SNiP 3.05.01-85

СНиП 3.05.01-85

Indoor plumbing systems

Внутренние санитарно-технические системы

Status: Not effective - Canceled. By Order of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation dated December 29, 2011 No. 635

The rules apply to the installation of domestic systems of cold and hot water, heating, sewage, drainage, ventilation, air conditioning (including pipelines for ventilation systems), boilers with vapor pressure up to 0.07 MPa (0.7 kgf

Правила распространяются на монтаж внутренних систем холодного и горячего водоснабжения, отопления, канализации, водостоков, вентиляции, кондиционирования воздуха (в том числе трубопроводов к вентиляционным установкам), котельных с давлением пара до 0,07 МПа (0,7 кгс/см2) и температурой воды до 388 К (115 град. Цельсия) при строительстве и реконструкции предприятий, зданий и сооружений, а также на изготовление воздуховодов, узлов и деталей из труб

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Approved: Gosstroy of the USSR (State Committee of the Council of Ministers of the USSR for Construction), 12/13/1985

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Construction (Max) » Regulations » Documents System of normative documents in construction » 4. Normative documents for engineering equipment of buildings and structures and external networks » к.40 Water supply and sewerage »

PromExpert » SECTION III. LABOR PROTECTION AND SAFETY » III Occupational safety requirements for production equipment and processes » 1 General occupational safety requirements »

ISO classifier » 91 CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION » 91.140 Installations in buildings » 91.140.01 Engineering equipment of buildings in general »

As a Replacement Of:

SNiP III-28-75: Sanitary-technical equipment of buildings and structures

The Document References:

GOST 11052-74: Gypsum-alumina expanding cement

GOST 12.1.044-84: Occupational safety standards system. Fire and explosion hazard of substances and materials. Nomenclature of indicators and methods for their determination

GOST 12.3.003-75: Occupational safety standards system Electric welding works. Safety requirements

GOST 12.3.018-79: Occupational safety standards system. Ventilation system. Aerodynamical test methods

GOST 12.4.021-75: Ventilation systems. General requirements

GOST 127-76: Specifications For Industrial Sulfur

GOST 16037-80: Welded joints in steel pipelines. Main types, design elements and dimensions

GOST 16183-77: Linen tape impregnated. Specification

GOST 17375-83: Seamless welded steel pipeline components for Pn £ 10 MPa (£ 100 kgf/cm2). Sharply curved offsets. Design

GOST 19607-74: Processed kaolin for chemical industry. Specifications

GOST 19608-84: Concentrated kaolin for rubber-industrial and plastic products, artificial leather and cloth. Specifications

GOST 2246-70: Welding steel wire. Specifications

GOST 24054-80: Engineering and instrument production items. Leak detection methods. General requirements

GOST 25136-82: Pipe-line connections. Leak tightness test methods

GOST 2874-82: Drinking water. Hygienic requirements and quality control

GOST 483-75: Hemp ropes. Specification

GOST 6357-81: Basic norms of interchangeability pipe cylindrical thread

GOST 7338-77: Rubber and rubber-fabric sheets. Specifications

GOST 8.002-71: State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Organization and procedure for verification, revision and examination of measuring instruments

GOST 8946-75: Ductile iron and steel fittings with parallel thread for pipelines. Union passage elbows. Basic dimensions

SN 478-80: Guidelines for the Design and Installation of Water Supply and Sewer Systems Made of Plastic Pipes

SNiP 2.04.05-86: Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning

SNiP III-28-75: Sanitary-technical equipment of buildings and structures

SNiP III-3-81: Acceptance of completed construction projects. Main provisions

TU 36-808-71: Manufacturing and acceptance of components and parts from steel pipes for internal systems of central heating, cold and hot water supply and gas supply of buildings

The Document is Referenced By:

GOST IEC 62040-3-2009: Guaranteed power supply systems. Uninterruptible power supply units. Part 3. General technical requirements. Test methods

GOST R 22.3.19-2022: Security in emergency situations. Temporary stationary accommodation facilities for the population affected in emergency situations. General requirements. Acceptance for use

GOST R 51185-98: Tourist services. Means of accommodation. General requirements

GOST R 52059-2003: Services. Services on the repairing and construction of the habitation and other buildings. General specifications

GOST R 52134-2003: Pressure thermoplastic pipes and their jointing elements for water-supply and heating systems. General specifications

GOST R 59972-2021: Ventilation and air conditioning systems for public buildings. Technical requirements

GOST R 70346-2022: "Green" standards. Multifamily residential "green" buildings. Evaluation methodology and criteria for design, construction and operation

GOST R 70349-2022: Ventilation of buildings. Air ducts. Classification and basic parameters

Manual: Manual for impulse and low consumption fire extinguishing systems

Manual for SNiP 3.05.01-85: Manual for the production and acceptance of work when installing ventilation and air conditioning systems

MDS 11-4.99: Methodical recommendations for the examining of feasibility studies (of the projects) for construction of production enterprises, buildings and structures

MDS 12-23.2006: Temporary recommendations on the technology and organization of construction of multifunctional high-rise buildings and building complexes in Moscow

MDS 12-36.2007: HL Hutterer & Lechner GmbH (Austria) HL Hoods Roofing Guidelines

MDS 13-20.2004: Comprehensive methods for the inspection and energy audit of reconstructed buildings. Design Guide

MDS 31-13.2007: Design guidelines for the safety and comfort of industrial buildings

MDS 35-11.2004: Development of environment for work activity of low-mobile groups of people at industrial enterprises

MDS 40-2.2000: Design Manual for Self-Contained Utility Systems (Water Supply, Sewerage, Piped Heat Supply and Ventilation, Gas Supply, and Electricity Supply Systems) for Single-Dwelling and Multiple-Dwelling Residential Occupancies

MU 2.2.8/ Organization of ventilation at radiation facilities

NTP 10-12976-2000*: Norms of technological design of enterprises of the alcohol industry

NTP 10-12977-2000: Standards of technological design of enterprises of the alcoholic beverage industry

NTP-APK Standards of technological design of enterprises of the yeast industry

ODM 218.3.046-2015: Recommendations about technology of repair of water throughput pipes with use of composite materials

Order 1653: On amending the order of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology of April 2, 2020 N 687

Order 30/pr: On approval of the Plan of development and approval of sets of rules and actualization of previously approved sets of rules for 2023.

OSN-APK Instructions for the installation of plastic pipelines at the objects of the agroindustrial complex of Russia

OST 26.260.18-2004: Process modules for oil and gas industry. General technical specifications

OST 36-134-86: Installation of industrial ventilation and air conditioning systems. Workflow project. Procedure of development, structure and content.

PB 03-428-02: Safety Requirements for Construction of Underground Structures

POT R M-010-2000: Intersectoral labor protection rules in the production of asbestos and asbestos-containing materials and products

POT R M-013-2000: Industry-Wide Occupational Safety and Health Requirements for Chemical Cleaning and Washing

POT R M-025-2002: Intersectoral rules on labor protection during the operation of water supply and sewer facilities

POT R O-00-97: Occupational Safety and Health Requirements in the Pulp and Paper and Rosin Industry

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RD 153-39.4-041-99: Operating rules and regulations for trunk oil product pipelines.

RD 153-39.4-056-00: Main crude pipeline. Operations rules.

RD 24.023.52-90: Products of chemical engineering. Gumming. Typical technological process.

RD 34.21.527-95: Model Guidelines for the Operation of Heating and Ventilating Systems at Thermal Power Plants

RD 34.23.508-91: Model Guidelines for Operation of Suction Fuel Supply Units at Thermal Power Stations

RD 34.35.412-88: Requirements for Acceptance into Operation from Installation and Adjustment of Thermal Power Station Process Control Systems

RD 95 933-91: Elements of metal ducts for ventilation systems. Types and Sizes

RDS 35-201-99: Procedure of realization the requirements for access by the disabled persons to social insfrastructural objects

Recommendations: Aspiration smoke-sensitive alarms VESDA. Part 1. Scope

RMD 23-16-2012 Sankt-Peterburg: Recommendations for energy efficiency in residential and public buildings

RMD 31-07-2009 Sankt-Peterburg: Guidelines for the design of preschool educational institutions in St. Petersburg

Rules 00-97: Rules for Occupational Safety and Health in the Pulp and Paper and Forestry Industries (final)

SanPiN Hygienic Requirements for Coal Mining Industry and Organization of Work

SNiP 3.05.03-85: Heat networks

SP 120.13330.2012: Subway systems

SP 12-95: Instructions for the design of objects of internal affairs bodies (police) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

SP 3.5.675-97: Hygienic requirements for institutions, organizations, companies and individuals involved in the disinfection activities

SP 30.13330.2012: Domestic water supply and sewerage of buildings.

SP 31-106-2002: Design and construction of engineering systems of single-family residential houses

SP 32-105-2004: Subways

SP 35-115-2004: Construction of facilities at institutions of social and medical services for the elderly

SP 40-101-96: Design and installation of pipelines made of polypropylene "Random copolymer"

SP 40-102-2000: Design and installation of pipeline systems of water supply and sewerage made of polymeric materials. General requirements. To replace SN 478-80

SP 40-107-2003: Design, installation and operation of internal sewerage of polypropylene pipes. Amended, published in BST №1, 2004.

SP 40-108-2004: Design and installation of domestic water and heating systems of buildings with copper pipes. Amended, published in BST №1, 2004.

SP 41-109-2005: Design and installation of domestic water and heating systems in buildings using tubes of "cross-linked" polyethylene

SP 471.1325800.2019: Building Information Modeling. Quality control of construction works

SP 66.13330.2011: Designing, building of pressure head networks of water supply and water removal with application of high-strength pipes from pigiron with spherical graphite

SP 73.13330.2012: Internal sanitary-technical systems

SP 73.13330.2016: Internal sanitary-technical systems

STA 25.03.02-2004: Combined security system

TR 119-01: Technical recommendations for the installation of flexible water supply pipes from metal-polymer pipes in sanitary cabins

TR 130-02: Technical recommendations on the design and ductless laying of hot water pipelines from PE-X pipes insulated with polyurethane foam in Proflex corrugated polyethylene sheath

TR 139-03: Technical recommendations for the design and installation of internal water supply systems for buildings using pipes made of cross-linked polyethylene (PE-X)

TR 150-03: Technical recommendations for the design, manufacture and installation of mine packages with the use of polypropylene pipes in the overhaul of internal water systems and sanitation of buildings

TR 78-98: Technical recommendations for the design and installation of internal plumbing of buildings from metal-polymer pipes

TR 83-98: Technical recommendations for the design and installation of internal sewage systems of buildings from polypropylene pipes and fittings

TR 94.05-99: Standard Procedure for Operational Quality Control of Construction, Installation, and Military Construction Work During Construction of Buildings and Structures. 05: Installation of Plumbing Systems

TR 95.13-01: Standard Procedure for Construction and Installation Practices for Erection of Buildings and Structures. 13: Standard Procedure for Installation of Building Services Systems

TSN 12-310-2000: Acceptance and Commissioning of Completed Construction Projects in the Moscow Region

TSN 12-314-2002: Acceptance of the completed construction of real estate in the Ivanovo region

TSN 12-323-2003: Acceptance and commissioning of completed construction projects. The main provisions. Arkhangelsk region

TSN 31-324-2002: Preschool educational institutions. St. Petersburg

TSN 31-325-2002: General educational institutions (including boarding schools for children with disabilities). St. Petersburg

TSN 40-301-97: Regional Building Code for Water Supply and Drainage Systems for Low-Rise Residential Projects Located in the Moscow Region

TSN 40-304-2003: Water supply to buildings, external networks and water supply facilities for low-rise housing construction and horticultural associations of citizens. Samara Region

TSN 41-302-2000: Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning Systems

TSN 41-304-2002: Apartment heating systems from gas-fired boilers. Smolensk region

TSN 41-310-2004: Apartment heating systems from gas-fired heat generators. Kursk region

TSN 41-312-2004 MO: Individual apartment heating system based on double-circuit gas boilers with a closed combustion chamber

TSN JeK 97 MO: Technical rules and norms for the construction, operation and monitoring of the construction of water disposal systems for low-rise buildings in the Moscow region

TSN MU 97: Guidelines (regulations) on certification of water treatment equipment for individual (household) and collective use of water supply and sanitation in the Moscow region

VNTP 13-2-93: Norms of technological design of mining enterprises of metallurgy with underground mining method

VSN 07-81/Minoborony: Technical rules of quality control and acceptance of installation work at the facilities of the Ministry of Defense

VSN 11-94: Industry-Specific Building Code for the Design and Trenchless Installation of District Heating Piping Made of Polyethylene-Jacket Pipes with Factory-Applied Polyurethane Foam Insulation

VSN 35-86: Guidelines for Installation of Plastic Piping at USSR Gosagroprom Facilities

VSN 8-94: Industry-Specific Building Code for Installation of Domestic Water Supply Systems Equipped with Water Meters, Backflow/Distribution Valves, and Flexible Connectors for Plumbing Fixtures

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