GOST 18442-80

ГОСТ 18442-80

Non-destructive testing. Capillary methods. General requirements

Контроль неразрушающий. Капиллярные методы. Общие требования

Status: Effective - Supersedes. The limitation of effectiveness has been lifted: Decree of the State Standard No. 857 dated 06/13/91

The standard applies to capillary methods of non-destructive testing of materials, semi-finished products, products designed to detect defects that are invisible or weakly visible with the naked eye, such as material discontinuities that go to a controlled surface. The standard establishes the scope, general requirements for flaw detection materials, equipment, sensitivity classes, the technological sequence of operations, processing and processing of inspection results and safety requirements.

Стандарт распространяется на капиллярные методы неразрушающего контроля материалов, полуфабрикатов, изделий, предназначенные для обнаружения невидимых или слабовидимых невооруженным глазом дефектов типа несплошностей материала, выходящих на контролируемую поверхность. Стандарт устанавливает область применения, общие требования к дефектоскопическим материалам, аппаратуре, классам чувствительности, технологической последовательности выполнения операций, обработке и оформлению результатов контроля и требования безопасности.

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Approved: Gosstandart of the USSR, 5/15/1980

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The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

Construction (Max) » Standards » Other state standards used in construction » 19 Tests »

Evidence base (TR CU, Technical Regulation of the Customs Union) » 032/2013 TR CU. On safety of overpressure equipment » Regulations and standards (to 032/2013 TR CU) »

Standards for pipe fittings (TPA) » 10. Production » 10.6 Non-destructive testing »

ISO classifier » 19 TESTS » 19.100 Non-destructive testing »

National standards » 19 TESTS » 19.100 Non-destructive testing »

National Standards for KGS (State Standards Classification) » Latest edition » T General technical and organizational and methodological standards » T5 Documentation System » T59 General methods and means of control and testing of products. Methods of statistical control of quality, reliability, durability »

National Standards for OKSTU » SYSTEMS OF GENERAL TECHNICAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL-METHODOLOGICAL STANDARDS » Applied statistics. Methods for statistical control of quality, reliability, durability. General methods of control and testing of products »

As a Replacement Of:

GOST 18442-73: Product quality. Non-destructive testing. Capillary methods

The Document References:

GOST 10597-87: Painting brishes. Specifications

GOST 12.1.003-83: Noise. General safety requirements

GOST 12.1.007-76: Noxious substances. Classification and general safety requirements

GOST 12.1.010-76: Explosion safety. General requirements

GOST 12.1.019-79: Occupational safety standards system. Electric safety. General requirements and nomenclature of kinds of protection

GOST Occupation safety standards system Electrical equipment. General safety requirements

GOST 12.3.002-75: Occupational safety standards system. Manufacturing processes. General safety requirements

GOST 12.4.016-83: Occupational safety standards system. Special protective clothes. Nomenclature of quality indexes

GOST 12.4.020-82: Occupational safety standards safety. Means for personal protection of hands. Nomenclature of quality indices

GOST 12.4.021-75: Ventilation systems. General requirements

GOST 15467-79: Product quality control. Basic concepts. Terms and definitions

GOST 21105-87: Non-destructive testing. Method of magnetic particle testing

SNiP II-4-79: Natural and artificial lighting

The Document is Referenced By:

DiOR 05: Methodology of diagnosing of technical condition and determining of residual life of process equipment of oil refineries and petrochemical plants

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GOST 32569-2013: Steel pipe technology. Requirements for design and operation of explosive and chemically dangerous production

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GOST 33005-2014: Oil and gas industry. Drilling and production equipment. Connections of marine drilling risers. General specifications

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GOST 33752-2017: Steel welded cylinders for liquefied hydrocarbon gas, used as motor fuel on automotive vehicle. Specifications

GOST 33852-2016: Pipeline valves. Knife gate valves for trunk pipelines. General specifications

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GOST 34029-2016: Pipeline accessories. Check fittings for main oil pipelines and oil product pipelines. General specifications

GOST 34181-2017: Trunk pipelines for oil and oil products transportation. Technical diagnosis. Main principles

GOST 34347-2017: Steel welded vessels and apparatus. General technical conditions

GOST 34497-2018: Steam turbine blades. Basic replacement requirements

GOST 34568-2019: The main pipeline transport of oil and oil products. Cameras for starting and receiving cleaning and diagnostic tools. General specifications

GOST 5520-2017: Rolled plate of unalloyed and alloyed steel for boilers and vessels working under pressure. Technical conditions

GOST 7370-2015: Railway frogs. Specifications

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GOST R 54907-2012: Trunk pipelines for oil and oil products transportation. Technical diagnosis. Basic principles

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GOST R 56542-2019: Non-destructive testing. Classification of types and methods

GOST R 56685-2015: Trunk pipelines for oil and oil products transportation. Fittings for diameters from 530 to 1220 mm. General specifications

GOST R 58177-2018: United power system and isolated power systems. Thermal power plants. Thermal-mechanical equipment of thermal power plants. Control of condition of metal. Norms and requirements

GOST R 58423-2019: Gas pressure regulators for inlet pressure not higher than 10 MPa

GOST R 58612-2019: Composite wheels of a railway rolling stock. Assembly process specifications

GOST R 58619-2019: The main pipeline transport of oil and oil products. Tank equipment. Pontoons. General specifications

GOST R 58634-2019: System of protection against falsifications and counterfeit. Authentic materials. Acquisition Methods

GOST R 58819-2020: Pipe fittings for trunk oil pipelines and oil product pipelines. Rules for assessing the technical condition and extension of assigned indicators

I 23 SD-80*: Instructions for flaw detection of pipe bends made of pearlite steel

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ITNJe-93: Instruction on technical supervision and operation of pressure vessels not covered by the Rules of Gosgortechnadzor

Manual for SNiP II-23-81*: Manual on the design of steel structures of overhead power lines (VL) power transmission towers and outdoor switchgears (outdoor switchgear) of substations with voltages above 1 kV

Manual for SNiP II-23-81*: Strength Design Guide for Steel Structures

Manual for SNiP II-23-81*: Steel Structural Engineering Tutorial

Manual for SNiP III-18-75: A manual on quality control methods for welded joints of metal structures and pipelines performed in construction

MDS 53-1.2001: Recommended Practice for Installation of Steel Structural Elements

MU 0397-00.002: Non-Destructive Testing Methodology for VE-50 and VP-50 Swivels

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MU 1198-00.007: Method of nondestructive testing of hook blocks and lifting hooks

MU 2002-2002: Methodology for examining the technical condition of cabinet elevators for drill and casing KM type and cast elevators for casing EN type to determine the possibility of their further operation

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OST 108.109.01-92: Basic part billets made of corrosion-resistant steels of austenitic class. Technical conditions.

OST 108.961.02-79: Carbon and alloy steel castings for components of stationary steam turbines with secured strength properties at high temperatures. Specifications.

OST 153-34.0-969-99A: Assembly units and parts of the supports of the station pipelines of nuclear power plants Py <= 4.0 MPa (40 kgf/cm2). General technical requirements

OST 153-34.0-969-99А: Assembling units and support station pipeline details of nuclear power plants. Nominal pressure is no more than 4,0 MPa. General technical requirements.

OST 153-34.0-984-99A: Assembly units and suspension parts of nuclear power plant station pipelines Py <= 4.0 MPa (40 kgf/cm2). General technical requirements

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OST 24.125.60-89: Details and prefabricated units of steam and hot water in thermal power plants. General Specifications.

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OST 26-01-49-82: Assembling units and pipeline details for working pressure of 32 MPa (320 kgf/cm2). General specifications.

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OST 95 10575-2002: Equipment and pipelines of separation plants. Weld joints and deposits. Control rules

OTT The supporting structures of the elements of nuclear plants with water-cooled power reactors. General technical requirements

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PB 03-278-99: Process rules for qualification tests of welders and welding production specialists

PB 03-75-94: Rules for arrangement and safe operation of steam and hot water piping

PB 08-342-00: Safety regulations at production, storing and delivery of liquefied natural gas at gas distribution stations of gas main pipelines (GDS GMP) and car gas-filling compressor stations

PB 10-115-96: Regulations of design and safe operation of pressure vessels

PNAE G-10-032-92: Requirements for welding seal element control of nuclear plant confining safety systems

PNAE G-7-010-89: Equipment and pipelines of nuclear energy facilities. Welded joints and beads. Testing rules

PNAE G-7-015-89: Uniform methods of inspection of main materials (semi-finished products), welded joints and building-up of the equipment and piping of nuclear power units. Magnetic particle inspection

PNAE G-7-018-89: Safety guidelines. Standardized methods of control of basic materials (semi-finished products), welded joints and surfacing of NPP equipment and piping. Dye penetrant inspection

R 50.2.014-2001: State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Means of measuring the characteristics of ultraviolet radiation during process control in inspection, printing and photolithography. Method of verification

RD 03-380-00: Guidelines for Inspection of Spherical Tanks and Gas Holders for Storage of Liquefied Gases Under Pressure

RD 03-410-01: Instructions on the procedure of comprehensive engineering certification of cryogenic tanks for liquefied gases

RD 03-421-01: Guidelines for the diagnosis of the technical condition and the determination of the residual service life of vessels and apparatus

RD 03-495-02: Procedures for the qualification test of welders and welding work specialists

RD 059/01-2019: Instructions for welding and surfacing during the repair of freight cars (with Amendment No. 1)

RD 08-195-98: Instructions for the technical diagnosis of the state of mobile units for well repair

RD 09-244-98: Instructions for diagnostics of technical condition of vessels, pipes and compressors, industrial ammonia refrigeration plants.

RD 10-112-97: Guidelines for conducting a survey of the technical condition of lifts (towers) with an expired service life in order to determine the possibility of their further operation. Part 9. Lifts and aerial platforms

RD 13-06-2006: Guidelines for the procedure for capillary control of technical devices and structures used and operated at hazardous production facilities

RD 153-34.1-003-01: Welding, heat treatment and control of copper pipe systems and pipelines at power equipment installation and repair.

RD 153-34.1-17.424-2001: Procedural Guidelines for Investigation of Causes of Damage to Steam Turbine Rotor Components

RD 153-34.1-17.461-00: Methodological guidelines for penetrant testing of welded joints, weld pads and parent metal during manufacturing, installation, operation and repairing of power equipment.

RD 153-34.1-17.462-00: Procedural Guidelines Assessment of Serviceability of Steam Turbine Blades in the Process of Manufacturing, Operation, and Repair

RD 153-34.1-20.202-2003: Model Regulations on the Procedure for Preparing Documentation for the Decommissioning of Worn-Out Generating Equipment of Power Plants Included in the Unified Energy System of Russia

RD 22-16-2005*: Guiding regulatory material. Hoisting machines. Selection of materials for the manufacture, repair and reconstruction of welded steel structures

RD 24.020.11-93: Welded joints of stationary steam, gas and hydraulic turbines. Testing rules and quality evaluation standards.

RD 26.260.004-91: Procedural Guidelines. Prediction of Remaining Service Life of Equipment According to the Change in its Operational Parameters During Operation

RD 26.260.010-2002: The leading document on standardization. The list of standard documentation on standardization on the cells and devices working under pressure.

RD 26.260.010-97: List of Regulatory Documents on Standardization for Pressure Vessels and Apparatus

RD 26.260.12-99: Service life extension of liquid carbon dioxide vessels. Instructional guidelines.

RD 26.260.16-2002: Expert technical diagnostics of vessels and equipment operating under pressure at gas and gas condensate and oil production and processing facilities in the northern regions of the Russian Federation and underground gas storage facilities

RD 26.260.225-2001: Bodies of cylindrical vessels and devices. Technology, quality assurance

RD 26-3-86: Procedural Guidelines for Extending the Service Life of Tanks for Liquid Carbon Dioxide

RD 2-97: Regulations on the system for the technical diagnosis of autoclaves in the production of building materials

RD 31.25.02-86: Album of recommended for use means of mechanization of ship works. Types and main characteristics

RD 34.17.102-88: Guidelines for Use of Portable Magnetizing Devices for Magnetic Particle Flaw Detection of Parts of Electrical Equipment Without Cleaning Surfaces

RD 34.17.402: Guidelines for Surface Inspection of Cast Housing Components of Steam Turbines for Electric Power Generating Stations Prior to Operation

RD 34.17.427-89: Procedural Guidelines. Nondestructive Testing at Thermal Power Stations. General Requirements

RD 34.17.435-95: Methodological instructions. Technical diagnostics of boilers with working pressure up to 4.0 MPa inclusive.

RD 34.17.440-96: Procedural Guidelines for Assessment of Individual Service Life of Steam Turbines and Prolongation of Their Operational Life Beyond the Individual Service Life of Steam Turbines and Prolonging Their Operational Life Beyond The Equipment Service Life

RD 34-10.030-89: Rules for quality control of welded joints of pipelines of nuclear power plants

RD 3689-002-00220302/31-2008: Welding of radiant tubes and their elements for reaction tube furnaces. Main provisions

RD 38.13.004-86: Operation and repairs of process pipelines operating under pressure up to 10.0 MPa (100 kgf/cm2)

RD 39-132-94: Regulations for Operation, Inspection, Repair and Rejection of the Field Pipelines 1994

RD 51-553-94: Instructions for technical certification of gas accumulators GSS-1-1-10,0-25U-001 during the operation of gas filling stations of gas compressor stations (AGNKS)

RD 52.04.797-2014: Mass concentration of hydrogen fluoride in samples of atmospheric air. Photometric Measurement Technique Using Xylenol Orange

RD ROSEK 04-010-98: Guidelines for the technical diagnosis and extension of the service life of pressure chambers

RD ROSEK-004-97: Hoisting machines. Capillary control. Key Points

RDI 38.18.019-95: Instructions for capillary testing of parts for production equipment, weld joints and overlays.

Resolution: Rules for the design and safe operation of steam and hot water boilers

SA 03-005-07: Industrial pipelines of oil-refining, petrochemical and chemical industry. Requirements to configuration and operation

SDOS-07-2012: Methodological recommendations on the procedure for tightness control of technical devices and structures used and operated at hazardous production facilities

SP 365.1325800.2017: Vertical cylindrical steel tanks for storage of oil products. Rules of work's production and acceptance under installation

SP 406.1325800.2018: Steel and field pipelines for oil and gas. Installation work. Welding and control of its implementation

SP 70.13330.2012: Bearing and enclosing structures. Updated living edition of SNiP 3.03.01-87

SP 86.13330.2014: Main (Trunk) pipelines

ST CKBA 125-2020: Pipe fittings. Types of control and testing

ST RK 1675-2007: Non-destructive control of locomotives parts and units, motor-car and special rolling stock. Control methods

ST TsKBA 013-2007: Pipe fittings. Welding of fittings to the pipeline. Technical requirements

ST TsKBA 015-2005: Pipe fittings. The program of quality control of fittings of nuclear power plants

ST TsKBA 024-2006: Pipe fittings. Determination of residual life and reliability indicators

ST TsKBA 025-2006: Pipe fittings. Welding and quality control of welded joints. Technical requirements

ST TsKBA 052-2008: Pipe fittings. Requirements for materials of fittings used for hydrogen sulfide environments

ST TsKBA 084-2010: Elements of pipelines. Parts and assembly units of titanium alloys for nuclear power plant pipelines. General technical conditions

ST TsKBA 088-2010: Pipe fittings. The quality control program of valves used for hydrogen sulfide environments

ST TsKBA 098-2011: Pipe fittings. Repair of surfacing. Technical requirements

ST TsKBA 099-2011: Pipe fittings. Repairs. Organization of repair and general repair manual

STO-SA-03-002-2009: Rules for the design, manufacture and installation of vertical cylindrical steel tanks for oil and oil products

TU 3631-002-76457067-2012: Dynamic Pumps and Pump Units MST-TsN type and spare parts for them

TU 6-09-5296-86: Magnetic Fluorescent Powder Lumagpor 5

VSN 362-87: Disinfections and Etching of Pipelines

VSN 41.88: Design of ice-resistant stationary platforms

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