SP 43.13330.2012

СП 43.13330.2012

Structures for industrial installations

Сооружения промышленных предприятий

Status: Effective

The set of rules establishes requirements for the design of the following structures of industrial enterprises classified in the following groups: underground structures; capacity structures for liquids and gases; storage facilities for bulk materials; overhead structures; high-rise buildings.

Свод правил устанавливает требования к проектированию следующих сооружений промышленных предприятий, отнесенных к следующим группам: подземные сооружения; емкостные сооружения для жидкостей и газов; емкостные сооружения для сыпучих материалов; надземные сооружения; высотные сооружения.

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Approved: Ministry of Regional Development of Russia, 12/29/2011

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Construction (Max) » Regulations » Documents System of normative documents in construction » 3. Normative documents on urban planning, buildings and constructions » k.31 Residential, public and industrial buildings and structures »

Welding regulations » Welding work »

Welding regulations » Main materials »

Welding regulations » Pipelines »

Welding regulations » Metal structures »

Welding regulations » Welding materials »

Welding regulations » Documentation »

Welding regulations » Mechanical Testing »

Welding regulations » Heat treatment »

Welding regulations » Welding work » Automatic welding »

Welding regulations » Welding work » Dusting »

Welding regulations » Main materials » Steel, cast iron »

Welding regulations » Welding materials » Gases »

PromExpert » SECTION V. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. NATURE USE » II Ensuring environmental safety » 1 Air Protection » 1.3 Requirements for protection of atmospheric air in carrying out activities » 1.3.2 Requirements for protection of atmospheric air during design, placement, construction, reconstruction and operation of facilities »

ISO classifier » 91 CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION » 91.040 Construction » 91.040.20 Commercial and industrial buildings »

The Document References:

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RD 10-103-95: Standard manual for crane operators (drivers) for safe use of overhead and gantry cranes

RD 34.21.122-87: Manual for installation of the lightning protection of buildings and structures

SanPiN 2.2.1/ Sanitary-protective zones and sanitary classification of enterprises, constructions and other objects

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SP 2.13130.2009: Systems of fire protection. Fire-resistance security of protecting units

SP 2.13130.2012: Fire protection systems. Providing fire protection to facilities (with Amendment No 1)

SP Occupational hygiene enterprise designing building reconstruction and maintenance. Hygienic requirements to the designing of new and reconstructible industrial enterprises

SP 20.13330.2011: Loads and impacts

SP 20.13330.2016: Loads and actions

SP 21.13330.2012: Buildings and structures on undermined territories and slumping soils

SP 22.13330.2011: Buildings and structures foundations

SP 22.13330.2016: Soil bases of buildings and structures

SP 24.13330.2011: Pile foundations

SP 248.1325800.2016: Underground structures. Design rules

SP 25.13330.2012: Soil bases and foundations on permafrost soils

SP 250.1325800.2016: Building and structures. Protection against groundwater

SP 27.13330.2011: Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Structures intended for the Service in Elevated and High Temperatures

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SP 52.13330.2011: Natural and artificial lighting

SP 52.13330.2016: Daylighting and artificial lighting

SP 53-102-2004: General rules for steel structure design

SP 59.13330.2012: Accessibility of buildings and structures for persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility

SP 59.13330.2016: Accessibility of buildings and structures for persons with reduced mobility

SP 6.13130.2009: Systems of fire protection. Electrical equipment. Requirements of fire safety

SP 6.13130.2013: Systems of fire protection. Electrical equipment. Requirements of fire safety

SP 60.13330.2012: Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC). Updated living edition of SNiP 41-01-2003

SP 60.13330.2016: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

SP 63.13330.2012: Concrete and reinforced concrete structures. General provisions.

SP 7.13130.2009: Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. Fire safety requirements

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SP 71.13330.2017: Insulation and finish coatings

SP 8.13130.2009: Systems of fire protection. Sources of external fire protection. Water supply. Fire safety requirements

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Federal Law 184-FZ: About technical regulation

Federal Law 52-FZ: Public Sanitary and Epidemiological Well-Being

OND-86: Methodology for calculating atmospheric concentrations of harmful substances contained in enterprise emissions

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VUP SNE-87: Departmental guidelines for the design of rail unloading racks of flammable and combustible liquids and liquefied hydrocarbon gases

The Document is Referenced By:

GOST R 55561-2013: Inland water transport. Dock and harbour hydraulic structure. Safety requirements

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GOST R 58622-2019: The main pipeline transport of oil and oil products. Methodology for assessing the strength, stability and durability of a vertical steel tank

GOST R 58736-2019: Parking of small vessels. General requirements

ITS 46-2017: Reducing emissions of pollutants, discharges of pollutants during storage and warehousing of goods (goods)

ITS 46-2019: Reducing emissions of pollutants, discharges of pollutants during storage and warehousing of goods (goods)

ODM 218.2.058-2019: Recommendations on the use of composite materials in the construction of bridge structures and pedestrian bridges

ODM 218.2.076-2019: Recommendations on the use of composite structures for areas with extreme temperature conditions (below minus 40 degrees Celsius and above plus 40 degrees Celsius)

Regulation 407-rp: On approval of examination tickets (tests) under Section B.11 "Industrial Safety Requirements at the Plant for Storage and Processing of Plant Raw Materials" in the areas of certification (knowledge testing) of heads and specialists of organizations supervised by the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision, approved by order of the Federal Service on environmental, technological and nuclear supervision dated April 6, 2012 No. 233

SP 32.13330.2018: Sewerage. Outdoor networks and facilities

SP 343.1325800.2017: Constructions of the industrial enterprises. The rules of operation

SP 346.1325800.2017: Systems of gas air treatments of boiler installations 150 Mw. Rules of design

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