GOST 15846-79

ГОСТ 15846-79

Products for transportation to the areas of the far north and remote regions

Продукция, отправляемая в районы крайнего севера и труднодоступные районы

Status: Not effective - Superseded

The standard applies to the following product groups that are shipped to and from the Far North and hard-to-reach areas and from these areas, as well as products subject to re-shipment to the Far North from transshipment bases: food and flavor products, vegetable and field crops; textile and leather materials and products; articles of cultural use and sanitary and hygiene items; hunting and fishing equipment; machinery, equipment and tools; measuring instruments, automation of computing and copying equipment; electronics, electronics and communications; electrical products and power equipment; vehicles; construction materials, structures and parts, sanitary equipment, minerals; silicate-ceramic and carbon materials and products; timber, wood products, paper and paper products, cardboard; petroleum products; chemical products and rubber-asbestos products. The standard establishes requirements for packaging, transportation, storage and labeling of products.

Стандарт распространяется на следующие группы продукции, отправляемые в районы Крайнего Севера и труднодоступные районы и из этих районов, а также продукции, подлежащей переотправке в районы Крайнего Севера с перевалочных баз: пищевые и вкусовые продукты, овощные и полевые культуры; текстильные и кожевенные материалы и изделия; изделия культурно-бытового назначения и предметы санитарии и гигиены; охотничьи и рыболовные принадлежности; машины, оборудование и инструменты; измерительные приборы, средства автоматизации вычислительной и множительной техники; электронная техника, радиоэлектроника и связь; электротехнические изделия и энергетическое оборудование; транспортные средства; строительные материалы, конструкции и детали, санитарное оборудование, полезные ископаемые; силикатно-керамические и углеродные материалы и изделия; лесоматериалы, изделия из древесины, бумага и бумажные изделия, картон; нефтяные продукты; химические продукты и резиноасбестовые изделия. Стандарт устанавливает требования к упаковке, транспортированию, хранению и маркировке продукции.

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Approved: USSR State Committee for Standards, 5/10/1979

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English keywords: packing of goods; placement of cargo;

The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

Construction (Max) » Standards » Other state standards used in construction » 55 Packing and placement of goods »

ISO classifier » 55 PACKAGING AND DISTRIBUTION OF GOODS » 55.020 Packaging and placement of goods in general »

National standards » 55 PACKAGING AND DISTRIBUTION OF GOODS » 55.020 Packaging and placement of goods in general »

National Standards for KGS (State Standards Classification) » Latest edition » D Vehicles and packaging » D0 General rules and regulations for transport and packaging » D08 Application and operation »

National Standards for OKSTU » SYSTEMS OF GENERAL TECHNICAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL-METHODOLOGICAL STANDARDS » General rules and regulations for transport, packaging, packaging and labeling of goods »

The Document is Replaced With:

GOST 15846-2002: Production for transportation to the areas of Far North and similar regions. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

As a Replacement Of:

GOST 15846-70: Packaging and preserving. Technical requirements for transporting goods to the Far North and remote areas

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GOST 15846-2002: Production for transportation to the areas of Far North and similar regions. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

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GOST 15851-84: Suspension devices for mine cages

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GOST 16317-87: Household electrical refrigeration devices

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GOST 16809-88: Starter and control devices

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GOST 17151-81: Cooking utensils made

GOST 17206-96: Agar for microbiological investigations. Specifications

GOST 17217-79: Copper-nickel alloyed tubes grade Mnzh 5-1

GOST 1721-85: Fresh food garden carrot for supply and delivery. Specifications

GOST 1722-85: Fresh food red beet for supply and delivery. Specifications

GOST 1724-85: Fresh white head cabbage for supply and delivery. Specifications

GOST 17256-71: Hemp-seed extraction cake

GOST 1725-85: Fresh tomatoes

GOST 17290-71: Castor oil plants feed meal

GOST 17305-71: Wire of carbon construction steel. Specification

GOST 17305-91: Wire of carbon construction steel

GOST 17478-72: Moulding material Дcb. Specifications

GOST 17478-95: Moulding materials. Measuring glass-fibre-base laminate and granulated glass-fibre-base laminate. Specifications

GOST 17483-72: Fodder animal fat. Specifications

GOST 17536-82: Feeding meal of animal origin

GOST 17557-88: Terminal blocks for illuminating engineering

GOST 17612-89: Ceramic acid-resistant pocking rings. Specifications

GOST 1761-92: Tin-phosphorus and tin-zinc bronze ribbons and strips. Specifications

GOST 17622-72: Industrial organic plastic. Specifications

GOST 17648-83: Glass filled polyamides. Specifications

GOST 17677-82: Light fixtures

GOST 17716-91: Looking-glasses. General specifications

GOST 1790-77: Wire made of chrome, aluminum, copper and constantan alloys for thermo electrodes of thermo-electric converters

GOST 1791-67: Wire from nickel and copper-nickel alloys for extension leads to the thermoelectric transducers.

GOST 18088-83: Metal-cutting, diamond, wood-cutting and fitter's tools. Packing, marking, transportation fitter and auxiliary

GOST 18102-95: Medical castor oil

GOST 1811-97: Traps for sewer systems in buildings. Specifications

GOST 18124-95: Asbestos cement flat sheets. Specifications

GOST 18191-78: Special graphite with low ash content. Specifications

GOST 1820-2001: Matches. Specifications

GOST 1820-85: Matches

GOST 18251-87: Gummed tape on paper substrate. Specifications

GOST 18286-88: Three-program wired broadcasting receivers. General specifications

GOST 18297-96: Pig-iron enameled sanitary devices. Technical conditions

GOST 18326-87: Low-alloyed zinc sheets for one-stage and multistage etching. Specifications

GOST 18487-80: Canned dinner courses for special consumer. Specifications

GOST 18690-82: Cables, wires, cord and armature. Marking, packing, carriage and storage

GOST 18691-88: Artificially dried grass fodder

GOST 18694-80: Hard phenol formaldehyde resins. Specifications

GOST 18710-91: Household electric mixers

GOST 18724-88: Coarse-wool fulled footwear

GOST 18834-83: Magnetic wire for recording harmonic signals

GOST 18864-82: Drawing devices. Specification

GOST 18865-82: Drafting machines. Specification

GOST 18899-73: Steel wire ropes. Locked conveying wire ropes. Specifications

GOST 18918-85: Amorphous

GOST 19034-82: Tubes of polyvinylchloride plastic. Specifications

GOST 19041-73: Packages and block packets of saw-timbers. Formation, packaging, labeling, transportation and storage

GOST 19098-87: Plotters for computers

GOST 19126-79: Metallic medical instruments

GOST 19133-73: Seals of polyethylene. Specification

GOST 19147-82: Skiing sticks. Specifications

GOST 19159-85: Army uniform. Marking, packing, transportation and storage

GOST 19170-73: Constructive fabrics of glass twisted complex threads. Specifications

GOST 19263-73: Mains busways up to 1200 V, dc. General technical conditions

GOST 19285-73: Concentrated kaolin for manufacture of paper and pasteboard. Specifications

GOST 19316-98: Centrifugal moulds. Specifications

GOST 1938-90: Packed black baykh tea

GOST 1939-90: Packed green baikhovi tea

GOST 19423-81: Household electric coffee grinders

GOST 19571-74: Scaly mica. Specifications

GOST 19596-87: Spades

GOST 19608-84: Concentrated kaolin for rubber-industrial and plastic products, artificial leather and cloth. Specifications

GOST 19625-83: Telegraph tape and telegraph tape paper

GOST 19651-74: Diammonium phosphate fodder

GOST 19681-94: Sanitary technical water mixing and distributing accessories. General specifications

GOST 19687-84: Electrocardiographs. General specifications

GOST 19691-80: Nitroammophoska. Specification

GOST 19691-84: Nitroammophoska

GOST 19703-79: Leaded brass wire type LS 63-3 specifications

GOST 19775-87: Magnetic heads for tape recorders. General specifications

GOST 19907-83: Dielectric fabrics made of glass. Twister complex threads. Specifications

GOST 19910-94: Household gas running water heaters

GOST 20057-74: Frozen oceanic fish. Specifications

GOST 201-76: Trisodium phosphate. Technical conditions

GOST 20219-74: Water flow gas heaters for domestic purposes

GOST 20363-88: Transparent drawing paper. Specifications

GOST 20397-82: Technical facilities for minicomputers. General technical requirements, acceptance, methods of testing, marking, packaging, transportation and storage, manufacturer's warranties

GOST 20414-75: Frozen squid and cuttle. Specifications

GOST 20414-93: Frozen squid cuttle. Specifications

GOST 20469-81: Domestic electric meat mincers. Specifications

GOST 20469-95: Household electric mincers

GOST 20548-87: Heating hot-water boilers with heating outputs

GOST 2056-77: Sectional bed for military men. Specifications

GOST 20568-75: Rubber masks for submarine swimming

GOST 2060-90: Brass rods. Specifications

GOST 20707-80: Copper and brass ribbons for radiators. Specifications

GOST 20783-81: Metal trays for wiring

GOST 20790-82: Medical instruments, apparatus and equipment. General specifications

GOST 20803-81: Metal boxes designed for electric wiring

GOST 20804-81: Profiles bent and stripes perforated of steel for wiring. General specifications

GOST 2081-92: Carbamide

GOST 20849-94: Heating convectors. Specifications

GOST 20888-81: Household electrical coffee makers specifications

GOST 20900-75: Copper and brass rectangular waveguide tubes

GOST 21000-81: Non-strengthened and strengthened fluoroplast sheets laminated with foil. Specifications

GOST 21149-75: Oat flakes. Specifications

GOST 21205-83: Tartaric acid for use in foodstuffs. Specifications

GOST 2132-90: Nickel anodes. Specifications

GOST 21448-75: Alloyed powders for welding deposit. Specifications

GOST 21449-75: Rods for welding deposit. Specifications

GOST 21469-82: Drawing tools and sets thereof. Specification

GOST 21485-94: Flushing tanks with accessories. General specifications

GOST 2156-76: Sodium bicarbonate. Technical conditions

GOST 21622-84: Household contact electric waffle-irons and electric grills

GOST 21646-76: Brass tubes for heat exchange apparatus

GOST 2170-73: Strips of nickel and nickel low alloys. Specifications

GOST 21739-76: Ceramic pyroscopes. Specifications

GOST 21776-87: Printers. General specifications

GOST 2179-75: Nickel and silicon nickel wire

GOST 21836-88: Sight glasses for industrial units. Specifications

GOST 21880-94: Thermo insulating mineral wool broached mats. Specifications

GOST 21945-76: Seamless hot-rolled pipes from titanium-based alloys

GOST 22011-90: Passenger and goods lifts. Specifications

GOST 22011-95: Passenger and freight elevators

GOST 22018-84: Amperometric analysers for dissolved oxygen SSI. General technical requirements

GOST 22031-76: Heat insulating products for refrigerators. Specifications

GOST 22046-86: School furniture. General specifications

GOST 22224-83: Hand flat spring dynamometers. Specifications

GOST 22229-83: Ceramic through insulators for voltage over 1000 V. General specifications

GOST 22237-85: Cements. Packing, labelling, transport and storage

GOST 2224-93: Steel eye rings for wire cables

GOST 22357-87: Figure skates. General specifications

GOST 22358-87: Racing and hockey skates. General specifications

GOST 22366-93: Iron-based sintered filler ribbon electrode

GOST 22442-77: Refractory articles for stabilizing gas burner chambers. Specifications

GOST 22472-87: Dies for a sheet-metal stamping

GOST 22546-77: Heat insulating products of foam-plastic of FRP-1. Specifications

GOST 2263-79: Sodium hydroxide for industrial use. Specifications

GOST 22666-77: Copper and copel alloy wire for low-temperature thermocouples

GOST 22729-84: SSI fluid analyzers general technical specifications

GOST 22786-77: Bimetallic weldless tubes for shipbuilding

GOST 22788-77: Electric heaters for baby feed. Specifications

GOST 22790-83: Assembly units and pipelines components, designed for рnom over 10 to 100 MPa (from 100 to 1000 kgf/cm2). General specifications

GOST 22790-89: Assembly units and pipelines components, designed for рnom over 10 to 100 MPa (from 100 to 1000 kgf/cm2)

GOST 2284-79: Cold-rolled carbon structural steel strip

GOST 22853-86: Mobile buildings. General specifications

GOST 22897-86: Seamless cold-deformed pipes from alloys based on titanium. Specifications

GOST 22-94: Refined sugar

GOST 22950-95: Mineral wool slabs of higher rigidity on synthetic bond. Specifications

GOST 23067-78: Electric heating equipment for public catering establishments. General specifications

GOST 23117-91: Semiautomatic grips for tensioning of the steel in prestressed concrete structures. Specifications

GOST 23200-78: Pleasure row boats and motor boats. General requirements when delivering for export

GOST 23274-84: Mobile buildings. Electrical devices. General specifications

GOST 23285-78: Packs unitized on flat pallets. Food products and glass containers

GOST 23289-94: Waste water drain sanitary accessories. Specifications

GOST 23345-84: Mobile buildings. Sanitary-technical systems. General technical requirements

GOST 23361-78: Foam detergents

GOST 23415-79: Paper tape with feed holes. General specifications

GOST 23423-89: Fodder methionine

GOST 23462-95: Production of mixed fodder industry

GOST 23463-79: High-purity powdery graphite. Specifications

GOST 23468-85: Micro calculators

GOST 23543-88: Geodesic instruments

GOST 23619-79: Refractory heat-insulating mullite-silica glass-fibrous materials and products. Specifications

GOST 23695-94: Enamelled steel sanitary appliances. Specifications

GOST 23705-79: Hot-rolled and forged high-temperature alloy bars

GOST 23737-79: Standard electrical resistances

GOST 23779-95: Asbestos paper

GOST 23833-95: Commercial refrigeration equipment

GOST 23843-79: Pea. Specifications

GOST 23844-79: Khladon 113. Specifications

GOST 23886-91: Cadmium sheets and plates. Specifications

GOST 23979-80: Subs for pump-and-compressor tubing

GOST 23999-80: Fodder calcium phosphate

GOST 2402-82: Welding sets with internal combustion engines

GOST 24045-94: Steel shaped sheets with trapezoid corrugations for construction

GOST 240-85: Margarine

GOST 24104-2001: Laboratory scales. General technical requirements

GOST 24104-88: General purpose and reference laboratory balances

GOST 24145-80: Domestic containers for bread. General specifications

GOST 24234-80: Polyethylene terephtalate film (polyester film). Specifications

GOST 24301-80: Bronze and brass cast bars and tubes. Technical conditions

GOST 24301-93: Bronze and brass cast bars and tubes. Specifications

GOST 24303-80: Kitchen cookware, made of the ferrous and nonferrous metals

GOST 24371-80: Electronic photo-flashes for amateur photography

GOST 24508-80: Food concentrates. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 24593-87: Graphic input devices for electronic computers

GOST 24702-81: Table oil-cloth. General specifications

GOST 24716-91: Dichloramine for industrial use

GOST 24717-81: Refractory materials and products. Marking, packing, transportation and storage

GOST 24717-94: Refractories and refractory raw materials. Marking, packing, storage and transportation

GOST 24752-81: Trolley bus bars of voltage up to 1 000 v

GOST 24788-2001: Enameled steel kitchen utensils. General specifications

GOST 24788-81: Enameled steel kitchen utensils.

GOST 24875-88: Small power electric machines. Tachogenerators. General specifications

GOST 24890-81: Welded titanium and titanium alloys pipes

GOST 24901-89: Cookies

GOST 2491-82: Ow-voltage electromagnetic starters

GOST 24957-81: Artificial and synthetic leather. Marking, packaging, transportation and storage

GOST 25223-82: Wood-working equipment

GOST 25292-82: Rendered edible animal fats

GOST 25388-2001: Chemical fibres. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 25388-82: Chemical fibres. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 25452-90: Unarmored high-pressure rubber hoses with metal winding

GOST 25483-82: Garden watering-pots. Specifications

GOST 25483-95: Garden watering pots

GOST 25871-83: Leather goods. Marking, packing, transportation and storage

GOST 25880-83: Heat insulating construction materials and products. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 25932-83: Portable radioisotope soil and concrete moisture and density gauges. General specifications

GOST 26.006-79: Uniform system of standardization in instrument making. Measuring and automation devices. Marking, packing

GOST 26.205-83: Unified system of standards of instrument making. Telemechanic devices. General specifications

GOST 26.205-88: Telemechanics complexes and devices

GOST 26116-84: Well-logging apparatus.

GOST 26118-84: Electric energy semiconductor converters with power 5 kV.A and higher. Marking, packing, transportation and storage

GOST 26140-84: Medical x-ray units

GOST 26149-84: Sheet floor covering on the base of chemical fibres. Specifications

GOST 26154-84: Photographic enlargers

GOST 26221-84: Scattering suppressing linear rasters for medical roentgen apparatuses

GOST 2622-75: Manometric tubes made of bronze БрОФ4-0,25 and brass Л63. Specifications

GOST 2623-73: Balyk cold smoked products from pacific salmon and issykul trout. Specification

GOST 26271-84: Flux-cored wire welding carbon and low-alloy steels. General specifications

GOST 26287-84: Household electric pumps

GOST 26304-84: Industrial pipeline valves supplied

GOST 26346-84: Lighting buses for the ac voltage up to 660 v

GOST 26360-84: Searchlights for vessels

GOST 26405-84: Tools for manufacturing bolts and nuts using cold heading machines

GOST 26492-85: Titanium and titanium alloys rolled bars. Specifications

GOST 26498-85: Nutrient yeast. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 26499-85: Multi-purpose household kitchen machines

GOST 2652-78: Potassium bichromate technical. Technical conditions

GOST 26546-85: Chain variators. General specifications

GOST 26582-85: Food (manufacturing) industry machines and equipment

GOST 26653-85: Preparation of general cargo for transportation by sea. General requirements

GOST 26653-90: Preparation of general cargoes for transportation. General requirements

GOST 26699-98: Underground drilling rigs. General specifications and test methods

GOST 26756-85: Furniture for trade enterprises. General specifications

GOST 26821-86: Tableware and decorative articles made of soda-lima-silicate glass. General specifications

GOST 26822-86: Tableware and decorative articles made of crystal glass. General specifications

GOST 26917-2000: Underground loading machines. General technical requirements and test methods

GOST 26957-86: Variator with wide angle belt pulleys. General specifications

GOST 26957-97: Variators with wide-angle belt pulleys. General specifications

GOST 27149-95: Feed soybean cake

GOST 2746-90: Screw holders for electric lamps. General specifications

GOST 27513-87: Friction products marking, packing, transportation and storage

GOST 27537-87: Digital indicators

GOST 27544-87: Liquid-in-glass thermometers. General specifications

GOST 27584-88: Electric overhead travelling cranes and gantry cranes. General specifications

GOST 27590-88: Water heaters for heat supply systems

GOST 27628-88: Twisted and plaited goods. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 27752-88: Electronic mechanical quartz desktop and wall clocks and alarm clocks

GOST 27837-88: Foot-wear for army. Marking, packing, transportation and storage

GOST 27962-88: Industrial equipment

GOST 27987-88: Potentiometric analyzer of liquid, SSI. General specifications

GOST 28171-89: Gambling machines

GOST 28189-89: Bone intermediate product

GOST 28330-89: Asynchronous electrical machines with power from 1 to 400 kw inclusive. Motors

GOST 28389-89: Porcelain and faience ware. Marking, packing, transportation and storage

GOST 28483-90: Bakery dried yeast. Specifications

GOST 28546-90: Toilet soap

GOST 285-69: Monobasic corrugated barbed wire

GOST 28670-90: Wood chemical products. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 286-82: Clay sewer pipes

GOST 28685-90: Sparkling wines

GOST 28775-90: Gas pumping units driven with gas turbine. General specifications

GOST 29146.1-91: Plugs, socket-outlets

GOST 29272-92: Rye dried malt. Specification

GOST 2936-75: Plane-oval seamless radiator tubes

GOST 30011.5-93: Low-voltage switchgear and control gear

GOST 30066-96: Electro insulating film 'Lavaril-2N'. Specifications

GOST 30095-93: Polyester moulding materials (premixes). General specifications

GOST 30188-97: Calibrated lifting chains of high strength. Specifications

GOST 30198-94: Sport (racing) skis. Specifications

GOST 30222-95: Cone variable speed drives. General specifications

GOST 30223-95: Motorised conveyor drums. General specifications

GOST 30226-93: Cotton and synthetic threads for shoes. Specifications

GOST 30257-95: Toasted rapeseed extraction cake

GOST 30273-98: Circular and rectangular electromagnetic chucks. General specifications

GOST 30317-95: Rusk bakery products

GOST 30332-95: Feather and down consumer goods. Specifications

GOST 30340-95: Asbestos-cement corrugated sheets. Specifications

GOST 30363-96: Egg products. General specifications

GOST 30407-96: Glass tableware and decorative articles

GOST 304-82: Welding generators.

GOST 30496-97: Emergency stop valves for pneumatic systems of railway rolling stock brake equipment. General specifications

GOST 30545-99: Canned meat products for nutrition of babies. General specifications

GOST 30558-98: Alumina, metallurgical. Specifications

GOST 3056-90: Casein glue powder. Specifications

GOST 30626-98: Dry milk products for infant feeding. General specifications

GOST 30685-2000: Honing and lapping vertical machines. General specifications

GOST 307.1-95: Electric irons for every day use

GOST 307-81: Domestic electric irons

GOST 3145-84: Mechanical clocks with signal. General specifications

GOST 31563-2012: Pneumatic hammer drills. Technical requirements and testing methods

GOST 3187-76: Wire gauze net for filtration

GOST 3226-93: Moulding refractory clays. General spesifications

GOST 3241-91: Steel ropes

GOST 3251-91: Rubber fabric oil-cloth lining

GOST 3306-88: Square mesh screens made of corrugated steel wire

GOST 3309-84: Table and wall mechanical clocks with balance oscillator. General specifications

GOST 3778-77: Lead. Specifications

GOST 3778-98: Lead. Specifications

GOST 3822-79: Bimetallic steel-copper wire

GOST 3875-83: Steel card wire

GOST 3-88: Surgical rubber gloves

GOST 3916.1-89: Plywood with outer layers of deciduous veneer for general use. Specifications

GOST 3916.1-96: Plywood with external layers of deciduous veneer for general use

GOST 3916.2-89: Plywood with outer layers of coniferous veneer for general use. Specifications

GOST 3916.2-96: General purpose plywood with coniferous veneer

GOST 396-84: Silk twisted non-sterile threads for surgery. Specifications

GOST 4025-95: Domestic meat mincers. Specifications

GOST 4117-78: TMT for industrial explosives. General requirements

GOST 4134-75: Copper alloys sections for collectors of electrical machines. Specifications

GOST 4404-78: Graphite for manufacture of slate-pencils. Technical requirements

GOST 4411-79: Hardmetal products for mining tools. Technical requirements

GOST 4426-80: Electrodes and nipples, with graphite. Specification

GOST 4568-95: Potassium chloride

GOST 4596-75: Crucible graphite. Specifications

GOST 4671-76: Rubber and rubberized metal components for the bottom hole hydraulic engine bearings. Specifications

GOST 4677-82: Flashlights

GOST 4727-83: Bearing wire

GOST 474-80: Acid-proof brick. Specifications

GOST 4748-92: Silicon-manganese bronze strips and ribbons. Specifications

GOST 474-90: Acid-proof brick. Specifications

GOST 4752-79: Copper cylinder wire

GOST 4827-70: Distillery products. Filling, packaging, labeling, transportation and storage

GOST 483-75: Hemp ropes. Specification

GOST 4860.1-83: Glands for for electric cables and wires

GOST 490-79: Lactic acid for use in foodstuffs. Specifications

GOST 494-90: Pipes of brass

GOST 495-92: Copper sheets and ribbons. Specifications

GOST 5020-75: Liquid 'Steol-M'. Specifications

GOST 5063-73: Ribbons of cupro-nickel alloys. Specifications

GOST 5152-84: Gland Packing Specifications

GOST 5170-73: Repair kits for pneumatic tyres. Specifications

GOST 5187-70: Nickel silver, german silver and monel tapes. Specifications

GOST 5189-75: Constantan strips. Specifications

GOST 5220-78: Nickel silver wire

GOST 5221-77: Tin-zinc bronze wire

GOST 5222-72: Silicon-manganese bronze wire

GOST 5279-74: Crystal graphite for foundry purposes. Specifications

GOST 5307-77: Constantan noninsulated wire

GOST 530-95: Ceramic bricks and stones. Technical specifications

GOST 5332-75: Rollers and spacings of roll tables of rolling mills. General specifications

GOST 5362-78: Brass ribbons. Specifications

GOST 5420-74: Cryptocrystalline graphite. Specifications

GOST 5437-85: Reed wire

GOST 5503-87: Bicycles

GOST 5521-86: Weldable steel for shipbuilding

GOST 5529-75: Round brass wire for foot-wear industry

GOST 5533-86: Figured sheet glass. Specifications

GOST 5556-81: Medical absorbent cotton

GOST 5575-76: Wines

GOST 5663-79: Carbon steel wire for cold upsetting

GOST 5679-91: Cotton wool for germents and furniture. Specifications

GOST 5689-79: Phenolic moulding compound. Specifications

GOST 5727-83: Safe glass for ground transport. Specification

GOST 5759-75: Knitted singlets and vests for the river fleet. General specifications

GOST 5813-93: Fan v-belts and pulleys for engines of cars, tractors and combines

GOST 5949-75: Gauged corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant and high-temperature steel shape

GOST 5956-78: Granulated superphosphate produced from apatite concentrate with and without additives of trace elements

GOST 5961-89: Subscriber loudspeakers. Gneral specifications

GOST 5963-67: Drinking 95% ethanol

GOST 596-89: Sodium sulfide technical (sodium sulfide). Technical conditions

GOST 5972-77: Tooth powder

GOST 5976-90: Centrifugal fans for general use

GOST 598-90: General-purpose zinc sheets. Specifications

GOST 6047-90: General purpose floodlights

GOST 6048-67: Textile tapes for typewriters. Specifications

GOST 6052-79: Pasteurized granular sturgeon caviar

GOST 606-75: Cottonseed solvent cake

GOST 6141-82: Glazed ceramic tiles for lining of the walls. Specifications

GOST 6141-91: Glazed ceramic tiles for lining of the walls. Specifications

GOST 617-90: Copper tubes. Specifications

GOST 6235-91: Strips and ribbons of nickel. Specifications

GOST 6266-89: Gypsum plasterboards. Specifications

GOST 6418-81: Technical coarse wool felt and machinery parts from it. Specifications

GOST 6441-96: Pastille confectionery

GOST 6442-89: Marmalade.

GOST 6511-60: Wrought stannic-zinc bronze rods. Specifications

GOST 6616-94: Thermoelectric converters. General specifications

GOST 6625-85: Mine local ventilating fans

GOST 6658-75: Products of paper and cardboard

GOST 6688-91: Brass bars of rectangular section. Specifications

GOST 6732.4-89: Organic dyes, intermediates for dyes, auxiliary compounds for textiles. Marking

GOST 6732.5-89: Organic dyes, intermediates for dyes, auxiliary compounds for textiles. Transportation

GOST 6787-2001: Ceramic floor tiles. Specifications

GOST 6787-90: Ceramic floor tiles. Specifications

GOST 6799-80: Glass for furniture. Specifications

GOST 6810-81: Wall papers

GOST 6810-86: Wallpaper

GOST 6823-77: Crude glycerine. Specifications

GOST 686-83: Instrumentation for measuring radionuclide volumetric activity in a fluid

GOST 6912-87: Alumina. Specifications

GOST 696-68: Military felt high boots

GOST 697-84: Canned meat "stewed pork" specifications

GOST 698-84: Canned meat 'Stewed mutton'. Specifications

GOST 7030-75: Feldsparic and qiartzfeld-sparic materials for fine ceramics. Specifications

GOST 7183-72: Foammixers. Specifications

GOST 7219-83: Household electric soldering irons

GOST 7237-82: Welding converters

GOST 7328-2001: Weights. General specifications

GOST 7328-82: General-purpose and reference mass gages

GOST 7348-81: Carbon steel wire for reinforcement of prestressed concrete constructions. Specifications

GOST 7372-79: Steel wire for ropes

GOST 7397.0-89: Switches for household and similar stationary electric devices

GOST 7442-79: Canned granular sturgeon caviar

GOST 7448-75: Salted fish

GOST 7480-73: Polygraphic wire

GOST 7518-83: Transformers for household electrical appliances

GOST 7524-89: Steel grinding balls for the ball mills

GOST 7580-91: Technic oleic acid. Specifications

GOST 7599-82: Machine-tools, metal-working

GOST 7600-90: Press-forging plant

GOST 766-74: Anchors. General specifications

GOST 767-91: Copper anodes. Specifications

GOST 7697-82: Corn starch

GOST 7699-78: Potato starch

GOST 7730-89: Cellulose film

GOST 7823-82: Pipe tobacco

GOST 7825-76: Soy-bean oil. Specification

GOST 7871-75: Aluminum and aluminium alloy welding wire

GOST 7885-86: Industrial carbon for production of rubber

GOST 792-67: Quality low-carbon wire

GOST 7987-79: Canned meat "goulash"

GOST 7991-77: Canned meat. Chicken ragout in jelly. Specifications

GOST 8036-79: Tombac strips. Specifications

GOST 8051-83: Domestic washing machines

GOST 8056-79: Soybean solvent cake as food. Specifications

GOST 8056-96: Food soybean extraction cake

GOST 80-62: Sunflower cake. Specifications

GOST 80-96: Sunflower-seed oil cake

GOST 813-88: Cold-smoked herring

GOST 815-88: Salted herring

GOST 8295-73: Graphite of lubricants. Specifications

GOST 830-75: Aldol-a-naphthylamine. Specifications

GOST 8402-89: Cotton threads for embroidering knitting and darning. General specifications

GOST 8481-75: Aircraft fabrics made of glass twisted complex threads. Specifications

GOST 8519-88: Diesel high-pressure fuel lines and connections. General specifications

GOST 8519-93: Diesel engine fuel injection pipes and their connections

GOST 858-81: Tobacco

GOST 8594-80: Installation boxes for switches and plug sockets for flush wiring

GOST 8673-93: Plywood panels

GOST 8690-94: Cast iron heating radiators. Specifications

GOST 8709-82: Light boards for industrial and public buildings

GOST 8712-83: Cotton and cloth uniform shirts. Specifications

GOST 875-92: Pasta

GOST 8803-89: Round finer wire made of precision alloys with high electrical resistivity for resistive elements

GOST 8808-91: Corn oil

GOST 8810-81: Telephone sockets and plugs. Specifications

GOST 8907-87: Sandblast core casting machines

GOST 89-73: Rolled-in lead sheets. Specifications

GOST 8988-77: Rapeseed oil

GOST 9.510-93: Unified system of corrosion and ageing protection. Aluminium and aluminium alloys semifinished products. General requirements for temporary anticorrosive protection, packing, transportation and storage

GOST 9018-89: Fuel dispensing pumps. General specifications

GOST 9069-73: Essential oils, aromatics and their intermediates, cosmetic raw material. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 9070-75: Viscometers for determination of relative viscosity of paint and lacquer materials. Specifications

GOST 9087-81: Welding melted fluxes

GOST 9124-85: Binding tin-coated steel wire

GOST 9236-74: Nitroiskozha-T. Specifications

GOST 9245-79: Measuring direct current potentiometers

GOST 9294-83: Primary cells and batteries. Marking, packing, transporting and storing

GOST 931-90: Brass sheets and strips. Specifications

GOST 9321-73: Rollers. Specifications

GOST 9325-79: Ammonium salts. Technical conditions

GOST 9357-95: Electric shavers

GOST 936-82: Smoking makhorka (crushed). Specifications

GOST 9387-81: Ceramic parts for sanitary technical ware and fittings. Specification

GOST 9393-82: Fish and marine mammals veterinary oil

GOST 9424-79: Hardened glasses for scuttles. Specifications

GOST 9559-89: Lead sheets. Specifications

GOST 959-91: 12 v starter lead storage batteries for vehicles, tractors and motorcycles

GOST 961-89: Acid-resistant and thermostable acid-resistant ceramic tiles. Specifications

GOST 9806-90: Lamp-holders for tubular fluorescent lamps and starter-holders. General specifications

GOST 9817-82: Household appliances operating on solid fuel

GOST 9817-95: Household apparatus using the solid fuel. General specifications

GOST 9850-72: Zinc-coated steel core wire

GOST 9936-76: Tourists breakfast

GOST 9937-79: Canned meat "meat in white sauce"

GOST 9980.3-86: Paint materials. Packing

GOST 9984-85: Ceramic support insulators rated for voltage over 1000 v

GOST 99-96: Rotary cut veneer

GOST 9996-84: Binding material on paper base

GOST R 50197-92: Bone glue. Specifications

GOST R 50228-92: Eastern flour sweets. Specifications

GOST R 50230-92: Eastern sweeties of soft sweetmeat type. Specifications

GOST R 50291-92: 1,1,2,2,-tetrafluorodibromethane (Khladon 114B2). Specifications

GOST R 50533-93: Synthetic and mixed-fibre fabrics for tyre industry. Specifications

GOST R 50534-93: Technical mesh fabrics. Specifications

GOST R 50576-93: Feather and down consumer goods. Specifications

GOST R 50703-2002: Heading machines having cutter heads mounted on booms. General technical requirements and test methods

GOST R 50851-96: Stainless steel sinks. Specifications

GOST R 51015-97: Blades for household and special use. General specifications

GOST R 51057-97: Fire engineering. Portable fire extinguishers. General technical requirements. Test methods

GOST R 51121-97: Non-food products. Information for consumer. General requirements

GOST R 51133-98: Forwarding services on railway transport. General requirements

GOST R 51156-98: Carbonated wine cocktails. General specifications

GOST R 51158-98: Sparkling wines. General specifications

GOST R 51159-98: Wine drinks. General specifications

GOST R 51161-2002: Sucker rods, mouth stocks and couplings for them. Specifications

GOST R 51246-99: Pneumatic hammer drills. Technical requirements and testing methods

GOST R 51260-99: Rehabilitation simulators for disabled persons. General specifications

GOST R 51268-99: Scissors. General specifications

GOST R 51300-99: Russian apple brandy. General specifications

GOST R 51568-99: Test sieves of metal wire cloth. Specifications

GOST R 51573-2000: Tubes from alloyed brasses for heat-exchange apparatus. Specifications

GOST R 51615-2000: Commercial explosives. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST R 51652-2000: Rectified ethyl alcohol of food raw material. Specifications

GOST R 51687-2000: Stainless steel table and kitchen cutlery. General specifications

GOST R 51697-2000: Aerosol household chemistry goods. General specifications

GOST R 51703-2001: Blended yarn of the mixture of cotton, flax and chemical fibres. Specifications

GOST R 51740-2001: Specifications for food products. General requirements for development and lay out

GOST R 51770-2001: Canned meat products for children of early age. General specifications

GOST R 51850-2001: Compound feed production. Acceptance rules. Packing, transportation and storage

GOST R 51908-2002: General requirements for machines, instruments and other industrial products as to storage and transporting conditions

GOST R 51968-2002: Domestic vacuum flasks with glass fills. General specifications

GOST R 51969-2002: Kitchen utensils from special domestic glass. General specifications

GOST R 51979-2002: Aircraft lead batteries. General specifications

GOST R 51991-2002: Non-traditional power engineering. Wind power engineering. Wind turbines. General technical requirements

GOST R 52018-2003: Shaft sinking hoppets. Specifications

GOST R 52133-2003: Fireplaces for residential and public buildings. General specifications

GOST R 53008-2008: Semi-prepared poultry meat and poultry offal. General specifications

GOST R 53286-2009: Fire engineering. Automatic dry chemical fire fighting system. Module. General technical requirements. Test methods

GOST R 54776-2011: Occupational safety standards system. Equipment and facilities for prevention and localization explosions of dust-air mixtures in coal mines dangerous on gas and dust. General technical requirements. Safety requirements and test methods

GOST R 57850-2017: Fodder threonine. Specifications

KMS 891:2003: National drink "Bozo". Technical conditions

KMS 916:2003: Sweets national flour. General technical conditions

Manual: Manual for impulse and low consumption fire extinguishing systems

NPB 155-96: Fire engineering. Portable fire extinguishers. General reguirements and Test Methods

NPB 316-2003: Portable and movable devices of fire extinguishing with high-velocity submission of fire quenching matter. Requirements of fire safety. Test methods

NPB 54-96: Automatic Gaseous Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems. Modular Components and Cylinders. General Technical Requirements. Test Methods

NPB 67-98: Automatic dry chemical fire fighting systems. Module. General technical requirements and test methods

NTP-APK Standards for technological design of bases and warehouses for general-purpose enterprises for resource provision

ONTP 01-86: All-Union standards for the technological design of engineering, instrument-making and metal-working enterprises. Forge and press shops

OST 24.200.02-91: Assembling units of steel pipelines on nominal pressure<=10 MPa (100 kgf/cm2) of complete technological lines. General specifications.

OST 26.260.18-2004: Process modules for oil and gas industry. General technical specifications

OST 26-02-376-78: Technological units of gas and oil industry. General technical requirements.

OST 26-18-5-88: Technological units of gas and oil industry. General technical requirements.

OST 35-22-83: Pipe culverts made of corrugated metal intended for railroad and auto road. Specifications.

OST 35-27.0-85: Reinforced concrete links of round and rectangular culverts under the railways and roads. Design and dimensions.

OST 48-184-81: Solder alloys for soldering of hard-alloy metal-cutting tool. Specifications.

OST 48-286-86: Single-stage Thickeners. Specifications.

OST 48-41-91: Engineering products of non-ferrous metallurgy. General Specifications.

OST 95 227-92: Non-standardized products of general machine-building applications. General technical requirements.

R 50-66-88: Recommendations. Typing and standardization of technological processes of transport, loading and unloading, and storage operations during container and package shipments

RD 03-439-02: Instructions for steel rope usage in mineshafts.

RD 15-73-94: Safety Requirements for Railway Transportation of Hazardous Cargo

RD 26.260.010-2002: The leading document on standardization. The list of standard documentation on standardization on the cells and devices working under pressure.

RD 26.260.010-97: List of Regulatory Documents on Standardization for Pressure Vessels and Apparatus

RD 31.03.03-90: Use of synthetic ropes on ships of the Ministry of the Navy

RD Rules for the sea transportation of standard wooden houses

RD Packaged freight shipping safety rules.

RD Instructions for the placement and securing of cargo in consolidation equipment (containers)

RD Rules for the sea transportation of canned food

RD Rules for the sea transportation of canned products

RD Rules for the sea transportation of sugar and salt

RST RSFSR 131-87: Metal folding beds. Technical conditions

RST RSFSR 195-82: Writing pins. Technical conditions

RST RSFSR 38-87: Paper wire clips. Technical conditions

RST RSFSR 391-86: The pencils. General technical conditions

RST RSFSR 45-86: Sledge for children. Technical conditions

RST RSFSR 508-75: Electric Guitar. General technical requirements

RST RSFSR 516-88: Eaves metal. Technical conditions

RST RSFSR 580-77: Bows. General technical conditions

RST RSFSR 643-80: Black steel economic dishes . General specifications

RST RSFSR 656-81: Apparatus for processing vegetables and fruits. Technical conditions

RST RSFSR 678-82: Cast-iron stoves. General technical conditions

RST RSFSR 698-83: Ovens made of sheet steel. Technical conditions

RST RSFSR 754-89: Women's caps felt. General technical conditions

RST RSFSR 91-78: Percussion musical instruments. General technical requirements

RST RSFSR 92-83: Musical wind instruments. General technical conditions

SP 42-103-2003: Design and construction of polyethilene gas pipelines and renovation of underground gas pipelines

ST RK 452-2002: Natural drinking mineral waters, table healing and healing waters. General specification. Put into effect in substitution of ST RK 452-94

STB 1357-2002: Industrial sewing machines. General specifications

TR 110-00: Technical recommendations on the use of glass cloth construction nets and Strobi serpyanok in the construction and repair of buildings

TU 102-237-85: Mobile buildings (inventory) of the block of the "Watch" system. Group specifications

TU 102-367-84: Three-layer steel partition walls with mineral wool

TU 102-377-84: A set of elements for mobile (inventory) collapsible buildings of the structural construction system SKZ-M. Group specifications

TU 102-462-88: Frame Asbestos-Cement Wall and Roof Panels with Mineral Wool Insulation

TU 102-529-89: Mobile buildings (inventory) of the block-containers of the panel construction of the Neftegazstroy system

TU 1317-006.1-593377520-2003: Steel seamless oil and gas pipelines of increased operational reliability for the field construction of TNK OJSC

TU 16-674.073-86: Short circuit breakers of types KRN and KZ for voltage classes 35, 110, 150 and 220 KV

TU 21-31-69-89: Gypsum fiber sheets. Technical conditions

TU 2244-018-00204961-00: Foam Polyethylene-Base Thermal Insulating Materials with Foil or Film Coating. Technical Specifications

TU 2244-032-04001232-97: Foam Polystyrene Products. Technical Specifications

TU 2244-051-04001232-99: Foam Polystyrene Thermal Insulating Slabs for Exterior Insulation. Technical Specifications

TU 34 10.10055-97: Vertical cylindrical steel tanks. Technical conditions

TU 3449-006-17416124-00: Cable welded trays. Technical conditions

TU 35-1757-87: Buildings spanning railway bridges with riding on top on the ballast of box section Lp = 33.6 m; 45.0 m. Specifications

TU 36.1395905-016-96: Three-layer frame panels with steel facings and mineral wool insulation

TU 36-1496-85: Cable prefabricated structures. Technical conditions

TU 48-12-52-88: Graphitized electrodes with a diameter of 75-400 mm and nipples to them

TU 5761-001-08621635-98: Fabrics Made from Superfine Basalt Fibers. Technical Specifications

TU 5769-002-08621635-98: Stitched Thermal Insulating Basalt Fiber Mats. Technical Specifications

TU 67-564-83: Swing gate type of GRP. Technical conditions

TU 95.2691-98: Basalt Fiber Thermal Insulating Material. Technical Specifications

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Standardized methods of testing of basic materials (semifinished products, weld joints and surfacing of equipment and piping of npp. Ultrasonic inspection. Part I. Control of basic materials (semifinished products)
Language: English
Steel and alloys. Methods for detection and determination of grain size
Language: English
Armour clothes. Classification and general technical requirements
Language: English
Price: $38.00
Steel. Metallographic methods for the determination of non-metallic inclusions
Language: English
Welded reinforcing products and inserts, welded, lap and mechanical joints for reinforced concrete structures. General specifications
Language: English
Welded joints of reinforcement and inserts for reinforced concrete structures. Types, constructions and dimensions
Language: English
Voltage transformers. General specifications
Language: English
Reinforcing rolled products for reinforced concrete constructions. Specifications
Language: English
Steel and corrosion resistant alloys. Test methods for resistance to intergranular corrosion
Language: English
Armored clothing. Classification and general specifications
Language: English
Price: $217.00


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