901-75: Refractory and high-refractory products for laying of stoves and hot blast mains of blast furnaces. Specifications

GOST 20907-2016: Liquid phenolformaldehyde resins. Specifications

GOST 20916-87: Foam plastic heat-insulating slabs based on resol phenol-formaldehyde resins. Specifications

GOST 20958-80: Unrecorded 12,7 mm magnetic tapes with bobbin for computers. General specifications

GOST 21007-2014: Platinum wire for resistive temperature transducers. Specifications

GOST 21007-75: Platinum wire for thermo elements of resistance

GOST 21021-2000: Numerical control units. General technical requirements

GOST 21029-75: Aluminum barrels for chemical products

GOST 21031-90: Caraway seeds. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 21032-90: Fennel seeds. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 21100-93: Transportation packages produced from wooden packing parts. Sizes, forming, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 21101-83: Sulfate pre-hydrolysis cord cellulose of cold refinement

GOST 21121-75: Iron blue. Specifications

GOST 21133-87: Specialized box pallets for potatoes, vegetables, fruits, melons and gourds

GOST 2116-2000: Meal from fish, marine mammals, crustaceous and invertebrates. Specifications

GOST 21178-2006: Glued blanks. Specifications

GOST 21179-2000: Beeswax. Specifications

GOST 21180-2012: Honeycomb foundation. Specifications

GOST 21204-97: Industrial gas burners. General technical requirements

GOST 21227-93: Enamels ПФ-218. Specifications

GOST 21234-75: Ground talc for ceramic industry. Specifications

GOST 21235-75: Ground talc and talcmagnesite. Specifications

GOST 21236-90: Anise seeds. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 212-76: Molybdenum concentrate. Specifications

GOST 21285-75: Caoline concentrated for perfume industry. Specifications

GOST 2132-2015: Nickel anodes. Specifications

GOST 21345-2005: Ball, lifting-plug and cylindrical cocks for nominal pressure at most PN 250. General specifications

GOST 21345-78: Conical, ball and cylindrical cocks set at рnom of up to approx. 16 MPa ( 160 kgf/cm2)

GOST 213-83: Tungsten concentrate. Specifications

GOST 2138-91: Moulding sands. General specifications

GOST 21427.4-78: Cold-rolled steel electrical anisotropic strip

GOST 21438-95: Zinc antifriction alloys in pigs. Specifications

GOST 21444-2016: Coating рaper. Specifications

GOST 21450-75: Currant black fruits

GOST 21485-2016: Flushing tanks with accessories. General specifications

GOST 21485-94: Flushing tanks with accessories. General specifications

GOST 21488-97: Pressed bars of aluminium and aluminium alloys. Specifications

GOST 21520-89: Small-sized wall blocks of cellular concrete. Specifications

GOST 21536-76: Colden elder fruits

GOST 21537-76: Arorn oaken

GOST 21552-84: Computers and computer

GOST 2156-76: Sodium bicarbonate. Technical conditions

GOST 21567-76: Marjoram grass

GOST 21569-76: Garden angelica rhizomes and roots

GOST 21575-91: Corrugated board boxes for fluorescent lamps. Specifications

GOST 21607-2008: Frozen fish soups. Specifications

GOST 21607-97: Frozen fish soups. Specifications

GOST 21622-84: Household contact electric waffle-irons and electric grills

GOST 2162-97: Adhesive rubberized tape. Specifications

GOST 21631-76: Sheets of aluminium and aluminium alloys. Specifications

GOST 21646-2003: Copper and brass tubes for heat-exchange apparatus. Specifications

GOST 21672-82: Ships rectangular windows. Specifications

GOST 21672-99: Ships rectangular windows. Specifications

GOST 21694-94: Mechanical welding equipment

GOST 2169-69: Silicon technical. Specifications

GOST 2170-2016: Strips of nickel and nickel low alloys. Specifications

GOST 21715-2013: Fresh quince. Specifications

GOST 21722-84: Crocus. Specifications

GOST 2172-80: Aviation steel ropes

GOST 21739-76: Ceramic pyroscopes. Specifications

GOST 21784-76: Poultry meat

GOST 2179-2015: Nickel and siliceous nickel wire. Specifications

GOST 21804-94: Shut-Off Devices for Cylinders With Liquefied Hydrocarbon Gases With Pressure Up To 1.6 Mpa

GOST 21805-94: Pressure regulators for liquefied hydrocarbon gases at pressures up to 1.6 mPa. General specifications.

GOST 21812-76: Organic dyes. Direct blue CB-КУ. Specifications

GOST 21822-87: Petroleum fragile bitumens. Specifications

GOST 2184-2013: Sulphuric acid for industrial use. Specifications

GOST 2184-77: Sulphuric acid for industrial use. Specifications

GOST 2187-79: Diving weights. Specifications

GOST 21880-2011: Thermoinsulating mineral wool broached mats. Specifications

GOST 21880-94: Thermo insulating mineral wool broached mats. Specifications

GOST 21920-2015: Fresh plum for industrial processing. Specifications

GOST 21930-76: Tin-lead solders in pigs. Specifications

GOST 21931-76: Tin-lead solders in the form of products. Specifications

GOST 21-94: Granulated sugar

GOST 2198-76: Reinforced asbestos cloth and gaskets of it. Specifications

GOST 21996-76: Cold-rolled heat treated steel-cord belt

GOST 21997-76: Steel flattened strip of high strength

GOST 22.9.03-97: Safety in emergencies. Engineer supporting means for rescue and emergency operations. General technical requirements

GOST 22.9.04-97: Safety in emergencies. Means for items search in burst. General technical requirements

GOST 22011-95: Passenger and freight elevators

GOST 2-2013: Ammonium nitrate. Specifications

GOST 22018-84: Amperometric analysers for dissolved oxygen SSI. General technical requirements

GOST 22045-89: Overhead travelling single-beam cranes. Specifications

GOST 2205-2016: L-90 tapes and strips for plating. Specifications

GOST 2205-71: L-90 tapes and strips for plating. Specifications

GOST 2208-2007: Brass foil, ribbons, strips, sheets and plates. Specifications

GOST 2208-91: Brass strips for general use. Specifications

GOST 22130-2018: Steel piping details. Movable supports and hangers. Specifications

GOST 22171-90: Laboratory conductometric analysers of liquid. General specifications

GOST 22178-76: Titanium and titanium alloys sheets. Specifications

GOST 22226-76: Clab moss. Specifications

GOST 2222-78: Methanol-poison for industrial use. Specifications

GOST 2222-95: Technical methanol. Specifications

GOST 22229-83: Ceramic through insulators for voltage over 1000 V. General specifications

GOST 22233-2001: Aluminium alloy extruded sections for translucent envelopes. General specifications

GOST 22233-2018: Aluminium alloy extruded sections for translucent envelopes. Specifications

GOST 22241-76: Transportation plugs. General specifications

GOST 2224-93: Steel eye rings for wire cables

GOST 22261-94: Measuring instruments for electrical

GOST 2226-2013: Bags made of paper and composite materials. General specifications

GOST 2226-88: Paper bags

GOST 22280-76: Reagents. Tri-sodium citrate 5,5-aqueous. Specifications

GOST 22300-76: Reagents. Ethyl acetate and butyl acetate. Specifications

GOST 22336-77: Life-jackets

GOST 2239-79: General purpose

GOST 22442-77: Refractory articles for stabilizing gas burner chambers. Specifications

GOST 22455-77: Seaweed meal and granules for animal feed

GOST 2246-70: Welding steel wire. Specifications

GOST 22469-77: Swimming rubber flippers

GOST 22477-77: Means for fastening package cargoes in boxcars. General technical requirements

GOST 22510-77: Polyester-nylon industrial fabrics for rubber mechanical goods. Specifications

GOST 22517-77: Hafnium iodide metal. Specifications

GOST 22520-85: Pressure, pressure difference and vacuum transmitters with electrical analog output signals gsp

GOST 22522-91: Radioisotope fire detectors

GOST 22546-77: Heat insulating products of foam-plastic of FRP-1. Specifications

GOST 22551-77: Quartz sand, ground sandstone, quartzite and vinyl quartz for glass industry. Specifications

GOST 22584-96: Electric rope hoists

GOST 2263-79: Sodium hydroxide for industrial use. Specifications

GOST 22666-2016: Copper wire and kopel alloy wire for low-temperature thermoelectrical transducers. Specifications

GOST 22685-89: Moulds for making control specimens of concrete. Specifications

GOST 22689.0-89: Polyethylene waste-pipes and fittings. General specification

GOST 22689-2014: Polyethylene pipes and fittings for waste discharge inside the buildings. Specifications

GOST 22696-2013: Rolling bearings. Cylindrical rollers. Specifications

GOST 22702-96: Boxes from corrugated cardboard for the bottles with edible fluids delivered for export

GOST 22707-77: Technical methyl bromide. Specifications

GOST 22786-77: Bimetallic weldless tubes for shipbuilding

GOST 22790-89: Assembly units and pipelines components, designed for рnom over 10 to 100 MPa (from 100 to 1000 kgf/cm2)

GOST 22827-85: General purpose self-propelled boom cranes

GOST 2283-79: Cold-rolled tape made of tool steel and spring steel

GOST 22839-88: Liquorice roots and rhizomes. Specifications

GOST 22840-77: Extract of liquorice root. Specifications

GOST 2284-79: Cold-rolled carbon structural steel strip

GOST 22852-77: Corrugated fibre boxes for products of instruments making industry. Specifications

GOST 22860-93: Cadmium of high purity. Specifications

GOST 22861-93: Lead of high purity. Specifications

GOST 22867-77: Reagents. Ammonium nitrate. Specifications

GOST 228-79: Anchor chains

GOST 22897-86: Seamless cold-deformed pipes from alloys based on titanium. Specifications

GOST 22917-78: Cable couplings for arc welding. Specifications

GOST 22938-78: Rutile concentrate. Specifications

GOST 22-94: Refined sugar

GOST 22950-95: Mineral wool slabs of higher rigidity on synthetic bond. Specifications

GOST 23.301-78: Products wear resistance assurance. Instruments for evaluating wear by the method of cut notches. Technical requirements

GOST 23050-2012: Virus vaccine against Aujeszky disease cultural dry. Specification

GOST 23091-78: Flat wooden pallet for topographical maps. Specifications

GOST 23117-91: Semiautomatic grips for tensioning of the steel in prestressed concrete structures. Specifications

GOST 23118-2012: Building steel structures. General specifications

GOST 23118-99: Steel construction structures General Technical Specifications

GOST 23122-78: Enamels KO-811 and KO-811K. Specifications

GOST 23125-95: Temperature signalling devices. General specifications

GOST 23127-78: Mother bee. Specifications

GOST 23134-78: Head-dresses medical. Specifications

GOST 23170-78: Packing for products of engineering industry. General requirements.

GOST 23173-96: Garden wheel barrows

GOST 23190-2018: Book-selling furniture. General specifications

GOST 23190-78: Bookselling furniture. General requirements

GOST 23208-2003: Thermoinsulating cylinders and semicylinders of mineral wool on synthetic binder. Specifications

GOST 23216-78: Electrotechnical products. Storage, transportation, temporary corrosion protection and packing. General requirements and test methods

GOST 23265-78: Spectacle lenses. Specifications

GOST 2327-89: Low-voltage switches, switch-disconnectors. General technical specifications

GOST 23285-78: Packs unitized on flat pallets. Food products and glass containers

GOST 23289-2016: Waste water drain sanitary accessories. Specification

GOST 23289-94: Waste water drain sanitary accessories. Specifications

GOST 23307-78: Thermoinsulating mineral wool vertically-layered mats. Specifications

GOST 23308-78: Radiochemical hoods. General technical requirements

GOST 23309-78: Boxes radiation-protective. General technical requirements

GOST 23342-2012: Architectural-building goods of the natural stone. Specifications

GOST 23343-78: Primer ГФ-0119. Specifications

GOST 23378-78: Organic dyes. Direct ruby CB-MУ. Specifications

GOST 23411-84: Electronic cash registers

GOST 23423-2017: Methionine feed. Technical conditions

GOST 23423-89: Fodder methionine

GOST 23432-89: Decorative sheets. General specifications

GOST 23462-95: Production of mixed fodder industry

GOST 23499-2009: Sound-insulating and sound-absorbing building materials and products. General specifications

GOST 23508-2018: Book-selling furniture for storage facilities. General specifications

GOST 23522-79: Cold-rolled strip for hack saws. Specifications

GOST 23543-88: Geodesic instruments

GOST 235-78: Rubber tubes for bicycle pumps. Specifications

GOST 23600-79: Food concentrates. Dry soups with fish and seafood

GOST 23619-79: Refractory heat-insulating mullite-silica glass-fibrous materials and products. Specifications

GOST 23624-2001: Measuring laboratory current transformers. General specifications

GOST 23625-2001: Measuring laboratory voltage transformers. General specifications

GOST 23651-79: Canned milk products. Packing and marking

GOST 23670-79: Cooked sausages, frankfurters and small sausages, meat loafs

GOST 23695-2016: Enamelled steel sanitary appliances. Specifications

GOST 23695-94: Enamelled steel sanitary appliances. Specifications

GOST 23747-88: Doors of aluminium alloys. Specifications

GOST 23764-79: Gamma-defectoscopes. General technical specifications

GOST 23784-98: Low-frequency low voltage and combined connectors. General specifications

GOST 23827-79: Thin wood raw material. Specifications

GOST 23832-79: Varnishes AK-113 and AK-113Ф. Specifications

GOST 23855-79: Cylindrical ingots of aluminium alloy AD31. Specifications

GOST 23886-91: Cadmium sheets and plates. Specifications

GOST 23912-79: Alley of copper-beryllium. Specifications

GOST 23932-90: Laboratory glassware and equipment. General specifications

GOST 23938-79: Ginseng culture growing fresh. Specifications

GOST 23949-80: Welding non-consumable tungsten electrodes specifications.

GOST 2397-75: Taraxacum root

GOST 23998-80: Active carbon AГ-2. Specifications

GOST 23999-80: Fodder calcium phosphate

GOST 2402-82: Welding sets with internal combustion engines

GOST 2405-88: Pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, pressure-vacuum gauges, pressure meters, draft gauges and draft-pressure gauges

GOST 2407-83: Charcoal carbonizer

GOST 240-85: Margarine

GOST 24104-2001: Laboratory scales. General technical requirements

GOST 24182-80: Open-hearth steel rails, P75, P65 and P50 types for wide gauge railways. Specifications

GOST 24211-2003: Additives for concretes and mortars. General specifications

GOST 24211-2008: Admixtures for concretes and mortars. General specifications

GOST 24220-80: Fabrics for furniture. Specifications

GOST 24244-2018: Сold rolled low carbon steel sheet for enameling. Specifications

GOST 24244-80: Cold-rolled soft thin sheet steel for enameled utensils

GOST 24278-2016: Stationary steam turbines for electric generators of thermal electric stations. General technical requirements

GOST 24299-80: Sulfate viscose cellulose

GOST 24301-93: Bronze and brass cast bars and tubes. Specifications

GOST 24308-2018: Utensils of copper-nickel alloy, german silver and brass with chrome or nickel coating. General specifications

GOST 24308-80: Utensils of copper-nickel alloy, nickel silver and brass with chrome or nickel coating

GOST 24320-2018: Utensils and covers of copper-nickel and copper-nickel-zinc alloys with silver or gold coating. General specifications

GOST 24320-80: Tableware made of cupronickel and nickel silver coated with silver or gold

GOST 24327-2006: Cord fabric. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 24327-80: Cord fabric. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 24334-80: Power cables for temporary laying

GOST 24353-2014: Foil of platinum, palladium and their alloys. Specifications.

GOST 24353-80: Sheets of foil made of platinum, palladium and their alloys. Specifications

GOST 24370-80: Bags of paper

GOST 24405-80: Silicate enamels (frits). Specifications

GOST 24428-80: Gas lasers. General specifications

GOST 244-76: Photographic grade sodium thiosulphate, crystalline - specification

GOST 24508-80: Food concentrates. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 24552-2014: Foil of gold, silver and their alloys. Specifications.

GOST 24618-81: Steel cleats. Specifications

GOST 24645-81: Frozen protein paste "ocean"

GOST 24689-85: Brushes for electrical rotating machines

GOST 24717-2004: Refractories and refractory raw materials. Marking, packing, transportation and storage

GOST 24717-94: Refractories and refractory raw materials. Marking, packing, storage and transportation

GOST 24718-2014: Bands of platinum, palladium and their alloys. Specifications.

GOST 24718-81: Strips made of platinum, palladium, their alloys. Specifications

GOST 24729-81: Multireverse boxes from wood-glue compositions for commercial explosives. Specifications

GOST 24741-2016: Joint for connection of crane rails to steel crane girders. Specifications

GOST 2475-88: Wires and rolls

GOST 24767-2018: Aluminium and aluminium alloys cold-formed sections for enclosing structures. Specifications

GOST 24788-2001: Enameled steel kitchen utensils. General specifications

GOST 24788-2018: Enamelled steel kitchen utensils. General specifications

GOST 24866-99: Sealed insulating glass units. Specifications

GOST 24875-88: Small power electric machines. Tachogenerators. General specifications

GOST 24896-2013: Live fish. Specifications

GOST 24901-2014: Cookies. General specifications

GOST 24901-89: Cookies

GOST 24909-81: Seedling of ornamental deciduous trees. Specifications

GOST 24944-81: PVC film decorative finishing. Specifications

GOST 24979-81: Constant speed electrical actuators for remote control. Types and basic parameters. Technical requirements

GOST 24982-81: Sheets of corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant and high-temperature alloys

GOST 25043-2013: Propylene. Specifications

GOST 25051.4-83: Electrodynamic vibration testing equipment. General specifications

GOST 25054-81: Forgings made of corrosion-resistant steels and alloys

GOST 25070-2013: Ethylene. Specifications

GOST 25088-98: Ship's doors. Specifications

GOST 25129-82: Primer GF-031. Specifications

GOST 25134-2013: Brucellin VIEV. Specification

GOST 25263-82: Calcium hypochlorite is neutral. Technical conditions

GOST 25292-2017: Food-grade rendered animal fats. Specifications

GOST 25292-82: Rendered edible animal fats

GOST 25309-94: Covers of access hatches. Specifications

GOST 25310-94: Covers of skylights. Specifications

GOST 25374-82: Extraction bees wax. Specifications

GOST 25377-2015: Needles for injections for repeated use. Specifications

GOST 25377-82: Syringe needles for repeated use

GOST 25388-2001: Chemical fibres. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 25452-2017: High-pressure rubber hoses with metal windings without end fittings. Technical conditions

GOST 25452-90: Unarmored high-pressure rubber hoses with metal winding

GOST 25474-2015: Anodes silver. Specifications

GOST 25475-2015: Anodes golden. Specifications

GOST 25496-82: Anchors with high holding power. Specifications

GOST 25573-82: Freight handling rope slings for construction

GOST 25622-83: Cuttings of remontant carnations and chrysanthemums. Specifications

GOST 25664-83: Metol (para-methyl-aminophenol sulphate). Specifications

GOST 25718-83: Primers AK-069 and AK-070. Specifications

GOST 25749-2005: Metal winding lids. General specifications

GOST 25781-83: Steel moulds for reinforced concrete members. Specifications

GOST 25782-90: Derbies, floats, semifloats. Specifications

GOST 2581-78: Magnesium alloy ingots. Specifications

GOST 25828-83: Standard n-heptane. Specifications

GOST 25834-83: Electric lamps. Marking, packing, transportation and storage

GOST 2584-86: Copper and copper alloys trolley wires

GOST 25852-83: Electric contacts from noble metals and their alloys. Specifications

GOST 25856-97: Canned fish with vegetables in bouillon, marinade and various sauces. Specifications

GOST 25880-83: Heat insulating construction materials and products. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 25905-2018: Aluminium foil for condensers. Specifications

GOST 25912.0-91: Reinforced concrete slabs for aerodrome pavement

GOST 25912-2015: Prestressed reinforced concrete slabs for aerodrome pavement. Specifications

GOST 2593-2009: Coupling air brake hoses for railway rolling stock. Specifications

GOST 2593-2014: Hose connections for railway rolling stock. Specifications.

GOST 25951-83: Thermoshrinking polyethylene film. Specifications

GOST 26030-2015: Product for reproduction. Frozen semen of bulls. Specifications

GOST 26032-83: System of standardized type structures of SSI aggregated complexes. General specifications

GOST 26050-89: Industrial robots

GOST 26103-84: Electrical insulating materials

GOST 26118-84: Electric energy semiconductor converters with power 5 kV.A and higher. Marking, packing, transportation and storage

GOST 26138-84: Elements of built-in furniture and entresol for residential buildings. Specifications

GOST 26149-84: Sheet floor covering on the base of chemical fibres. Specifications

GOST 26221-84: Scattering suppressing linear rasters for medical roentgen apparatuses

GOST 2622-2016: Manometric tubes made of bronze БрОФ4-0,25 and brass Л63. Specifications

GOST 2622-75: Manometric tubes made of bronze БрОФ4-0,25 and brass Л63. Specifications

GOST 2623-2013: Balyk products of pacific salmons and Issyk Kul trout cold-smoked. Specifications

GOST 2623-97: Cold-smoked balyk products of far east salmons and issyk kul trout

GOST 2624-2016: Copper and brass capillary tubes. Specification

GOST 2624-77: Copper and brass capillary tubes

GOST 26314-98: Stationary ship's ladders. Specifications

GOST 2631-79: Materials for retreading and repairing pneumatic tyres. Specifications

GOST 26366-84: Brass-plated steel wire for base rings of tires

GOST 26379-84: Wide V-belts for variable-speed drives of agricultural machines. Specifications

GOST 26381-84: Disposable flat pallets general specifications

GOST 26460-85: Air separation products. Gases. Cryogens. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 2646-71: Coniferous timber blanks for aircraft. Specifications

GOST 26469-85: Palladium-tungsten alloy wire

GOST 2654-2017: Canned food. Vegetable caviar. Technical conditions

GOST 26573.0-2017: Premixes Technical conditions

GOST 26574-2017: Wheat flour baking. Technical conditions

GOST 26590-85: Ferroalloys

GOST 26598-2018: Containers and means of packaging in building. General specifications

GOST 26624-2016: 2-Ethylhexanol technical. Specifications

GOST 26653-2015: Preparation of general cargoes for transportation. General requirements

GOST 26653-90: Preparation of general cargoes for transportation. General requirements

GOST 26663-85: Transport packets. Formation by packaging means. General technical requirements

GOST 26699-98: Underground drilling rigs. General specifications and test methods

GOST 26756-2016: Furniture for trade enterprises. General technical conditions

GOST 26756-85: Furniture for trade enterprises. General specifications

GOST 26763-85: Triticalae seeds. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 2677-78: Ammonium molybdate Technical conditions

GOST 26791-2018: Milled cereal products. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 26791-89: Milled cereal products. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 26804-2012: Metal road safety barriers. Specifications

GOST 26813-99: Domestic electric air cleaners for kitchens. General specifications

GOST 26816-2016: Cement-bonded wood boards. Specifications

GOST 26816-86: Cement-bonded wood boards. Specifications

GOST 26891-86: Aerosol valves, spray heads and caps

GOST 26917-2000: Underground loading machines. General technical requirements and test methods

GOST 26957-97: Variators with wide-angle belt pulleys. General specifications

GOST 2697-83: Roofing asphalt felt. Specifications

GOST 26980-95: Single bucket excavators. General specifications

GOST 26983-2015: Darnitsky bread. Specifications

GOST 26996-86: Polypropylene and copolymers of propylene. Specifications

GOST 27002-86: Cooking utensils from corrosion-resistant steel

GOST 27023-86: Welded carpets of PVC linoleum on heat- and sound-insulating backing. Specifications

GOST 27036-86: Bellows metal expansion joints and seals

GOST 27095-86: Meat. Horse meat and foal meat in half carcasses and quarter carcasses

GOST 27149-95: Feed soybean cake

GOST 27174-86: Open-type alkaline nickel-cadmium rechargeable cells and storage batteries of capacity up to 150 a/h

GOST 27206-87: Compounds and products containing stable isotopes

GOST 27265-87: Titanium and titanium-alloy filling wire

GOST 27266-87: Molybdenum wire for light sources

GOST 27321-2018: Demountable tubular scaffold for constructional works. Specifications

GOST 27321-87: Demountable tubular scaffold for construction works. Specification.

GOST 27336-2016: Concrete pump. General specifications

GOST 27339-2016: Truck mixer. General specifications

GOST 27339-93: Mixer trucks

GOST 27351-87: Process execution modules

GOST 27381-87: Sensitive switches. General specification

GOST 27386-87: Electrical insulating

GOST 27412-93: Jaw crushers

GOST 27429-87: Liquid perfumery and cosmetics. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 27434-87: Industrial tractors

GOST 2746.1-88: Plastic Edison screw holders of series e14 and e27

GOST 2746-90: Screw holders for electric lamps. General specifications

GOST 27513-2018: Frictional products. Marking, packing, transportation and storage

GOST 27542-87: Clothing all-wool and half-wool fabrics of departmental application. Sp