GOST 12.4.028-76

ГОСТ 12.4.028-76

Respirators шб-1 "lepestok"

Респираторы шб-1 "лепесток"

Status: Effective. The limitation of the effectiveness period has been lifted: Protocol No. 4-93 of the IGU dated 10.21.93 (IUS 4-1994)

The standard applies to filter respirators SB-1 “Petal” for individual respiratory protection from harmful aerosols in underground workings and in the open air.

Стандарт распространяется на фильтрующие респираторы ШБ-1 «Лепесток» для индивидуальной защиты органов дыхания от вредных аэрозолей в помещениях подземных выработок и на открытом воздухе.

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Approved: State Committee of Standards of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, 10/26/1976

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The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

PromExpert » SECTION III. LABOR PROTECTION AND SAFETY » II Industrial sanitation and occupational health » 8 Personal protective equipment » 8.2 Respiratory, hearing protection »

ISO classifier » 13 ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, HUMAN PROTECTION AGAINST ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT. SECURITY » 13.340 Protective equipment » 13.340.30 Respiratory Protection Devices »

National standards » 13 ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, HUMAN PROTECTION AGAINST ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT. SECURITY » 13.340 Protective equipment » 13.340.30 Respiratory Protection Devices »

National Standards for KGS (State Standards Classification) » Latest edition » T General technical and organizational and methodological standards » T5 Documentation System » T58 System of standards infield of nature conservation and improvement of use of natural resources, labor safety, scientific organization of labor »

National Standards for OKSTU » SYSTEMS OF GENERAL TECHNICAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL-METHODOLOGICAL STANDARDS » Occupational safety standards system (SSBT). Scientific organization of labor. Safety precautions. Sanitation and occupational health »

National Standards for OKSTU » RUBBER AND ASBESTOS PRODUCTS » Industrial protection means »

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RD Technical conditions for the transportation, transshipment and storage of steel pipes of large diameter with factory external insulation

RD Map of the technological regime for the transportation of soft containers

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RD 31.83.04-89: Labour safety rules in companies of the Ministry of Navy of the USSR.

RD 34.03.105: Procedural Guidelines for Organization of Safety and Industrial Sanitation Work at Electric Power Generating Stations and in Power Grids

RD 34.03.605: Recommended Practice for Use of Personal Protective Equipment for Workers and Employees of Minenergo USSR and for Organization of Maintenance Thereof

RD 34.10.102-91: Specified Quantity Allowances for Means of Mechanization, Special Accessories, and Tools for Overhaul of Main Energy Equipment of Thermal Power Stations

RD 34.10.103: Industry-Specific Specified Quantity Allowance for Tools, Equipment, Materials, and Aids for Repair and Rehabilitation of Gas Cleaning Equipment of Thermal Electric Powers

RD 34.46.605: Transformers at Voltage of 110-1150 kV, with Power of 80 MVxA and Above

Recommendations: Aspiration smoke-sensitive alarms VESDA. Part 1. Scope

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TOI R-45-078-98: Standard labor protection instruction when servicing batteries

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TR 118-01: Technical recommendations. Materials and production technologies for cleaning the facades of buildings and engineering structures

TR 123-01: Technical recommendations for finishing exterior walls made of foam concrete blocks (cellular concrete)

TR 140-03: Technical recommendations on the technology of painting the interiors and facades of residential and public buildings under construction

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TU 5718-002-04000633-2006: Cast asphalt mix and cast asphalt mixes

TU 5718-003-04000633-2006: Asphalt (hot) and asphalt mixes for monolithic road structures

TU 5745-001-01386160-001: Dispersed concrete mixes-reinforced with steel fiber milled from slab

TU 5761-002-01411834-00: Mineral Wool Mats Made from Fine Basalt Fiber. Technical Specifications

TU 5763-002-00287697-97: Thermal Insulating Products Made from Spun Glass Fiber "URSA

TU 5765-003-04002183-00: Perlite Thermal Insulating Products. Technical Specifications -

TU 5768-009-86695843-2011: Steel pipes with thermal insulation made of polyurethane foam in a protective sheath for oil and gas pipelines

TU 5853-001-04000633-2006: Adjustable tip manholes. Technical conditions

TU 5859-002-59565714-2012: Concrete protective flexible universal slabs

TU 6-02-115-91: Copolymer BMK-5

TU 6-05-810-88: Billets of fluoroplast-4 and fluoroplast-4A general purpose. Technical conditions

TU 6-10-1117-85: Primer EP-057 Protector

TU 6-10-1270-87: Varnish BT-5101

TU 64-13-14-88: Lysine fodder granulated

TU 6-48-128-95: Fiberglass Type FSP. Technical Specifications

VRD 39-1.13-062-2002: Concept of Radiation Safety Assurance in Subsidiaries and Organizations of Gazprom OAO. Standard Procedures

VSN 214-82: Collected volume of instructions on rust-proofing

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