GOST 11680-76

ГОСТ 11680-76

Cotton fabrics coarse Calico group. Specification

Ткани хлопчатобумажные бязевой группы. Технические условия

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Pipes, seamless, of stainless steel. Range

Трубы бесшовные из нержавеющей стали. Спектр

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The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

National Standards for KGS (State Standards Classification) » Latest edition » M Textile and leather materials and products » M6 Cotton fabrics and single-piece goods » M63 Cotton fabrics for household use »

The Document is Replaced With:

GOST 29298-92: Cotton and mixed fabrics for domestic use

As a Replacement Of:

GOST 11680-65: Calico cotton. Range and specifications

The Document is Referenced By:

FR 1.31.2007.03794: Methodical recommendations on the application of the method of performing pH measurements in waters by the potentiometric method

FR 1.31.2018.30110: Quantitative chemical analysis of water. Method for measuring the pH of water samples by potentiometric method

GOST 11622-73: Mans working tunic. General specifications

GOST 12.4.030-77: System of standards for labour safety. Special clothes for protection from water and solvents of surface-active agents. Specifications

GOST 12.4.100-80: Man's overalls for protection against non-toxic dust, mechanical effects and general industrial contaminations. Specifications

GOST 13084-88: Powders of high-alloyed steels and alloys. Specifications

GOST 17745-90: Steels and alloys. Methods for determination of gases

GOST 19318-73: Pulp. Sample preparation for chemical analyses

GOST 19671-81: Tungsten wire for light sources. Specification

GOST 19671-91: Tungsten wire for light sources

GOST 19686-74: Vacuum oils. Method for assessing the quality of the ultimate residual pressure

GOST 19690-89: State flags of the USSR, of union and autonomous republics. General specifications

GOST 19930-91: Sewing domestic machines. General specifications

GOST 20022.4-75: Wood protecting. Panel method of impregnation

GOST 2023.1-88: Lamps for road vehicles. Dimensional, electrical and luminous requirements

GOST 20264.3-81: Enzyme preparations. Methods for determination of pectolytic complex activity

GOST 20549-75: Vacuum diffusion welding of working elements of separating and shape forming dies. Typical technological process

GOST 20756-88: Double-breasted overcoats for military men. Specifications

GOST 22720.1-77: Rare metals and their alloys. Methods for the determination of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon

GOST 23.214-83: Ensuring of wear resistance of products. Pendulum method for measuring the friction coefficient of rolling

GOST 23052-78: Telephone cable boxes. Specification

GOST 24207-80: Medicinal products supplied for export. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 24927-81: Electronic products. General requirements to the temporary corrosion protection and test methods

GOST 25647-83: Sewing domestic machines. Methods of functioning tests

GOST 25659-83: White fluorescent lamp phosphor. Specifications

GOST 26220-84: Aerosol aluminum mono-block bulbs

GOST 26584-85: Motorcycle helmets

GOST 27419-87: Women's uniform shirts. Specifications

GOST 27505-87: Video and sound recording on the 25,4mm tape. Parameters and dimensions. Methods of measurement. Packing and marking

GOST 27619-88: Uniform for military men of urgent service. Specifications

GOST 27620-88: Trousers of straight cut for military men of urgent service. Specifications

GOST 27640-88: Engineering materials and lubricants. Experimental evaluation of coefficient of friction

GOST 27652-88: Men's acid-protection overalls

GOST 28654-90: Abrasive grains from aluminium oxide. Test methods of chemical composition

GOST 4432-71: Overalls. Men's uncovered sheepskin coats. Specifications

GOST 4750-89: Bicycle tires

GOST 6915-89: Instruments for measuring blood pressure within the cardiovascular system

GOST 8712-83: Cotton and cloth uniform shirts. Specifications

GOST 8775.1-87: Lithium. Methods for determination of lithium

GOST 9.047-75: Unified system of corrosion and ageing protection. Metal and non-metal inorganic coatings. Technological process operations for coating production

GOST 9.509-89: Unified system of corrosion and ageing protection. Means of temporary corrosion protection. Methods of determining protection ability

GOST 9896-88: Complete set of sanitary clothes for women. Specification

GOST 9897-88: Complete set of sanitary clothes for men. Specifications

MI 1758-87: Guidelines. GSE. The flat angle measures are prismatic. Method of verification

MI 1927-88: Recommendation. Calibers are smooth for cylindrical shafts and holes

MI 2078-90: Wires and rollers

MI 2191-92: Recommendation. State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Sinus rulers. Verification Method

Model series 20.0027: Reinforced Concrete Supports for Joint Suspension of 10 kV Overhead Line Protected Wires and Self-Carrying Insulated Wires of Double-Chain 0.4 kV Overhead Line. Working drawings

OST 26-3-87: Welding in chemical mechanical engineering. Main provisions.

OST 92-1586-89: Marking paints. General requirements for selection, preparation and laying.

PI 1.2.315-89: Production of glazing parts from organic glasses

PND F 14.1:2:3:4.121-97: Quantitative chemical analysis of water. Methods for pH measurement in waters by potentiometric method

RD 153-34.2-21.544-2002: Guidelines for the chemical control of corrosion processes in water filtration through concrete and reinforced concrete hydraulic structures

RD 52.17.262-90: Guidelines. Methods of sampling, processing and concentration of samples of sea water, ice and snow cover during polar expeditions. Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI)

RST RSFSR 644-80: Prosthetic and Orthopedic Products. General Technical Specifications

TU 6-05-810-88: Billets of fluoroplast-4 and fluoroplast-4A general purpose. Technical conditions

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