GOST 4919.1-2016

ГОСТ 4919.1-2016

Reagents and matters of special purity. Methods for preparation of indicators solutions

Реактивы и особо чистые вещества. Методы приготовления растворов индикаторов

Status: Effective - Supersedes. IUS 6-2017

The standard applies to reagents and highly pure substances and establishes methods for preparing solutions of indicators, indicator mixtures and indicator papers used in the analysis of chemical reagents and highly pure substances.

Стандарт распространяется на реактивы и особо чистые вещества и устанавливает методы приготовления растворов индикаторов, индикаторных смесей и индикаторных бумаг, применяемых в анализе химических реактивов и особо чистых веществ.

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Approved: Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology, 11/14/2016

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The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

PromExpert » SECTION I. TECHNICAL REGULATION » V Testing and control » 3 Activities of testing laboratories » 3.2 Technical equipment of testing laboratories » 3.2.3 Chemical reagents and highly pure substances » Reagents »

ISO classifier » 71 CHEMICAL INDUSTRY » 71.040 Analytical Chemistry » 71.040.30 Chemical reagents »

National standards » 71 CHEMICAL INDUSTRY » 71.040 Analytical Chemistry » 71.040.30 Chemical reagents »

As a Replacement Of:

GOST 4919.1-77: Reagents and matters of special purity. Methods for preparation of indicators solutions

The Document References:

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The Document is Referenced By:

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