GOST 15467-79

ГОСТ 15467-79

Product quality control. Basic concepts. Terms and definitions

Управление качеством продукции. Основные понятия. Термины и определения

Status: Effective

The standard establishes the terms used in science and technology and definitions of basic concepts in the field of product quality management.

Стандарт устанавливает применяемые в науке и технике термины и определения основных понятий в области управления качеством продукции.

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Approved: Gosstandart of the USSR, 1/26/1979

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The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

Construction (Max) » Standards » Other state standards used in construction » 01 General. Terminology. Standardization. Documentation »

Construction (Max) » Standards » Other state standards used in construction » 03 Sociology. Services. Organization of firms and their management. Administration. Transport »

Standards for pipe fittings (TPA) » 10. Production » 10.1 General manufacturing issues »

Standards for pipe fittings (TPA) » 1. Fundamental standards for injection molding machines » 1.1 Terminology »

ISO classifier » 01 GENERAL PROVISIONS. TERMINOLOGY. STANDARDIZATION. DOCUMENTATION » 01.040 Dictionaries » 01.040.03 Services. Organization of companies, their management and quality. Administration. Transport. Sociology (Dictionaries) »

National standards » 01 GENERAL PROVISIONS. TERMINOLOGY. STANDARDIZATION. DOCUMENTATION » 01.040 Dictionaries » 01.040.03 Services. Organization of companies, their management and quality. Administration. Transport. Sociology (Dictionaries) »

ISO classifier » 03 SOCIOLOGY. SERVICES ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT OF COMPANIES. ADMINISTRATION. TRANSPORT » 03.120 Quality » 03.120.10 Quality Management and Quality Assurance »

National standards » 03 SOCIOLOGY. SERVICES ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT OF COMPANIES. ADMINISTRATION. TRANSPORT » 03.120 Quality » 03.120.10 Quality Management and Quality Assurance »

National Standards for KGS (State Standards Classification) » Latest edition » T General technical and organizational and methodological standards » T0 General technical and metrological terms, designations and values » T00 General technical terms, symbols and quantities »

National Standards for OKSTU » SYSTEMS OF GENERAL TECHNICAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL-METHODOLOGICAL STANDARDS » Product quality indicators system (SPKP). Standards that determine the indicators of reliability and durability of products »

National Standards for OKSTU » SYSTEMS OF GENERAL TECHNICAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL-METHODOLOGICAL STANDARDS » General technical and metrological terms, designations and quantities »

As a Replacement Of:

GOST 15467-70: Product quality. Terms

GOST 16431-70: Product quality. Quality indicators and methods for assessing the level of product quality. Terms and definitions

GOST 17102-71: Product quality. Classification of products by quality and types of defects. Terms and definitions

GOST 17341-71: Product quality. Basic concepts of management. Terms and definitions

The Document References:

GOST 15895-77: Statistical quality control. Terms and definitions

GOST 16504-81: The state system of testing products. Product test and quality inspection. General terms and definitions

GOST 2.101-68: Unified system for design documentation. Types of items

GOST R 50779.10-2000: Statistical methods. Probability and general statistical terms. Terms and definitions

GOST R 50779.11-2000: Statistical methods. Statistical quality control. Terms and definitions

The Document is Referenced By:

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GOST 22732-77: Methods of assessing the quality of industrial products. General principles

GOST 23004-78: Mechanization and automation of manufacturing processes in machine and instrument production. Basic terms, definitions and symbols

GOST 23055-78: Non-destructive testing. Fusion welding of metals. Welds classification by radiography testing results

GOST 23200-78: Pleasure row boats and motor boats. General requirements when delivering for export

GOST 23479-79: Non-destructive testing. Optic methods. General requirements

GOST 23480-79: Non-destructive testing. Radio wave methods. General requirements

GOST 23483-79: Non-destructive testing. Thermal methods. General requirements

GOST 23554.1-79: Quality control system. Expert methods of assessing the quality of industrial products. Organization and implementation of expert evaluation of product quality

GOST 23726-79: Metal cutting and woodcutting. Acceptance

GOST 23829-85: Acoustical non-destructive testing. Terms and definitions

GOST 23853-79: Organization of the introduction of statistical methods of analysis, regulation of technological processes and statistical acceptance control of product quality. General principles

GOST 23875-88: Quality of electric energy. Terms and definitions

GOST 23942-80: Evaluation of product quality indicators by changes in the monitored parameter

GOST 23945.0-80: Product unification. Basic principles

GOST 24166-80: System of technical maintenance and repair of ships. Ship's repair. Terms and definitions

GOST 24282-86: Flexible-way electric powered vehicles. Testing methods

GOST 24297-2013: Verification of purchased product. Organization and methods of control

GOST 24368-80: Carbon bearings and pickings of water pumps. Technological process of impregnation with fluoride

GOST 24450-80: Magnetic non-destructive inspection. Terms and definitions

GOST 24507-80: Non-destructive testing. Forgings from ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Ultrasonic methods of slow defection

GOST 24660-81: Acceptance statistical inspection by attributes based on economic characters

GOST 24865.1-81: Holography and holographic methods of quality control. Terms and definitions

GOST 25051.1-82: System of the production state tests. Representation, processing, evaluation of accuracy and registration of test results. General requirements

GOST 25451-82: Artificial and synthetic leather. Acceptance rules

GOST 25866-83: Exploitation of technique. Terms and definitions

GOST 25997-83: Fusion welding of metals. Statistical quality evaluation by non-destructive testing results

GOST 26098-84: Petroleum products. Terms and definitions

GOST 26220-84: Aerosol aluminum mono-block bulbs

GOST 26810-86: Fitter tools. Acceptance rules

GOST 26992-2016: Reinforced purloins for roofing in industrial and agricultural buildings. Specifications

GOST 27.002-83: Dependability in technics. Terms and definitions

GOST 27.002-89: Industrial product dependability. General principles. Terms and definitions

GOST 27.202-83: Reliability in technique. Technological systems. Methods of reliability evaluation by parameters of product quality

GOST 27108-2016: Frame structures of reinforced concrete, prefabricated for multi-stored buildings with beams. Specification

GOST 27503-87: Leather confection. Acceptance rules

GOST 27772-88: structural steel structure rolled products. General specifications

GOST 28072-89: Competition and sporting firearms. Quality level evaluation methods

GOST 28139-89: School equipment. General safety requirements

GOST 28195-89: Quality control of software systems. General principles

GOST 28737-2016: Reinforced concrete foundation beams for buildings walls of industrial and agricultural enterprises. Specifications

GOST 28762-90: Replaceable cutting inserts in superhard materials

GOST 28831-90: Rolled plates. Ultrasonic test methods.

GOST 28982-91: Pens for fountain pens. Specification

GOST 29282-92: Writing units designed for boll-point pens. Specifications

GOST 29285-92: Reducers and motor-reducers. General requirements to the methods of experiments

GOST 30167-2014: Resources saving. Procedure for resource conservation indices establishment in the papers on goods

GOST 30167-95: Resource conservation. Procedure for resource conservation indices establishment in the papers on goods

GOST 30301-95: Asbestos-cement products. Acceptance rules

GOST 30415-96: Steel. Non-destructive testing of mechanical properties and microstructure of steel products by magnetic method

GOST 30515-2013: Cements. General specifications

GOST 30515-97: Cements General specifications

GOST 30731-2001: Cylinders, tubes and hose pipe of hydraulic brake actuations and coupler for vehicles. General technical requirements, acceptance procedures, test methods.

GOST 30772-2001: Resources saving. Waste treatment. Terms and definitions

GOST 31507-2012: Road vehicles. Handling and stability. Technical requirements. Test methods

GOST 32598-2013: Tubes copper round for water and gas. Specifications

GOST 32699-2014: Moulded side frame and bolster beam of two-axle three-piece bogies for freight wagons of 1520 mm gauge railways. Methods of non-destructive testing

GOST 33146-2014: Automobile roads of general use. Pipes for road culvert. Control methods

GOST 33477-2015: System of development and launching into manufacture. Railway infrastructure equipment. Procedure of development, launching into manufacture and tolerance for use

GOST 33702-2015: Systems for measuring the quantity and quality of gas condensate, liquefied hydrocarbon gas and a wide fraction of light hydrocarbons. General technical requirements

GOST 34027-2016: Gas supply system. Gas main pipeline transportation. Mechanical safety. Assigning of safe operation life for linear part of gas main pipeline

GOST 34161-2017: Meat and meat products. General requirements for the selection, training of tasters and the formation of the tasting committee

GOST 34497-2018: Steam turbine blades. Basic replacement requirements

GOST 34513-2018: Non-destructive testing system for railway products. Key Points

GOST 34524-2019: Rails are railway. Non-destructive testing in operating conditions. General requirements

GOST 34650-2020: Solid-rolled wheels and wheelset tires for railway rolling stock. Non-destructive testing methods

GOST 390-96: Fireclay and semiacidic refractory articles general-purpose and mass production. Specifications

GOST 4.458-2019: The system of indicators of product quality. Processing products of fruits, vegetables and mushrooms. Nomenclature of indicators

GOST 4871-77: Rheostats for starting and control for DC motors. General specifications

GOST 494-2014: Brass tubes. Specifications

GOST 5187-2003: Nickel silver, german silver and monel tapes. Specifications

GOST 5500-75: High-duty and refractories for steel pouring. Specifications

GOST 617-2006: General-purpose copper and brass tubes of round section. Specifications

GOST 6266-97: Gypsum plasterboards

GOST 6428-2018: Gypsum tongue-and-groove blocks for partitions. Specifications

GOST 745-2003: Aluminium foil for packing. Specifications

GOST 745-2014: Aluminium foil for packing. Specifications

GOST 9959-2015: Meat and meat products. General conditions of organoleptical assessment

GOST R 50.05.03-2018: Conformity assessment system for the use of nuclear energy. Conformity assessment in the form of examination. Unified procedures. Ultrasonic examination and thickness measurement of monometal, bimetal, and corrosion-resistant cladding

GOST R 50.05.03-2022: System of conformity assessment in the field of atomic energy use. Conformity assessment in the form of control. Unified methods. Ultrasonic control. Measurement of thickness of monometals, bimetals and anticorrosive clad surfaces.

GOST R 50779.0-95: Statistical methods. General provisions

GOST R 50779.30-95: Statistical methods. Acceptance sampling. General requirements

GOST R 51143-98: Launching and technical complexes of space-rocket complexes. General requirements for tests and acceptance

GOST R 51608-2000: Digital topographic maps. Quality requirements

GOST R 52302-2004: Road vehicles. Handling and stability. Technical requirements. Test methods

GOST R 52447-2005: Information protection. Information protection technology. Nomenclature of quality indices

GOST R 53406-2009: General-purpose fireclay and semiacidic refractory articles. Specifications

GOST R 53431-2009: Railway automatics and telemechanics. Terms and definitions

GOST R 53499-2009: Tombac strips. Specifications

GOST R 53711-2009: Electronic components. Rules acceptation

GOST R 53865-2010: Gas distribution systems. Terms and definitions

GOST R 53865-2019: Gas distribution systems. Terms and Definitions

GOST R 54130-2010: Quality of electric energy. Terms and definitions

GOST R 54160-2010: Ribbons from cuprum-nickel, nickel silver and monel. Specifications

GOST R 54523-2011: Port hydraulic structures. Rules of inspection and monitoring of the technical condition

GOST R 55260.1.8-2013: Hydro power plants. Part 1-8. Hydroelectic power stations. The general rules of the organization of building manufacture at erection

GOST R 55260.2.2-2013: Hydro power plants. Part 2-2. Hydrotreaters. Hydraulic estimation procedures of operating conditions

GOST R 55260.3.1-2013: Hydro power plants. Part 3-1. Hydraulic turbines. Procurement specification

GOST R 55260.3.2-2013: Hydro Power Plants. Part 3-2. Estimation procedures of hydroturbine operating conditions

GOST R 55306-2012: Technology of clothing manufacture. Terms and definitions

GOST R 55561-2013: Inland water transport. Dock and harbour hydraulic structure. Safety requirements

GOST R 55611-2013: Eddy current non-destructive inspection. Terms and definitions

GOST R 55612-2013: Magnetic non-destructive inspection. Terms and definitions

GOST R 55724-2013: Non-destructive Testing. Welded Joints. Ultrasonic Methods

GOST R 55755-2013: Integrated systems of general technical requirements and control quality. Electronic components. Total concepts

GOST R 55756-2013: Integrated system of general technical requirements. Electronic components. General technical requirements

GOST R 56511-2015: Non-destructive testing. Methods of heat kind. General requirements

GOST R 56518-2015: Space products. Requirements for quality management systems of organizations participating in development, production and operation

GOST R 56828.37-2018: Best available techniques. Rationing. Terms and definitions

GOST R 56988-2016: Inflatable equipment. Technical sewing products. Envelopes. Requirements for manufacture

GOST R 57109-2016: Inland water transport. Control of technical condition and safety assessment of hydraulic structures of inland water transport. Safety requirements

GOST R 57179-2016: Thermite welding of rails. The method of testing and quality control

GOST R 57181-2016: Thermite welding of rails. Technological process

GOST R 58044-2017: Aviation equipment. Incoming product verification

GOST R 58046-2017: Quality management systems for aviation, space and defense organizations. Advanced product quality planning. Guide to measurement process analysis

GOST R 58087-2018: United power system and isolated power systems. Electrical networks. Passport of overhead transmission lines at voltages of 35 kV and above

GOST R 58177-2018: United power system and isolated power systems. Thermal power plants. Thermal-mechanical equipment of thermal power plants. Control of condition of metal. Norms and requirements

GOST R 58197-2018: The procedure of the examination of the quality of motor vehicles. General requirements

GOST R 58418-2019: Additive technology. Metal powders and wires. Types of defects. Classification, terms and definitions

GOST R 58454-2019: The system of development and putting products into production. Medical Products. Terms and Definitions

GOST R 58599-2019: Technical diagnostics. Diagnostics of steel structures. Magnetic coercimetric method. General requirements

GOST R 58780-2019: Rocket and space technology. Quality Assurance Program. General Provisions

GOST R 59521-2021: Examination of the quality of technically complex electrical household goods. General requirements

GOST R 70172-2022: Geodesy and Cartography. Requirements for technical control of geodesic and cartographic products and processes of their creation. Main Provisions

GOST R 70465-2022: Typical technological and organizational processes. Welding of steel building structures. Requirements for the organization and execution of work in construction site conditions. Quality control

GOST R 70660-2023: Pipeline valves. Reliability assurance in manufacturing

Manual AV-22-r: Guidelines for technical diagnostics of road tunnels

MDS 12-7.2000: Guidelines On Procedure for State Supervision for Compliance with Construction Standards and Codes during Construction and Installation Activities at Industrial Facilities

MDS 81-39.2005: Individual elemental estimate of the consumption rate of materials and labor costs for the finishing of the premises with KNAUF complete systems. Standard flow charts for finishing works using KNAUF complete systems. Volume 1. Individual elemental estimat

MT-RTS-K 01-94: Methods of ultrasonic testing of welded joints of boiler units, pipelines and pressure vessels by flaw detector UD2-12 (2.1)

NPB 308-2002: Procedure of developments to documentation fire fighting vehicles and pumps

ODM 218.2.012-2011: Classification of structural elements of artificial road structures

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ODM 218.3.014-2011: Evaluation method for technical condition of bridges and automobile roads.

ODM 218.3.042-2014: Recommendations for determining the parameters and assignment of categories of defects in assessing the technical condition of bridges on highways

ODM 218.3.119-2019: Guidelines for the use of non-rigid road pavement with bases made of reinforced or knitted stone materials and soils

ODM 218.4.001-2008: Guidelines for the organization of inspection and testing of bridge structures on highways

ODM 218.4.002-2009: Recommendations for protection against corrosion of structures used on the roads of the Russian Federation bridges, fences and road signs

ODM 218.4.031-2016: Recommendations on the organization and conduct of departmental control (monitoring) of quality during the performance of road works on federal public roads

ODM 218.6.030-2017: Recommendations for establishing and warranty periods and service life of structural elements of bridge structures

OIT-0011-1999: System of certification of equipment, products and technologies for nuclear installations, radiation sources and storage facilities. Basic curriculum of the training centers of the System

OST 1-02519-84: Contact switching devices. Technical diagnostics

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OST 108.005.22-83: Industry-based system of product quality management in the power engineering industry. Assessment of quality level of power fittings of nuclear power plants, subject to the regulations for equipment of nuclear power plant.

OST 108.005.31-83: Industry-based system of product quality management in the power engineering industry. Assessment of quality level of heat-exchange equipment of nuclear power plants.

OST 32.146-2000: Devices of railway automation, telemechanics and telecommunications. General specification requirements

OST 34-13-959-88: Card of the technical level and product quality. Procedure of compilation and maintaining of the level card

OST 45.182-2001: Industry Standardization System. Technical requirements for telecommunications. Requirements for content and presentation

OST 68-3.4.1-03: Digital maps. Data quality assessment. Basic provisions

OST 68-3.4.2-03: Digital maps. Methods for assessing the quality of data. General requirements

OTU 3-01: Vessels and apparatuses. General specifications for the repair of buildings

P SSFZhT 45/ISO 9001-2003: The certification system on the federal railway transport of the Russian Federation. Quality Management System. Requirements

PNST 152-2016: Petroleum products. Formation of restrictive standards of quality indicators

PNST 154-2016: Petroleum products. Recovery of quality parameters

PNST 155-2016: Petroleum products. Use of test methods for quality supporting

PNST 156-2016: Petroleum production. Control for quality while maintaining in accepting for storage

R 182-75: Guidance on the quality management system of construction and installation works at construction sites of the oil and gas industry

R 444-81: Recommendations for designing a quality management system for construction and installation work in a trust

R 50.1.051-2010: GOST R Certification System. Quality system register. Procedure of productions certification

R 50-110-89: Acceptance control of product quality. General provisions

R 50-54-8-87: Methodical approaches to the classification, grouping and definition of the areas of application of quality indicators for engineering and instrument-making products

R 50-601-20-91: Recommendations for assessing the accuracy and stability of technological processes (equipment)

R 50-601-32-92: Recommendations. Quality system Organization of the introduction of statistical methods of product quality management in the enterprise

R 50-601-40-93: Recommendations. Input control products. Main provisions

R 50-605-80-93: System of products development and launching it into manufacture. Terms and definitions

R 50-605-89-94: Energy conservation. Order of establishment energy consumption and energy conservation indicators in products and process documentation

RB 088-14: Руководство по безопасности содержит рекомендации Федеральной службы по экологическому, технологическому и атомному надзору по проведению вихретокового контроля элементов оборудования и трубопроводов атомных энергетических установок, фиксации результатов

RD 05-620-03: Procedural Guidelines for Conformity Assessment of Industrial Safety of Mechanized Treatment Facilities

RD 102-32-85: Guidelines for the rationing of technological precision and metrological support for the production of welding and assembly work in the construction of trunk pipelines

RD 153-34.0-20.518-2003: Standard instructions on protection of heat supply system pipelines against external corrosion

RD 153-34.0-20.522-99: Model Guidelines for Periodic In-Service Technical Certification of Pipelines of Piped Heat Supply Networks

RD 153-34.0-20.673-2005: Guidelines for the technical diagnosis of pipelines of heat networks using the acoustic method

RD 153-34.1-20.329-2001: Procedural Guidelines for Testing Piped Hot Water Heat Supply Networks for Maximum Temperature of Heat Transfer Agent

RD 27.05.01-2017: Guidance document for the repair and maintenance of wheelsets with axleboxes for freight cars of 1520 (1524) mm track gauge main railways

RD 31.3.3-97: Guidelines on technical control of waterworks in maritime transport. Ministry of Transport, DMT Soyuzmorniiproekt, 1997

RD 31.3.4-97: Provision on organization of technical inspection of hydraulic facilities of marine transport

RD 34.17.435-95: Methodological instructions. Technical diagnostics of boilers with working pressure up to 4.0 MPa inclusive.

RD 34.20.668-89: Typical provision on the industrialization of the repair of equipment of distribution electric networks 0.38 - 20 kV

RD 34.35.412-88: Requirements for Acceptance into Operation from Installation and Adjustment of Thermal Power Station Process Control Systems

RD 39-0148311-601-85: Regulations on the system of maintenance and repair of electrical installations in oil production and drilling

RD 39-0148311-601-88: Regulations on the system of maintenance and repair of electrical installations in oil production and drilling. Part 1. General Provisions. Electrical equipment and power lines

RD 50-149-79: Guidelines for assessing the technical level and quality of industrial products

RD 50-165-79: Guidelines. Common consumption goods. The choice of the nomenclature of consumer properties and quality indicators. Main provisions

RD 50-182-80: Guidelines for determining the categories and type of product standard

RD 50-195-80: Guidelines for determining the economic efficiency of new household goods and household goods

RD 50-217-84: Guidelines. Evaluation of the scientific and technical level of state standards for industrial products

RD 50-250-81: Guidelines. Computer aided design. Assessment of quality indicators of creation and operation

RD 50-374-82: Guidelines for the composition and content of fuel and energy consumption standards per unit of output (work) made to standards and specifications

RD 50-432-83: Guidelines. Industrial consumer goods. Methods for assessing consumer quality indicators

RD 50-605-86: Guidelines for the application of standards for statistical acceptance control

RD 51-3-96: Regulations for the maintenance of underwater crossings of main gas pipelines through water barriers

RD EO Methods for assessing the technical condition and residual life of building structures of nuclear power plants

RD JeO The procedure for the collection, processing, storage and transmission of information about failures and damage to equipment of nuclear power plants. Position

RD-15-15-2008: Guidelines on the procedure for conducting industrial safety expertise of mine electric locomotives

Recommendations: Aspiration smoke-sensitive alarms VESDA. Part 1. Scope

SNiP 3.06.03-85: Automobile roads

SO 153-34.17.439-2003: Instruction for prolongation of exploitation term of pressure vessels

SP 234.1326000.2015: Railway automation and remote control. Rules for construction and installation

SP 410.1325800.2018: Pipelines trunk and field for oil and gas. Permafrost construction and work control

SP 435.1325800.2018: Monolithic concrete and reinforced concrete structures. Rules for the production and acceptance of work

ST TsKBA 049-2009: Pipe fittings. Ensuring reliability in manufacturing

ST TsKBA 094-2010: Pipe fittings. Warranty service. Order and organization

ST TsKBA 099-2011: Pipe fittings. Repairs. Organization of repair and general repair manual

STB 1172-99: Non-destructive testing. Control with penetrating (capillary) substances. General provisions

STB 1306-2002: Construction. Input control products. Main provisions

STO Management of resource characteristics of elements of nuclear power units

STO 95 12007-2017: Objects of use of atomic energy. Construction materials, products and structures used in the construction of nuclear power plants. Input control

TSN 12-311-2001: Rules for acceptance and commissioning of completed construction projects in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug

VSN 19-89: Work acceptance rules for highway construction and repair

VSN 32-89: Guidelines for Determining Load Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Beam Span Structures of Road Bridges in Use

VSN 515-89: Nomenclature and technical (assembly) requirements for delivery of fully shop-assembled aggregated equipment units of commercial-scale production for sanitary engineering systems

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