GOST 24634-81

ГОСТ 24634-81

Wooden boxes for export products. General specifications

Ящики деревянные для продукции, поставляемой для экспорта Общие технические условия

Status: Effective - Supersedes. The limitation of effectiveness has been lifted: Resolution of the State Standard No. 579 dated 06/26/92

The standard applies to wooden boxes and crates designed for packaging, storage and transportation of products supplied for export (including in countries with a tropical climate), as well as at the request of the consumer - for products produced for the packaging for head enterprises with repackaging into container and without repacking.

Стандарт распространяется на деревянные ящики и обрешетки, предназначенные для упаковывания, хранения и транспортирования продукции, поставляемой для экспорта (в том числе в страны с тропическим климатом), а также по требованию потребителя - для продукции, изготовляемой на комплектацию для головных предприятий с переупаковыванием в эту тару и без переупаковывания.

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Approved: USSR State Committee for Standards, 3/11/1981

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The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

Construction (Max) » Standards » Other state standards used in construction » 55 Packing and placement of goods »

Evidence base (TR CU, Technical Regulation of the Customs Union) » 005/2011 TR CU. O packaging safety » Norms and standards (to TR TS 005/2011) »

Standards for pipe fittings (TPA) » 10. Production » 10.9 Packaging, storage, transportation »

PromExpert » SECTION I. TECHNICAL REGULATION » V Testing and control » 4 Testing and control of products » 4.6 Testing and control of wood products » 4.6.3 Tara wood »

ISO classifier » 55 PACKAGING AND DISTRIBUTION OF GOODS » 55.160 Mailboxes. Boxes. Crates »

National standards » 55 PACKAGING AND DISTRIBUTION OF GOODS » 55.160 Mailboxes. Boxes. Crates »

National Standards for KGS (State Standards Classification) » Latest edition » D Vehicles and packaging » D7 Wooden, paper, cardboard containers » D71 Wooden boxes »

As a Replacement Of:

GOST 10.65-72: Wooden boxes for products supplied for export. General specifications

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GOST 25996-97: Round link high-tensile chains for mining equipment. Specifications

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GOST 26546-85: Chain variators. General specifications

GOST 26582-85: Food (manufacturing) industry machines and equipment

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GOST 26881-86: Stationary leaden batteries

GOST 26917-2000: Underground loading machines. General technical requirements and test methods

GOST 26957-86: Variator with wide angle belt pulleys. General specifications

GOST 26957-97: Variators with wide-angle belt pulleys. General specifications

GOST 26980-95: Single bucket excavators. General specifications

GOST 26997-86: Heart valve prostheses. General specifications

GOST 27174-86: Open-type alkaline nickel-cadmium rechargeable cells and storage batteries of capacity up to 150 a/h

GOST 27265-87: Titanium and titanium-alloy filling wire

GOST 27544-87: Liquid-in-glass thermometers. General specifications

GOST 27962-88: Industrial equipment

GOST 28034-89: Electric insulating varnished fabrics

GOST 28171-89: Gambling machines

GOST 2820-73: Strontium nitrate. Technical conditions

GOST 28427-90: Electric lamps and starters. General requirements for export

GOST 28660-90: Bristle brust articles. Marking, packing, transportation and storage

GOST 28670-90: Wood chemical products. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 28679-90: Steam-water heaters for heat supply systems

GOST 28943-91: Accessories for product of light industry. Marking, packing, transportation and storage

GOST 29101-91: Textile glass products. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 297-80: Resistance welding machines

GOST 30222-95: Cone variable speed drives. General specifications

GOST 30223-95: Motorised conveyor drums. General specifications

GOST 302-79: Medical maximum glass thermometer. Specifications

GOST 30808-2002: Spectacles lenses. General specifications

GOST 30872-2002: Air cooling machines. General specifications

GOST 3145-84: Mechanical clocks with signal. General specifications

GOST 31516-2012: Medical maximum glass thermometrs. General specifications

GOST 31825-2012: Sucker rods, mouth stocks and couplings for them. Specifications

GOST 32097-2013: Vinegars оf food raw material. General specifications

GOST 32680-2014: Head current collection elements of pantographs of electric vehicle. General specification

GOST 3309-84: Table and wall mechanical clocks with balance oscillator. General specifications

GOST 34347-2017: Steel welded vessels and apparatus. General technical conditions

GOST 34595-2019: Mining engineering. Pneumatic impulse cartridges. General technical requirements. Test methods

GOST 3573-76: Canned young antlers of dapple deer. Specifications

GOST 3608-78: Rings for ring spinning and ring doubling frames. Specifications

GOST 3722-2014: Rolling bearings. Steel balls. Specifications

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GOST 4227-76: Canned young antlers of red deer and maral. Specifications

GOST 4515-93: Copper phosphorous alloys. Specifications

GOST 4658-73: Mercury. Specifications

GOST 495-77: Copper sheets and ribbons. Specifications

GOST 495-92: Copper sheets and ribbons. Specifications

GOST 5006-83: Toothed clutches. Specifications

GOST 520-2002: Rolling bearings. General specifications

GOST 520-2011: Roll bearings. General specifications.

GOST 5289-94: Disk records. General specification

GOST 5503-87: Bicycles

GOST 5635-80: Glass dissipators for autotractor, motor-cycle and bicycle lighting and light signalling apparatus. Specifications

GOST 5862-79: Ceramic insulators and covers for voltage over 1000 V. General specifications

GOST 5946-79: Conveyors, chain, suspension, load-carrying, general purpose. Specification

GOST 6113-84: Horizontal expellers for pottery ware

GOST 6625-85: Mine local ventilating fans

GOST 6737-80: Drawing frames for cotton and chemical fibers

GOST 6815-79: Mains and distribution busways up to 1000 V a.c. General specifications

GOST 6851-2003: Lead-acid storage starter and non-starter batteries for motor-cycles. General specifications

GOST 6851-91: Lead-acid storage non-starter batteries for motor cycles and motor-scooters. General specifications

GOST 6859-72: Apparatus for liquids sampling and measuring. Specifications

GOST 689-90: Disconnectors and ground-wires for alternating current with voltage over 1 000 v

GOST 7012-77: Single-operator single-phase transformers for automatic submerged arc welding. General specifications

GOST 703-76: Wall pendulum mechanical clo��k. General specifications

GOST 7075-80: Manual Traveling Underrunning Cranes Specifications

GOST 7328-2001: Weights. General specifications

GOST 7328-82: General-purpose and reference mass gages

GOST 7360-82: Subs for drilling strings

GOST 7402-84: Electric fans for domestic use

GOST 7599-82: Machine-tools, metal-working

GOST 7600-90: Press-forging plant

GOST 7826-93: Strip and circular charts of registers. General specifications

GOST 7890-84: Travelling single-girder suspended cranes. Specifications

GOST 7890-93: Travelling single girder suspended cranes. Specifications

GOST 8339-84: Oil pressure installations for hydraulic turbines

GOST 8390-84: Electro hydraulic presses for blocking

GOST 8591-76: The telephone canalization cable man-hole hatches

GOST 8594-80: Installation boxes for switches and plug sockets for flush wiring

GOST 9.510-93: Unified system of corrosion and ageing protection. Aluminium and aluminium alloys semifinished products. General requirements for temporary anticorrosive protection, packing, transportation and storage

GOST 9070-75: Viscometers for determination of relative viscosity of paint and lacquer materials. Specifications

GOST 9147-80: Laboratory porcelain ware and apparatus. Specifications

GOST 9193-77: Warping machines Technical conditions

GOST 9231-80: Twin-shaft blenders of paddle type

GOST 9294-83: Primary cells and batteries. Marking, packing, transporting and storing

GOST 9424-79: Hardened glasses for scuttles. Specifications

GOST 9541-75: X-ray protective glass plates. Specifications

GOST 9559-89: Lead sheets. Specifications

GOST 95-77: Single-operator single-phase transformers for manual arc welding. General specifications

GOST 959-2002: Lead-acid storage starter batteries for motor-tractors. General specifications

GOST 959-91: 12 v starter lead storage batteries for vehicles, tractors and motorcycles

GOST 9923-80: Manual fire barrel. Specifications

GOST 9933-75: Absolute pressure gauges and u-tubes combined pressure vacuum gauges

GOST 9984-85: Ceramic support insulators rated for voltage over 1000 v

GOST ED1 21482-87: Single - layer measuring metal bellows. Specifications

GOST ED1 22827-86: General-purpose self-propelled boom cranes. Specifications. Export addition

GOST ED1 7164-78: Self-balancing servo instruments of SSI. General specifications. Export supplement

GOST R 50059-92: Travelling single-girder suspended cranes. Specifications

GOST R 50398-92: Fire hydraulic elevator. Specifications

GOST R 50399-92: Air-foam nozzles. Specifications

GOST R 50400-92: Hose branching. Specifications

GOST R 50401-92: Suction gauzes. Specifications

GOST R 50408-92: Foam mixers. Specifications

GOST R 50409-92: Medium expansions foam-making branch pipes. Specifications

GOST R 50895-96: Toothed clutches. Specifications

GOST R 50959-96: Samovars (hot water boilers), using hard fuel. Specifications

GOST R 51044-97: Spectacle lenses. General specifications

GOST R 51115-97: Fire equipment. Fire turntable combined monitors. General technical requirements. Test methods

GOST R 51161-2002: Sucker rods, mouth stocks and couplings for them. Specifications

GOST R 51260-2017: Rehabilitation aids trainers. General technical requirements

GOST R 51260-99: Rehabilitation simulators for disabled persons. General specifications

GOST R 51364-99: Air cooling apparatus. General specifications

GOST R 52034-2003: Ceramic support insulators for voltage over 1000 V. General specifications

GOST R 52101-2003: Vinegars of food raw material. General specifications

GOST R 52283-2004: Fire-fighting centrifugal pumps. General technical requirements. Test methods

GOST R 52283-2019: Fire fighting equipment. Centrifugal fire pumps. General technical requirements. Test methods

GOST R 52630-2006: Steel welded vessels and apparatus. General specifications

GOST R 52630-2012: Steel welded vessels and apparatus. General specifications.

GOST R 52850-2007: Vehicles. Single-stage compressed air pumps. Technical requirements and test methods

GOST R 52859-2007: Rolling bearings. General specifications

GOST R 52921-2008: Medical maximum glass thermometers. General specifications

GOST R 53165-2008: Lead-acid storage starter batteries for motor-tractors. General specifications

GOST R 53287-2009: Water and foam fire fighting systems. Fire alarm hydraulic, fire foam inducer, feeder. General technical requirements. Test methods

GOST R 53332-2009: Fire equipment. Fire motor pumps. Main parameters. General technical requirements. Methods of testing

GOST R 53332-2019: Fire fighting equipment. Motor-pumps fire. Main parameters. General technical requirements. Test methods

GOST R 53409-2009: Vehicles. Friction dry clutch. General technical requirements and test methods

GOST R 54803-2011: High-pressure welded steel vessels. General technical requirements

GOST R 55159-2012: The mountain-mine equipment. Underground loading machines. General technical requirements and test methods

GOST R 55730-2013: Mining equipment. Loading-transport machines. General technical requirements

GOST R 55852-2013: Draft machine. General operating specification

GOST R 55853-2013: Medium speed roller mill. Types, critical parameters, specification

GOST R 55982-2014: Acid acetic for the food industry. Specifications

GOST R 56968-2016: Table vinegar. Specifications

GOST R 57624-2017: Aromatized table vinegar. Specifications

GOST R 57736-2017: Mining equpment. Mine auxiliary fans. General specifications

GOST R 58089-2018: Mining equipment. Suspension gears for mine cages. General specifications

GOST R 58493-2019: Mining equipment. Drilling machines. General technical requirements and test methods

GOST R 58792-2019: Fire fighting equipment. Mobile compression foam generation systems. General technical requirements. Test methods

GOST R 58934-2020: Plants for the manufacture of reinforced concrete volume blocks of sanitary cabins and elevator shafts. Specifications

NPB 159-97*: Fire fighting equipment. Fire monitors combined. General technical requirements. Test methods

NPB 59-97: Water and foam fire fighting systems. Fire foam mixers and dose device. Nomenclature of indices. general technical requirements. Test methods

ONTP 02-94: Sectoral norms of technological design of enterprises in the automotive industry. Woodworking shops (sites)

OST 108.030.124-85: Details and prefabricated units made of pearlitic steels for pipelines with environment pressure P>2.2 MPa (22 kg/cm2) in nuclear power plants. General Specifications.

OST 24.090.39-83: Shell stacker cranes. General specifications.

OST 24.125.60-89: Details and prefabricated units of steam and hot water in thermal power plants. General Specifications.

OST 24.201.03-90: Steel high-pressure vessels and devices. General technical requirements.

OST 26-01-147-89: Drying devices with rotating drums. General technical requirements.Printing telegraph and terminals for document electric communication. Methods of printed character parameter measurement.

OST 26-04-280-93: Pipeline fittings of cryogenic equipment products. General specifications.

OST 26-18-5-88: Technological units of gas and oil industry. General technical requirements.

OST 26-291-94: Steel welded vessels and devices. General technical requirements.

OST 36-13-90: Shields and consoles of automation systems for technological processes. General technical conditions

OST 36-66-82: Branching and screw die clamps (clips). Technical conditions

OST 48-286-86: Single-stage Thickeners. Specifications.

OTT 08042462: Instruments and automation equipment for nuclear power plants. General technical requirements

PB 03-384-00: Rules for design, manufacture and acceptance of steel welded vessels and apparatus

RD 153-34.0-04.185-2003: Machines and equipment for construction, technical re-equipment and repair of energy facilities. Requirements for design, materials, manufacturing, acceptance and testing

RD 26.260.010-2002: The leading document on standardization. The list of standard documentation on standardization on the cells and devices working under pressure.

RD 26.260.010-97: List of Regulatory Documents on Standardization for Pressure Vessels and Apparatus

RST RSFSR 131-87: Metal folding beds. Technical conditions

RST RSFSR 92-83: Musical wind instruments. General technical conditions

RST RSFSR ED1 736-89: Crutches and Canes. Technical Specifications

ST TsKBA 084-2010: Elements of pipelines. Parts and assembly units of titanium alloys for nuclear power plant pipelines. General technical conditions

STB 1357-2002: Industrial sewing machines. General specifications

STB 1760-2007: Vinegars for food purposes. General specifications

STB 1831-2008: Gear pumps for volume hydraulic drive. Specifications

TU 1469-001-53597015-01: Rings for guides for the transition of steel pipelines through roads and railways, laid in a protective casing (case)

TU 25-1819.0021-90: Mechanical stopwatches "Glory" SDSpr-1-2-000, SDSpr-4b-2-000, SOSpr-6a-1-000

TU 25-1894.003-90: Mechanical stopwatches

TU 2531-002-53597015-01: Face seal (rubber cuff) to protect the annular space at the junctions of main pipelines under roads and railways

TU 26-01-949-85: The devices gummed with the mechanical mixing device of volume 1; 2; 3.2; 6.3; 10 and 16 m3

TU 26-01-957-85: Gummed capacitive devices

TU 26-02-1105-89: Shell and tube heat exchangers with fixed tube sheets and shell and tube with a temperature compensator on the shell with a shell diameter of 159, 273, 325, 426 mm increased thermal efficiency. Technical conditions

TU 26-02-1162-95: Shell and tube heat exchangers for elevated temperatures and pressures with a floating head and a compensator on it. Technical conditions

TU 3113-028-00220302-01: Heaters of steam and water-to-water for heating networks of heating and hot water systems. Technical conditions

TU 34-38-20121-87: Oil inlets. General technical conditions for major repairs

TU 3612-023-00220302-01: Shell-and-tube heat exchangers with a floating head, shell-and-tube with U-tubes and tube bundles for them

TU 3612-024-00220302-02: Shell and tube heat exchangers with fixed tube sheets and shell and tube with temperature compensator on the shell

TU 3612-100-00220302-2005: Shell and tube heat exchangers, tube bundles for them and heat exchangers "pipe in pipe". General technical conditions

TU 36-1496-85: Cable prefabricated structures. Technical conditions

TU 36-2203-84: Racks of radio transmission lines and additional products to them. Technical conditions

TU 3644-006-00220302-99: Shell-and-tube heat exchangers for special purposes. Refrigeration evaporators and condensers

TU 6-05-810-88: Billets of fluoroplast-4 and fluoroplast-4A general purpose. Technical conditions

TU 84-738-83: Gear pumps for pressure P = 0.5 MPa (5 kgf/cm2) for machine tools and other stationary machines

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Reinforcing rolled products for reinforced concrete constructions. Specifications
Language: English
Price: $357.39
Medical devices. Safety requirements. Methods of sanitation-chemical and toxicological tests
Language: English
Price: $223.74
Gas chromatographic determination of hexane, heptane, acetaldehyde, acetone, methyl acetate, ethyl acetate, methanol, isopropanol, acrylonitrile, n-propanol, n-propyl acetate, butyl acetate, isobutanol, n-butanol, benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, m-o, and
Language: English
Price: $225.72
Technical regulations of Customs Union. About safety equipment for use in explosive environments
Language: English
Price: $80.00

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