SP 42.13330.2011

СП 42.13330.2011

Urban development. Urban and rural planning and development

Градостроительство. Планировка и застройка городских и сельских поселений

Status: Superseded in part. Not applicable by order of the Ministry of Construction of Russia No. 1034

The document applies to the design of new and reconstruction of existing urban and rural settlements and includes the basic requirements for their planning and building. Specification of these requirements should be carried out in the development of regional and local standards for urban planning.

Документ распространяется на проектирование новых и реконструкцию существующих городских и сельских поселений и включает основные требования к их планировке и застройке. Конкретизацию этих требований следует осуществлять при разработке региональных и местных нормативов градостроительного проектирования.

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Approved: Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation, 12/28/2010

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Construction (Max) » Regulations » Documents System of normative documents in construction » 3. Normative documents on urban planning, buildings and constructions » k.30 Urban planning »

PromExpert » SECTION V. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. NATURE USE » II Ensuring environmental safety » 4 Ensuring environmental safety during subsoil use » 4.2 Use and protection of subsoil » 4.2.1 General requirements for use of subsoil »

PromExpert » SECTION V. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. NATURE USE » II Ensuring environmental safety » 1 Air Protection » 1.3 Requirements for protection of atmospheric air in carrying out activities » 1.3.2 Requirements for protection of atmospheric air during design, placement, construction, reconstruction and operation of facilities »

ISO classifier » 91 CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION » 91.020 Urban planning. Planning and development of settlements »

National standards » 91 CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION » 91.020 Urban planning. Planning and development of settlements »

The Document is Replaced With:

SP 42.13330.2016: Urban development. Urban and rural planning and development

As a Replacement Of:

SP 42.13330.2010: Urban development. Urban and rural planning and development

The Document References:

Code 136-FZ: Land Code of the Russian Federation

Code 190-FZ: Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation

Code 200-FZ: Forest Code of the Russian Federation

Code 73-FZ: Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation

Code 74-FZ: Water Code of the Russian Federation

GOST Nature protection. Hydrosphere. Hygienic requirements for recreation areas at water objects

GOST Nature protection. Land reclamation. Terms and definitions

GOST Nature protection. Lands. Classification of disturbed lands to be recultivated

GOST Nature protection. Lands. Composition and size of suburban green plantations

GOST Nature protection. Lands. Reclamation general requirements

GOST Nature protection. Flora. Protection and rational utilization of forests of suburban green belts. General requirements

GOST 22283-88: Aviation noise. Allowable noise levels in residential areas and measurement methodology.

GOST 23337-78: Noise. Methods of noise measurement in residential areas and in the rooms of residential, public and community buildings

GOST 23961-80: Construction, equipment and rolling stock clearance diagrams for USSR Metro

GOST 2761-84: Sources of centralized utility and drinking water supply Sanitary and technical requirements and selection rules

GOST R 12.3.047-98: Occupational safety standards system. Fire safety of technological processes. General requirements. Methods of control

GOST R 51232-98: Drinking water. General requirements for organization and quality control methods

MDS 15-2.99: Procedural Guidelines for Government Inspection of the Use and Conservation of Lands in Urban and Rural Housing Projects

NRB 99: Radiation Safety Standards

OND 1-84: Procedural Guidelines for the Review, Examination, and Conformity Assessment of Proposed Air Quality Protection Measures and for Issuing a Permit for Emission of Pollutants into the Atmosphere

PB 03-428-02: Safety Requirements for Construction of Underground Structures

RD 34.20.185-94: Instructions for designing of urban power networks.

SanPiN Sanitation and Disease Control Requirements for Residential Occupancies and Spaces

SanPiN Potable water and water supply of inhabited areas Sanitary protection zones Around water supply sources and domestic/ potable water mains

SanPiN Sanitary protection zones of water sources and water pipelines for drinking use

SanPiN Requirements for Water quality of Uncentralized Sources of Water Supply. Sanitary Protection of Water Sourсes

SanPiN Potable water. Hygienic requirements to water quality in centralized potable water systems. Quality control

SanPiN Water diposal at inhabitted points. Sanitary protection of water bodies. Hygienic requirements to surface waters protection

SanPiN Atmospheric air and air in the enclosed rooms, sanitary air protection Hygienic requirements to quality assurance of atmospheric air in the populated areas

SanPiN Sanitary-epidemiologic requirements to soil quality

SanPiN 2.1.8/ Hygienic requirements for allocation and exploitation of transmitting radio communication equipment

SanPiN 2.2.1/ Hygienic requirements for sun effect and solar protection of domestic and public buildings and areas. Sanitary regulations and standards

SanPiN 2.2.1/ Sanitary-protective zones and sanitary classification of enterprises, constructions and other objects

SanPiN 2605-82: Sanitary Regulations for Insolation for Residential and Public Buildings and Residential Developments

SanPiN 2971-84: Sanitary Regulations for the Protection of the Public Against Electrical Fields Generated by Overhead Power Transmission Lines for Power Frequency Alternating Current

SanPiN 3077-84: Sanitary norms of permissible noise in residential and public buildings and in residential areas

SanPiN 42-128-4433-87: Sanitary standards of permissible concentrations of chemicals in soil

SanPiN 42-128-4690-88: Sanitary Regulations of Maintenance of Populated Areas

SanPiN 4631-88: Sanitary rules and standards for preservation of coastal sea water against pollution in areas of water use by population

SanPiN 4946-89: Sanitary Regulations for Protection of Atmospheric Air in Populated Areas

SN 2.2.4/ Noise exposure in work environment, residential premises, premises of public buildings and in dwellings zones

SN 2.2.4/ Industrial vibration. Vibration in premises of residential and public buildings

SNiP 2.05.13-90: Oil-product pipelines laid on the territories of cities and other settlements

SNiP 2.06.15-85: Inundation & under-flooding. Area protection engineering

SNiP 22-01-95: Geophysics of hazard natural process

SNiP 31-06-2009: Public buildings and constructions

SNiP 32-03-96: Aerodromes

SNiP 41-02-2003: Heat networks

SP 1210-74: Rules for the sanitary protection of the coastal waters of the seas

SP 14.13330.2011: Construction in seismic regions.

SP 18.13330.2011: Master plans for industrial enterprises

SP 32-105-2004: Subways

SP 35-105-2002: Reconstruction of urban areas, taking into account accessibility for people with disabilities and other people with limited mobility

SP 35-106-2003: Calculation and accommodation of establishments of social services for the elderly

SP 51.13330.2011: Noise protection and rooms acoustics.

SP 52.13330.2011: Natural and artificial lighting

SP 54.13330.2011: Multicompartment residential buldings

VSN 01-89: Enterprises for servicing motor vehicles

Federal Law 154-FZ: General Principles for Organization of Local Self-Administration in the Russian Federation

Federal Law 174-FZ: Ecological Conformity Assessment

Federal Law 184-FZ: About technical regulation

Federal Law 210-FZ: On the basics of tariff regulation of utilities

Federal Law 261-FZ: On energy conservation and on improving energy efficiency and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation

Federal Law 33-FZ: About Specially Protected Natural Areas

Federal Law 52-FZ: Public Sanitary and Epidemiological Well-Being

Federal Law 73-FZ: On objects of cultural heritage (historical and cultural monuments) of the peoples of the Russian Federation

Federal Law 7-FZ: Environmental Protection

Federal Law 96-FZ: Atmospheric Protection

Manual for MGSN 2.01-99: Energy saving in buildings. Issue 1. Design of thermal protection of residential and public buildings

NPB 111-98*: Gas stations. Fire safety requirements

OSP-72/87: Basic sanitary rules for working with radioactive substances and other sources of ionizing radiation

The Document is Referenced By:

GOST R 50597-2017: Automobile roads and streets. The requirements to the level of maintenance satisfied the traffic safety. Methods of testing

GOST R 51185-2014: Tourism services. Means of accommodation. General requirements

GOST R 52289-2004: Traffic control devices. Rules of application of traffic signs, markings, traffic lights, guardrails and delineators

GOST R 52605-2006: Traffic control devices. Road bumps and road humps. General technical requirements. Application rules

GOST R 52766-2007: Automobile roads of general use. Road facilities. General requirements

GOST R 54964-2012: Conformity assessment. Ecological requirements for estate properties

GOST R 55560-2013: Inland water transport. Operation of cargo transfer complexes and passenger terminals of river ports. Safety requirements. General

MDS 30-3.2011: Guidelines for systematizing the storage of individual vehicles in cities

MRR 11.1-16: Standards for the duration of the design of construction objects

MRR 2.3-16: Area planning projects

MRR Standards for the duration of the design of construction objects in the city of Moscow

MRR Standards for the duration of the design of construction objects in the city of Moscow

MRR Standards for the duration of the design of construction objects in the city of Moscow

MRR Method of determining the cost of developing projects for planning areas, carried out with the involvement of the budget of the city of Moscow

MRR 3.2.55-13: The method of determining the cost of design work on the overhaul of reservoirs, carried out with the involvement of the budget of the city of Moscow

MRR 3.2.75-13: Method of determining the cost of designing telecommunication systems, carried out with the involvement of the budget of the city of Moscow

MRR 5.2-16: Telecommunication Systems

MRR 7.6-16: Reservoirs

ODM 218.2.007-2011: Guidelines for the design of measures to ensure the access of persons with disabilities to road facilities

ODM 218.2.017-2011: Guidelines Design, construction and operation of roads with low traffic

ODM 218.2.020-2012: Guidelines for assessing the capacity of highways

ODM 218.2.031-2013: Guidelines for the use of fly ash and ash-and-slag mixtures from coal combustion at thermal power plants in road construction

PNST 55-2015: Underground utilities. Determination of location and depth with non-destructive methods

RD-APK Guidelines for the technological design of farms and cattle farms (farms)

RD-APK Guidelines for technological design of pig farms of peasant (farmer) farms

RD-APK Guidelines for technological design of poultry enterprises

RD-APK Engineering Design Standards for Fur Farms and Rabbit Farms

RMD 30-23-2014 Sankt-Peterburg: Guidance on the design of engineering preparation of the territory, engineering networks and improvement of residential and public business neighborhoods

RMD 31-10-2011 Sankt-Peterburg: Guidelines for the design of pre-school educational institutions (including classes with compensatory education)

RMD 31-15-2012 Sankt-Peterburg: Design Guide for Special (Corrective) Educational Institutions for Students and Pupils with Disabilities

RMD 32-18-2012 Sankt-Peterburg: Recommendations for the use of paving in the paving of residential and public business areas

RMD 32-24-2015 Sankt-Peterburg: Design of artificial structures at transport facilities in St. Petersburg

RMD 35-17-2012 Sankt-Peterburg: Recommended for re-use of design solutions to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities and other limited mobility groups of residential buildings built in St. Petersburg according to standard designs in the 60s – 80s of the 20th century

RMD 40-20-2016 Sankt-Peterburg: Installation of water supply and drainage networks in St. Petersburg

SP 104.13330.2016: Ground protection from flooding and underflooding

SP 113.13330.2012: Parkings

SP 113.13330.2016: Parkings

SP 116.13330.2012: Engineering protection of territories, buildings and structures from dangerous geological processes. Basic principles.

SP 127.13330.2017: Landfills for the disposal and burial of toxic industrial wastes. Basic provisions on design

SP 137.13330.2012: Residential environment with planning components, accessible for physicapped persons. Design rules

SP 140.13330.2012: Urban environment. Design rules for people with limited mobility

SP 141.13330.2012: Social service institutions persons with reduced mobility regulations of calculation and allocation

SP 142.13330.2012: The buildings of social service centers. Rules of architectural design

SP 144.13330.2012: Centers and department of geriatric services. Design rules

SP 145.13330.2012: Boarding-Houses. Rules of architectural design

SP 149.13330.2012: Reabilitation center for children and teenagers with limited possibilities rules of architectural design

SP 150.13330.2012: Boarding schools (institutions) for disabled children. Rules of architectural design

SP 152.13330.2012: Buildings of common jurisdiction courts. Rules of architectural design

SP 158.13330.2014: Buildings and rooms for health care facilities. Design rules

SP 160.1325800.2014: Mixed-use buildings and complexes. Regulations of design

SP 18.13330.2011: Master plans for industrial enterprises

SP 19.13330.2011: Master plans for farming enterprises

SP 228.1325800.2014: Buildings and structures of the investigative bodies. Rules of architectures design

SP 237.1326000.2015: Rail transport infrastructure. General requirements

SP 242.1325800.2015: Buildings of territorial institutions of the Russian Federation Pension Fund. Design rules

SP 243.1326000.2015: Design and construction of low-volume roads

SP 251.1325800.2016: Educational institution buildings. Design rules

SP 252.1325800.2016: Preschool educational institution buildings. Design rules

SP 255.1325800.2016: Buildings and structures. Operating rules. General provisions

SP 257.1325800.2016: Buildings of hotels. Regulations of design

SP 259.1325800.2016: Bridges in dense urban aveas Design rules

SP 264.1325800.2016: Light masking settlements and objects of national economy

SP 265.1325800.2016: Manifold for engineering networks

SP 267.1325800.2016: High rise buildings and complexes. Design rules

SP 272.1325800.2016: Drainage system of cities and townships. The rules of inspection

SP 278.1325800.2016: Buildings of educational institutions of high education. Design rules

SP 279.1325800.2016: Buildings of professional educational institutions. Design rules

SP 285.1325800.2016: Football stadiums. Desing rules

SP 303.1325800.2017: One-story industrial buildings. Operating rules

SP 31.13330.2012: Water supply. Pipelines and portable water treatment plants

SP 32.13330.2012: Sewerage. Pipelines and wastewater treatment plants

SP 37.13330.2012: Industrial transport

SP 42.13330.2016: Urban development. Urban and rural planning and development

SP 52.13330.2011: Natural and artificial lighting

SP 54.13330.2011: Multicompartment residential buldings

SP 54.13330.2016: Multicompartment residential buildings

SP 55.13330.2011: Sindle-family houses

SP 55.13330.2016: Detached houses

SP 59.13330.2012: Accessibility of buildings and structures for persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility

SP 59.13330.2016: Accessibility of buildings and structures for persons with reduced mobility

SP 62.13330.2011: Gas distribution systems

SP 82.13330.2016: Territory improvement

SP 89.13330.2012: Combustion boiler systems of heating generation

SP 89.13330.2016: Boiler installations

SP 98.13330.2012: Tram and trolleybus lines

SP 99.13330.2016: On-farm roads in the collective and state farms and other agricultural enterprises and organizations

MRR Methodology for determining the cost of developing projects for the planning of territories and planning of objects of the road network, carried out with the involvement of the budget of the city of Moscow

MRR 5.2.02-17: Telecommunication systems

MRR 9.6-17: Development of special technical conditions for design

ODM 218.2.071-2016: Guidelines for the design of circular intersections in the construction and reconstruction of roads

ODM 218.2.101-2019: Guidelines for the design of plan elements, longitudinal and transverse profiles of roads

ODM 218.6.034-2019: Recommendations for designing motorway backups on approaches to large cities

RMD 15-26-2017 Sankt-Peterburg: Layout diagrams of the planning organization of land plots of objects of social infrastructure in the territory of St. Petersburg

RMD 32-18-2016 St. Petersburg: Recommendations for the use of paving in the construction of pavements for residential and public and business buildings

SP 34.13330.2012: Automobile roads. Updated living edition of SNIP 2.05.02-85

SP 35.13330.2011: Bridges and pipes. Updated living edition of SNiP 2.05.03-84

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