GOST 1510-84

ГОСТ 1510-84

Petroleum and petroleum products. Marking, packing, transportation and storage

Нефть и нефтепродукты Маркировка, упаковка, транспортирование и хранение

Status: Effective - Supersedes. The limitation of effectiveness has been lifted: Protocol No. 2-92 of the IGU dated 05.10.92 (IUS 2-1993)

The standard establishes the types of containers, storages and vehicles for petroleum and petroleum products (including hydrocarbon liquefied gases), the requirements for their preparation, filling and labeling, the conditions of transportation and storage, and safety requirements for packaging, transportation and storage of petroleum and petroleum products.

Стандарт устанавливает виды тары, хранилищ и транспортных средств для нефти и нефтепродуктов (в том числе углеводородных сжиженных газов), требования к их подготовке, заполнению и маркировке, условия транспортирования и хранения, а также требования безопасности при упаковывании, транспортировании и хранении нефти и нефтепродуктов.

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Approved: USSR State Committee for Standards, 8/7/1984

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Construction (Max) » Standards » Other state standards used in construction » 75 Extraction and processing of oil, gas and related production »

PromExpert » SECTION I. TECHNICAL REGULATION » V Testing and control » 4 Testing and control of products » 4.2 Testing and control of products of fuel and energy industry » 4.2.2 Oil, oil products and gas »

ISO classifier » 75 EXTRACTION AND PROCESSING OF OIL, GAS AND RELATED PRODUCTION » 75.080 Petroleum products in general »

National standards » 75 EXTRACTION AND PROCESSING OF OIL, GAS AND RELATED PRODUCTION » 75.080 Petroleum products in general »

National Standards for KGS (State Standards Classification) » Latest edition » B Oil products » B0 General rules and regulations for oil refining industry » B09 Test methods. Packaging. Marking »

National Standards for OKSTU » OIL, PETROLEUM PRODUCTS, GAS » Marking, packaging, transportation and storage »

The Document is Replaced With:

GOST 1510-2022: Petroleum and petroleum products. Labeling, packaging, transportation and storage

As a Replacement Of:

GOST 1510-76: Crude petroleum and petroleum products. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

The Document References:

GOST 12.0.004-90: Organization of training for labor safety. General rules

GOST 12.1.018-93: Fire and explosion safety of static electricity. General requirements.

GOST 14192-96: Cargo marking

GOST 15846-2002: Production for transportation to the areas of Far North and similar regions. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 15846-79: Products for transportation to the areas of the far north and remote regions

GOST 19433-88: Dangerous goods. Classification and marking

GOST 2228-81: Paper for bags

GOST 2488-79: Ceresin. Specifications

GOST 26319-84: Dangerous cargoes

GOST 26663-85: Transport packets. Formation by packaging means. General technical requirements

The Document is Referenced By:

DND MO-004/2004: Recommendations for the selection of asphalt concretes on bituminous rubber composite binder for the upper layers of coatings and wear layers

G-14540: Typical technological process of operation of railway stations for loading and draining oil cargoes and washing and steaming enterprises for cleaning and preparing tanks for the carriage of goods

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GOST 11122-84: Hinge oil BНИИ НП-25. Specifications

GOST 11955-82: Road petroleum liquid bitumen. Specifications

GOST 12.3.005-75: Painting works

GOST 12.3.025-80: Occupational safety standards system. Metal working by cutting. Safety requirements

GOST 12261-87: Afk additive

GOST 12308-2013: Thermostable fuels T-6 and T-8B for jet engines. Specifications

GOST 12308-89: Thermo stable t-6 and t-8b fuels

GOST 12337-84: Motor oils for diesel engines

GOST 12433-83: Standard isooctanes. Specifications

GOST 12525-85: Grade reference cetane. Specifications

GOST 12672-77: Oil for rolling mills ПС-28. Technical specifications

GOST 12869-77: Electrical insulating synthetic fluid octol. Specifications

GOST 13076-86: Synthetic oil BНИИ НП 50-1-4ф. Specifications

GOST 13196-93: Means of level measuring and sampling of oil and oil products

GOST 13302-77: Petroleum acids

GOST 13374-86: Instrument oil ВНИИ НП-1-ЧМО. Specifications

GOST 13937-86: Higher primary fatty alcohols C10-C18, C12-C16 fractions. Specifications

GOST 14068-79: Paste ВНИИ НП-232. Specifications

GOST 14296-78: Grease ВНИИ НП-279. Specifications

GOST 14298-79: Oil fuel for open-hearth furnaces. Specifications

GOST 14710-78: Petroleum toluene

GOST 14921-2018: Liquefied hydrocarbon gases. Methods of sampling

GOST 15037-69: Grease for impregnating organic strand cores of wire rope

GOST 15171-78: Additive АКОР-1. Specifications

GOST 15819-85: Oils РМ and РМЦ. Specifications

GOST 16105-70: Grease ВНИИ НП-257. Specifications

GOST 16422-79: Transmission grease ЦИАТИМ-208. Specifications

GOST 1667-68: Motor fuel for medium- and low-speed diesel engines

GOST 16728-78: Oil ВНИИ НП-403. Specifications

GOST 16862-71: Grease ВНИИ НП-263. Specifications

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GOST 1861-73: Compressor oils

GOST 18852-73: Grease ВНИИ НП-246. Specifications

GOST 190-78: Drying oil

GOST 19337-73: VNII NP-274 grease

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GOST 1957-73: Constaline grease. Specifications

GOST 19774-74: Grease ВНИИ НП-207. Specifications

GOST 19782-74: Paste ВНИИ НП-225. Specifications

GOST 19791-74: Axle box grease ЛЗ-ЦНИИ. Specifications

GOST 19832-87: Grease ВНИИ НП-260. Specifications

GOST 20421-75: Grease ВНИИ НП-242. Specifications

GOST 20448-2018: Fuel liquefied hydrocarbon gases for domestic use. Specifications

GOST 20448-90: Liquefied hydrocarbon fuel gases for domestic use. Specifications

GOST 20458-2022: Grease Torsiol-55. Specifications

GOST 20458-89: Grease Torsiol-55. Specifications

GOST 20734-75: Hydraulic fluid 7-50C-3. Specifications

GOST 20799-2022: Industrial oils. Technical conditions

GOST 20799-88: Industrial oils Specifications

GOST 2084-77: Mobile gasoline Specifications

GOST 21046-2015: Used petroleum products. General specification

GOST 21046-86: Waste petroleum products

GOST 21150-2017: Litol-24 grease. Technical conditions

GOST 21150-87: Litol-24 grease

GOST 21443-75: Liquefied hydrocarbon gases for export

GOST 21743-76: Aviation oils

GOST 21748-76: Oil MЗ-52. Specifications

GOST 21791-2022: Synthetic oil MAS-30NK. Specifications

GOST 21791-76: Мac-30nk synthetic oil

GOST 21822-87: Petroleum fragile bitumens. Specifications

GOST 22245-76: Viscous petroleum road bitumens. Specification

GOST 22245-90: Viscous petroleum road bitumens. Specification.

GOST 22898-78: Low-sulphur petroleum cokes. Specifications

GOST 23008-78: Shock absorber liquid AЖ-12т. Specifications

GOST 23239-89: Synthetic fat acids C5-C6, C7-C9, C5-C9, C10-C13, C10-C16, C17-C20 fractions. Specifications

GOST 23497-79: Motor oils M-14B23 and M-20B2. Specifications

GOST 23510-79: UNIOL-2 Grease. Specifications

GOST 23639-79: Additive KP

GOST 23652-79: Transmission oils

GOST 23683-89: Hard petroleum paraffines

GOST 23783-79: Synthetic primary fatty alcohols. C16-C21 fractions. Specifications

GOST 2488-79: Ceresin. Specifications

GOST 25043-2013: Propylene. Specifications

GOST 25043-87: Propylene. Specifications

GOST 25070-2013: Ethylene. Specifications

GOST 25070-87: Ethylene. Specifications

GOST 25287-82: Suspension for lubricating film formation BНИИ НП-209. Specifications

GOST 25770-83: High-speed diesel engine motor oils for transport vehicles

GOST 25828-83: Standard n-heptane. Specifications

GOST 2712-75: Grease АМС. Specifications

GOST 27578-2018: Liquefied hydrocarbon gases for automobile transport. Specifications

GOST 27578-87: Liquefied hydrocarbon gases for motor transport gases

GOST 305-2013: Diesel fuel. Specifications

GOST 305-82: Diesel fuel. Specifications

GOST 3134-78: White spirit

GOST 31378-2009: Oil. General specifications.

GOST 31385-2008: Vertical cylindrical steel tanks for oil and oil-products. General specifications

GOST 31385-2016: Vertical cylindrical steel tanks for oil and oil-products. General specifications

GOST 3164-78: Medical petrolatum. Specifications

GOST 32510-2013: Marine fuels. Specifications

GOST 32511-2013: Diesel fuel EURO. Specifications

GOST 32513-2013: Automotive fuels. Unleaded petrol. Specifications

GOST 32595-2013: Aviation turbine fuel Jet A-1. Specifications

GOST 32-74: Turbine oils

GOST 3276-89: Lubricating grease ГОИ-54п. Specifications

GOST 32870-2014: Automobile roads of general use. Bituminous mastics. Technical requirements

GOST 33133-2014: Automobile roads of general use. Viscous road petroleum bitumens. Technical requirements

GOST 3333-80: Graphite lubricant

GOST 33341-2015: All-season antifreeze compositions and liquid coolants for heat-exchange systems. Specifications

GOST 33666-2015: Road vehicles for transportation and fuelling of petroleum products. Technical requirements

GOST 34858-2022: Liquefied hydrocarbon fuel gases. Technical conditions

GOST 3582-84: Medical vaseline. Specifications

GOST 3677-76: Ceresin composition. Specifications

GOST 4095-75: Isooctane for industrial use. Specifications

GOST 4113-80: Preventive composition ПП 95/5. Specifications

GOST 4225-76: Perfume oil. Specifications

GOST 4366-76: Grease synthetic solidol. Specifications

GOST 443-76: Benzene-solvent for rubber industry. Technical requirements

GOST 4806-79: Shale oil fuel. Specifications

GOST 5344-82: Emulsionized paste for leather industry. Specifications

GOST 5546-86: Oils for refrigerating machines

GOST 5702-75: Process lubricant SP-3

GOST 5774-76: Condenser vaselin. Technical requirements

GOST 5775-85: Capacitor oil

GOST 610-2017: Axle oils. Technical conditions

GOST 610-72: Oils for axle journals. Specifications

GOST 6267-74: Grease ЦИАТИМ-201. Specifications

GOST 6360-83: MT-16P and M-16PC oils.

GOST 6411-76: Heavy cylinder oils

GOST 6457-66: Oils МК-8. Specifications

GOST 6617-76: Petroleum construction bitumen

GOST 6794-2017: Oil AMG-10. Technical conditions

GOST 6794-75: Oil АМГ-10. Specifications

GOST 6948-81: Foaming agent PО-1Specifications

GOST 6997-77: Compositions for filling cable joints. Specifications

GOST 7171-78: Petrol-resisting grease. Specifications

GOST 7611-75: Oil for ventilating filters. Specifications

GOST 7658-74: Synthetic high-melting ceresin. Specifications

GOST 781-78: Bitumen oil high-melting softener

GOST 7931-76: Natural drying oil

GOST 7935-74: General-purpose homological oils. Specifications

GOST 8448-2019: Coal and shale benzene. Technical conditions

GOST 8448-78: Coal and shale benzene. Specifications

GOST 8463-76: Oil С-220. Specifications

GOST 8505-80: Nefras-C 50/170. Specifications

GOST 8551-74: Grease ЦИАТИМ-205. Specifications

GOST 8581-78: Motor oil for automobile and tractor

GOST 8771-76: Petroleum bitumen for filling accumulator mastics

GOST 8773-2022: CYATIM-203 grease. Technical specifications

GOST 8773-73: Grease ЦИАТИМ-203. Specifications

GOST 9243-75: KS-19 compressor oil

GOST 9410-78: Petroleum xylol. Specifications

GOST 9432-60: Automobile lubricant

GOST 9433-80: Grease ЦИАТИМ-221. Specifications

GOST 9548-74: Roofing petroleum bitumens. Specifications

GOST 9549-80: Copper naphthenate for preservative compounds. Specifications

GOST 9572-77: Petroleum benzene. Technical requirements

GOST 9572-93: Petroleum benzene

GOST 9762-76: Grease МС-70. Specifications

GOST 9812-74: Petroleum insulating bitumen

GOST 982-80: Transformer oils

GOST 9965-76: Petroleum for oil-processing plants. Specifications

GOST 9972-74: Petroleum turbine oils with additives

GOST R 12.4.290-2013: Occupational safety standards system. Special clothing to protect from oil and oil products. Technical requirements

GOST R 18.3.01-2016: Technology of the aviation fueling. Typical schemes

GOST R 50558-93: Industrial purity. Lubricating and cooling liquids. Specifications

GOST R 50588-93: Foaming agents for fire extinguishing. General technical requirements and test methods

GOST R 50913-96: Road vehicles for transportation and fuelling of petroleum products. Types, parameters and general technical requirements

GOST R 51104-97: Exported liquefied hydrocarbon gases from Russian region. Specifications

GOST R 51105-97: Gasoline for combustion engines. Unleaded gasoline. Specifications

GOST R 51121-97: Non-food products. Information for consumer. General requirements

GOST R 51858-2002: Crude petroleum. General specifications

GOST R 51866-2002: Automotive fuels. Unleaded petrol. Specifications

GOST R 51907-2002: Motor oil for marine diesels М-20Г2СД. Specifications

GOST R 52050-2003: Aviation turbine fuel Jet A-1. Specifications

GOST R 52050-2006: Aviation turbine fuel Jet A-1. Specifications

GOST R 52056-2003: Polymer-bitumen binders for roads on the basis of block copolymers of styrene-butadiene-styrene type. Specifications

GOST R 52087-2003: Liquefied hydrocarbon fuel gases. Specifications

GOST R 52087-2018: Fuel liquefied hydrocarbon gases. Specifications

GOST R 52368-2005: Diesel fuel EVRO. Specifications

GOST R 52755-2007: Liquid composite fuel. Specifications

GOST R 52910-2008: Vertical cylindrical steel tanks for oil and oil-products. General specifications

GOST R 53134-2008: Automotive spark-ignition engine fuels. Unleaded gasoline. Specifications

GOST R 53374-2009: Liquid - propellant rocket engines. General technical requirements for production and quality inspection during supply for use

GOST R 54299-2010: Marine fuels. Specifications

GOST R 54331-2011: Fluids for electrotechnical applications. Unused mineral insulating oils for transformers and switchgear. Specifications

GOST R 54389-2011: Stable gas condensate. Specifications

GOST R 55065-2012: Phenolic antioxidants. Agidol-2. Specifications

GOST R 55066-2012: Butadiene-1,3. Specifications

GOST R 55475-2013: Dewaxed winter and arctic diesel fuel. Specifications

GOST R 55493-2013: Aviation gasoline Avgas 100LL. Specifications

GOST R 55775-2013: Aviation oil МС-8П. Specifications

GOST R 55971-2014: Oil and petroleum products. Passport. General requirements

GOST R 56400-2015: Petroleum and natural gas industries. Design and operation of offshore terminals of liquefied natural gas. General requirements

GOST R 56828.42-2018: Best available techniques. Recycling of waste oils. Indicators to identify

GOST R 58282-2018: Methyl tert-butyl ether. Technical conditions

GOST R 58400.1-2019: General automobile roads. Bituminous petroleum binders. Specifications taking into account the temperature range of operation

GOST R 58400.2-2019: General automobile roads. Bituminous petroleum binders. Technical conditions taking into account the levels of operational transport loads

GOST R 58404-2019: Filling stations and complexes. Technical Operation Rules

GOST R 58415-2019: Petrochemical benzene. Technical specifications

GOST R 58674-2019: Oil vessels and oil berths. Electrostatic and galvanic intrinsic safety. General technical requirements

ITN 93: Instructions for technical supervision, methods of audit and rejection of tube furnaces, tanks, vessels and apparatuses of oil refining and petrochemical industries

ITS 46-2017: Reducing emissions of pollutants, discharges of pollutants during storage and warehousing of goods (goods)

ITS 46-2019: Reducing emissions of pollutants, discharges of pollutants during storage and warehousing of goods (goods)

Manual: Manual for impulse and low consumption fire extinguishing systems

MI 2564-99: State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Calibration characteristics of gas stations and tank farms. Methods of determination and control using fuel dispensers during operation

MI 2595-2000: State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Capacity of storage tanks for petroleum products. The method of measurement using liquid counters and the compilation of calibration tables

MI 2837-2003: Oil hand-over and acceptance points metrological and technical support

MI 3275-2010: State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Metrological support for oil products account during transportation via main pipelines system. Main provisions

MI 3301-2010: Recommendation. State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Oil product pipeline. Acceptance points of petroleum products. Metrological and technical support

Minutes 50: Regulations for carriage of liquid cargo in bulk in tank wagons and hopper-type wagons for transportation of oilbitumen

NPB 304-2001: Foam fire extinguishing concentrates. General technical requirements and test methods

ODM 218.2.003-2007: Recommendations for the use of polymer-bitumen binders based on SBS-type block copolymers in the construction and reconstruction of roads

ODM 218.3.007-2011: Rationing of the properties of organic binders depending on climatic conditions and operating conditions of coatings

ODM 218.3.026-2012: Recommendations for the use of high-density asphalt concrete based on polymer-bitumen binders for road pavements in different climatic conditions of the Russian Federation

ODM 218.3.073-2016: Recommendations for the use of impregnating compositions to improve the durability of asphalt concrete pavements

Order 498: List of questions proposed in the qualification examination for certification of experts in the field of industrial safety

OST 218.010-98: Cementing polymer-bitumen road coating on the basis of block copolymers such as SBS. Specifications

OST 38.01445-88: Lubrication and cooling liquid MR-7. Technical conditions

OST 51.65-80: Stable gas condensate. Technical conditions.

PNST 1-2012: Automobile roads of general use. Viscous petroleum road bitumens. Specifications

PNST 155-2016: Petroleum products. Use of test methods for quality supporting

PNST 156-2016: Petroleum production. Control for quality while maintaining in accepting for storage

PNST 67-2015: Antifriction containing diamond concentrate. Specifications

PNST 82-2016: Automobile roads of general use. Binding petroleum bituminous material. Technical requirements based on traffic loads

PNST 85-2016: Automobile roads of general use. Binding materials petroleum bituminous. Technical requirements based on temperature range of exploitation

POT R M-006-97: Intersectoral labor protection rules for cold metal processing

POT R O-112-001-95: Rules for labor protection during the operation of oil depots and gas stations

POT R O-112-002-98: Rules for labor protection during the operation of trunk oil pipelines

R 50.2.040-2004: Metrological assurance of oil accounting when transferring via main pipeline system. Basic provisions

RD 14-03-2007: Guidelines for the verification of the activities of organizations operating objects of transportation of hazardous substances

RD 153-34.0-44.221-2000: Guidelines for Quality Control of Diesel Fuel at Thermal Power Stations During Acceptance, Storage, and Use of it as Main, Backup, or Start-Stop Fuel in Gas Turbine and Steam-Gas Units

RD 153-34.1-43.106-2001: Model Guidelines for Acceptance, Storage, and Use of Fireresistant Turbine Oils Type OMTI

RD 153-39.4-001-96: Rules of Delivery of Oil Products To Oil Storage Tanks, Petrol Stations and Warehouses of Combustibles and Lubricants Through the Branches of the Main Oil Product Pipelines

RD 153-39.4-041-99: Operating rules and regulations for trunk oil product pipelines.

RD 153-39.4-056-00: Main crude pipeline. Operations rules.

RD 153-39.4-078-01: Operation Requirements for Tanks on Trunk Petroleum Product Pipelines and at Petroleum Depots

RD 153-39-011-97: Instruction on accounting of oil products on trunk oil-products pipelines.

RD 200-RSFSR-12-0053-84: Instructions for receiving, storing, issuing and accounting of fuels and lubricants in road transport enterprises

RD 27.05.01-2017: Guidance document for the repair and maintenance of wheelsets with axleboxes for freight cars of 1520 (1524) mm track gauge main railways

RD Rules for the sea transportation of oil and oil products in bulk on MMF tankers

RD General rules for the sea transportation of bulk cargoes on ships

RD 31.27.05-99: Instructions for acceptance, storage, release on vessels and quality control of fuels and lubricants in tank farms and warehouses.

RD 34.01.203: Model Index of Operations Documentation for Chemical Shop of a Thermal Power Station

RD 34.21.526-95: Model Guidelines for Operation of Metal Tanks for Storage for Liquid Fuel and Hot Water

RD 34.26.203: Guidelines for Brick Lining Work During Installation of Boiler Plants and Energy Facilities

RD 34.43.105-89: Procedural Guidelines for Use of Transformer Oils

RD 34.44.215-96: Methods for the Determination of Quality of Water-Fuel Oil Emulsions Used n the Form of Liquid Boiler Fuel

RD 39-0147014-309-85: Instructions for the technology of protection of underground equipment of oil wells against corrosion by reagents

RD 39-0147098-005-88: Environmental Protection Regulations for the Production, Treatment, and Transportation of Crude Oil

RD 413160-02-01297858-03: Corrosion protection rules for stock-tank oil vessels and for dynamic and technological oil settling vessels

RD 50-156-79: Guidelines. Determination of the capacity and graduation of reinforced concrete cylindrical tanks with a precast wall with a capacity of up to 30,000 cubic meters by the geometrical method

Recommendations: Aspiration smoke-sensitive alarms VESDA. Part 1. Scope

RMG 116-2011: State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Tanks of main oil lines and oil storage depots. Maintenance operations and metrological assurance under operating conditions

RMG 94-2009: State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Test laboratories performing of the quality control of oil at acceptance operations. Basic requirements

RST RSFSR 654-89: Steel vertical tanks for petroleum products. General technical requirements

RST RSFSR 771-90: Steel welded barrels and sunset repaired. Technical conditions

Rules on the Selection of Pressure Vessels and Equipment: Instruction on the selection of pressure vessels and devices operating under pressure of 100 kgf/cm2 and overpressure protection, Ministry of Petroleum Energy

SNiP 2.03.11-85: Corrosion protection of buildings structures

SNiP 2.09.03-85: Structures for industrial installations

SNiP 2.11.03-93: Storage of petroleum and petroleum products. Fire safety norms.

SO 34.23.501-2005: Guidelines for the operation of fuel oil facilities of thermal power plants

SP 157.1328500.2014: Rules for technological design of refineries and petrochemical complexes

SP 28.13330.2012: Corrosion protection of buildings structures. Updated living edition of SNiP 2.03.11-85

SP 343.1325800.2017: Constructions of the industrial enterprises. The rules of operation

SP 43.13330.2012: Structures for industrial installations

ST RK 1373-2013: Bitumens and bituminous binders. Viscous petroleum road bitumens. Specification

ST RK 1420-2005: Road vehicles for transportation and fuelling of petroleum products. Types, parameters and general technical requirements

ST RK 1663-2007: Liquefied hydrocarbon fuel gases. Specification

ST RK 2467-2014: Oil for hydrostatic transmissions MGE-46V. Specifications.

ST RK 2468-2014: Hydraulic oil AUP. Specifications.

ST RK 2470-2014: All-seasons hydraulic oil (VMGZ) Specifications.

ST RK 2471-2014: Motor oils All Season universal categories sf, sj, sl, sm, sn, cf-4, cg-4, ch-4, cl-4, cj-4 api. Specifications.

ST RK 2472-2014: Oils for automatic transmission systems. Specifications.

ST RK 2473-2014: Multigrade oil for mechanical transmission systems Category gl-4, gl-5. Specifications.

STB 2262-2012: Liquified combustible hydrocarbon gases. Specifications

STO-SA-03-002-2009: Rules for the design, manufacture and installation of vertical cylindrical steel tanks for oil and oil products

TOI R-112-16-95: Model Guidelines for Occupational Safety and Health in Tank Cleaning Operations at Petroleum Product Supply Facilities

TOI R-218-48-95: Standard labor protection instruction for machinists of mobile compressors (stations)

TR 103-07: Technical recommendations for the construction of road structures using asphalt concrete

TU 0253-053-00151911-2008: Industrial oils

TU 38.1011299-2006: IPM 10 aviation oil

TU 38.101821-2001: Turbine oil TP-22C. Technical conditions

TU 38.101821-2013: Turbine oil Тп-22С brand 1. Specifications

TU 38.101950-00: ERA grease (VNIINP-286M)

TU 38.10195-86: Oil standard for rubber testing (SZHR)

TU 38.10818-80: Grease VNII NP-280

TU 38.401-67-108-92: Gasoline-solvent for the rubber industry. Technical conditions

TU 38-101937-83: Oil softener for the rubber industry

TU 39-1435-89: Oil for transportation to consumers. Technical conditions

TU 39-1623-93: Russian Petroleum, Export Quality

TU 5718-001-58528024-04: BITREK Technical Specifications. Bitumen Resin Environmentally Friendly Composite Materials

VNTP 3-90: Engineering Design Standards for Branched Petroleum Product Pipelines

VNTP 5-95: Norms of technological design of enterprises for provisioning with petroleum products (petroleum storage depots)

VNTP 81-85: Norms of technological design for petroleum-refining and organic synthesis products manufacture enterprises

VNTP-88: Departmental norms of technological design of washing and steaming stations

VSN 07/02/34 Russian Defense Ministry: Design of fuel depots of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

VSN 4-94: Industry-Specific Building Code for Installation of Heating Supply Networks with Pipes Insulated with Cold-Applied Heat-Resistant Bitumen-Rubber Mastic

VSN 85-68: Technical Guidelines for the Design and Erection of Span Structures of Road and Urban Street Bridges with Pavement Constructed of Reinforced Concrete Slabs Without Applied Waterproofing

VUP SNE-87: Departmental guidelines for the design of rail unloading racks of flammable and combustible liquids and liquefied hydrocarbon gases

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Chemical production safety passport. General requirements
Language: English
Price: $90.09
Unified system for design documentation. Exploitative documents
Language: English
Price: $296.01
Unified system for design documentation. Types and sets of design documentation
Language: English
Price: $137.61
Food products. Methods for detection and quantity determination of coagulase-positive staphylococci and Staphylococcus aureus
Language: English
Price: $223.74
Process piping. Standard for the stress, vibration and seismic analysis
Language: English
Price: $879.12
Pipeline valves for nuclear stations. General specifications
Language: English
Price: $1,908.72
Flanges for valves, fittings and pipelines for pressure to PN 250. Design, dimensions and general technical requirements
Language: English
Price: $703.89
Valves of pipeline technological systems of nuclear power plants, not affecting safety. General technical requirements
Language: English
Price: $523.71
Fish products. Canned tuna and bonito in water or oil
Language: English
Price: $159.00

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We maintain a database of over 220,000 normative documents in English and other languages for the following 12 countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

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