SP 11-113-2002

СП 11-113-2002

The reporting on the engineering civil defence measures and activities to prevent emergencies in the preparation of an application of intent to invest in the construction and justification of investment in the construction of enterprises, buildings and structures

Порядок учета инженерно-технических мероприятий гражданской обороны и мероприятий по предупреждению чрезвычайных ситуаций при составлении ходатайства о намерениях инвестирования в строительство и обоснований инвестиций в строительство предприятий, зданий

Status: Not effective - No longer valid. Order of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia No. 181 dated 04/10/2015

This regulatory document explains: the procedure for obtaining baseline data and requirements for taking into account civil engineering (CTI) civil defense (CS) activities and emergency situations (ES) prevention when delivering a petition (declaration) of intent to invest in construction of enterprises, buildings and structures and justifications investment in the construction of enterprises, buildings and structures; requirements for the composition and content of information about ITM GOCHS in the application for intentions and justifications for investments; the procedure for the examination of decisions on ITM GOCHS in justifying investments The document is intended for use by customers (investors), designers, authorities specifically authorized to solve civil defense tasks, emergency prevention and response tasks, under the executive authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and local governments (hereinafter referred to as government offices on civil defense and emergency situations), and other legal and physical persons - participants of the investment process.

Настоящий нормативный документ разъясняет: порядок получения исходных данных и требований для учета инженерно-технических мероприятий (ИТМ) гражданской обороны (ГО) и предупреждения чрезвычайных ситуаций (ЧС) при доставлении ходатайства (декларации) о намерениях инвестирования в строительство предприятий, зданий и сооружений и обоснований инвестиций в строительство предприятий, зданий и сооружений; требования к составу и содержанию сведений об ИТМ ГОЧС в ходатайстве о намерениях и обоснованиях инвестиций; порядок проведения экспертизы решений по ИТМ ГОЧС в обоснованиях инвестиций. Документ предназначен для применения заказчиками (инвесторами), проектировщиками, органами, специально уполномоченными решать задачи ГО, задачи по предупреждению и ликвидации ЧС, при органах исполнительной власти субъектов Российской Федерации и органах местного самоуправления (далее - органами управления по делам ГО и ЧС), и иными юридическими и физическими лицами - участниками инвестиционного процесса.

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Approved: Russian Emergency Situations Ministry, 7/23/2002

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The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

Construction (Max) » Regulations » Documents System of normative documents in construction » 1. Organizational and methodological regulatory documents » k.11 Engineering surveys for construction and design »


ISO classifier » 91 CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION » 91.010 Construction industry » 91.010.40 Cost of construction and maintenance of buildings and structures » 91.010.40-10 Economics of construction. Pricing. Cost analysis. Estimates »

ISO classifier » 95 MILITARY EQUIPMENT » 95.020 Military equipment. Military issues. Armament »

The Document References:

GOST 12.1.004-91: Fire safety. General requirements

GOST 12.1.010-76: Explosion safety. General requirements

GOST 12.1.033-81: Occupational safety standards system. Fire safety. Terms and definitions.

GOST 22.0.06-97: Safety in emergencies. The sources of natural emergencies. Injuring factors. Nomenclature of parameters of injuring influences

GOST 22.0.07-97: Safety in emergencies. Sources of technogenic emergencies. Classification and nomenclature of casualty factors and their parameters

GOST 22.3.03-97: Safety in emergencies. Protection of population. Basic principles

GOST R 22.0.02-94: Safety in emergencies. Basic terms and definitions

GOST R 22.0.05-94: Safety in emergencies. Technogenic emergencies. Terms and definitions

GOST R 22.0.10-96: Safety in emergencies. Rules of marking on the maps emergencies. Legend

NPB 105-95: Determination of Rooms and Buildings Categories on Explosion and Fire Hazard

NPB 107-97: Determination of Categories of External Installations on Fire Hazard

OND-86: Methodology for calculating atmospheric concentrations of harmful substances contained in enterprise emissions

PB 09-170-97: General rules on explosion safety for explosive- and fire-hazardous chemical, petrochemical plants and oil refineries

PB 09-322-99: Safety Requirements for Production, Storage, Transportation, and Use of Chlorine

PB 13-01-92: Uniform safety rules for blasting

RD 03-357-00: Methodical recommendations for declaration of industrial safety of hazardous production facilities

RD 03-418-01: Methodical instruction for risk analysis of hazardous production plants

RD 34.21.122-87: Manual for installation of the lightning protection of buildings and structures

SanPiN 2.2.1/ Project work, construction, reconstruction and operation of enterprises, planning and development of inhabited areas. Sanitary protection zones and sanitary classification of enterprises, installations and other sites

SNiP 11-02-96: Engineering surveying for construction. fundamentals

SNiP 2.01.01-82: Construction climatology and geophysics

SNiP 2.01.09-91: Buildings and constructions in undermine territories and collapsible soils

SNiP 2.01.51-90: Civil defense technical Engineering measures

SNiP 2.01.53-84: Blacking out of populated areas and economic objects

SNiP 2.01.54-84: Civil Defense Shelters in Underground Mineworks

SNiP 2.01.57-85: Adaptation of Commercial and Domestic Facilities for Decontamination of People and Motor Transport Rolling Stock

SNiP 2.05.13-90: Oil-product pipelines laid on the territories of cities and other settlements

SNiP 2.06.01-86: Hydraulic facilities. basic provisions of design activities

SNiP 2.06.15-85: Inundation & under-flooding. Area protection engineering

SNiP 22-01-95: Geophysics of hazard natural process

SNiP II-11-77: Civil defense protective facilities

SP 11-101-95: Procedure of Development, Coordination, Approval and Composition of Feasibility Studies for Construction of Enterprises, Buildings and Structures

SP 11-107-98: Procedure of Development and Composition of the “Engineering and Technical Measures of Civil Defense. Measures for Prevention of Emergencies” Section of Construction Projects

The Document is Referenced By:

SP 32-106-2004: Subways. Auxiliary facilities and devices

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