SNiP 41-03-2003

СНиП 41-03-2003

Designing of thermal insulation of equipment and pipelines

Тепловая изоляция оборудования и трубопроводов

Status: Not effective. Updated version of SP 61.13330.2012 Thermal insulation of equipment and pipelines

Standards and rules should be observed when designing thermal insulation of the outer surface of equipment, pipelines, gas ducts and air ducts located in buildings, structures and in the open air with a temperature of substances contained in them from minus 180 to 600 ° С, including heat pipelines methods of installation, and designed to ensure their operational reliability, safe operation and the necessary level of energy saving. When designing, it is necessary to comply with the requirements for thermal insulation contained in the norms of technological design and other regulatory documents approved or agreed by Gosstroy of Russia. The standards do not apply to the design of thermal insulation of equipment and pipelines containing and transporting explosives, isothermal storage of liquefied gases, buildings and premises for the production and storage of explosives, nuclear power plants and installations.

Нормы и правила следует соблюдать при проектировании тепловой изоляции наружной поверхности оборудования, трубопроводов, газоходов и воздуховодов, расположенных в зданиях, сооружениях и на открытом воздухе с температурой содержащихся в них веществ от минус 180 до 600 °С, в том числе трубопроводов тепловых сетей при всех способах прокладки, и предназначенной для обеспечения их эксплуатационной надежности, безопасной эксплуатации и необходимого уровня энергосбережения. При проектировании необходимо соблюдать требования к тепловой изоляции, содержащиеся в нормах технологического проектирования и других нормативных документах, утвержденных или согласованных Госстроем России. Нормы не распространяются на проектирование тепловой изоляции оборудования и трубопроводов, содержащих и транспортирующих взрывчатые вещества, изотермических хранилищ сжиженных газов, зданий и помещений для производства и хранения взрывчатых веществ, атомных станций и установок.

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Approved: Gosstroy of Russia, 6/26/2003

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Construction (Max) » Regulations » Documents System of normative documents in construction » 4. Normative documents for engineering equipment of buildings and structures and external networks » k.41 Heat supply, heating, ventilation and air conditioning »

ISO classifier » 27 ENERGY AND HEATING TECHNOLOGY » 27.010 Energy and heat engineering in general »

ISO classifier » 27 ENERGY AND HEATING TECHNOLOGY » 27.220 Heat recovery. Thermal insulation »

ISO classifier » 91 CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION » 91.140 Installations in buildings » 91.140.01 Engineering equipment of buildings in general »

ISO classifier » 91 CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION » 91.140 Installations in buildings » 91.140.10 Central heating systems »

ISO classifier » 91 CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION » 91.140 Installations in buildings » 91.140.30 Ventilation and air conditioning systems »

The Document References:

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SNiP 41-02-2003: Heat networks

The Document is Referenced By:

ATR 313.TS-014.000: Typical solutions for laying pipelines of heat networks in foam-polymer-mineral (PPM) insulation. Diameter DN 50 - 400 mm. Constructions and parts

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Manual: Manual for impulse and low consumption fire extinguishing systems

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SNiP 41-02-2003: Heat networks

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SP 55.13330.2011: Sindle-family houses

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SP 61.13330.2012: Designing of thermal insulation of equipment and pipe lines

TR 12220-TI.2001: URSA thermal insulation products in the construction of thermal insulation of industrial equipment. Recommendations for use with technical solutions album

TR 12274-TI.2004: Thermal insulation products "Isover" of the grades KK-ALS, KT-11-TWIN, KIM-AL, KVM-50, KLS-K in the designs of thermal insulation of equipment and pipelines. Recommendations for use with technical solutions album

TR 160-04: Technical Recommendations for the design and channelless installation of intra-block pipelines for hot water supply and heat supply from glass-basalt-plastic pipes and products

TSN 41-306-2003: Thermal Insulation of Pipelines for Various Purposes. City of Moscow

TSN 41-307-2003: Design and Construction of Piped Heat Distribution Networks with Individual Foam Polyurethane Thermal Insulation. City of Moscow

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MGSN 4.19-2005: Temporary norms and standards for design of multifunctional high-rise buildings and buildings complexes in Moscow. Part 2. (Part 1 is sold separately as MGSN 4.19-05)

NTP-APK Standards of technological design of enterprises of the yeast industry

TSN 41-312-2004 MO: Individual apartment heating system based on double-circuit gas boilers with a closed combustion chamber

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