GOST 14192-77

ГОСТ 14192-77

Marking of cargoes

Маркировка грузов

Status: Not effective - Superseded. IUS 9-1997

The standard establishes the general rules for labeling goods, including those delivered for export, as well as the application of marking characterizing the shipping container, and is intended to develop regulatory and technical documentation for specific types of products. Marking of dangerous goods must comply with the requirements of GOST 19433-81. The standard does not apply to the label containing data on packaged products, the requirements for which should be established in the regulatory and technical documentation for specific types of products, and does not apply to the labeling of goods sent by specialized vehicles, postal parcels and bulk in vehicles.

Стандарт устанавливает общие правила маркировки грузов, в том числе поставляемых для экспорта, а также нанесения маркировки, характеризующей транспортную тару, и предназначен для разработки нормативно-технической документации на конкретные виды продукции. Маркировка опасных грузов должна соответствовать требованиям ГОСТ 19433-81. Стандарт не распространяется на маркировку, содержащую данные об упакованной продукции, требования к которой должны устанавливаться в нормативно-технической документации на конкретные виды продукции, а также не распространяется на маркировку грузов, отправляемых специализированными транспортными средствами, почтовыми посылками и насыпью в транспортных средствах.

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Approved: State Committee of the Council of Ministers of the USSR on standards, 5/18/1977

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National Standards for OKSTU » SYSTEMS OF GENERAL TECHNICAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL-METHODOLOGICAL STANDARDS » General rules and regulations for transport, packaging, packaging and labeling of goods »

The Document is Replaced With:

GOST 14192-96: Cargo marking

As a Replacement Of:

GOST 10.73-73: Pneumatic regulator devices of SSI. Additional technical requirements for products manufactured for export

GOST 14192-71: Transport tare. Marking

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GOST 12927-77: Cattle and hog adrenal glands, frozen. Specifications

GOST 12928-67: Cattle and pig spinal cord, frozen. Specifications

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GOST 12965-85: General purpose oil-immersed power transformers rated for voltages 110 and 150 kv

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GOST 13015.2-81: Prefabricated concrete and reinforced concrete constructions and products. Marking

GOST 13032-77: Polymethylsiloxane fluids. Specifications

GOST 13045-81: Rota meters

GOST 13073-77: Zinc wire

GOST 13084-88: Powders of high-alloyed steels and alloys. Specifications

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GOST 13206-78: Ellipsoid reflector for searchlight railway signal lights. Specification

GOST 13215-79: Thrust centers and semi-centers

GOST 13223-87: Astrakhan-Persian lamb unprocessed lambskin pelts, unprocessed kid pelts. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 13240-78: Blanks of optical glass. Specifications

GOST 13252-73: Check valves reversible rotary, made of steel for design pressure Pd 16 MPa (160 kgf / cm2) Technical requirements

GOST 13268-83: Tubular heating elements (the)

GOST 13268-88: Tubular electric heaters

GOST 13271-67: Cold-smoked sardine

GOST 13276-79: Overhead line hardware. General specifications

GOST 13303-86: High-molecular polyisobutylene

GOST 13357-87: Boxes of planks for confectionary. Specifications

GOST 13384-81: Measuring transformers for thermocouple and resistance thermometers SSI. General technical conditions

GOST 13399-89: Flowers of arnica. Specification

GOST 13448-82: Plastic ventilation grilles. Technical conditions

GOST 13514-93: Boxes of corrugated board for products of light industry. Specifications

GOST 13516-86: Corrugated cardboard boxes for canned food, preserves and food liquids. Specifications

GOST 13548-77: Thin-walled tubes of nickel and nickel alloys

GOST 13556-91: Building tower pillars building tower pillars

GOST 13568-75: Power transmission

GOST 13646-68: Glass mercury thermometers designed for precise measurements

GOST 13715-78: Glued boards. Specifications

GOST 13726-78: Aluminium and aluminium alloys strips. Specifications

GOST 13744-87: Fluoroplast-3. Specifications

GOST 13750-88: Micaceous plates for instrument-making. Specifications

GOST 13752-86: Trimmed muscovite mica for water columns of high-pressure boilers. Specifications

GOST 13762-86: Measuring means for linear and angular measurements. Marking, packing, transporting and storage

GOST 13830-91: Edible salt

GOST 13835-73: Low-molecular thermal shock resistant synthetic rubber СКТН. Specifications

GOST 13840-68: Reinforced steel wire ropes 1x7

GOST 13841-79: Corrugated board boxes for chemical products. Specifications

GOST 13843-78: Rod aluminium wire. Technical conditions

GOST 13853-78: Seeds ofleguminose forest trees and shrubs. Sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 13855-87: Fruits of sand stabilizing forest. Sowing characteristics. Specification

GOST 13856-87: Seeds of hornbeam, linden and some tree species of limited spread. Sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 13857-95: Seeds of trees and shrubs. Sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 13861-89: Pressure regulators for the flame machining

GOST 13865-68: Canned natural fish with addition of oil

GOST 13871-78: Ceramic insulators for voltage to 1000 V. General specifications

GOST 13877-80: Sucker rods and couplings

GOST 13910-81: Alttuberkuline for mammals

GOST 13913-78: Laminated wood plastics. Specifications

GOST 13981-87: Forms for reinforced concrete pressure pipes made by vibrohydropressed method. Specifications

GOST 13996-84: Facade ceramic tiles and carpets thereof. Specifications

GOST 13996-93: Facade ceramic tiles and carpets of them. Specifications

GOST 1400-91: Handles for builder's axes. Specifications

GOST 14012-76: Tachometric ball-based flowmeters SSE. Specification

GOST 14022-78: Anhydrous hydrogen fluoride. Specification

GOST 14022-88: Anhydrous hydrogen fluoride

GOST 14032-68: Hardtacks

GOST 14033-68: Cracker. General specifications

GOST 14039-78: Emulsion polyvinylchloride. Specifications

GOST 14053-78: Synthetic rubber CKC-50 ГПC. Specifications

GOST 14106-80: Curing autoclaves

GOST 14110-80: Reusable semirigid slings. Specifications

GOST 14118-85: Wire made of precision alloys, designed for elastic elements

GOST 14146-88: Fuel filters for diesel engines

GOST 14161-86: Seeds of coniferous tree species. Sowing characteristics. Specification

GOST 14167-83: Turbine cold water meters

GOST 14174-89: Undressed skins of fox and corsack-fox, obtained by hunting. Specifications

GOST 14177-88: Spindles with built-in drive

GOST 14192-96: Cargo marking

GOST 14201-83: Tall hard rosin

GOST 14205-84: Cathode-ray camera tubes. General specifications

GOST 14213-89: Logging cable tips, sonde heads and logging tools heads. Types, main parameters, dimensions and technical requirements

GOST 14227-85: Dish washing machines

GOST 14234-84: Audio frequency signal transformers for domestic radio equipment. General specifications

GOST 14256-78: Asbestos electro-and heat insulating tapes. Specifications

GOST 14279-79: Sleeved water collecting. Technical conditions

GOST 14299-79: Switch keys. Specifications

GOST 14300-79: Telephone push-button switches. Specifications

GOST 14362-69: Carded cotton grey single roving yarn. Specifications

GOST 1443-78: Knitted cloth polymer foot-wear. Specifications

GOST 14613-83: Fibreboard. Specifications

GOST 14614-79: Plywood plus

GOST 14619-69: Industrial cotton fabrics for aircraft industry. Specifications

GOST 14630-80: Fire water sprinklers and drenchers

GOST 14632-79: Multilayer and single-layer polyvinylchloride linoleum without backing. Technical requirements

GOST 14651-78: Electrode holders for manual arc welding

GOST 1467-93: Cadmium. Specifications

GOST 14680-79: Synthetic heat-resistant rubber SKT. Specification

GOST 1468-90: Cadmium anodes. Specifications

GOST 14695-80: Compact unit substations

GOST 14791-79: Sealing non-hardening

GOST 14794-79: Concrete current-limiting

GOST 14803-85: Rivets (high precision). General specifications

GOST 14839.20-77: Commercial explosives. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 14869-78: Fabrics, silk with woven in pile of man-made threads and yarns. General specifications

GOST 14869-85: Fabrics, silk with woven in pile of man-made threads and yarns. General specifications

GOST 14888-78: Benzoyl peroxide technical. Specifications

GOST 14901-93: Moulds for the manufacture of industrial rubber articles

GOST 14906-77: Fluoroplastic-4D. Specifications

GOST 14907-88: Dictaphones

GOST 14922-77: Aerosil (silicon dioxide). Specifications

GOST 14924-75: Cis-butadiene synthetic rubber CKД. Specifications

GOST 14940-75: Bleached sulphate pulp made of deciduous (aspen) wood. Specifications

GOST 14961-91: Linen threads and linen threads with chemical filaments. Specifications

GOST 14965-80: Three-phase synchronous generators of power over 100 kw

GOST 1500-78: Witrous vitriol. Specification

GOST 15052-69: Cakes

GOST 1505-81: Mouthpiece cigarette. General specifications

GOST 15062-83: W.c. bowl seats. Specifications

GOST 15161-93: Herb of saint-John's-worth. Specifications

GOST 15167-85: Ceramic sanitary wares. General technical requirements

GOST 15168-70: Canned meat. Juice packed liver. Specifications

GOST 15176-89: Extruded electrotechnical buses from aluminum and aluminum alloys

GOST 1525-91: Rods of monel. Specifications

GOST 15469-82: Mirrors for furniture. Specification

GOST 15515-70: Nickel electrolyzed strips. Specifications

GOST 15581-80: Coupling and power selection capacitors for electricity transmission lines

GOST 15594-80: Throw-over type jaw crawler-mounted log loaders

GOST 15595-84: Die-casting machines

GOST 15616-84: Pneumatic screw pumps for cement. General specifications

GOST 15628-79: Synthetic rubbers butadiene methyl styrene CKMC-30APKM-27 and butadiene styrene CKC-30APKM-27. Specifications

GOST 15635-70: Refractory fire-clay products for hot-metal transfer ladles lining. Specifications

GOST 1571-82: Turpentine oil

GOST 1577-81: Rolled sheets and wide strips of structural quality steel. Specifications

GOST 15810-80: Confectionary. Cakes. Specifications

GOST 15829-89: Booster fuel piston type pumps for diesel engines

GOST 1583-89: Aluminium casting alloys. Specifications

GOST 15851-84: Suspension devices for mine cages

GOST 15856-84: Photomultipliers. General specifications

GOST 15866-70: Organo-silicone fluid PFMS-4. Specifications

GOST 15885-77: Tin-zinc-lead bronze ribbons and strips. Specifications

GOST 15897-79: Polyamide thread for industrial use. Specifications

GOST 15899-93: 1,1,2,2,-tetrafluorodibromethane (khladon 114B2). Specifications

GOST 15946-94: Herba bidentis. The herb of Water Agrimony. Specifications

GOST 1595-90: Aluminium-manganese bronze strips and ribbons. Specifications

GOST 15962-84: Cathode-ray receptive tubes. General specifications

GOST 15976-81: Perforated and perforated-corrugated vinyl plastic film. Specifications

GOST 15978-93: Synthetic filter fabrics for diary industry. Specifications

GOST 1598-75: Fireclay refractory products for blast furnaces. Specifications

GOST 15991-86: Anthrax of animals live vaccine

GOST 16080-70: Salted pacific salmon

GOST 160-84: Spindles for twisting and spinning machines

GOST 1608-88: Incandescent lamps for ships

GOST 16108-80: Concentrated datolite. Specifications

GOST 16120-86: Low-current timers

GOST 16121-86: Weak-current electromagnetic relays

GOST 16140-77: Collapsible racks. Specifications

GOST 16162-85: Standard reducers. General specifications

GOST 16165-80: Transistor ultrasonic oscillators for technological plants

GOST 16208-84: High-intensity gas-discharge sources of optical radiation. General specifications

GOST 16221-79: Yurts felt. Specifications

GOST 16264.0-85: Low-power electric motors

GOST 16280-88: Agar. Food grade. Specifications

GOST 16287-77: Glass industrial electrodes for determination hydrogan ion activation SSI. Specifications

GOST 1629-55: Granular salmon roe

GOST 16313-97: Electric motor frequency convertors with rated power up to 200 kW and frequency to 20000 Hz. General specifications

GOST 16324-83: Cast iron diaphragm control valves with pneumatic diaphragm actuator

GOST 16337-77: High-pressure polyethylene. Specifications

GOST 16361-87: Saw dust

GOST 16371-84: Furniture. General requirements

GOST 1639-78: Non-ferrous metals and alloys scrap and waste. General specifications

GOST 16426-81: Electrotechnical marble crumb. Specifications

GOST 16428-89: Industrial fabrics of natural silk and synthetic threads. Specifications

GOST 16446-78: Lyophilized complement for the reaction of complement binding

GOST 16475-81: Polyvinylchloride floor tiles. Specifications

GOST 16485-87: Dimethyldichlorsilan purified. Specifications

GOST 16508-70: Insulating silicon varnishes. Specifications

GOST 16518-87: Machine vice hand and mechanical drives. General specifications

GOST 16518-96: Machine vice with hand and mechanical drives

GOST 16528-81: Rectangular magnetic plates. Specification

GOST 16535-79: Corrugated board boxes for ice-cream. Technical requirements

GOST 16537-83: Condensed cotton yarn. Specifications

GOST 16708-84: Rotary switches. General specifications

GOST 1674-77: Silk twisted threads. Specifications

GOST 167-69: Lead tubes. Specifications

GOST 16774-78: Copper pipes of rectangular and square section

GOST 16809-78: Start-control devices for gas-discharge lamps. General specifications

GOST 16809-88: Starter and control devices

GOST 16935-93: Manually and power driven round rotary tables

GOST 16959-80: Metal cast boxes for wirings. General specifications

GOST 16978-89: Canned fish in tomato sauce

GOST 17000-71: Packaging consumer, of polymers, for lubricants. Specification

GOST 17008-85: Compressors, Freon, encapsulated

GOST 1701-75: Automobile pressure gauges and automotive pressure indicators. General specifications

GOST 17019-78: Fixing parts for pipelines and cables. Specifications

GOST 17041-77: Rulers for drawing instruments. Specifications

GOST 17053.1-80: Ship shock absorbers AKCC-M. Specifications

GOST 17053.2-80: Inserts for ship shock absorbers АКСС-М. Specifications

GOST 17057-89: Glass carpet-mosaic facing tiles and carpets from them. Specifications

GOST 17065-94: Wound cardboard drums

GOST 17071-91: Fuel oil. Specifications

GOST 1709-75: Coal-tar vanishes. Specifications

GOST 17133-83: Rubber sheets for articles, contacting with food stuff. Specifications

GOST 1713-79: Barium nitrate technical. Technical conditions

GOST 17139-79: Roving of glass threads. Specifications

GOST 17147-80: Fuel TG-02. Specifications

GOST 1720-76: Crude coal anthracene

GOST 17217-79: Copper-nickel alloyed tubes grade Mnzh 5-1

GOST 17232-79: Aluminium and aluminium alloys plates. Technical conditions

GOST 17305-71: Wire of carbon construction steel. Specification

GOST 17328-78: Tintless foundry bronze ingots. Specifications

GOST 17354-71: Technical 4-hydroxybenzoic acid. Specifications

GOST 17358-80: Polymeric returnable boxes for bottles with food liquids. Specifications

GOST 17366-80: Welded thick-walled steel barrels for chemical products

GOST 17404-81: Glanders immune serum designed for carrying out the complement-fixation reaction

GOST 17405-81: Glanders antigen designed for carrying out the complement-fixation reaction

GOST 17431-72: Powder material. M-MP alloy Sheets. Specifications

GOST 17432-72: Powder material M-MP alloy Forgings and Rods. Specifications

GOST 17435-72: Drawing rulers. Specifications

GOST 17445-80: Commercial hexachlorobenzene

GOST 17477-86: Tetrahydrofurfuril alcohol. Specifications

GOST 17478-72: Moulding material Дcb. Specifications

GOST 17483-72: Fodder animal fat. Specifications

GOST 17493-80: Electric machine frequency converters with power rating 250 kw up

GOST 17504-80: Cotton and blended fabrics finished with synthetic resins. General specifications

GOST 17557-80: Photometric terminal blocks. General technical requirements

GOST 17581-72: Mechanical signal flags of warning means. Design, dimensions and technical requirements

GOST 17594-81: Dry bay-leaves

GOST 17607-72: Nickel soured. Technical conditions

GOST 17612-89: Ceramic acid-resistant pocking rings. Specifications

GOST 1761-79: Tin-phosphorus and tin-zinc bronze ribbons and strips. Specifications

GOST 1761-92: Tin-phosphorus and tin-zinc bronze ribbons and strips. Specifications

GOST 17622-72: Industrial organic plastic. Specifications

GOST 17634-72: Power supply transformers of types TS-180-2 and TS-180-4. Specification

GOST 17660-72: Frozen fish dressed by special methods

GOST 17675-80: Electro insulating flexible tubes. General specifications

GOST 17675-87: Flexible electrical insulating tubes

GOST 17677-82: Light fixtures

GOST 17692-89: Car radio receivers

GOST 17716-91: Looking-glasses. General specifications

GOST 17717-79: Alternating-current load-break cutouts for voltages of 3 to 10 kv

GOST 17746-79: Spongy titanium. Specifications

GOST 1789-70: Beryllium bronze strips and ribbons. Specifications

GOST 1790-77: Wire made of chrome, aluminum, copper and constantan alloys for thermo electrodes of thermo-electric converters

GOST 1791-67: Wire from nickel and copper-nickel alloys for extension leads to the thermoelectric transducers.

GOST 18058-80: Three-phase asynchronous squirrel-cage submersible electric motors series ПЭД. Specifications

GOST 18088-83: Metal-cutting, diamond, wood-cutting and fitter's tools. Packing, marking, transportation fitter and auxiliary

GOST 18099-78: Enamels ML-152. Specifications

GOST 18102-95: Medical castor oil

GOST 18103-84: Installations for manufacturing reinforced concrete three-dimensional elements of sanitary engineering cabins and lift shafts. Specifications

GOST 18104-81: Forms of steel for the manufacture of reinforced concrete centrifuged non-pressure pipes. Specification

GOST 18108-80: Polyvinylchloride linoleum with heat and sound-insulating backing. Specifications

GOST 18124-95: Asbestos cement flat sheets. Specifications

GOST 18130-79: Semi-automatic machines for consumable electrode arc welding

GOST 18140-84: SSI differential pressure gauges. General specifications.

GOST 18142-80: Electricity converters, static, semiconductor, ac to dc (rectifiers). General specifications

GOST 18143-72: Corrosion resistant

GOST 18172-80: Yellow iron oxide pigment

GOST 18200-79: Three-phase synchronous motors with power rating 110 kW and above. General specifications

GOST 18200-90: Above 200 kW rotating electric machines. Synchronous engines. General specifications

GOST 1820-85: Matches

GOST 18215-87: Polyamide industrial fabrics for conveyer belts and flat driving belts. Specifications

GOST 18225-72: Sacks of flax-jute-kenaf. Specification

GOST 18255-85: Smoked and cooked pork products

GOST 18256-85: Pork products,

GOST 18273-89: Woollen sheet wadding stitched by canvas. General specifications

GOST 18286-88: Three-program wired broadcasting receivers. General specifications

GOST 18287-81: Colloidal aluminum hydroxide

GOST 18289-78: Reagents. Sodium tungstate 2-aqueous. Specifications

GOST 18300-72: Technical rectified ethyl alcohol. Specifications

GOST 18302-87: Dried abomasums of milk-fed lambs and kids and calves. Specifications

GOST 18319-83: Corrugated board boxes for meat mincers. Specifications

GOST 18325-80: Laboratory furniture for operation with radioactive substances. General requirements

GOST 18326-87: Low-alloyed zinc sheets for one-stage and multistage etching. Specifications

GOST 18337-80: Thallium. Specifications

GOST 18343-80: Pallets for bricks and hollow clay tiles

GOST 18351-73: Magnesium alloy extruded rods. Specifications

GOST 18375-73: Lubricating oil 132-08. Specifications

GOST 18376-79: Fluoroelastomers CKФ-26 and CKФ-32. Specifications

GOST 18394-73: Tin plated lead foil and tin foil. Specifications

GOST 18396-88: Holders for luminescent lamps and starters

GOST 18397-86: Ac high-voltage circuit breakers standard voltage 6-220 kv for frequent switching operations

GOST 18398-81: The ionizing radiation germanium detectors for spectrometry. General specifications

GOST 18423-73: Squids, canned in natural juice

GOST 18435-73: Jig bushes. Technical requirements

GOST 18475-82: Cold-worked aluminum and aluminum alloy pipes

GOST 18487-80: Canned dinner courses for special consumer. Specifications

GOST 18514-73: End caps for rolling bearing blocks. Technical requirements

GOST 18518-80: Automatic machines

GOST 18523-79: Tractor and combine diesel engines. Leaving diesels for capital repair and delivering them from capital repair. Specifications

GOST 18524-85: Farm tractors and their components passed for overhaul and received from overhaul. Specifications

GOST 18575-81: Woollen multiturn cases for bottles containing food liquids. Specifications

GOST 18578-89: Builders axes. Specifications

GOST 18599-83: Polyethylene pressure pipes

GOST 18613-88: Hydraulic fluid of grades 132-10 and 132-10Д. Specifications

GOST 18623-82: Cast ceramic tiles and carpets thereof

GOST 18631-87: Sound pick-up heads. General specifications

GOST 18663-78: Fodder vitamin b12

GOST 18671-73: Cobalt oxide. Technical conditions

GOST 18680-73: Sealing details. General specifications

GOST 18690-82: Cables, wires, cord and armature. Marking, packing, carriage and storage

GOST 18694-80: Hard phenol formaldehyde resins. Specifications

GOST 18707-81: Jumpers for protection of rocketry and space-rocketry items from static electricity

GOST 18710-91: Household electric mixers

GOST 18711-73: Wooden parts for tents. General technical requirements

GOST 18724-88: Coarse-wool fulled footwear

GOST 18829-73: Rubber o-ring seals for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. Specifications

GOST 18834-83: Magnetic wire for recording harmonic signals

GOST 18846-73: Zinc foil. Specifications

GOST 18864-82: Drawing devices. Specification

GOST 18865-82: Drafting machines. Specification

GOST 18896-73: Steel thick-walled drums for chemical products. Specifications

GOST 18908.10-73: Cut flowers. Gladioluses. Specifications

GOST 18908.1-73: Cut flowers. Roses. Specifications

GOST 18908.2-73: Cut flowers. Chrysanthemums. Specifications

GOST 18908.3-73: Cut flowers. Perpetual carnations. Specifications

GOST 18908.5-73: Cut flowers. Peonies. Specifications

GOST 18908.6-73: Cut flowers. Asters. Specifications

GOST 18908.7-73: Cut flowers. Tulips. Specifications

GOST 18908.9-73: Cut flowers. Narcissi. Specifications

GOST 18918-85: Amorphous

GOST 18954-73: Gas sampling and storage glass apparatus and tubes (pipettes). Specifications

GOST 18962-86: Floor-mounted machines of railless electric transport

GOST 19031-73: Closing up for ropes and their components. Specifications

GOST 19034-82: Tubes of polyvinylchloride plastic. Specifications

GOST 1908-82: Condenser paper. General specifications

GOST 1908-88: Capacitor paper

GOST 19096-73: Dioctyl sebacate, thermostable. Specification

GOST 19108-81: Tubular heating elements (THE) for household electric appliances. General specifications

GOST 19126-79: Metallic medical instruments

GOST 19132-86: Contact clips for mounting in blocks

GOST 19133-73: Seals of polyethylene. Specification

GOST 19135-80: Domestic siphons. Specifications

GOST 19136-80: Gas cylinders for domestic siphons. Specifications

GOST 19159-85: Army uniform. Marking, packing, transportation and storage

GOST 19170-73: Constructive fabrics of glass twisted complex threads. Specifications

GOST 19177-81: Rubber porous sealing gaskets

GOST 19191-73: Rigging screws with automatic stopping. Specifications

GOST 19196-93: Fabrics for shoes. General specifications

GOST 19213-73: Technical synthetic carbon bisulphide. Specifications

GOST 19234-87: Technical monoethylamine. Specifications

GOST 19246-73: Sheets and slabs from rolled slag-cobalt

GOST 19246-82: Sheets and slabs from rolled slag-cobalt. Specification

GOST 19285-73: Concentrated kaolin for manufacture of paper and pasteboard. Specifications

GOST 19294-84: Low-power general-purpose transformers

GOST 19317-73: Linen grocery bags. Specification

GOST 19324-80: Rubber protective caps. Specifications

GOST 19342-73: Frozen liver of cattle and pigs. Specifications

GOST 19343-73: Frozen pigs' stomachs. Specifications

GOST 19347-84: Copper sulfate. Technical conditions

GOST 19357-81: Copper-aluminum connection plates

GOST 19424-74: Cast zinc alloys in pigs. Specifications

GOST 19433-81: Dangerous cargoes. Classification. Danger signs

GOST 19441-74: Magnesium-alloy extruded tubes. Specifications

GOST 19445-80: Mechanical pencils. General specifications

GOST 19449-93: Seeds of perennial grass farage crops. Sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 19450-93: Seeds of perennial legume forage crops. Sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 19451-93: Seeds of annual forage and nectareous crops. Sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 19459-87: Injection moulding polyamide copolymers. Specifications

GOST 19478-74: Polyvinyl chloride plasticate for telephone cord insulation and shell. Specifications

GOST 19493-74: Paper alkali-proof for zinc-mercury cells

GOST 19498-74: Sand slingers. General specifications

GOST 19503-88: Hydrazine hydrate technical. Technical conditions

GOST 19523-74: The motors, three-phase asynchronous squirrel-cage series 4A with power from 0.06 to 400 kW. General specifications

GOST 19523-81: Electric rotating machines sized from 50 to 355. Asynchronous motors of 4A series, three-phase with squirrel-cage rotor. Specification

GOST 19571-74: Scaly mica. Specifications

GOST 19597-94: Garden rakes

GOST 19598-95: Lawn-and-garden hoes, grub-axes and cultivators

GOST 19608-84: Concentrated kaolin for rubber-industrial and plastic products, artificial leather and cloth. Specifications

GOST 19627-74: Hydroquinone (paradioxybenzene). Specifications

GOST 19652-89: Synthetic primary fatty alcohols, C7-C9 fractions. Specifications

GOST 19671-81: Tungsten wire for light sources. Specification

GOST 19671-91: Tungsten wire for light sources

GOST 19681-83: Water mixing and distribution accessories for sanitary and laboratory applications. General technical requirements

GOST 19681-94: Sanitary technical water mixing and distributing accessories. General specifications

GOST 19687-84: Electrocardiographs. General specifications

GOST 19691-80: Nitroammophoska. Specification

GOST 19700-91: Industrial blended cloths for conveyer belts. Specifications

GOST 19729-74: Ground talc for manufacture of rubber products and plastics. Specifications

GOST 19734-80: Input control devices for residential and public buildings

GOST 1973-77: Arsenous anhydride. Specifications

GOST 19752-84: Sealing metal flat gaskets for closed gates. Specifications

GOST 19755-84: Sealing metal conical gaskets for closed gates. Specifications

GOST 19775-87: Magnetic heads for tape recorders. General specifications

GOST 19777-74: Fingers for cutter bars of agricultural machines. Specification

GOST 19783-74: Organic-silicon heat-conducting paste. Specifications

GOST 19814-74: Synthetic and regenerated acetic acid. Specifications

GOST 19815-74: Life-buoy

GOST 19848-74: Goods transportation in case and rack pans. General requirements

GOST 19855-74: Glass mercury contact thermometers

GOST 19881-74: Potentiometric analyzers for pH-control of milk and dairy products. General specifications

GOST 19906-74: Sodium nitrite technical. Technical conditions

GOST 19910-74: Water heater instantaneous appliances burning town gas

GOST 19930-91: Sewing domestic machines. General specifications

GOST 19946-74: Dies for casting of non-ferrous alloys. Specifications

GOST 199-78: Reagents. Sodium acetate 3-aqueous. Specifications

GOST 20000-88: Tractor and combine diesel engines

GOST 20009-74: Switchboard lamp holder. Specifications

GOST 20015-88: Chloroform. Specifications

GOST 20023-89: Industrial fabrics 'Excelsior'. Specifications

GOST 20057-74: Frozen oceanic fish. Specifications

GOST 201-76: Trisodium phosphate. Technical conditions

GOST 20180-91: Radioisotope densitometers for liquid and pulp measuring

GOST 20215-84: Semiconductor microwave diodes. General specifications

GOST 2021-90: Ship's steel manholes. Specifications

GOST 20219-74: Water flow gas heaters for domestic purposes

GOST 20272-83: Lining fabrics made of chemical threads and yarn

GOST 20282-86: General-purpose polystyrene. Specifications

GOST 20291-80: Sodium polyphosphate technical. Technical conditions

GOST 20292-74: Laboratory volumetric glassware. Burettes, pipettes

GOST 20298-74: Ion-exchange resins. Cation exchangers. Specifications

GOST 20301-74: Ion-exchange resins. Anionites. Specifications

GOST 20363-74: Transparent drawing paper. Specifications

GOST 2036-77: Vertical bucket excavators. Specification

GOST 20370-74: Methyl methacrylate. Specifications

GOST 2037-82: Auger conveyors, stationary, general purpose. General specifications

GOST 20397-82: Technical facilities for minicomputers. General technical requirements, acceptance, methods of testing, marking, packaging, transportation and storage, manufacturer's warranties

GOST 20410-75: Frozen cattle epiphysis. Specifications

GOST 20414-93: Frozen squid cuttle. Specifications

GOST 20424-75: Motors three-phase asynchronous short-circuited built-in cold-oil-resistant. General specifications

GOST 20437-89: Moulding material AГ-4. Specifications

GOST 20448-2018: Fuel liquefied hydrocarbon gases for domestic use. Specifications

GOST 20455-89: Coriander seeds. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 20456-89: Clary seeds. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 20463-75: Wooden cases reinforced with wire for vegetables and fruit. Specifications

GOST 20469-81: Domestic electric meat mincers. Specifications

GOST 20477-75: Polyethylene tape with adhesive layer

GOST 20481-80: Enamels MЛ-1110. Specifications

GOST 20492-87: Tape recorder cassette. General specifications

GOST 20494-75: Isolation bars operational and for grounding. General specifications

GOST 20494-90: Operative insulating rods and portable grounding rods

GOST 20519-75: System of standardization of products for export. Exhibits for fairs and exhibitions. General requirements

GOST 20548-87: Heating hot-water boilers with heating outputs

GOST 20568-75: Rubber masks for submarine swimming

GOST 20572-83: Two-screw pumps and pump units. Specification

GOST 20582-86: Maize seeds. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 2060-73: Brass rods. Specifications

GOST 2060-90: Brass rods. Specifications

GOST 2062-77: Reagents. Hydrobromic acid. Specifications

GOST 20706-75: Microtalc for cable industry. Specifications

GOST 20707-80: Copper and brass ribbons for radiators. Specifications

GOST 20715-75: Polyamide industrial fabrics for wedge belts. Specifications

GOST 20723-89: Fabrics of natural twisted silk for making dresses

GOST 20740-75: Beehives. Specifications

GOST 20746-84: Vice for precision machining

GOST 20783-81: Metal trays for wiring

GOST 20790-82: Medical instruments, apparatus and equipment. General specifications

GOST 20791-83: Centrifugal glandless electric pumps. Technical requirements

GOST 20801-75: Men's uniform coats. Specifications

GOST 20803-81: Metal boxes designed for electric wiring

GOST 20804-81: Profiles bent and stripes perforated of steel for wiring. General specifications

GOST 20848-75: Reagents. Potassium fluoride 2-aqueous. Specifications

GOST 20849-94: Heating convectors. Specifications

GOST 20889-88: Pulleys for driving V-belts with normal sections. General specifications

GOST 20900-75: Copper and brass rectangular waveguide tubes

GOST 20901-75: Refractory and high-refractory products for laying of stoves and hot blast mains of blast furnaces. Specifications

GOST 20907-75: Liquid phenol formaldehyde resins. Specifications

GOST 20966-75: Laminated wood plastic, type ДСП-Б-a. Specifications

GOST 20967-75: Wire rod made from aluminum alloy

GOST 21000-81: Non-strengthened and strengthened fluoroplast sheets laminated with foil. Specifications

GOST 21021-85: Digital programmed control devices

GOST 21031-90: Caraway seeds. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 21032-90: Fennel seeds. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 2103-78: Belt conveyors, mobile, general purpose. Specification

GOST 2103-89: General purpose mobile belt conveyors

GOST 21039-75: Acetic anhydride for industrial use. Specifications

GOST 21100-81: Packages for transport from the details of wooden packaging. Formation, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 21133-75: Specialized box pallets for potatoes, vegetables, fruits, melons and gourds. Specification

GOST 21149-75: Oat flakes. Specifications

GOST 2116-82: Fodder meal from fish, marine mammals, crustaceous and invertebrates

GOST 21179-90: Bee-wax. Specifications

GOST 21180-75: Honeycomb foundation. Specifications

GOST 21192-75: Frozen goitre glands. Specifications

GOST 21195-84: Spectral high-intensity gas-discharge sources of optical radiation. General specifications

GOST 21205-83: Tartaric acid for use in foodstuffs. Specifications

GOST 21228-85: Celluloid. Specifications

GOST 21236-90: Anise seeds. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 21253-75: Automatic filling and metering-and-filling machines

GOST 21288-75: Caoline concentrated for cable industry. Specifications

GOST 21306-75: Lenses for protection against sun glare

GOST 2132-90: Nickel anodes. Specifications

GOST 21339-82: Tachometers

GOST 2136-87: Undressed rabbits skins. Specifications

GOST 21399-75: Transport packs of non-ferrous metal pigs, cathodes and ingots. General requirements

GOST 21405-75: Fresh small-fruited cherry-plums

GOST 21427.4-78: Cold-rolled steel electrical anisotropic strip

GOST 21448-75: Alloyed powders for welding deposit. Specifications

GOST 21449-75: Rods for welding deposit. Specifications

GOST 21458-75: Sodium sulfate crystallization. Technical conditions

GOST 21469-82: Drawing tools and sets thereof. Specification

GOST 21485-94: Flushing tanks with accessories. General specifications

GOST 21488-76: Extruded bars of aluminium and aluminium alloys

GOST 2149-75: Barium carbonate technical. Technical conditions

GOST 21519-84: Windows, balcony doors, shop-windows and stained glass panels of aluminum alloys

GOST 21520-89: Small-sized wall blocks of cellular concrete. Specifications

GOST 21546-88: Hammer dies for die forging

GOST 21550-76: Information filing cards. Specifications

GOST 21566-76: Herniary grass. Technical requirements for export products

GOST 21574-88: Electromagnetic multidisc clutches with magnetic flux conducting disks

GOST 21575-91: Corrugated board boxes for fluorescent lamps. Specifications

GOST 21607-76: Frozen sets for fish soups

GOST 2162-78: Adhesive rubberized tape. Specifications

GOST 21643-82: Mechanical surgical suturing devices

GOST 21646-76: Brass tubes for heat exchange apparatus

GOST 21671-82: Petrol electric units

GOST 21694-82: Welding mechanical equipment. General technical requirements

GOST 21694-94: Mechanical welding equipment

GOST 2170-73: Strips of nickel and nickel low alloys. Specifications

GOST 21722-84: Crocus. Specifications

GOST 21739-76: Ceramic pyroscopes. Specifications

GOST 21744-83: Multilayer metal bellows. General specifications

GOST 21746-92: Lace. General specifications

GOST 21754-81: Welded metallic bellows. Specification

GOST 2179-75: Nickel and silicon nickel wire

GOST 21802-84: Chlorophyll-carotene coniferous paste. Specifications

GOST 21804-83: Shut-off devices for cylinders with liquefied gas of Py1, 6 MPa (16 kgf/cm2). Specifications

GOST 21805-83: Pressure regulators for liquated gas of Py 1,6 MPa. Specifications

GOST 21806-76: Safety and short-delay electric detonators. Specifications

GOST 21810-76: Organic dyestuffs. Direct black 2C. Specifications

GOST 21816-89: Herb of thyme, thrashed. Specifications

GOST 21822-87: Petroleum fragile bitumens. Specifications

GOST 21824-76: Enamels Xc-119 And Xc-119e Specifications

GOST 21825-76: Natural gastric juice

GOST 21834-87: High-precision heavy-duty transmission roller chains

GOST 21836-88: Sight glasses for industrial units. Specifications

GOST 21880-86: Stitched mineral wool mats. Technical requirements

GOST 21907-76: Zirconium dioxide. Specifications

GOST 21908-93: Herb of marjoram. Specifications

GOST 21915-93: Asphalt pavers

GOST 21945-76: Seamless hot-rolled pipes from titanium-based alloys

GOST 21947-76: Pressed hop. Specifications

GOST 21963-82: Cutoff wheels

GOST 2197-78: Tungsten acid. Specification

GOST 21992-83: Profile building glass. Specifications

GOST 21997-76: Steel flattened strip of high strength

GOST 22.9.01-97: Safety in emergencies. Emergency and rescue tools and equipment. General technical requirements

GOST 22.9.04-97: Safety in emergencies. Means for items search in burst. General technical requirements

GOST 22011-90: Passenger and goods lifts. Specifications

GOST 2201-79: Hose connections for 19 mm diameter air hoses. Specifications

GOST 22017-92: Curtain linen. General specifications

GOST 22025-76: Resistive silicon alloys. Specifications

GOST 22046-86: School furniture. General specifications

GOST 22082-76: Injection mould bases, detail-blanks and details of injection moulds. Specifications

GOST 22130-86: Steel Pipeline Parts Movable supports and suspensions Specifications

GOST 22171-90: Laboratory conductometric analysers of liquid. General specifications

GOST 22224-83: Hand flat spring dynamometers. Specifications

GOST 22233-2001: Aluminium alloy extruded sections for translucent envelopes. General specifications

GOST 22233-93: Extruded sections of aluminium alloys for enclosure building structures. General specifications

GOST 22234-76: Polyester 24K. Specifications

GOST 22237-85: Cements. Packing, labelling, transport and storage

GOST 22281-76: Plate conveyors, stationary, general purpose. Specification

GOST 22314-84: Electric hair-driers

GOST 22345-77: Heat-resistant adhesive BC-10T. Specifications

GOST 22357-87: Figure skates. General specifications

GOST 22358-87: Racing and hockey skates. General specifications

GOST 22369-77: Enamels ЭП-567. Specifications

GOST 2237-93: Flores Camomile. The flowers of camomile. Specifications

GOST 22379-77: Gauze cotton-wool products. Specification

GOST 22379-93: Cotton-gauze medical articles

GOST 22380-93: Fixative shaped bandages

GOST 22407-85: Synchronous explicit-pole generators of general purpose

GOST 22414-77: Metal closets for keeping clothes in sanitary and servicing premises of industrial enterprises. General specifications

GOST 22415-77: Wooden closets for keeping clothes in sanitary and servicing premises of industrial enterprises. General specifications

GOST 22438-85: Enamels ЭП-525. Specifications

GOST 22442-77: Refractory articles for stabilizing gas burner chambers. Specifications

GOST 22472-87: Dies for a sheet-metal stamping

GOST 22502-89: Condensing units with hermetic refrigeration compressors for commercial refrigeration machinery

GOST 22521-85: Pressure, vacuum and pressure difference transmitters with pneumatic analogue output signal of gsp (state system of industrial devices and automation systems)

GOST 22522-91: Radioisotope fire detectors

GOST 22524-77: Glass density bottles. Specifications

GOST 22546-77: Heat insulating products of foam-plastic of FRP-1. Specifications

GOST 22551-77: Quartz sand, ground sandstone, quartzite and vinyl quartz for glass industry. Specifications

GOST 22557-84: Time relays. General specifications

GOST 22564-77: Enamels KO-84 and KO-859. Specifications

GOST 22584-88: Rope electric hoists. Specifications

GOST 22618-77: Secondary raw material of felt items. Specifications

GOST 22647-77: Belt conveyors. Specification

GOST 22649-83: Medical air sterilizers

GOST 22665-83: Natural silk sewing threads. Specifications

GOST 22666-77: Copper and copel alloy wire for low-temperature thermocouples

GOST 22696-77: Rolling bearings. Short cylindrical rollers. Technical requirements

GOST 22702-77: Boxes of corrugated board for food liquid bottles, supplied for export. Technical requirements

GOST 22704-77: Rubber-fabric chevron seals for hydraulic units. Specifications

GOST 22723-77: Machines for grinding wooden floors. Specification

GOST 22729-84: SSI fluid analyzers general technical specifications

GOST 22744-84: Flame photometers. General specifications

GOST 22790-83: Assembly units and pipelines components, designed for рnom over 10 to 100 MPa (from 100 to 1000 kgf/cm2). General specifications

GOST 22790-89: Assembly units and pipelines components, designed for рnom over 10 to 100 MPa (from 100 to 1000 kgf/cm2)

GOST 2283-79: Cold-rolled tape made of tool steel and spring steel

GOST 2284-79: Cold-rolled carbon structural steel strip

GOST 22853-86: Mobile buildings. General specifications

GOST 22859-77: Hydraulic auto hoisters

GOST 22860-93: Cadmium of high purity. Specifications

GOST 22861-93: Lead of high purity. Specifications

GOST 228-79: Anchor chains

GOST 22917-78: Cable couplings for arc welding. Specifications

GOST 22929-78: Leakage current protection mining apparatuses for mains designed for voltages up to 1 200 v

GOST 22950-95: Mineral wool slabs of higher rigidity on synthetic bond. Specifications

GOST 2297-90: Technical completing cords. Specifications

GOST 22992-82: Household devices, operating on the liquid fuel

GOST 22999-88: Portable hand-driven sprayers

GOST 23001-88: Propylene oxide technical. Specifications

GOST 23037-78: Unshaped refractories. Aggregates for concrete articles, masses, mixtures, coatings and mortars. Specifications

GOST 23050-78: Biological preparations. Virus vaccine VGNKI dry cultural against Aujeszky disease. Specifications

GOST 23052-78: Telephone cable boxes. Specification

GOST 23058-89: Gelatine. Raw material for medical industry. Specifications

GOST 23067-78: Electric heating equipment for public catering establishments. General specifications

GOST 23094-78: Glass butyrometers. General specifications

GOST 23110-84: Household electric water heaters

GOST 23114-78: Capron industrial fabrics for flexible barriers. Specifications

GOST 23117-91: Semiautomatic grips for tensioning of the steel in prestressed concrete structures. Specifications

GOST 23118-78: Structural metalwork. General specifications

GOST 23122-78: Enamels KO-811 and KO-811K. Specifications

GOST 23123-78: Silvery enamel KO-83. Specifications

GOST 23125-78: Temperature alarms

GOST 23127-78: Mother bee. Specifications

GOST 23143-83: Enamels ЭП-773. Specifications

GOST 23171-78: Enamel AK-512. Specifications

GOST 23173-78: Garden barrows. General technical conditions

GOST 23178-78: High-temperature fluoroborate and boride halogenide fluxes for soldering

GOST 23182-78: Grinding wheels for hand-held grinders

GOST 23200-78: Pleasure row boats and motor boats. General requirements when delivering for export

GOST 23245-78: Wooden containers for items of structural, road building and general engineering. Specifications. E 72. Wooden barrels and drums

GOST 23262-88: Acoustic household systems

GOST 23267-78: Individual medicinal chests. Specifications

GOST 23274-78: Inventory buildings. Electrical devices. General specifications

GOST 23274-84: Mobile buildings. Electrical devices. General specifications

GOST 23275-78: Blood serum

GOST 2327-76: Switches, disconnectors and switches for currents from 25 to 6300 A and voltage up to 1000 V. General specifications

GOST 2327-89: Low-voltage switches, switch-disconnectors. General technical specifications

GOST 23289-94: Waste water drain sanitary accessories. Specifications

GOST 23307-78: Thermoinsulating mineral wool vertically-layered mats. Specifications

GOST 23345-84: Mobile buildings. Sanitary-technical systems. General technical requirements

GOST 23361-78: Foam detergents

GOST 23367-86: Upholstery vinyl artificial leather. General specifications

GOST 23382-78: Piezosorption hygrometers. General specifications

GOST 23389-78: Field levelers

GOST 23415-79: Paper tape with feed holes. General specifications

GOST 23423-89: Fodder methionine

GOST 23438-79: Varnishes of type ПЭ-232, ПЭ-250, ПЭ-250М, ПЭ-250ПМ. Specifications

GOST 23455-79: Preparation «Mastoprim». Specifications

GOST 23462-79: Mixed feeds, protein and vitamin additives carbamide concentrate, premises. Acceptance rules. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 23463-79: High-purity powdery graphite. Specifications

GOST 23465-79: Automobile diesels. General specifications

GOST 23468-85: Micro calculators

GOST 23476-79: Tramway and trolleybus overhead trolley wire supporting devices. General specifications

GOST 23482-84: Sulfite unbleached cellulose from coniferous wood for export

GOST 23508-79: Bookselling furniture for storage compartments. General specifications

GOST 23540-79: Lifting leaf chains with closed spindles

GOST 23543-88: Geodesic instruments

GOST 23546-84: Piezoelectric resonators. General specifications

GOST 23577-79: Seed raw cotton. Specifications

GOST 23614-79: Sodium salt benzenesulphinic acid. Specifications

GOST 2361-74: Limiters for cases flap covers. Specifications

GOST 23624-79: Metering laboratory current transformers

GOST 23625-79: Metering laboratory voltage transformers

GOST 23626-79: Emali HV-714. Tehnicheskie usloviya

GOST 23644-79: Gaseous nitrogen concentrated by stable isotope Nitrogen-15. Specifications

GOST 2364-74: Angles for wood cases. Specifications

GOST 23650-79: Tobacco-fermented material, supplied for export. Specifications

GOST 23672-79: Dolomite for glass industry. Specifications

GOST 23695-94: Enamelled steel sanitary appliances. Specifications

GOST 23697-79: Longitudinal welded tubes from aluminium alloys

GOST 23707-95: Small tools for tillage

GOST 23713-79: Underwear for service men. Sirglets. Specifications

GOST 23733-79: Oil transformers for thyristor electric drives of direct current. Specification

GOST 23755-79: Plates of titanium and titanium alloys. Specifications

GOST 23760-79: Enamels MЧ-145. Specifications

GOST 23768-79: Peppermint leaves. Specifications

GOST 23768-94: Thrashed peppermint leaves. Specifications

GOST 23779-95: Asbestos paper

GOST 23784-84: Low-frequency voltages up to 1500 V and connectors mated set. General specifications

GOST 23784-98: Low-frequency low voltage and combined connectors. General specifications

GOST 23786-79: Drill pipes made of aluminum alloys

GOST 23827-79: Thin wood raw material. Specifications

GOST 23833-95: Commercial refrigeration equipment

GOST 23834-89: Pneumatic tires for sporting bicycles

GOST 23843-79: Pea. Specifications

GOST 23844-79: Khladon 113. Specifications

GOST 23848-79: Motion-picture projectors for 16, 35 and 70 mm films. Marking, packing, transportation and storage

GOST 23881-79: Dry purified tuberculin (ppd) designed for birds

GOST 23886-91: Cadmium sheets and plates. Specifications

GOST 23912-79: Alley of copper-beryllium. Specifications

GOST 23932-79: Laboratory glassware and equipment. General technical requirements

GOST 23949-80: Welding non-consumable tungsten electrodes specifications.

GOST 23951-80: Antiseptic preparation ПБT. Specifications

GOST 23954-80: Mineral fertilizers. Acceptance rules

GOST 23979-80: Subs for pump-and-compressor tubing

GOST 23981-80: Cable lugs

GOST 23999-80: Fodder calcium phosphate

GOST 24095-80: Stop valves with diaphragm of cast-iron. Specification

GOST 24104-88: General purpose and reference laboratory balances

GOST 24126-80: Power transformer on-load tap-changing devices. General specifications

GOST 24140-80: Pipe-line fastening parts. Cramps and clamps. Specifications

GOST 24145-80: Domestic containers for bread. General specifications

GOST 24201-80: Connective and fastening components of glass pipelines

GOST 24207-80: Medicinal products supplied for export. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 24211-91: Concrete additives. General technical requirements

GOST 24234-80: Polyethylene terephtalate film (polyester film). Specifications

GOST 24235-80: Organic dyes. Acid blue K. Specifications

GOST 24237-84: Variable non-wire-wound resistors. General specifications

GOST 24238-84: Fixed resistors. General specifications

GOST 24244-80: Cold-rolled soft thin sheet steel for enameled utensils

GOST 24277-91: Stationary steam turbines for nuclear power plants. General specifications

GOST 24278-89: Stationary steam turbine plants for driving electric generators at thermal power stations

GOST 24285-80: Sealant of marks УТ-34. Specifications

GOST 24301-80: Bronze and brass cast bars and tubes. Technical conditions

GOST 24301-93: Bronze and brass cast bars and tubes. Specifications

GOST 24303-80: Kitchen cookware, made of the ferrous and nonferrous metals

GOST 24333-80: Sign of accident stopping. General specifications

GOST 24371-80: Electronic photo-flashes for amateur photography

GOST 24385-80: Electronic components. The rules marking of packing

GOST 24553-81: Bellows, metal, single-layer, compensatory, reinforced with rings. Specification

GOST 2456-82: Grinding bars

GOST 24579-81: Inflammable caps 'Gevelot'. Specifications

GOST 24615-81: Technical cyclohexanon. Specifications

GOST 24638-85: Annular diamond drills for reinforced concrete constructions

GOST 24645-81: Frozen protein paste "ocean"

GOST 24662-81: Industrial polyester yarn. Specifications

GOST 246-76: Sodium hydrosulfite technical. Technical conditions

GOST 24689-81: Brushes for electrical machines. General specifications

GOST 24702-81: Table oil-cloth. General specifications

GOST 24704-81: Mullite-silica, mullite, mullite-corundum and corundum refractory articles. Specifications

GOST 24709-81: Enamels ЭП-140. Specifications

GOST 24716-91: Dichloramine for industrial use

GOST 24717-81: Refractory materials and products. Marking, packing, transportation and storage

GOST 24741-81: Joint for connection of crane rails to steel crane girders. Specifications

GOST 24752-81: Trolley bus bars of voltage up to 1 000 v

GOST 24784-81: Enamels ПФ-188. Specifications

GOST 24788-81: Enameled steel kitchen utensils.

GOST 24801-81: n-Aminodiethylanilin sulphate. Specifications

GOST 24814-81: Radial roof ventilators

GOST 24835-81: Tree and shrub transplants. Specifications

GOST 24843-81: Steel enamelled sinks and supports for them. Specifications

GOST 24848.2-81: Variable-speed drive v-belts for industrial equipment

GOST 24855-81: Analog converters for measurement of current, voltage, power, frequency, resistance

GOST 24857-81: Axial roof ventilators

GOST 24866-81: Sealed insulating glass units. Specifications

GOST 24866-89: Sealed insulating glass units

GOST 24881-81: Cumin. Industrial raw material. Specifications

GOST 24890-81: Welded titanium and titanium alloys pipes

GOST 2492-84: Power push-button switches and push-button control stations. General specifications

GOST 24936-81: Cast permanent magnets for electrical products. Specifications

GOST 24957-81: Artificial and synthetic leather. Marking, packaging, transportation and storage

GOST 24986-81: Asbestos cement corrugated sheets of high profile 51/177 specifications

GOST 25001-81: Rolled-welded aluminium sheet billets for heat-exchangers. Specifications

GOST 25010-81: Howks for plastering. Specifications

GOST 25013-81: Electrochemical impulse paper

GOST 25043-87: Propylene. Specifications

GOST 25054-81: Forgings made of corrosion-resistant steels and alloys

GOST 25070-87: Ethylene. Specifications

GOST 25084-89: Universal dies with replaceable built-up tool sets

GOST 25088-81: Ship's doors. Specifications

GOST 25105-82: Plain bearings metal bushes and half-liners for pulley-blocks and split bearing blocks. Technical requirements

GOST 25106-82: Plain bearing housings one-piece and sectional

GOST 25134-82: VI EV brucellin

GOST 25149-82: The liquid N7. Specifications

GOST 25178-82: Electric hand driers

GOST 25223-82: Wood-working equipment

GOST 25250-88: PVC film for production of food and medicine package. Specifications

GOST 25255-82: Rolling bearings. Long cylindrical rollers. Technical requirements

GOST 25309-94: Covers of access hatches. Specifications

GOST 25310-94: Covers of skylights. Specifications

GOST 25366-82: Enamel ЭП-5116. Specifications

GOST 25374-82: Extraction bees wax. Specifications

GOST 25388-82: Chemical fibres. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 25428-82: Fluoroplast-42. Specifications

GOST 25452-90: Unarmored high-pressure rubber hoses with metal winding

GOST 25458-82: Wooden (timber) posts for road signs. Specifications

GOST 25459-82: Reinforced concrete posts for road signs. Specifications

GOST 25483-82: Garden watering-pots. Specifications

GOST 25483-95: Garden watering pots

GOST 2548-77: Chromic anhydride technical. Specification

GOST 25500-82: Laminated plastic sheets for electric purpose

GOST 25560-82: Breathing vents for oil product tanks

GOST 25573-82: Freight handling rope slings for construction

GOST 25598-83: Racks of reinforced concrete prestressed for trellis of vineyards. Specification

GOST 25608-83: Cut flowers. Spray carnations. Pelpetual carnations. Specifications

GOST 25611-83: Dielcometric moisture meters for construction materials. General specifications

GOST 25627-83: Reinforced concrete units of silo blocks of grain silos and grain processing facilities. General technical specifications

GOST 25636-83: Phototechnical and photographic amateur films. Marking and packing

GOST 25640-83: Foam rubber products for industrial, agricultural and transport mechanical engineering specifications

GOST 25643-83: Photographic plates. Marking and packing

GOST 25659-83: White fluorescent lamp phosphor. Specifications

GOST 25664-83: Metol (para-methyl-aminophenol sulphate). Specifications

GOST 2567-89: Technical hydrofluoric acid. Specifications

GOST 25690-83: Stitch-bonded composite fabrics PNK-65 for conveyer belts. Specifications

GOST 25749-83: Metal covers for glass container with neck crown of type iii

GOST 25772-83: Steel guard railing of stairways, balconies and roofs. General specifications

GOST 25781-83: Steel moulds for reinforced concrete members. Specifications

GOST 25782-90: Derbies, floats, semifloats. Specifications

GOST 25797-83: Products of lock and hardware for the focal elements of enclosing structures made of aluminum alloys. General specifications

GOST 25804.4-83: Atomic power station technological processes control system equipment. General design-constructional requirements

GOST 25806-83: Test mark of facsimile transmission network. Specifications

GOST 25808-83: Test chart 0273 for facsimile transmission of newspaper pages. Specifications

GOST 2581-78: Magnesium alloy ingots. Specifications

GOST 25821-83: Fluid PGV. Specifications

GOST 25823-83: Manganese dioxide for chemical current sources

GOST 25852-83: Electric contacts from noble metals and their alloys. Specifications

GOST 25856-83: Canned fish with vegetables in bouillon, fillings, marinade and various sauces

GOST 25871-83: Leather goods. Marking, packing, transportation and storage

GOST 25880-83: Heat insulating construction materials and products. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 25894-83: Photographic paper. Marking and packing

GOST 25905-83: Aluminium foil for condensers. Specifications

GOST 25912.0-83: Prestressed reinforced concrete slabs for aerodrome pavement. Specifications

GOST 25912.0-91: Reinforced concrete slabs for aerodrome pavement

GOST 25921-83: Paper tape for graphic devices of computers. Specifications

GOST 25930-83: Plastic covers for cylindrical connectors. Specifications

GOST 2593-2009: Coupling air brake hoses for railway rolling stock. Specifications

GOST 25996-83: High-strength round link chains

GOST 26.006-79: Uniform system of standardization in instrument making. Measuring and automation devices. Marking, packing

GOST 26.205-83: Unified system of standards of instrument making. Telemechanic devices. General specifications

GOST 26.205-88: Telemechanics complexes and devices

GOST 26008-83: cast-iron storm flow receivers for man-holes Specifications

GOST 26050-89: Industrial robots

GOST 26054-85: Industrial robots for resistance welding

GOST 26056-84: Industrial robots for arc welding

GOST 26057-84: Balanced manipulators

GOST 26095-84: Polyester industrial filter fabrics. Specifications

GOST 26116-84: Well-logging apparatus.

GOST 26138-84: Elements of built-in furniture and entresol for residential buildings. Specifications

GOST 26140-84: Medical x-ray units

GOST 26145-84: X-ray medical cassettes

GOST 26154-84: Photographic enlargers

GOST 26155-84: Barrels from corrosion-resistant steel

GOST 26157-84: Taking lenses. General specifications

GOST 26161-89: Operating tables

GOST 26220-84: Aerosol aluminum mono-block bulbs

GOST 26227-84: Level gauges and sensors of the level of industrial application of GSP. General specifications

GOST 26231-84: Wild rose seedlings. Specifications

GOST 2623-73: Balyk cold smoked products from pacific salmon and issykul trout. Specification

GOST 26242-90: Displacement transducers

GOST 2624-77: Copper and brass capillary tubes

GOST 26251-84: Galvanium anodes for corrosion protection. Specifications

GOST 26252-84: Niobium powder. Specifications

GOST 26256-84: Loading chutes for trash ducts of the floors of residential and public buildings. Specification

GOST 26257-84: Permanent containers for trash ducts of the floors of residential and public buildings. Specification

GOST 26271-84: Flux-cored wire welding carbon and low-alloy steels. General specifications

GOST 26287-84: Household electric pumps

GOST 26295-84: Isopropylnitrate. Specifications

GOST 26304-84: Industrial pipeline valves supplied

GOST 26332-84: Medical endoscopes

GOST 26346-84: Lighting buses for the ac voltage up to 660 v

GOST 26358-84: Pig iron castings

GOST 26360-84: Searchlights for vessels

GOST 26363-84: Power generating sets and mobile electric power stations with internal combustion engines. Rules of marking, parking, transportation and storage

GOST 26371-84: Ethyl silicate-40. Specifications

GOST 26381-84: Disposable flat pallets general specifications

GOST 26405-84: Tools for manufacturing bolts and nuts using cold heading machines

GOST 26413.0-85: Power cords

GOST 26492-85: Titanium and titanium alloys rolled bars. Specifications

GOST 26498-85: Nutrient yeast. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 26500-85: Alkaline nickel-iron

GOST 2652-78: Potassium bichromate technical. Technical conditions

GOST 26546-85: Chain variators. General specifications

GOST 26577-85: Fur lined gloves and mittens for service man. Specification

GOST 26582-85: Food (manufacturing) industry machines and equipment

GOST 26584-85: Motorcycle helmets

GOST 26586-85: Glass bottles for liquid foodstuffs supplied for export

GOST 26590-85: Ferroalloys

GOST 26598-85: Containers and means of packaging in building industry

GOST 26624-85: 2-Ethylhexanol technical. Specifications

GOST 26643-85: Communication cables, coaxial. General specifications

GOST 26653-85: Preparation of general cargo for transportation by sea. General requirements

GOST 26653-90: Preparation of general cargoes for transportation. General requirements

GOST 2665-86: Technical nickel sulfate. Technical conditions

GOST 26692-93: Sealed prismatic

GOST 26763-85: Triticalae seeds. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 26799-85: Colour picture tubes. Specifications

GOST 26813-86: Domestic electric air cleaners for kitchens

GOST 26816-86: Cement-bonded wood boards. Specifications

GOST 26821-86: Tableware and decorative articles made of soda-lima-silicate glass. General specifications

GOST 26822-86: Tableware and decorative articles made of crystal glass. General specifications

GOST 26823-86: A summer garden cottage. General specifications

GOST 26840-86: Electrically-and-hand driven ventilating sets erv 72-2 and erv 72-3

GOST 26871-86: Alabaster binding materials. Acceptance rules. Packing, marking, acceptance, transportation and storage.

GOST 26881-86: Stationary leaden batteries

GOST 26887-86: Platforms and ladders for civil engineering work. Specifications

GOST 26910-86: Antiseptic water-proof compounds for protection of timber butt-ends. Specifications

GOST 26997-86: Heart valve prostheses. General specifications

GOST 27096-86: Standard sample of greisens GnA

GOST 27097-86: Standard sample of serpentinite SW

GOST 27098-86: Standard sample of limestone KH-3

GOST 27100-86: Standard sample of anorthosite AnK

GOST 27101-86: Standard sample of aragonite AK

GOST 27173-86: Spectrometric units and devices for detection of ionizing radiation

GOST 27175-86: Polyvinylchloride film materials for domestic user. Marking, packing, transportation, storing

GOST 27206-87: Compounds and products containing stable isotopes

GOST 27274-87: Leather wringing machines

GOST 27306-87: Programmators for household electrical washing machines and dishwashers. General specification

GOST 27310-87: Potato combines

GOST 27321-87: Demountable tubular scaffold for construction works. Specification.

GOST 27324-87: Returnable polymeric boxes. General specifications

GOST 27336-93: Truck concrete pumps

GOST 27338-93: Concrete mixing plant

GOST 27339-93: Mixer trucks

GOST 27351-87: Process execution modules

GOST 27412-93: Jaw crushers

GOST 27442-87: Shoe shaping, molding and lasting equipment

GOST 27443-87: Skinning machines

GOST 27444-87: Leather rolling machines

GOST 27460-87: Tubing, capillaries and stems made of borosilicate glass 3,3. General specifications

GOST 2746-90: Screw holders for electric lamps. General specifications

GOST 2748-77: Hard rubber plates, rods and tubes for electrotechnical purposes. Specifications

GOST 27504-87: Polyester canvas cloths. Specifications

GOST 27513-87: Friction products marking, packing, transportation and storage

GOST 27537-87: Digital indicators

GOST 27540-87: Gas and inflammable vapors thermo-chemical alarms

GOST 27541-87: Worsted all-woollen and half-woollen fabrics of departmental application. Specifications

GOST 27544-87: Liquid-in-glass thermometers. General specifications

GOST 27571-87: Raw sable skins obtained by hunting. Specifications

GOST 27579-88: Rectangular formed-welded section roof trusses. Specifications

GOST 27583-88: Hen eggs for food

GOST 27590-88: Water heaters for heat supply systems

GOST 27598-94: Running rollers road vibration self-moving

GOST 27610-88: Evergreen foliage tree and shrub seedlings. Specifications

GOST 27614-93: Cement carriers

GOST 27628-88: Twisted and plaited goods. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 27635-88: Sortal rose and lilac seedling. Specifications

GOST 2768-84: Acetone technical. Specifications

GOST 27716-88: Masks for printed boards. General specifications

GOST 27747-88: Rabbit meat

GOST 27752-88: Electronic mechanical quartz desktop and wall clocks and alarm clocks

GOST 27766-88: Undressed skins of raccoon of cage breeding. Specifications

GOST 27769-88: Undressed skins of cage breeding. Specification

GOST 27786-88: Fodder grisein

GOST 27832-88: Cotton and mixed blankets

GOST 27837-88: Foot-wear for army. Marking, packing, transportation and storage

GOST 27861-88: Billets and semiproducts of nonferrous metals and their alloys. Marking

GOST 27874-88: Dialyzers designed for the extrarenal clearing of blood

GOST 2787-75: Recycled ferrous metals

GOST 2790-88: Undressed skins of fox of cage breeding. Specifications

GOST 27939-88: Carbon fibre composite ЭПАН. Specifications

GOST 27943-88: Photosensitive charge transfer devices. General specifications

GOST 27952-88: Unsaturated polyester resins. Specifications

GOST 27962-88: Industrial equipment

GOST 27987-88: Potentiometric analyzer of liquid, SSI. General specifications

GOST 28005-88: Carbonic fibre material Ural. Specifications

GOST 28006-88: Structural carbonic strip. Specifications

GOST 28031-89: Ionization chambers for radioisotope instruments. General technical requirements

GOST 28034-89: Electric insulating varnished fabrics

GOST 28055-89: Tree and shrub planting stock. Garden and architectural forms. Specifications

GOST 28131-89: Dentist` s chairs

GOST 28171-89: Gambling machines

GOST 28172-89: Sulfate bleached cellulose from the mixture of hardwood

GOST 28244-89: Reinforced wires and cords. Specifications

GOST 28263-89: Test documents IGP1, IGP2, IGP3, IGP4, IGP5 for facsimile apparatus. Specifications

GOST 28264-89: Test documents FS1, FS2, FS3 for facsimile apparatus. Specifications

GOST 28265-89: Test documents MK1, MK2, MK3 for facsimile apparatus. Specifications

GOST 28266-89: Test documents MPS, RPS, CHRT, SP for facsimile apparatus. Specifications

GOST 28267-89: 64-level gray scale raster test image for facsimile apparatus. Specifications

GOST 28310-89: Solar collector. General specifications

GOST 28328-89: Round electromagnetic chucks

GOST 28367-89: Knitted fur for garments

GOST 28379-89: Putties ЭП-0010 and ЭП-0020. Specifications

GOST 28414-89: Cookery, confectionery and bakery fats

GOST 28439-90: Equipment of digital, fiber optic transmission systems over power lines

GOST 28483-90: Bakery dried yeast. Specifications

GOST 2850-95: Asbestos paperboard

GOST 285-69: Monobasic corrugated barbed wire

GOST 28615-90: Processed fruit wine stock

GOST 28679-90: Steam-water heaters for heat supply systems

GOST 28748-90: Loop non-woven fabrics. General specification

GOST 28757-90: Heaters for systems of regeneration of steam turbines for steam power plants. General specifications

GOST 28775-90: Gas pumping units driven with gas turbine. General specifications

GOST 28829-90: Seedlings of decorative trees and bushes in containers. Specification

GOST 28836-90: Resistive strain-gauge

GOST 28840-90: Machines for tension, compression and bending tests of materials

GOST 28845-90: Machines for long time strength creep, testing and relaxation of materials. General technical requirements

GOST 28850-90: Rhizomes, tubers and other vegetative parts of flowers. Specifications

GOST 28851-90: Vine of flower cultures. Specifications

GOST 288-72: Technical felts and machinery parts from fine wool. Specifications

GOST 28912-91: Filters for stores and filters-separators. Technical specifications

GOST 28948-91: Laboratory tables for operation with radioactive substance. Specifications

GOST 28960-91: Furfurol alcohol. Specification

GOST 28969-91: Stationary steam low-capacity turbines

GOST 28982-91: Pens for fountain pens. Specification

GOST 29105.1-91: Original microplants made from meristems. Specifications

GOST 29105.3-91: Adapted rooted miroscions. Specifications

GOST 2912-79: Chrome oxide technical. Technical conditions

GOST 29146.1-91: Plugs, socket-outlets

GOST 2916-84: Nutria skins are not made. Technical conditions

GOST 2918-79: Liquid sulphur dioxide technical. Specifications

GOST 2923-75: Flat glass plates for interference measurements ПИ60, ПИ80, ПИ100, ПИ120

GOST 29272-92: Rye dried malt. Specification

GOST 295-79: Aluminium for desoxydation, manufacture of ferroalloys and aluminotermiks. Specifications

GOST 297-80: Resistance welding machines

GOST 2991-76: Wooden uncollapsible cases for weights up to 500 kg. General specifications

GOST 30066-96: Electro insulating film 'Lavaril-2N'. Specifications

GOST 30088-93: Seed onion and selected onion. Seeding characteristics. General specifications

GOST 30095-93: Polyester moulding materials (premixes). General specifications

GOST 30106-94: Seed garlic. Varietal and seeding characteristics. Specifications

GOST 30195-94: Submersible asynchronous electric motors

GOST 30198-94: Sport (racing) skis. Specifications

GOST 30223-95: Motorised conveyor drums. General specifications

GOST 30226-93: Cotton and synthetic threads for shoes. Specifications

GOST 3022-80: Technical hydrogen. Specification

GOST 30245-94: Roll-formed steel welded closed square or rectangular sections designed for use in steel structures

GOST 30246-94: Continuously rolled sheet steel with paint coating for Building

GOST 3028-78: Mica splitting. Specification

GOST 30307-95: Building polymer glueing latex mastics. Specifications

GOST 30314-95: Frozen scallop fillet

GOST 30337-95: Lighting chains. General specifications

GOST 30340-95: Asbestos-cement corrugated sheets. Specifications

GOST 30357-96: Carbons cation exchangers. Specifications

GOST 30382-95: Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means. Throttles for interference suppression. General specifications

GOST 3050-77: Hose joints for flexible hoses

GOST 3056-90: Casein glue powder. Specifications

GOST 3057-90: Disk springs. Specifications

GOST 307-81: Domestic electric irons

GOST 31.0151.01-90: Universal and special-purpose setters

GOST 3124-77: Hose connections for flexible hoses of monitors. Specifications

GOST 31551-2012: Pile driving equipment. General safety requirements

GOST 31592-2012: Machine reducers. General specifications

GOST 3187-76: Wire gauze net for filtration

GOST 3191-82: Railway cars of 1520 mm track gauge. Parts of wood and wooden materials. General specifications

GOST 3191-93: Railway cars of 1520 mm track gauge. Parts of wood and wooden materials. General specifications

GOST 3251-91: Rubber fabric oil-cloth lining

GOST 3273-75: Technical metallic sodium. Specifications

GOST 3279-76: Cotton fibre. Specifications

GOST 3317-90: Seedlings of trees and shrubs. Specifications

GOST 3339-74: Woven wire screen "(No Suggestions)"

GOST 3473-78: Beer

GOST 3479-85: Tissue paper. Specifications

GOST 34-83: Post envelopes. Specifications

GOST 3483-78: Green brick tea

GOST 3496-74: Knife clips and adjusting plafes for cutter bars of agricultural machines

GOST 3497-74: Wearing plates for cutter bars of agricultural machines

GOST 3541-79: Forged steel rollers for cold rolling of metals

GOST 3548-79: Photographic film spool 61,5 mm wide. Specifications

GOST 3558-89: Common wormwood herbs and leaves. Specifications

GOST 3564-84: Multioutlet oil-lubricating plants. Specifications

GOST 3579-89: Seedlings of lavender. Specifications

GOST 3634-89: Access manhole covers and storm-flow Receivers for manholes Technical requirements

GOST 3635-78: Spherical plain bearings. Specifiications

GOST 3640-79: Zinc. Specifications

GOST 3640-94: Zinc. Specifications

GOST 3722-81: Rolling bearings. Balls. Technical requirements

GOST 38-72: Rubber packing rings for joining heads of brake hoses and end cocks of autobrakes. Specifications

GOST 3916.1-89: Plywood with outer layers of deciduous veneer for general use. Specifications

GOST 3916.2-89: Plywood with outer layers of coniferous veneer for general use. Specifications

GOST 3927-88: The shoe lasts. Specifications

GOST 3935-81: Cigarettes

GOST 3940-84: Electrical equipment for vehicles and tractors. General technical requirements

GOST 4008-89: Axles of full gauge railway cars. Specifications

GOST 4014-75: Organic dyestuffs. Nigrosine water-soluble. Specifications

GOST 4025-95: Domestic meat mincers. Specifications

GOST 4107-78: Reagents. Barium hydroxide 8-aqueous. Specifications

GOST 4109-79: Reagents. Bromine. Specifications

GOST 4146-74: Reagents. Potassium persulphate. Specifications

GOST 4147-74: Reagents. Ferric chloride hexahydrate. Specifications

GOST 4167-74: Reagents. Cuprie chloride 2-aqueous. Specifications

GOST 4229-94: Colter knives. Specifications

GOST 4230-93: Garden knives

GOST 4237-76: Reagents. Sodiumdichromate. Specifications

GOST 4266-79: Water colour scale. Specifications

GOST 4415-75: Chalk for electrode covering. Specifications

GOST 4416-73: Marble for welding material. Specifications

GOST 4416-94: Marble for welding material. Specifications

GOST 4426-80: Electrodes and nipples, with graphite. Specification

GOST 4442-72: Strips and bands of lead brass. Specifications

GOST 4457-74: Reagents. Potassium bromate. Specifications

GOST 4463-76: Reagents. Sodium fluoride. Specifications

GOST 4515-81: Copper-phosphorus alloy. Specifications

GOST 4515-93: Copper phosphorous alloys. Specifications

GOST 4521-78: Reagents. Mercury (I) nitrate, 2-aqueous. Specifications

GOST 4568-95: Potassium chloride

GOST 4601-73: Steel wire tweel mesh cloth with square apertures

GOST 4621-79: Accessories for horizontal cylindrical storage tanks for petroleum products. Receiving and distributing sleeve. Technical requirements

GOST 4623-80: Equipment for vertical and horizontal for petroleum products. The mechanism of control of the cracker (upper). Specification

GOST 4626-79: Equipment for horizontal tanks for petroleum products. Valve inlet. Specification

GOST 4644-75: Graded cotton textile production waste. Specifications

GOST 4658-73: Mercury. Specifications

GOST 4671-76: Rubber and rubberized metal components for the bottom hole hydraulic engine bearings. Specifications

GOST 4677-82: Flashlights

GOST 4682-84: Barite concentrate. Specifications

GOST 4728-89: Shaft blanks for the rolling stock of the railroads with 1520 mm wide track

GOST 4728-96: Axle billets for the railway rolling stock of 1520 mm gauge

GOST 474-80: Acid-proof brick. Specifications

GOST 4748-92: Silicon-manganese bronze strips and ribbons. Specifications

GOST 474-90: Acid-proof brick. Specifications

GOST 4750-89: Bicycle tires

GOST 483-75: Hemp ropes. Specification

GOST 4-84: Carbon tetrachloride for industrial use. Specifications

GOST 4860.1-83: Glands for for electric cables and wires

GOST 489-88: Carbon paper. Specifications

GOST 495-77: Copper sheets and ribbons. Specifications

GOST 4981-87: Wooden joists. Specifications

GOST 4997-75: Dielectric rubber carpets. Specifications

GOST 5006-83: Toothed clutches. Specifications

GOST 5020-75: Liquid 'Steol-M'. Specifications

GOST 5040-78: Light-weight heat-insulating refractory and high-refractory products. Specifications

GOST 5063-73: Ribbons of cupro-nickel alloys. Specifications

GOST 5105-82: Steel fuel and oil tanks

GOST 5152-77: Gland Packing. Specification

GOST 5186-88: Electric insulating sulfate cellulose for capacitor, cable and transformer paper

GOST 5187-70: Nickel silver, german silver and monel tapes. Specifications

GOST 5194-91: Starch syrop. Specifications

GOST 5208-81: Technical normal butyl alcohol. Specifications

GOST 520-89: Rolling bearings. General specifications

GOST 5222-72: Silicon-manganese bronze wire

GOST 5228-76: Rubber o-rings for the couplings of asbestos-cement pipes. Specification

GOST 5228-89: Rubber o-rings for the couplings of asbestos-cement pipes

GOST 5257-89: Rough carbon steel tires for tramway rolling stock

GOST 5279-74: Crystal graphite for foundry purposes. Specifications

GOST 5289-88: Disk records. General specifications

GOST 5289-94: Disk records. General specification

GOST 529-78: Radiator tubes

GOST 5307-77: Constantan noninsulated wire

GOST 533-85: Rotating electrical machinery. Turbo-generators. Enera l specifications

GOST 5385-74: Round laminated (fabric based) rods used for electrical purposes

GOST 538-78: Window and door fittings. General specifications

GOST 5420-74: Cryptocrystalline graphite. Specifications

GOST 5429-74: Reagents. Strontium nitrate. Specifications

GOST 5458-75: Ceramic radio-technical materials. Specification

GOST 546-88: Copper cathodes. Specifications

GOST 5468-88: Needle wire

GOST 5500-75: High-duty and refractories for steel pouring. Specifications

GOST 5503-87: Bicycles

GOST 5521-86: Weldable steel for shipbuilding

GOST 5524-75: Saws for vertical gang mills

GOST 5530-81: Flax-jute-kenaf for packing and technical designation fabrics. Specifications

GOST 5533-79: Figured sheet glass. Specifications

GOST 5541-76: Corking means

GOST 5551-82: Secondary textile raw materials (sorted). Fules for acceptance, method of tests, packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 5556-81: Medical absorbent cotton

GOST 5575-76: Wines

GOST 5638-75: Copper roll foil for technical purposes. Specifications

GOST 5663-79: Carbon steel wire for cold upsetting

GOST 5665-77: Stiffening fabrics, linen and half-linen. General specifications

GOST 5679-91: Cotton wool for germents and furniture. Specifications

GOST 5689-79: Phenolic moulding compound. Specifications

GOST 5709-86: Paper used for cigarettes

GOST 5712-78: Reagents. 1-aqueous ammonium oxalate. Specifications

GOST 5724-75: Lincrust

GOST 5727-83: Safe glass for ground transport. Specification

GOST 5759-75: Knitted singlets and vests for the river fleet. General specifications

GOST 5762-74: Pipeline industrial valves. Gate valves PN £ 250. General specifications

GOST 5778-73: Sorted scoured wool and nonscoured wool of dry treatment. Packing, labelling, transportation and storing

GOST 5-78: Constructive textile and asbestos laminates. Specification

GOST 5791-81: Technical linseed oil. Specifications

GOST 5799-78: Flasks for paints and varnishes. Specifications

GOST 5813-93: Fan v-belts and pulleys for engines of cars, tractors and combines

GOST 5848-73: Reagents. Formic acid. Specifications

GOST 5884-86: Boxes of corrugated boad for incandescent lamps. Specifications

GOST 5946-79: Conveyors, chain, suspension, load-carrying, general purpose. Specification

GOST 5956-78: Granulated superphosphate produced from apatite concentrate with and without additives of trace elements

GOST 5961-89: Subscriber loudspeakers. Gneral specifications

GOST 5972-77: Tooth powder

GOST 5976-90: Centrifugal fans for general use

GOST 6016-77: Reagents. Isobutyl alcohol. Specifications

GOST 6047-90: General purpose floodlights

GOST 6056-88: Umbrella. Fabrics made of synthetic threads. General specifications

GOST 6070-78: Unwashed classed wool. Packing, labelling, transportation and storage

GOST 6086-75: Bits for drills. Technical requirements

GOST 6102-78: Asbestos cloth. Specifications

GOST 6128-81: Metal cans for chemical products

GOST 6141-82: Glazed ceramic tiles for lining of the walls. Specifications

GOST 614-73: Tin bronze in pigs. Specifications

GOST 622-81: Cylinder heads of tractor and combine engines. Technical requirements

GOST 6235-91: Strips and ribbons of nickel. Specifications

GOST 6266-89: Gypsum plasterboards. Specifications

GOST 6308-71: Technical half-coarse wool felts and machinery parts from it. Specifications

GOST 6344-73: Reagents. Thiourea. Specifications

GOST 6376-74: Hand anemometer accounting device. Specifications

GOST 6418-81: Technical coarse wool felt and machinery parts from it. Specifications

GOST 6441-77: Pastila' type confectionary. Specification

GOST 6442-89: Marmalade.

GOST 6456-82: Abrasive paper

GOST 6484-96: Stearine. Specifications

GOST 6495-89: Microphones. General specifications

GOST 6511-60: Wrought stannic-zinc bronze rods. Specifications

GOST 6557-89: Rubber rings for connection fitting. Specifications

GOST 6599-76: Technical dinitronaphthalene. Specifications

GOST 6658-75: Products of paper and cardboard

GOST 6672-75: Cover glasses for micropreparations. Specifications

GOST 6688-91: Brass bars of rectangular section. Specifications

GOST 6703-77: Undressed hide of racoon type of the dog and raccoon. Specifications

GOST 6713-75: Low-alloyed structural rolled stock for bridge building. Specifications

GOST 6718-93: Liquid chlorine. Specifications

GOST 6730-75: Dried sea grass. Specifications

GOST 6732.4-89: Organic dyes, intermediates for dyes, auxiliary compounds for textiles. Marking

GOST 6752-78: Woven kerchieves of natural silk and synthetic threads. General specification

GOST 6787-90: Ceramic floor tiles. Specifications

GOST 6799-80: Glass for furniture. Specifications

GOST 6810-81: Wall papers

GOST 6810-86: Wallpaper

GOST 6823-77: Crude glycerine. Specifications

GOST 6825-74: Luminous lamps mercury-based of low pressure

GOST 6825-91: Tubular fluorescent lamps for general lighting service

GOST 6899-75: Manual hoists and trolleys. General specifications

GOST 6912.1-93: Alumina. Specifications

GOST 6912-87: Alumina. Specifications

GOST 6937-81: Conic crushers. Specification

GOST 6937-91: Conic crushers

GOST 6981-94: Sulphate iron technical. Technical conditions

GOST 7001-91: Seed potatoes. Specifications

GOST 701-89: Concentrated nitric acid

GOST 7030-75: Feldsparic and qiartzfeld-sparic materials for fine ceramics. Specifications

GOST 7041-71: Fire snaphook

GOST 7092-79: Steel pins for insulators of overhead communication lines and radio communication. Specification

GOST 7132-78: Glass sheet, thermally polished. Specification

GOST 7175-75: Technical felt for musical key instruments. Specifications

GOST 7183-72: Foammixers. Specifications

GOST 7183-93: Foam mixers. Specifications.

GOST 7192-89: Constant-speed electrical actuating mechanisms, ssi

GOST 7193-74: Hand induction anemometer. Specifications

GOST 7200-78: Five-sulfur phosphorus technical. Technical conditions

GOST 7219-83: Household electric soldering irons

GOST 7247-90: Automatic food packaging paper

GOST 7328-82: General-purpose and reference mass gages

GOST 7342-79: Glass vessels for accumulators. Specifications

GOST 7348-81: Carbon steel wire for reinforcement of prestressed concrete constructions. Specifications

GOST 7360-82: Subs for drilling strings

GOST 7371-89: Bicycles for children

GOST 7380-77: Show-case glass, unpolished. Specification

GOST 7396.0-89: Plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar purposes. General specifications

GOST 7397.0-89: Switches for household and similar stationary electric devices

GOST 7402-84: Electric fans for domestic use

GOST 7444-65: Dry-cured and cold-smoked balyk products from inconnu and white salmon

GOST 7445-66: Hot-smoked sturgeons

GOST 7447-84: Hot-smoked fish

GOST 7448-75: Salted fish

GOST 7449-64: Salted salmon. Specifications

GOST 7462-73: Enamels НЦ-5123. Specifications

GOST 7481-78: Armoured sheet glass. Technical requirements

GOST 7496-84: Beet harvesters

GOST 7498-75: Fire hydraulic elevator. Specifications

GOST 7498-93: Hydro elevators for firefighting. Specifications.

GOST 7506-83: Cast iron enamelled sinks. Types and principal dimensions

GOST 7513-75: Object micrometer. Specification

GOST 7563-73: Flax and hemp fibres. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 7566-81: Rolled stock and products for further treatment

GOST 7568-88: Ethylene oxide. Specifications

GOST 7580-91: Technic oleic acid. Specifications

GOST 7600-90: Press-forging plant

GOST 7630-87: Fish marine mammals, marine invertebrates, algae and products of their processing. Marking

GOST 766-74: Anchors. General specifications

GOST 767-91: Copper anodes. Specifications

GOST 7691-81: Cardboard

GOST 7697-82: Corn starch

GOST 7717-75: Chart base paper

GOST 7717-88: Chart base paper. Specifications

GOST 7730-89: Cellulose film

GOST 7737-89: Plant sheep wool. Specifications

GOST 7742-77: Headlamps of working lighting for tractors and agricultural machines. General specifications

GOST 7746-89: Current transformers. General specifications

GOST 7759-73: Magnesium chloride technical (bischofite). Technical conditions

GOST 7825-76: Soy-bean oil. Specification

GOST 7840-78: Sport cartridges calibre 12 and hunting cartridges calibre 12, 16, 20 and 28 with paper case. Specifications

GOST 7850-86: Caprolactam. Specifications

GOST 7871-75: Aluminum and aluminium alloy welding wire

GOST 7877-75: Fire pressure rubberised hoses made of synthetic threads. General specifications

GOST 7883-82: Plastic accumulator cases. Specifications

GOST 78-89: Wooden sleepers for railways of full gauge. Specifications

GOST 7890-84: Travelling single-girder suspended cranes. Specifications

GOST 7907-78: Blue fox skins undressed. Specifications

GOST 7921-86: Metal shot-gun cartridge-cases. Specifications

GOST 792-67: Quality low-carbon wire

GOST 7931-76: Natural drying oil

GOST 7945-86: Scoops for finishing works. Specifications

GOST 7991-77: Canned meat. Chicken ragout in jelly. Specifications

GOST 8.376-80: State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Universal instruments for measuring solvents. Methods and means of verification

GOST 8037-80: Hose branchings. Specifications

GOST 8037-93: Hose branches. Specifications.

GOST 804-72: Primary magnesium ingots. Specification

GOST 804-93: Primary magnesium ingots. Specifications

GOST 8056-79: Soybean solvent cake as food. Specifications

GOST 8056-96: Food soybean extraction cake

GOST 8057-78: Bean food cake Specifications

GOST 80-62: Sunflower cake. Specifications

GOST 8072-77: Cured raw tobacco

GOST 8213-75: Automatic consumable electrode arc welding machines.

GOST 8253-79: Calcium carbonate precipitated. Specifications

GOST 8306-86: Electric hand planers. Specification

GOST 830-75: Aldol-a-naphthylamine. Specifications

GOST 8325-78: Hass twisted complex threads. Specifications

GOST 8402-89: Cotton threads for embroidering knitting and darning. General specifications

GOST 8407-89: Reclaimed rubber raw materials. Tires and inner tubes

GOST 8478-81: Welded meshes for reinforced concrete structures. Specifications

GOST 8481-75: Aircraft fabrics made of glass twisted complex threads. Specifications

GOST 8483-81: Fishing taps and overshots for prospecting

GOST 8490-77: X-ray tubes

GOST 849-70: Primary nickel. Specifications

GOST 8502-88: Difluorochloromethane (khladon 22). Specifications

GOST 8515-75: Diammonium phosphate. Technical conditions

GOST 8516-78: Sugar sacks. Specification

GOST 8519-88: Diesel high-pressure fuel lines and connections. General specifications

GOST 8519-93: Diesel engine fuel injection pipes and their connections

GOST 8556-72: Portable wood fire ladders

GOST 855-74: Powdered mica for rubber industry. Specifications

GOST 8565-81: Exploration bell sockets

GOST 858-81: Tobacco

GOST 8591-76: The telephone canalization cable man-hole hatches

GOST 8594-80: Installation boxes for switches and plug sockets for flush wiring

GOST 8615-89: Universal dividing heads

GOST 8617-81: Pressed sections out of aluminium and aluminium alloys. Specifications

GOST 8673-82: Plywood boards. Specifications.

GOST 8673-93: Plywood panels

GOST 8688-77: Silicate glass, polished. Specification

GOST 8699-76: Cigars

GOST 8705-78: Nitrocellulose covered binding material. Specifications

GOST 8709-82: Light boards for industrial and public buildings

GOST 8715-78: Racks for wireline network lines. Specification

GOST 8750-78: Reagents. Phenylhydrazine. Specifications

GOST 875-92: Pasta

GOST 8774-75: Lithium. Specifications

GOST 8803-89: Round finer wire made of precision alloys with high electrical resistivity for resistive elements

GOST 8808-91: Corn oil

GOST 8810-81: Telephone sockets and plugs. Specifications

GOST 8894-77: Glass pipes and shaped parts thereto. Specification

GOST 8894-86: Glass pipes and shaped parts thereto Technical requirements

GOST 8904-81: Hard wood-fibre boards with varnish and paint coatings. Specifications

GOST 892-89: Tracing paper. Specifications

GOST 8981-78: Acetic ether and n-butyl acetate technical. Specifications

GOST 8993-75: Wooden sleepers for narrow-gauge railways. Specifications

GOST 9029-72: Fire turntable combined monitor

GOST 9035-74: Frames for commutator with slots. Specification

GOST 9043-93: Clippers for hair cutting

GOST 9070-75: Viscometers for determination of relative viscosity of paint and lacquer materials. Specifications

GOST 9074-85: Joined by pins slot cloths

GOST 9109-81: Primers ФЛ-03k and ФЛ-03Ж. Specifications

GOST 9142-90: Boxes of corrugated board. General specifications

GOST 9236-74: Nitroiskozha-T. Specifications

GOST 9272-81: Hollow glass blocks. Specifications

GOST 9286-89: Pentaerythritol for industrial use. Specifications

GOST 9294-83: Primary cells and batteries. Marking, packing, transporting and storing

GOST 9347-74: Board for gaskets and gaskets cut of it. Specifications

GOST 9357-81: Individual electrical razors

GOST 9357-95: Electric shavers

GOST 9371-90: Timber laminated switch sleepers for wide rail track. Specifications

GOST 9382-78: Woolen and union blankets

GOST 9387-81: Ceramic parts for sanitary technical ware and fittings. Specification

GOST 9413-78: Lighting panels for dwelling-houses. General specifications

GOST 9416-83: Building levels. Technical requirements

GOST 9424-71: Hardened glasses for scuttles

GOST 9425-71: Glass dishware and apparatus for laboratory use. Connectors with interchangeable cones. Specification

GOST 9441-80: Fine woollen (blended) woven kerchiefs, scarves and palatines. General specifications

GOST 9481-76: Corrugated board boxes for chemical threads. Technical requirements

GOST 9485-74: Reagents. Ferric sulphate 9-aqueous. Specifications

GOST 9542-89: Shoe board and footwear components made of the same

GOST 9546-75: Reagents. Ammonium fluoride (acid). Specifications

GOST 9559-89: Lead sheets. Specifications

GOST 9571-89: Bleached sulfate cellulose from softwood

GOST 9573-96: Thermal insulating plates of mineral wool on synthetic binder. Specifications

GOST 9577-87: Peanut seed. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 9578-87: Sesame seed. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 9590-76: Laminated paper decorative plastic. Specifications

GOST 9593-74: 1-Phenyl-3-methyl-5-pyrazolone technical. Specifications

GOST 9601-84: Power track (limit) switches. General specifications

GOST 9615-79: Motion-picture camera spools for 16-mm film. General specification

GOST 9639-71: Sheets from unplasticized polyvinylchloride (sheet vinyplast). Specifications

GOST 9670-89: Mustard seeds. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 9671-87: False flax seed. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 9672-87: Safflower seed varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications

GOST 9722-79: Nickel powder. Technical requirements

GOST 9725-82: Centrifugal blow fans for boilers

GOST 9728-79: Technical 4-chloronitrobenzene. Specification

GOST 9731-79: Large capacity seamless steel gas-cylinders for operation pressure 4.5 MPa (250 kgf / cm2)

GOST 9784-75: Organic sheet glass for illuminating engineering. Specifications

GOST 9800-79: Beams of opaque quartz glass. Specification

GOST 9806-90: Lamp-holders for tubular fluorescent lamps and starter-holders. General specifications

GOST 9817-82: Household appliances operating on solid fuel

GOST 9817-95: Household apparatus using the solid fuel. General specifications

GOST 9849-86: Iron powder. Specifications

GOST 9875-88: Technical diethylamine. Specifications

GOST 9923-80: Manual fire barrel. Specifications

GOST 9933-75: Absolute pressure gauges and u-tubes combined pressure vacuum gauges

GOST 9966-88: Technical triethylamine. Specifications

GOST 9967-74: Technical dimethylamine. Specifications

GOST 9976-94: Technical trichloroethylene. Specifications

GOST 9980.4-2002: Paint materials. Marking

GOST 9980.4-86: Paint materials. Marking

GOST 9988-73: Pneumatic regulator devices of SSI. General specifications

GOST ED1 10752-85: Paper photographic Unibrom. Technical conditions

GOST ED1 21482-87: Single - layer measuring metal bellows. Specifications

GOST R 22.8.04-96: Safety in emergencies. Technical washing means for people disinfection. Disinfection shower unit. General technical requirements

GOST R 22.9.01-95: Safety in emergencies. Emergency and rescue tools and equipment. General technical requirements

GOST R 22.9.03-95: Safety in emergencies. Engineer supporting means for rescue and emergency operations. General technical requirements

GOST R 22.9.04-95: Safety in emergencies. Means for items search in burst. General technical requirements

GOST R 22.9.21-2014: Technical means of chemical detection. Classification. General technical requirements

GOST R 50013-92: Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means. Throttles for interference suppression. General specifications

GOST R 50054-92: Bridge timbers laminated beams. Specifications

GOST R 50059-92: Travelling single-girder suspended cranes. Specifications

GOST R 50083-92: Concrete pump. General specifications

GOST R 50084-92: Truck mixer. General specifications

GOST R 50094-92: Boxes of goffered cardboard for products of light industry. Specifications

GOST R 50134-92: Chrysotile asbestos. General specifications

GOST R 50151-92: Alumina. Specifications

GOST R 50197-92: Bone glue. Specifications

GOST R 50230-92: Eastern sweeties of soft sweetmeat type. Specifications

GOST R 50234-92: Liquid chlorine. Specifications

GOST R 50291-92: 1,1,2,2,-tetrafluorodibromethane (Khladon 114B2). Specifications

GOST R 50301-92: Diphtorochloromethane (khladon 22). Specifications

GOST R 50353-92: Resistive temperature transducers. General specifications

GOST R 50364-92: Food concentrates. Instant coffee substitutes drinks. Specifications

GOST R 50373-92: Frozen pancreases of cattle and pigs. Specifications

GOST R 50398-92: Fire hydraulic elevator. Specifications

GOST R 50408-92: Foam mixers. Specifications

GOST R 50409-92: Medium expansions foam-making branch pipes. Specifications

GOST R 50428-92: Hubs for films and magnetic tapes. Specifications

GOST R 50444-92: Medical instruments, apparatus and equipment. General specifications

GOST R 50533-93: Synthetic and mixed-fibre fabrics for tyre industry. Specifications

GOST R 50534-93: Technical mesh fabrics. Specifications

GOST R 50576-93: Feather and down consumer goods. Specifications

GOST R 50598-93: Structural laminates based on phenol-formaldehyde resins. General specifications

GOST R 50601-93: Impeller counters for potable water. General specifications

GOST R 50611-93: Organic-mineral fertilizer. Specifications

GOST R 50612-93: Machines and equipment for manufacturing of sugar. Safety requirements

GOST R 50617-93: Seeds on the principle forestforming coniferous species. Federal and insurands funds. General specifications

GOST R 50618-93: Metal single layer bellows for compensation. Types, general specifications

GOST R 50619-93: Metal multylevels bellows for compensation. Types, general requirements

GOST R 50620-93: Machinery and equipment for bread baking industry. Safety requirements

GOST R 50641-94: Grooved pulleys for classical and narrow V-belts. System based on datum width

GOST R 50650-94: Domestic siphons. Safety requirements and test methods

GOST R 50651-94: Gas cylinders for domestic siphons. Safety requirements and test methods

GOST R 50655-94: Lighting chains. General specifications

GOST R 50696-94: Domestic gas ranges. General specifications

GOST R 50736-95: Antenna-feeder devices of systems of land mobile radiocommunication. Types, basic parameters, technical requirements and methods of measurements

GOST R 50753-95: Cylindrical helical compression (extension) springs made of special steels and alloy. General specifications

GOST R 50759-95: Gas analyses for control of industrial and transport emissions. General specifications

GOST R 50760-95: Gas and aerosol analysers for air pollution monitoring. General specifications

GOST R 50771-95: Cadmium pigments. General specifications

GOST R 50851-96: Stainless steel sinks. Specifications

GOST R 50891-96: Machine reducers. General specifications

GOST R 50906-96: Pile driving equipment. General safety requirements

GOST R 50911-96: Agricultural machinery. Maintenance-production equipment. General safety requirements

GOST R 50950-96: Front end loaders with telescopic boom. General specifications

GOST R 50959-96: Samovars (hot water boilers), using hard fuel. Specifications

GOST R 50971-96: Traffic control devices. Road reflectors. General specification. Application rules

GOST R 50983-96: Hydraulically operated portable emergency and rescue tools. General technical requirements

GOST R 50991-96: Automatic play machines. Technical rudiments and the methods of tests

GOST R 50997-96: Mine's gyrocompass. General specification

GOST R 51015-97: Blades for household and special use. General specifications

GOST R 51017-97: Fire engineering. Wheeled fire extinguishers. General technical requirements. Test methods

GOST R 51049-97: Fire engineering. Fire pressure hoses. General technical requirements. Test methods

GOST R 51062-2011: Sod fuel peat for heating purposes. Specifications

GOST R 51300-99: Russian apple brandy. General specifications

GOST R 51641-2000: Filtering granular materials. General specifications

GOST R 52018-2003: Shaft sinking hoppets. Specifications

GOST R 52229-2004: Ignition control devices. General specifications

GOST R 52700-2018: Low-alcohol beverages. General specifications

GOST R 53249-2009: Fire-fighting equipment. Sleeved water collecting. General technical requirements. Methods of testing

GOST R 53250-2009: Fire-fighting equipment. Fire standpipe. General technical requirements. Methods of testing

GOST R 53251-2009: Fire-fighting equipment. Hand foam-nozzles. General technical requirements. Methods of testing

GOST R 53252-2009: Fire-fighting equipment. Foam mixers. General technical requirements. Methods of testing

GOST R 53290-2009: Fire engineering. Foam fire-extinguishing installations. Low expansion foam generators for subsurface extinguishing in tanks. General technical requirements. Test methods

GOST R 53374-2009: Liquid - propellant rocket engines. General technical requirements for production and quality inspection during supply for use

GOST R 53439-2009: Brass wire for cold upsetting. Specifications

GOST R 56730-2015: Plastic flexible pipes with thermal insulation for district heating. General specifications

MDS 12-22.2005: Recommendations for the application in the construction industry of the requirements of regulatory legal and other regulatory acts containing state regulatory labor protection requirements

MDS 12-27.2006: Methodological manual for conducting labor protection training for executives and specialists of construction organizations

MU OT RM 02-99: Assessment of the safety of workplaces for their certification of working conditions

NPB 155-96: Fire engineering. Portable fire extinguishers. General reguirements and Test Methods

NPB 156-96: Fire engineering. Wheeled fire extinguishers. General reguirements and test methods

NPB 163-97*: Fire fighting equipment. The main fire trucks. General technical requirements. Test methods

NPB 192-2000: Fire engineering. Communnication and lighting truck. General technical requirements. Test methods

NPB 316-2003: Portable and movable devices of fire extinguishing with high-velocity submission of fire quenching matter. Requirements of fire safety. Test methods

NPB 54-96: Automatic Gaseous Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems. Modular Components and Cylinders. General Technical Requirements. Test Methods

NPB 59-97: Water and foam fire fighting systems. Fire foam mixers and dose device. Nomenclature of indices. general technical requirements. Test methods

NPB 61-97: Fire engineering. Foam fire fighting systems. Low expansion foam generators for subsurface fire fighting systems of the tanks. General technical requirements. Test methods

NPB 65-97: Optical and Electronic Optical detectors. General Technical Requirement. Testing Procedure

NPB 66-97: Self-contained fire detectors. General technical requirements. Test methods

NPB 67-98: Automatic dry chemical fire fighting systems. Module. General technical requirements and test methods

Order 92: On the organization of training of drivers engaged in the transport of dangerous goods

OST 1 90113-86: Pressed sections of aluminium alloys. Specifications.

OST 10-060-95: Cakes and pastries. Technical conditions.

OST 108.026.06-79: Pressure-reducing cooling equipment. General specifications.

OST 108.030.113-87: Carbon and alloy steel forgings for thermal and nuclear power stations equipment and pipelines. Technical specifications.

OST 108.030.133-84: Pipe elements of steam boiler heat surfaces under pressure less than 4 MPA, water boilers and heat-recovery boilers. Technical requirements, acceptance and control methods.

OST 108.030.30-79: Stationary structural steel boilers. General specifications.

OST 108.033.01-86: mechanical stokers. Technical conditions.

OST 108.109.01-92: Basic part billets made of corrosion-resistant steels of austenitic class. Technical conditions.

OST 11-0309-86: Ceramic materials for electronic products. Technical specifications

OST 113-03-4001-90: Nickel-chromium catalysts.

OST 13-158-83: Wooden returnable and reusable furniture container. Technical specifications.

OST 13-160-86: Corrugated cardboard boxes for furniture. Specifications

OST 13-39-80: Products of cultural and community purpose, for kitchen and household use of wood and wood materials. General specification

OST 2 R31-5-89: Metal cutting machines. Ball screw gears. Technical conditions

OST 2 Р31-5-89: Ball screw. Specifications.

OST 21-22-84: "Silakpor" sound absorbing plates. Specification.

OST 24.013.20-90: Forged steel rollers for cold rolling of metals. Specifications.

OST 24.090.39-78: Shell stacker cranes. Specifications.

OST 24.090.39-83: Shell stacker cranes. General specifications.

OST 24.090.51-86: Clamps for steel ropes. Technical conditions.

OST 24.125.60-89: Details and prefabricated units of steam and hot water in thermal power plants. General Specifications.

OST 24.201.03-90: Steel high-pressure vessels and devices. General technical requirements.

OST 26.260.01-2001: Steel enamel vessels and devices. General technical specifications.

OST 26.260.454-99: Spiral wound gasket. Types and dimensions. General specifications.

OST 26-01-147-89: Drying devices with rotating drums. General technical requirements.Printing telegraph and terminals for document electric communication. Methods of printed character parameter measurement.

OST 26-01-152-82: Aluminium and Aluminium alloy forgings for chemical equipment. General specification.

OST 26-01-49-82: Assembling units and pipeline details for working pressure of 32 MPa (320 kgf/cm2). General specifications.

OST 26-02-535-78: Piston oil pumps with electric drive and regulated supply

OST 26-04-280-93: Pipeline fittings of cryogenic equipment products. General specifications.

OST 26-07-1023-80: Automatic pipeline fittings. General specifications.

OST 26-07-1144-75: Electric drives for remote control of pipeline stop valving. General specifications.

OST 26-07-2019-81: Bellows from alloy VТ1-0. Specifications.

OST 26-07-790-73: Devices for control of pipeline armature. General specifications.

OST 26-07-794-73: General purpose cryogenic pipeline fittings. General specifications.

OST 34-13-016-88: Self-tapping bolts. Design and dimensions. Technical requirements

OST 34-13-017-88: The rivet is combined. Design and dimensions. Technical requirements

OST 34-13-910-86: Cargo rope slings for construction. Technical conditions

OST 34-38-446-84: Specifications for complete overhaul. Rules of construction, structure and presentation. The procedure for coordination, approval and registration.

OST 34-72-645-83: Steel structures of pylons with voltage of 0.38-35 kV. General Specifications.

OST 35-22-83: Pipe culverts made of corrugated metal intended for railroad and auto road. Specifications.

OST 35-27.0-85: Reinforced concrete links of round and rectangular culverts under the railways and roads. Design and dimensions.

OST 36-13-90: Shields and consoles of automation systems for technological processes. General technical conditions

OST 36-141-87: free metal Flange for plastic pipes for Pnom. to 1.0 MPa. Specifications.

OST 3-6461-88: Polishing and affixing resin. General technical specifications.

OST 36-78-83: Steel building constructions. Requirements for delivery to export

OST 37.001.046-87: Liquid heaters for motor car engines. General specification.

OST 45.50-96: Automatic container telephone exchanges. General technical requirements.

OST 45.85-96: Wooden and metal shelf stands for electric power storages applied by telecommunication enterprises. General requirements.

OST 48-184-81: Solder alloys for soldering of hard-alloy metal-cutting tool. Specifications.

OST 48-286-86: Single-stage Thickeners. Specifications.

OST 48-41-91: Engineering products of non-ferrous metallurgy. General Specifications.

OST 49 25-85: Soft cottage cheese diet. Technical specifications

OST 6-15-1525-86: Plasticine for children. Technical conditions

OST 66-14-86: Ferroconcrete complex plates. Specification.

OST 68-16-02: Cartographic instruments. General specifications

OTT 08042462: Instruments and automation equipment for nuclear power plants. General technical requirements

PNST 302-2018: Knitted fabrics. Double-sided fleece. General specifications

POT R M-006-97: Intersectoral labor protection rules for cold metal processing

POT R M-007-98: Industry-Wide Occupational Safety and Health Requirements for Freight Loading/Offloading and Placement Operations

POT R M-018-2001: Intersectoral labor protection rules when applying metal coatings

R 527-84: Manual on the technology of transportation of block-complete devices of technological communication lines in various climatic conditions

RD 102-002-88: Machines, tools and equipment for pipeline construction. Designing and manufacturing.

RD 10-33-93: Slings for loading and general purposes. Requirements for arrangement and safe operation.

RD 13-78-94: Safety Requirements for Transportation of Explosive Materials by Motor Vehicles

RD 22-207-88: Lifting machines. General requirements and production standards

RD 24-SZK-01-01: Freight slings for general use on a textile basis. Requirements for the device and safe operation

RD 31.00.87-95: Specifications. Rules of construction, presentation and design. The procedure for approval, approval and registration

RD 31.04.23-94: Instruction on prevention of pollution from ships

RD 31.10.06-89: Rules for receiving, storing and discharging cargo at sea trade ports

RD Instructions for the placement and securing of cargo in consolidation equipment (containers)

RD Rules for the sea transportation of canned food

RD Rules for the sea transportation of canned products

RD Spare parts for marine diesel engines of foreign construction. Steel piston heads. Technical requirements

RD 3112199-0199-96: Guidelines for the organization of the transport of dangerous goods by road

RD 34.26.203: Guidelines for Brick Lining Work During Installation of Boiler Plants and Energy Facilities

RD 34.35.606: General Guide to Overhaul of Thermal Automation and Measuring Equipment

RD 34.35.618: Explosionproof Indicating Electrical Contact Pressure Gauges Type VE-16rb. Guide to Overhaul

RD 39-1-1261-85: Technological regulations on the use of demulsifiers in oil preparation processes

RD 50-477-84: Guidelines. The procedure for the development, approval, storage and accounting of sample-models of products at consumer services enterprises

Recommendations: Aspiration smoke-sensitive alarms VESDA. Part 1. Scope

RGP-85: Guidelines for cargo transportation on domestic air routes of the USSR

RK 34-38-025-87: Guide to Overhaul of Indicating Pressure Gauges for Precise Measurements Type MTI

RST RSFSR 131-87: Metal folding beds. Technical conditions

RST RSFSR 161-88: Cooper products. General technical conditions

RST RSFSR 195-82: Writing pins. Technical conditions

RST RSFSR 374-88: Handmade lace and lace products. General technical conditions

RST RSFSR 38-87: Paper wire clips. Technical conditions

RST RSFSR 388-78: Delicious sauces

RST RSFSR 391-86: The pencils. General technical conditions

RST RSFSR 457-79: Harmonics wind and labial. General technical conditions

RST RSFSR 45-86: Sledge for children. Technical conditions

RST RSFSR 48-82: Furniture and wicker products. General technical conditions

RST RSFSR 508-75: Electric Guitar. General technical requirements

RST RSFSR 516-88: Eaves metal. Technical conditions

RST RSFSR 537-82: Natural birch sap semi-finished product. Technical conditions

RST RSFSR 580-77: Bows. General technical conditions

RST RSFSR 604-91: Ceramic products of national art crafts and pottery. General technical conditions

RST RSFSR 605-89: Folding knives. General technical conditions

RST RSFSR 608-79: Mushrooms Fresh cultivated champignons. Technical conditions

RST RSFSR 613-79: Ramson fresh

RST RSFSR 643-80: Black steel economic dishes . General specifications

RST RSFSR 656-81: Apparatus for processing vegetables and fruits. Technical conditions

RST RSFSR 657-81: Siberian fresh apples. Technical conditions

RST RSFSR 658-81: Fresh Siberian pears. Technical conditions

RST RSFSR 670-82: The yarn is down. Technical conditions

RST RSFSR 698-83: Ovens made of sheet steel. Technical conditions

RST RSFSR 736-86: Crutches and Canes. Technical Specifications

RST RSFSR 754-89: Women's caps felt. General technical conditions

RST RSFSR 755-89: Felt technical for musical keyboards. Technical conditions

RST RSFSR 794-91: Wastes from Primary Production Facilities of the Silk Industry. Technical Specifications

RST RSFSR 91-78: Percussion musical instruments. General technical requirements

RST RSFSR 92-83: Musical wind instruments. General technical conditions

RST RSFSR ED1 736-89: Crutches and Canes. Technical Specifications

RTM 26-07-129-72: Rubber-fluoroplastic diaphragms for general purpose pipe fittings. Design and dimensions

ST RK 1004-98: Natural koumiss. Specification. TU 10 RK 11.183-92

ST RK 1007-98: Cream paste. Specification

ST RK 44-97: Kurt. Specification. In substitution of RST KazSSR 44-89

ST RK 715-95: Processed cheeses. Specification. In substitution of RST KazSSR 715-81, TU, TU 11.01.825-89, TU 49 354-76, TU 49 889-85, TU 49 580-85, TU 49 1069-85, TU 49 962-81, TU 10 KazSSR 11.162-90, TU 49 KazSSR 89-81, TU 49 KazSSR 104-85

ST RK 996-97: Men water-tight raincoat for shepherds. Specification

STB 1087-97: Children playdough. Specifications

TU 002-00.ISRM 305607.004: Guard protective face NBT-01 VI

TU 102-237-85: Mobile buildings (inventory) of the block of the "Watch" system. Group specifications

TU 102-264-81: Weighted reinforced concrete modular ring. UTK type for main pipelines

TU 102-360-85: Aluminum aluminum masts for radio relay communication type MAP

TU 102-367-84: Three-layer steel partition walls with mineral wool

TU 102-377-84: A set of elements for mobile (inventory) collapsible buildings of the structural construction system SKZ-M. Group specifications

TU 102-390-85: Vibrational low-frequency platforms with spatial oscillations of the HSV type

TU 102-421-86: Concrete wading weights type 1 UBKM

TU 102-425-86: A set of structures for the building of crane (crane) with structures frame production span of 12 and 18M

TU 102-459-88: PR531 separator piston

TU 102-461-88: Garage reinforced concrete prefabricated box single and double row collective use

TU 102-462-88: Frame Asbestos-Cement Wall and Roof Panels with Mineral Wool Insulation

TU 102-463-88: Frameless three-layer roofing panels with mineral wool insulation

TU 102-464-88: Three-layer aluminum frame wall panels with mineral wool insulation

TU 102-488-95: Connecting parts and nodes of trunk pipelines on RR up to 10 MPa (100 kgf / cm2)

TU 102-522-89: Polyurethane foam sealing gaskets with acrylic impregnation and adhesive layer

TU 102-529-89: Mobile buildings (inventory) of the block-containers of the panel construction of the Neftegazstroy system

TU 102-533-89: A set of structures on a building without a crane with arched span of 12, 15 and 18 m

TU 102-541-89: Garage assembly individual use of ash and slag concrete

TU 102-545-90: Frameless three-layer steel roofing panels with mineral wool insulation of "Sandwich" type

TU 102-546-90: Frameless three-layer steel wall panels with mineral wool insulation "Sandwich" type

TU 102-569-90: Double-layer steel panels with a difficult-to-fire insulation under the roof of rolled materials

TU 102-587-91: Production-auxiliary box

TU 102-84.3-87: Garage reinforced concrete prefabricated box with two floors for collective use

TU 13-03-3-86: Plastic Bags for soft furniture items

TU 13-04-1-86: Pallets for pressing equipment for chipboard manufacturing

TU 13-3225000-009-89: Soft reusable inventory container for furniture. Technical conditions

TU 14-3-1109-82: Seamless cold and heat deformed pipes made of stainless steel

TU 14-4-644-75: Komsomolets-100 brand electrodes. Technical conditions

TU 1469-001-01297858-98: Rings support-guides for the transition of steel pipelines through roads and railways, laid in a protective casing (case). Technical conditions

TU 1469-001-53597015-01: Rings for guides for the transition of steel pipelines through roads and railways, laid in a protective casing (case)

TU 1469-006-00153229-2001: Parts connecting on Рр up to 16 MPa (160 kgf

TU 14-8-440-83: Refractory Thermal Insulating Slabs Made from Mullite-Silicon Wool on Clay and Organic Binders

TU 16-521.646-85: Three-phase asynchronous motor type 4ААМ50В2М

TU 16-521.661-85: Single-phase asynchronous electric motor of the type DAK 86-60-3-H-IM8223-C18-POI-D18

TU 16-525.609-85: Asynchronous motors AIS80 - AIS112, supplied for export. Technical conditions

TU 16-674.073-86: Short circuit breakers of types KRN and KZ for voltage classes 35, 110, 150 and 220 KV

TU 17-09-145-88: Clasp textile

TU 2-034-439-88: Prisms testing and marking with one prismatic recess and overlay type P1

TU 2245-017-44271562-2005: Polymer tape "Terma-P". Technical conditions

TU 2293-004-44271562-2004: Cuff the thermosetting "Terma-STMP"

TU 24.08.1144-79: Car Decker 12U6

TU 24-09.411-82: Special electric bridge cranes

TU 24-09-613-84: Electric overhead traveling cranes with a lifting capacity of 5 tons of lightweight construction with electric hoist

TU 24-1.1787-78: Shoe brakes with electromagnet of type TKT and TKP. Technical conditions

TU 25.12.30-77: Inserts cut from emerald grown for jewelry. Technical conditions

TU 2513-001-00152081-93: Glues 51-K-10V. Technical specifications

TU 25-16.0018-84: Magnifier measuring ЛИ-3-10Х

TU 25-1819.0021-90: Mechanical stopwatches "Glory" SDSpr-1-2-000, SDSpr-4b-2-000, SOSpr-6a-1-000

TU 25-1894.003-90: Mechanical stopwatches

TU 26-01-355-80: Electrolyzers. Type of SPP with component equipment

TU 26-01-949-85: The devices gummed with the mechanical mixing device of volume 1; 2; 3.2; 6.3; 10 and 16 m3

TU 26-01-957-85: Gummed capacitive devices

TU 26-02-1089-88: Type 1-AVG horizontal air coolers Technical conditions

TU 26-02-1098-89: Heat exchangers, shell and tube made of titanium. Technical conditions

TU 26-02-1102-89: Shell and tube heat exchangers of increased thermal efficiency with an expander on the housing

TU 26-02-753-83: Shell-and-tube heat exchangers made of titanium with increased thermal efficiency. Technical conditions

TU 26-02-975-84: Tips to sleeves for loading and loading risers

TU 26-05-108-88: Acetylene mobile generators of continuous action with a capacity of up to 3 m3

TU 26-14-100-90: Single cyclones of the type СЦН-40 of the right and left execution. Technical conditions

TU 26-14-99-91: DP-10M smoke exhauster. Technical conditions

TU 301-05-17-89: Fluoroplast-40

TU 3-1002-77: Corrosion-resistant high-strength spring wire

TU 34 10.10055-97: Vertical cylindrical steel tanks. Technical conditions

TU 34-10-10173-80: Mobile boiler room PKBM - 10

TU 34-31-10021-79: Relay for control of voltage transformer РКТН-1

TU 34-31-10023-79: Relay summing three-phase current РСТТ. Technical conditions

TU 34-38-20140-94: Valves of gas pipelines TPP. General technical conditions for major repairs

TU 34-38-20197-94: Valves for steam and water DN 10, 20, 40, 50, 65 mm Chekhov factory of power engineering. Technical conditions for major repairs

TU 34-38-20365-94: Power valves. General technical conditions for major repairs

TU 34-42-10656-84: Manual actuators for valves of dust and air and air ducts. Technical conditions

TU 3449-006-17416124-00: Cable welded trays. Technical conditions

TU 35-1757-87: Buildings spanning railway bridges with riding on top on the ballast of box section Lp = 33.6 m; 45.0 m. Specifications

TU 35-369-78: Pontoon KS-63 metal universal

TU Selective pressure measuring devices. Technical conditions

TU Windows and bindings of light emitting lamps. Technical conditions

TU 3612-100-00220302-2005: Shell and tube heat exchangers, tube bundles for them and heat exchangers "pipe in pipe". General technical conditions

TU 36-1496-85: Cable prefabricated structures. Technical conditions

TU 36-1686-82: Bends are steeply curved with an angle of 90 degrees from steel grades 15X5M, 08X18NIOT, 12X18NIOT and 10X17H13M2T seamless welded on the Rou is less than 10 MPa

TU 36-1762-84: Cable Mounts II

TU 36-2072-86: Boxes of lingering. Technical conditions

TU 36-2203-84: Racks of radio transmission lines and additional products to them. Technical conditions

TU 36-26-11-4-89: Steel building construction, vertical cylindrical tanks for oil and petroleum products with a volume of 100 to 50,000 m3. Technical conditions

TU 3680-001-04698606-04: Pipe Support

TU 3742-001-96231033-2006: Swing check valve type 19s38nzh and 19s73nzh. Technical conditions

TU 38 10321-75: Rubber compounds based on silicone rubbers

TU 38 105823-78: Rubber parts for cars GAZ and KAMAZ and rubber used for their manufacture

TU 38.303-04-04-90: Organosilicon sealants. Technical conditions

TU 38-105116-81: Rubber plate for sealing gaskets of vacuum systems

TU 38-105867-90: Technical porous plate with two films

TU 38-303-04-05-90: Cold cure catalysts for organosilicon sealing materials. Technical specifications

TU 38-303-04-06-90: Sublayers for organosilicon sealing materials. Technical specifications

TU 4218-002-17416124-96: A series of posts, shields and boxes. Technical conditions

TU 4218-003-17416124-99: Connection box for electrical wiring. Technical conditions

TU 4218-008-51216464-01: Selection device. Technical conditions

TU 48-12-52-88: Graphitized electrodes with a diameter of 75-400 mm and nipples to them

TU 48-1-73-88: Feeder feeders from platinum metals and alloys. Technical conditions

TU 48-19-133-90: Molybdenum disulfide

TU 48-19-27-88: Lanthanum tungsten in the form of rods

TU 5216-055-00110604-2007: Fences, road, holding for cars of barrier type, road and bridge groups, one-sided and two-sided

TU 5262-010-56506912-2004: Roadside restraints for cars, side, first type, metal. Technical conditions

TU 5284-001-56506912-03: The panel is sound-absorbing and soundproof, noise-proof. Technical conditions

TU 5767-001-01297858-02: Heat-insulating segments and half-cylinders of extruded polystyrene foam "Peno-Plex" for pipelines with a diameter of 57-1420 mm

TU 6-02-115-91: Copolymer BMK-5

TU 6-02-575-75: Product 119-95 (formerly AM-2)

TU 6-02-I-015-89: Silicone adhesive sealant Elastosil 137-182 heat-conducting

TU 6-05-810-88: Billets of fluoroplast-4 and fluoroplast-4A general purpose. Technical conditions

TU 6-05-966-76: BFT brand binder

TU 6-06-19-88: Parts and blanks from polyimide press materials

TU 6-10-1052-75: Enamel VL-515 red-brown

TU 6-10-1117-85: Primer EP-057 Protector

TU 6-10-1270-87: Varnish BT-5101

TU 6-10-741-79: PF-167 enamel of various colors

TU 6-10-866-85: Lucky VL-725, VL-725 G and enamel VL-725 aluminum

TU 6-14-1009-79: Magnetic Black Powder

TU 6-14-37-80: Organic dyes. Fat soluble dark red F

TU 63.178-93-84: Recycled polyethylene sheets for shelter feed

TU 63-178-112-87: Film from recycled polyvinyl chloride raw material for road construction "Armodor-2". Technical conditions

TU 6-49-14-89: Connecting parts from high-pressure polyethylene for pressure pipes

TU 67-1003-88: Lattice arched beams prestressed with a span of 12 m

TU 67-18-163-93: Three-layer wall frameless panels with steel cladding and mineral wool insulation. Technical conditions

TU 67-18-172-94: Roofing and wall three-layer frame panels with steel linings and mineral wool insulation. Technical conditions

TU 67-564-83: Swing gate type of GRP. Technical conditions

TU 68-2.211-91: Plastic globe (diameter 210 mm). Technical conditions

TU 83 97-019-01297858-OP1-99: Rock sheet to protect the insulated surface of pipelines (for an experimental batch). Technical conditions

TU 9557-010-02570823-97: Cartographic products. Plastic globe (diameter 320 mm)

TU 9558-005-02570823-96: Cartographic products. Embossed cards

TU 95-82-81LU: Preparations from fluoroplast-40 of the mark "P" and fluoroplast-42 of the mark "P"

TU IShBZh.801571.191: Machine lentotkatsky shuttle dvuhtsovy brand TL-2/70

VMU 50:48:0075-02-02: Platform buffers. General requirements for design, construction and operation

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