GOST 183-74

ГОСТ 183-74

Rotating electrical machines

Машины электрические вращающиеся. Общие технические условия

Status: Not effective - Canceled in the Russian Federation. Information about the registration of 3-st from 02/04/2010 (the official website of Rosstandart); IUS 4-2010

The standard applies to rotating electric cars of direct and alternating current without limiting power, voltage and frequency. The standard does not apply to electrical machines intended for use in onboard systems of mobile means of land, water and air transport.

Стандарт распространяется на вращающиеся электрические машны постоянного и переменного тока без ограничения мощности, напряжения и частоты. Стандарт не распространяется на электрические машины, предназначенные для применения в бортовых системах подвижных средств наземного, водного и воздушного транспорта.

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Approved: State Committee of Standards of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, 12/27/1974

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PromExpert » SECTION I. TECHNICAL REGULATION » V Testing and control » 4 Testing and control of products » 4.15 Testing and control of products of electronic, optical and electrical industry » 4.15.1 Electric machines, electrical equipment and materials »

ISO classifier » 29 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING » 29.160 Electric rotating machines » 29.160.01 Machines rotating in general »

National standards » 29 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING » 29.160 Electric rotating machines » 29.160.01 Machines rotating in general »

National Standards for KGS (State Standards Classification) » Latest edition » E Power and electrical equipment » E6 Electric machines, transformers and converters » E60 Classification, nomenclature and general rules »

As a Replacement Of:

GOST 183-66: Electric machines. General technical requirements

The Document References:

GOST 10159-79: Rotating electrical commutator machines. Test methods

GOST 10169-77: 3-phase synchronous machines. Test methods

GOST 12379-75: Electric rotating machines. Methods of vibration evaluation

GOST 12969-67: Plates for machines and devices. Technical requirements

GOST 14965-80: Three-phase synchronous generators of power over 100 kw

GOST 15150-69: Machines, instruments and other industrial products. Modifications for different climatic regions. Categories, operating, storage and transportation conditions as to environment climatic aspects influence

GOST 15543-70: Electrical articles. Applications for different climatic regions. General technical requirements as to environment climatic aspects influence

GOST 17516-72: Electrical articles. Operating conditions as to environment mechanical aspects influence

GOST 23216-78: Electrotechnical products. Storage, transportation, temporary corrosion protection and packing. General requirements and test methods

GOST 2479-79: Rotating electrical machines. Symbols for types of construction and mounting arrangements.

The Document is Referenced By:

GOST 10159-79: Rotating electrical commutator machines. Test methods

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GOST 17717-79: Alternating-current load-break cutouts for voltages of 3 to 10 kv

GOST 18058-80: Three-phase asynchronous squirrel-cage submersible electric motors series ПЭД. Specifications

GOST 18130-79: Semi-automatic machines for consumable electrode arc welding

GOST 18200-90: Above 200 kW rotating electric machines. Synchronous engines. General specifications

GOST 185-70: Three-phase asynchronous crane motors. Specification

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GOST 19523-74: The motors, three-phase asynchronous squirrel-cage series 4A with power from 0.06 to 400 kW. General specifications

GOST 19523-81: Electric rotating machines sized from 50 to 355. Asynchronous motors of 4A series, three-phase with squirrel-cage rotor. Specification

GOST 20424-75: Motors three-phase asynchronous short-circuited built-in cold-oil-resistant. General specifications

GOST 20469-81: Domestic electric meat mincers. Specifications

GOST 20469-95: Household electric mincers

GOST 20791-83: Centrifugal glandless electric pumps. Technical requirements

GOST 20815-88: Electric rotating machines. Vibration of machines with rotating axis elevation over 355 mm. Allowable values and test methods

GOST 20815-93: Rotating electrical machines. Mechanical vibration of certain machines with shaft heights 56 mm and higher. Measurement, evaluation and limits of the vibration severity

GOST 21558-2000: Excitation system for turbo generators, hydrogenerators and synchronous condensers. General specifications

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GOST 22407-85: Synchronous explicit-pole generators of general purpose

GOST 22723-77: Machines for grinding wooden floors. Specification

GOST 23111-78: Asynchronous three-phase short-circuited explosion-proof motors series V and VR with power from 0,25 to 110 kW. Specification

GOST 23484-79: Electrohydraulic-plants for removing of cores. Technical requirements

GOST 24277-91: Stationary steam turbines for nuclear power plants. General specifications

GOST 24278-89: Stationary steam turbine plants for driving electric generators at thermal power stations

GOST 24915-81: Three-phase asynchronous motors. Voltage 6000 V. Power from 200 to 1000 kW. Power ranges and mounting dimensions

GOST 24979-81: Constant speed electrical actuators for remote control. Types and basic parameters. Technical requirements

GOST 25178-82: Electric hand driers

GOST 2582-2013: Rotating electrical traction machines for rail and road vehicles. General technical specifications.

GOST 2582-81: Electric rotatory traction machines

GOST 25862-83: Constant speed electrical actuators for remote control. Acceptance rules and methods of tests

GOST 26050-89: Industrial robots

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GOST 27803-88: Adjustable electrical drives for machine tools building and robotechnics. General technical requirements

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GOST 27888-88: Rotating electrical machines. Built-in thermal protection. Rules for protection

GOST 27895-88: Rotating electrical machines. Built-in thermal protection. General rules for thermal protectors used in thermal protection systems

GOST 27905.1-88: Electrical insulation systems of electrical equipment. Evaluation and classification

GOST 27917-88: Rotating electrical machines. Built in thermal protection. Thermal detector and control units used in thermal protection systems

GOST 28327-89: Rotating electrical machines. Starting performances of single-speed three-phase cage induction motors for voltages to 660 V inclusive

GOST 28330-89: Asynchronous electrical machines with power from 1 to 400 kw inclusive. Motors

GOST 28547-90: Positive displacement refrigeration compressors

GOST 28969-91: Stationary steam low-capacity turbines

GOST 29285-92: Reducers and motor-reducers. General requirements to the methods of experiments

GOST 30195-94: Submersible asynchronous electric motors

GOST 30223-95: Motorised conveyor drums. General specifications

GOST 304-82: Welding generators.

GOST 31591-2012: Gearmotors of general purposes. General specifications

GOST 31605-2012: Asynchronous electrical mashines of power from 1 to 400 kW inclusive. Motors. Efficiency and power factors

GOST 31606-2012: Rotating electrical machines. Asynchronous motors of power from 0,12 to 400 kW inclusive. General technical requirements

GOST 3618-82: Stationary steam turbines for turbo generators. Type and basic parameters

GOST 3940-2004: Automotive engineering electrical equipment. General specifications.

GOST 3940-84: Electrical equipment for vehicles and tractors. General technical requirements

GOST 4.154-85: Product-quality index system. Electrical rotating frames, number above 56 to 355 including. Nomenclature of indices

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GOST R 51667-2000: Brushes for electrical machines. Methods for determination of the commutator characteristics

GOST R 51677-2000: Asynchronous electrical machines of power from 1 to 400 kVt inclusive. Motors. Efficiency and power factor

GOST R 51689-2000: Rotating electrical machines. Asynchronous motors of power from 0,12 to 400 kW inclusive. General technical reguirements

GOST R 51757-2001: 3-phase induction motors of voltage over 1000 V for auxiliaries of thermal power stations. General specifications

GOST R 52230-2004: Electrical equipment for vehicles and tractors. General specifications

GOST R 52565-2006: Alternating-current circuit-breakers for voltages from 3 to 750 kV. General specifications

GOST R 53471-2009: Synchronous three-phase generators of power above 100 kW. General specifications

GOST R 54344-2011: Fire equipment. Mobile manipulation vehicle systems for eliminating of emergencies and fire extinguishing. Classification. General technical requirements. Test methods

GOST R 55895-2013: Fire equipment. Robotics control systems for eliminating of emergencies and fire extinguishing. General technical requirements. Test methods

NB ZhT TsT 03-98: Electric trains. Safety Standards. Amendments №1-4

NB ZhT TsT 04-98: Electric locomotives. Safety standards

NB ZhT TsT 07-99: Diesel locomotives, gas turbine locomotives, diesel trains and railcars (rail buses). Electrical equipment traction. Safety standards

OST 16-0.510.001-70: Three-phase asynchronous electric motors with short-circuited rotor with power from 10 to 600 W of the AOL series

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PNAE G-7-013-89: Mutual recognition of accreditation of laboratories performing tests, verification or calibration of measuring instruments

RD 22.18-355-89: Method of determining heat generation from electrical equipment

RD 22-326-97: Self-propelled jib cranes and loader cranes. Overhaul. General technical conditions

RD 24.207.11-90: Pipe fittings. Nomenclature of indicators

RD 34.45.501-88: Model Guidelines for Operation of Generators at Electric Power Generating Stations

RD 34.45-51.300-97: Electrical equipment testing scope and standards.

RD EO 0052-00: Diesel generator sets for nuclear power plants. General specifications

Recommendations: Aspiration smoke-sensitive alarms VESDA. Part 1. Scope

SO 004-02495342-2006: Floors. Method for the evaluation of floor coverings for sparking at shock effects

SO 153-34.45.301: Procedural Guidelines for Vibration Tests of Turbine and Hydraulic Generators

SO 34.45.622: Methodical instructions for testing the thyristor system of independent excitation of turbogenerators of the TBB series with a capacity of 165-800 MW

ST RK 1518-2006: Diesel locomotives. DC electric rotating traction machines. Requirements for acceptance programmes and test procedures

ST RK 1531-2006: Locomotives of main railways of 1520 mm gage. AC electric rotating tractive machinery. Requirements for acceptance programmes and test procedures

STB 1208-2000: Construction and finishing machines. General safety requirements. Test methods

TU 16-521.646-85: Three-phase asynchronous motor type 4ААМ50В2М

TU 16-521.661-85: Single-phase asynchronous electric motor of the type DAK 86-60-3-H-IM8223-C18-POI-D18

TU 16-525.609-85: Asynchronous motors AIS80 - AIS112, supplied for export. Technical conditions

TU 16-526.562-84: Asynchronous motors with increased slip 4AMS160 - 4AMS250. Technical conditions

VNTP 41-85: Standards for the technological design of hydroelectric and pumped storage power plants

VSN 176-78: Guidelines for the Design and Installation of Corrugated Metal Pipe Culverts

AZ-926: Fan selection guide for fan systems in hazardous areas

KPO 01.03.11-06: Catalog-list of equipment. Power plants and power plants. Guaranteed power installations. Converters

Manual for SNiP 2.05.07-85: Cable Car Design Toolkit

Manual for SNiP 2.05.07-85: Guide for the design of subgrade and drainage of railways and roads of industrial enterprises

Manual for SNiP 2.05.07-85: Hydraulic Vehicle Design Guide

Manual for SNiP 2.05.07-85: A guide to determining the integrated technical and economic indicators of the cost of construction for comparing options and choosing types of industrial transport

Manual for SNiP 2.05.07-85: Guide for the design of conveyor transport. Conveyor belts

Manual for SNiP 2.05.07-85: Design Guide for Industrial Rail Stations

Manual for SNiP 2.05.07-85: Manual on the design of railways and roads of industrial enterprises in permafrost areas (to SNiP 2.05.07-85)

RD 31.00.73-83: Repair of rowing electric cars of direct current of electric ships. Organizational and technical activities

RD 34.10.107-75: The requirements for the need for small-scale mechanization, mechanized tools and special devices for maintenance and repair of power plants and networks of the USSR Ministry of Energy. Part 2. Maintenance and repair services of power plants, substations, power lines and heating networks (except for overhauls of the main power equipment considered in Part 1)

RD NIIKranostroeniya 03-05: Guidelines. Jib cranes for general use and cranes; Overhaul. General specifications

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