GOST 29298-92

ГОСТ 29298-92

Cotton and mixed fabrics for domestic use

Ткани хлопчатобумажные и смешанные бытовые

Status: Not effective - Superseded

This standard applies to finished and harsh cotton and mixed fabrics used for the manufacture of dress, shirt and linen products, as well as clothing and clothing.

Настоящий стандарт распространяется на готовые и суровые хлопчатобумажные и смешанные ткани, используемые для изготовления изделий плательного, сорочечного и бельевого назначений, а также изделий вещевого имущества

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Approved: USSR Standardization and Metrology Committee, 2/7/1992

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The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

PromExpert » SECTION I. TECHNICAL REGULATION » V Testing and control » 4 Testing and control of products » 4.5 Testing and control of light industry products » 4.5.1 Textile Industry Products »

ISO classifier » 59 TEXTILE AND LEATHER PRODUCTION » 59.080 Textile products » 59.080.30 Textiles »

National standards » 59 TEXTILE AND LEATHER PRODUCTION » 59.080 Textile products » 59.080.30 Textiles »

National Standards for KGS (State Standards Classification) » Latest edition » M Textile and leather materials and products » M6 Cotton fabrics and single-piece goods » M63 Cotton fabrics for household use »

The Document is Replaced With:

GOST 29298-2005: Cotton and mixed domestic fabrics. General specifications

As a Replacement Of:

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OST 17-464-75: Cotton fabrics coarse Calico group. Gray fabrics.

OST 17-484-75: linen cotton fabrics. Gray fabrics.

OST 17-501-77: Cotton and mixed fabrics under the flannels and baizes. Gray fabrics. Technical conditions.

OST 17-543-75: jacquard linen gray cotton fabrics.

OST 17-59-79: Cotton grey for cut pile fabric. Technical specifications.

OST 17-619-76: Cotton row chiffon.

The Document References:

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GOST 9733.0-83: Textiles. General requirements for test methods of colour fastness to physical and chemical actions

GOST 9733.13-83: Textiles. Test method of colour fastness to organic solvents

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GOST 9733.27-83: Textiles. Test method of colour fastness to crocking

GOST 9733.3-83: Textiles. Test method of artificial light colour fastness. Xenotest

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GOST 9733.6-83: Textiles. Test method of colour fastness to perspiration

GOST 9733.7-83: Textiles. Test method of colour fastness to ironing

OST 17-268-73: Cotton colour-blend yarn.

OST 17-362-85: Cotton grege cardan one-ply yarn from pneumo-mechanic spinning machine for weaving industry.

OST 17-643-76: Cotton-viscose grege one-ply cardan yarn for weaving industry.

OST 17-708-77: Cotton, spun fabrics and mixed gray fabrics, marking, packaging, transportation and storage.

OST 17-96-86: Cotton and blended grege cardan and combed one-ply yarn for weaving industry. Specifications.

The Document is Referenced By:

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GOST 851.10-93: Primary magnesium. Spectral method for determination of silicon, iron, nickel, aluminium, copper and manganese

GOST 9.053-75: Unified system of corrosion and ageing protection. Non-metallic materials and articles with their application. Method of microbiological resistance tests under natural and atmospheric conditions

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GOST 9853.5-96: Sponge titanium. Methods for determination of oxygen

GOST R 50576-93: Feather and down consumer goods. Specifications

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KMS 732-95: Men's suit with warming lining for livestock breeders. Technical specifications

OST 5R.9527-94: Pipes and products of general purpose marine systems. Cleaning and preservation (before installation). Typical processes.

OST 92-1586-89: Marking paints. General requirements for selection, preparation and laying.

R 50.2.041-2004: State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Areometers glass. Method of verification

RD 52.33.708-2008: Rates of expenditure of materials for the production of agrometeorological observations

SDOS-07-2012: Methodological recommendations on the procedure for tightness control of technical devices and structures used and operated at hazardous production facilities

ST RK 996-97: Men water-tight raincoat for shepherds. Specification

STB 1015-97: Cultural and general, and household products made of plastic. General specifications

STB 1049-97: Light industry products. Safety requirements and control methods

STB 1357-2002: Industrial sewing machines. General specifications

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