GOST 8050-85

ГОСТ 8050-85

Carbon dioxide,

Двуокись углерода газообразная и жидкая

Status: Effective - Supersedes. The limitation of effectiveness has been lifted: Decree of the State Standard No. 1655 of 10.25.91

The standard applies to gaseous and liquid carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide), high pressure and low temperature, derived from waste gases produced in ammonia, alcohols, as well as on the basis of special fuel combustion and other industries.

Стандарт распространяется на газообразную и жидкую двуокись углерода (диоксид углерода, углекислый газ) высокого давления и низкотемпературную, получаемую из отбросных газов производства аммиака, спиртов, а также на базе специального сжигания топлива и других производств.

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Approved: USSR State Committee for Standards, 7/29/1985

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GOST 8050-76: Carbon dioxide,. Specification

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GOST R 58011-2017: Ciders traditional. Spectifications

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KPO 09.01.11-06: Catalog-list of equipment. Fire equipment

Manual: Manual for impulse and low consumption fire extinguishing systems

MU Procedural Guidelines for Introduction and Application of the Sanitation and Disease Control Regulations of SANPIN 2 -1 -4 -1116-02 "Potable Water. Hygienic Requirements for Quality of Bottled Water. Quality Control

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OST 153-34.0-984-99A: Assembly units and suspension parts of nuclear power plant station pipelines Py <= 4.0 MPa (40 kgf/cm2). General technical requirements

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OST 26-3-87: Welding in chemical mechanical engineering. Main provisions.

OST 34-10-581-93: Lens compensators for Pnom ≤1.6 MPa (16 kg/cm2). General technical requirements.

OST 34-42-816-85: Welding of pipelines from the pearlitic and austenitic steels on nuclear power plants. Main provisions.

OST 36-128-85: mounting Devices and assemblies. Calculation and design Methods.

OST 36-58-81: Steel building structures. Welding. Basic requirements.

OST 36-60-81: Welding at installation of steel building constructions. Main provisions.

OST 36-79-83: Steel process pipes of carbon and low alloy steels Pi up to 10 MPa (100 kgs/cm2). Semi-automatic welding with consumable electrode in carbon dioxide. Typical process.

OST 5 9137-83: Welding of casting defects in steel and cast iron. Technical requirements

OTT The supporting structures of the elements of nuclear plants with water-cooled power reactors. General technical requirements

PB 03-108-96: Process pipeline design and safe operation rules

PB 03-384-00: Rules for design, manufacture and acceptance of steel welded vessels and apparatus

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PNAE G-7-009-89: Equipment and pipelines of nuclear power installations. Welding and overlaying, general provisions

POT R M-016-2001: Inter-Industry Occupational Safety and Health Regulations (Safety Regulations) for Operation of Electrical Installations

POT R M-019-2001: Intersectoral rules for labor protection in the production of acetylene, oxygen, the process of spraying and gas-plasma processing of metals

POT R O-97300-07-95: Rules for labor protection in the production of alcohol and alcoholic beverages

RD 059/01-2019: Instructions for welding and surfacing during the repair of freight cars (with Amendment No. 1)

RD 153-006-02: Guidelines for the Welding Process in Construction and Renovation of Trunk Petroleum Pipelines

RD 153-34.1-003-01: Welding, heat treatment and control of copper pipe systems and pipelines at power equipment installation and repair.

RD 153-39.4-078-01: Operation Requirements for Tanks on Trunk Petroleum Product Pipelines and at Petroleum Depots

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RD 31.44.06-89: Low loader semi-trailers. Repair Specifications

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RD 31.52.23-89: Ship diesel engines. Restoring cylinder covers using welding. Typical Processes

RD 32 TsV 052-2005: Repair of freight car trucks

RD 34 02.028-2007: Technical rules. Mechanical equipment and special steel structures for hydraulic structures. Manufacturing, installation and acceptance.

RD 34.10.117-92: Method for Development of Specified Quantity Allowances for Standby Equipment and Spare Parts for Energy System Repair and Maintenance

RD 34.10.124-94: Instructions for the preparation and storage of welding materials

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RD 34.10.351: Specified Quantity Allowances for Materials for Repair of Turbine Generators

RD 34.15.027-93: Welding, Heat Treatment, and Testing of Boiler Tube Systems and Piping During Installation and Repair of Electric Supply Station Equipment (RTM-1s-93)

RD 34.15.132-96: Welding and Quality Control of Welded Joints in Metal Structures of Buildings During Construction of Industrial Facilities

RD 34.50.501-96: Model Guidelines for Operation of Electrolytic Units for Obtaining Hydrogen and Oxygen

RD 36-62-00: Hoisting equipment. General technical requirements.

RD 39-0147014-535-87: Instructions for welding at installation and repair of pipelines and critical metal structures in organizations and enterprises of the Ministry of oil and gas industry.

RD OP.42-001-85: Main provisions for welding and control of the NPP tanks (reservoirs)

RD-APK Engineering Design Standards for Greenhouses and Hothouses for Growing Vegetables and Seedlings

SA 03-005-07: Industrial pipelines of oil-refining, petrochemical and chemical industry. Requirements to configuration and operation

SanPiN Potable Water. Hygienic Requirements for Quality of Bottled Water. Quality Control

SNiP II-45-75: Main pipelines

SP 105-34-96: Code of regulations on construction of trunk gas pipelines. Welding works and quality control of welding joints

SP 16.13330.2011: Steel structures

SP 294.1325800.2017: The construction of steel. Design rules

SP 34-116-97: Instructions For Design, Construction and Redesign of Field Oil and Gas Pipelines

SP 36.13330.2012: Trunk pipelines

SP 406.1325800.2018: Steel and field pipelines for oil and gas. Installation work. Welding and control of its implementation

SP 42-102-2004: Design and construction of gas pipelines from metal pipes. To replace SP 42-102-96

SP 53-101-98: Manufacturing and quality control of steel structures for construction

SP 53-102-2004: General rules for steel structure design

SP 9.13130.2009: Fire Engineering. Fire extinguishers. Requirements to Operation

ST RK 1432-2005: Drinking waters packed in containers, including natural mineral water and table drinking water. General specification for drinking packed waters. In substitution of STRK 452-94

ST RK 452-2002: Natural drinking mineral waters, table healing and healing waters. General specification. Put into effect in substitution of ST RK 452-94

ST TsKBA 025-2006: Pipe fittings. Welding and quality control of welded joints. Technical requirements

ST TsKBA 053-2008: Pipe fittings. Surfacing and quality control of weld surfaces. Technical requirements

ST TsKBA 083-2016: Pipeline fittings. Multi-layered bellows made of alloy ВТ1-0. General technical specifications

ST TsKBA 089-2010: Pipe fittings. Welding defects castings. Technical requirements

ST TsKBA 098-2011: Pipe fittings. Repair of surfacing. Technical requirements

STB 1026-2008: Section metal railing for bridges and overpasses. Technical conditions

STB 1373-2016: Semi-hard cheeses. Specifications

STB 1529-2010: Sparkling wine and sparkling pearl wine. General specifications

STB 1694-2006: Fruit and berry wines, natural processed fruit and berry wine materials. General specifications

STB 1861-2008: Fruit and berry ciders. General specifications

STB 2190-2017: Soft cheeses. General technical conditions

STB 2436-2016: Mineral medicinal-table waters. General specifications

STB 880-2016: Mineral natural medicinal-table waters. General specifications

TU 1390-010-86695843-2011: Steel pipes and pipeline components welded with an internal anti-corrosion coating based on a paint material with high dry residue

TU 26-14-100-90: Single cyclones of the type СЦН-40 of the right and left execution. Technical conditions

TU 26-14-99-91: DP-10M smoke exhauster. Technical conditions

TU 36-1395905-015-95: A set of structures of buildings of arched type. Technical conditions

TU 3680-001-04698606-04: Pipe Support

VNTP 26-94: Standards for technological design of sparkling wine factories (production of Soviet champagne using a continuous tank method)

VRD 39-1.10-030-2001: Method for determining the quality of polymer adhesive internal coatings after exposure to corrosive environments by autoclave testing

VSN 006-89: Construction Of Main And Field Pipelines Welding

VSN 136-78/Mintransstroj: Instructions for the design of auxiliary structures and devices for the construction of bridges

VSN 21-02-01/MO RF: Automatic gas fire extinguishing installations of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. Norms and design rules

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Vessels and apparatus. Norms and methods of strength calculation
Language: English
Weldable deformed reinforcing rolled products of A500C and B500C classes for reinforcement of concrete constructions. Specifications
Language: English
Price: $520.96
Welding steel wire. Specifications
Language: English
Safety guidelines. Standardized methods of control of basic materials (semi-finished products), welded joints and surfacing of NPP equipment and piping. Dye penetrant inspection
Language: English
Bearing and enclosing structures. Updated living edition of SNiP 3.03.01-87
Language: English
Corrosion protection of buildings structures. Updated living edition of SNiP 2.03.11-85
Language: English
Standardized methods of testing of basic materials (semifinished products, weld joints and surfacing of equipment and piping of npp. Ultrasonic inspection. Part I. Control of basic materials (semifinished products)
Language: English
Steel and alloys. Methods for detection and determination of grain size
Language: English
Armour clothes. Classification and general technical requirements
Language: English
Price: $38.00
Steel. Metallographic methods for the determination of non-metallic inclusions
Language: English
Welded reinforcing products and inserts, welded, lap and mechanical joints for reinforced concrete structures. General specifications
Language: English
Welded joints of reinforcement and inserts for reinforced concrete structures. Types, constructions and dimensions
Language: English
Reinforcing rolled products for reinforced concrete constructions. Specifications
Language: English
Steel and corrosion resistant alloys. Test methods for resistance to intergranular corrosion
Language: English
Armored clothing. Classification and general specifications
Language: English
Price: $217.00


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