PB 10-574-03

ПБ 10-574-03

Safety Operation and Design Codes for Steam and Hot Water Boilers

Правила устройства и безопасной эксплуатации паровых и водогрейных котлов

Status: Not effective - Not applicable. By order of the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision dated March 25, 2014 No. 116, the Resolution of the Federal Mining and Industrial Supervision of Russia dated June 11, 2003 No. 88 was deemed to be non-applicable (the order shall enter into force three months after its official publication, the text of the order is published in the Bulletin of normative acts of federal executive bodies of September 22, 2014 No. 38)

The rules apply to: a) steam boilers, including boilers-boilers, as well as autonomous steam superheaters and economizers; b) hot water and steam boilers; c) energy technology boilers: steam and water boilers, including soda recovery boilers (SRK); d) waste heat boilers (steam and hot water); e) boilers of mobile and transportable installations and energy trains; e) steam and liquid boilers working with high-temperature organic heat carriers (HERE); g) steam and hot water pipelines within the boiler. The rules do not apply to: a) boilers, autonomous superheaters and economizers installed on sea and river vessels and other floating equipment (except drags) and objects underwater use; b) heating boilers of railroad cars; c) boilers with electric heating; d) boilers with a volume of steam and water space of 0.001 m3 (1 l) or less, in which the product of the working pressure in MPa (kgf

Правила распространяются на: а) паровые котлы, в том числе котлы-бойлеры, а также автономные пароперегреватели и экономайзеры; б) водогрейные и пароводогрейные котлы; в) энерготехнологические котлы: паровые и водогрейные, в том числе содорегенерационные котлы (СРК); г) котлы-утилизаторы (паровые и водогрейные); д) котлы передвижных и транспортабельных установок и энергопоездов; е) котлы паровые и жидкостные, работающие с высокотемпературными органическими теплоносителями (ВОТ); ж) трубопроводы пара и горячей воды в пределах котла. Правила не распространяются на: а) котлы, автономные пароперегреватели и экономайзеры, устанавливаемые на морских и речных судах и других плавучих средствах (кроме драг) и объектах подводного применения; б) отопительные котлы вагонов железнодорожного состава; в) котлы с электрическим обогревом; г) котлы с объемом парового и водяного пространства 0,001 м3 (1 л) и менее, у которых произведение рабочего давления в МПа (кгс/см2) на объем в м3 (л) не превышает 0,002 (20); д) на теплоэнергетическое оборудование атомных электростанций; е) пароперегреватели трубчатых печей предприятий нефтеперерабатывающей и нефтехимической промышленности.

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Approved: Gosgortekhnadzor of Russia, 6/11/2003

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Technical Supervision » Section I. Technological, construction, energy supervision and environmental protection regarding limitation of negative anthropogenic impact » IV. Regulatory legal acts and regulations » 2. Industrial safety » 2.14. Equipment operating under excess pressure of more than 0.07 megapascals or at a water heating temperature of more than 115 degrees Celsius »

PromExpert » SECTION IV. INDUSTRIAL SAFETY » II Industrial safety requirements for operation of a hazardous production facility » 2 Special industrial safety requirements for operation of a hazardous production facility » 2.6 Industrial safety requirements for pressure equipment »

ISO classifier » 27 ENERGY AND HEATING TECHNOLOGY » 27.060 Burners. Boilers » 27.060.30 Boilers and heat exchangers »

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ISO classifier » 91 CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION » 91.140 Installations in buildings » 91.140.65 Water heating equipment »

The Document is Replaced With:

Order 116: Federal norms and rules in the field of industrial safety "Industrial safety rules for hazardous production facilities where equipment operating under excessive pressure is used"

Order 116: On the approval of the Federal norms and rules in the field of industrial safety "Industrial safety rules for hazardous production facilities using equipment operating under excessive pressure" (as amended on December 12, 2017) (canceled from 01.01.2021 on the basis of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 06.08.2020 N 1192)

As a Replacement Of:

PB 03-164-97: Standards for Fabrication of Steam and Hot-Water Boilers, Pressure Vessels, and Steam and Hot Water Piping by Welding

Resolution: Rules for the design and safe operation of steam and hot water boilers

The Document References:

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PB 03-273-99: Rules for qualification test of welders and welding production specialists

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