VSN 362-87

ВСН 362-87

Disinfections and Etching of Pipelines

Изготовление, монтаж и испытание технологических трубопроводов на Pу до 10 МПа

Status: Effective

Requirements apply to the production and acceptance of works for the manufacture, installation and testing of process pipelines from carbon, alloyed and high-alloyed steel, operating at absolute pressure up to 10 MPa and temperatures from minus 70 to 700 degrees Celsius, including vacuum and refrigeration pipelines, and lined polyethylene and gummed. BCH requirements do not apply to pipelines of power plants, mines, temporary, radioactive substances of special purpose (nuclear plants, oxygen pipelines, cryogenic, pneumatic transport, etc.), the manufacture, installation and testing of which must be carried out in accordance with regulatory documents approved in the prescribed manner.

Требования распространяются на производство и приемку работ по изготовлению, монтажу и испытанию технологических трубопроводов из углеродистой, легированной и высоколегированной стали, работающих при абсолютном давлении до 10 МПа и температурах от минус 70 до 700 градусов Цельсия, включая трубопроводы вакуумные и холодильных установок, а также футерованные полиэтиленом и гуммированные. Требования ВСН не распространяются на трубопроводы электростанций, шахт, временные, радиоактивных веществ, специального назначения (атомных установок, кислородопроводы, криогенные, пневмотранспорта и др.), изготовление, монтаж и испытание которых должны производится в соответствии с нормативными документами, утвержденными в установленном порядке.

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Approved: USSR Ministry of Installation, 12/28/1987

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Construction (Max) » Regulations » Sectoral and departmental regulatory and methodological documents » Installation and special construction works »

PromExpert » SECTION IV. INDUSTRIAL SAFETY » II Industrial safety requirements for operation of a hazardous production facility » 2 Special industrial safety requirements for operation of a hazardous production facility » 2.6 Industrial safety requirements for pressure equipment »

PromExpert » SECTION I. TECHNICAL REGULATION » V Testing and control » 4 Testing and control of products » 4.12 Testing and control of products of metallurgical industry » 4.12.6 Metal products »

ISO classifier » 23 HYDRAULIC AND PNEUMATIC SYSTEMS AND GENERAL PURPOSE COMPONENTS » 23.040 Pipelines and their components » 23.040.01 Pipelines and their components in general »

The Document References:

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SNiP III-20-74: Roofing, waterproofing and vapor barrier

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SNiP III-8-76: Earthworks. Rules of production and acceptance of work

VSN 176-84: Instructions for magnetographic control of welded joints of trunk pipelines

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VSN 3-80/Minmorflot: Instructions for the design of offshore berthing facilities

VSN 411-88: Installation of Lubricating, Hydraulic, and Pneumatic Systems for General Industrial Applications

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The Document is Referenced By:

NTP 10-12976-2000*: Norms of technological design of enterprises of the alcohol industry

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VNTP 35-93: Engineering Design Standards for Alcoholic Beverage Plants/Distilleries

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VRD 39-1.8-055-2002: Standard design specification for compressor stations (CS), booster compressor stations (BCS) and compressor stations of underground gas storage facilities (CS UGSF)

VSN 398-87: Installation of Process Equipment for Blast-Furnace Plants

VSN 411-88: Installation of Lubricating, Hydraulic, and Pneumatic Systems for General Industrial Applications

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