SP 16.13330.2017

СП 16.13330.2017

Steel structures

Стальные конструкции

Status: Effective

This set of rules establishes the requirements and applies to the design and calculation of steel building structures of buildings and structures for various purposes, operating at a temperature not higher than 100 ° C and not lower than minus 60 ° C.

Настоящий свод правил устанавливает требования и распространяется на проектирование и расчет стальных строительных конструкций зданий и сооружений различного назначения, работающих при температуре не выше 100°С и не ниже минус 60°С.

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Approved: Ministry of construction and housing and communal services of the Russian Federation, 2/27/2017

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Construction (Max) » Regulations » Documents System of normative documents in construction » 5. Regulatory documents for building structures and products » K.53 Metal structures »

Welding regulations » Welding work »

Welding regulations » Main materials »

Welding regulations » Pipelines »

Welding regulations » Metal structures »

Welding regulations » Welding materials »

Welding regulations » Documentation »

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Welding regulations » Main materials » Steel, cast iron »

Welding regulations » Welding materials » Electrodes »

Welding regulations » Welding materials » Wire »

Welding regulations » Welding materials » Fluxes »

PromExpert » SECTION III. LABOR PROTECTION AND SAFETY » III Occupational safety requirements for production equipment and processes » 2 Safety requirements for certain types of work » 2.1 Operation of industrial buildings and structures »

ISO classifier » 01 GENERAL PROVISIONS. TERMINOLOGY. STANDARDIZATION. DOCUMENTATION » 01.080 Graphic notation » 01.080.10 Designations of publicly available information »

National standards » 01 GENERAL PROVISIONS. TERMINOLOGY. STANDARDIZATION. DOCUMENTATION » 01.080 Graphic notation » 01.080.10 Designations of publicly available information »

ISO classifier » 27 ENERGY AND HEATING TECHNOLOGY » 27.100 Power stations in general »

ISO classifier » 91 CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION » 91.080 Structures of buildings » 91.080.10 Metal constructions »

As a Replacement Of:

SP 16.13330.2011: Steel structures

The Document References:

GOST 19425-74: Special-purpose steel I-beams and channels. Dimensions

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Resolution 1038: Regulations on the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation

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The Document is Referenced By:

GOST 22130-2018: Steel piping details. Movable supports and hangers. Specifications

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Methodical manual: Refinement of initial seismicity and seismic micro-zoning of sections of transport facilities

Methodical manual: Hotel building design

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Methodical manual: Base data for the design of building structures on the tsunami-dangerous coasts of the Russian Federation

Methodical manual: Building Design for Refrigerators

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Resolution 815: On the approval of the list of national standards and sets of rules (parts of such standards and sets of rules), as a result of which, on a mandatory basis, compliance with the requirements of the Federal Law "Technical Regulations on the Safety of Buildings and Structures" July 2020 N 985

Resolution 985: The list of national standards and sets of rules (parts of such standards and sets of rules), as a result of which, on a mandatory basis, compliance with the requirements of the Federal Law "Technical Regulations on the Safety of Buildings and Structures"

SP 107.13330.2012: Greenhouses and hotbeds

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SP 291.1325800.2017: Armed grouted structures. Rules of architectural design

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SP 303.1325800.2017: One-story industrial buildings. Operating rules

SP 307.1325800.2017: Buildings and premises for the storage and processing of agricultural products the rules of operation

SP 319.1325800.2017: Buildings and premises of medikal institutions. The rules of operation

SP 324.1325800.2017: Multi-storey industrial buildings. Operating rales

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SP 329.1325800.2017: Buildings and structures. Rules of inspection after the fire

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SP 375.1325800.2017: Industrial chimneys. Design rules

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SP 383.1325800.2018: Facilities for sports and health. Desing rules

SP 384.1325800.2018: Tent structures. Design rules

SP 385.1325800.2018: Protection of buildings and structures against progressive collapse. Design code. Basic statements

SP 386.1325800.2018: Light transparent polycarbonate structures. Design rules

SP 387.1325800.2018: Spatial reinforced concrete structures of roofs and floors. Design requirements

SP 389.1326000.2018: Technical operation of seaport infrastructure facilities

SP 40.13330.2012: Concrete and reinforced concrete dams

SP 412.1325800.2018: The construction of foundations of high-rise buildings and structures. Work Rules

SP 413.1325800.2018: Buildings and structures subject to dynamic effects. Design rules

SP 426.1325800.2018: Structures front translucent buildings and structures. Design rules

SP 427.1325800.2018: Stone and armored constructions. Amplification methods

SP 429.1325800.2018: Enclosing constructions with effective insulation and sheet cladding. Design rules

SP 43.13330.2012: Structures for industrial installations

SP 430.1325800.2018: Monolithic structural systems. Design rules

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SP 442.1325800.2019: Buildings and constructions. Earthquake Rating

SP 443.1325800.2019: Bridges with aluminum alloy structures. Design rules

SP 445.1325800.2018: Culverts and drainage systems in permafrost areas. Design rules

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SP 63.13330.2012: Concrete and reinforced concrete structures. General provisions.

SP 63.13330.2018: Concrete and reinforced concrete structures. Key Points

SP 64.13330.2017: Timber structures

SP 88.13330.2014: The protective shelters of civil defense

SP 98.13330.2018: Tram and trolley lines

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