SP 131.13330.2018

СП 131.13330.2018

Construction Climatology

Строительная климатология

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Approved: Ministry of construction and housing and communal services of the Russian Federation, 11/28/2018

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The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

Construction (Max) » Regulations » Documents System of normative documents in construction » 2. General technical regulatory documents » K.23. Internal climate and protection against harmful effects »

PromExpert » SECTION V. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. NATURE USE » II Ensuring environmental safety » 1 Air Protection » 1.3 Requirements for protection of atmospheric air in carrying out activities » 1.3.2 Requirements for protection of atmospheric air during design, placement, construction, reconstruction and operation of facilities »

PromExpert » SECTION V. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. NATURE USE » I Environmental-legal and economic-legal mechanisms for environmental protection » 1 Management infield of environmental protection and environmental management » 1.5 Environmental monitoring and control »

ISO classifier » 91 CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION » 91.120 Protection of buildings, inside and out » 91.120.99 Protection of buildings, inside and out, other aspects »

ISO classifier » 93 CIVIL CONSTRUCTION » 93.040 Construction of bridges »

National standards » 93 CIVIL CONSTRUCTION » 93.040 Construction of bridges »

The Document is Replaced With:

SP 131.13330.2020: Construction climatology SNiP 23-01-99 *

As a Replacement Of:

SP 131.13330.2012: Building climatology

The Document References:

Federal Law 184-FZ: About technical regulation

SP 131.13330.2012: Building climatology

The Document is Referenced By:

SP 18.13330.2019: Production facilities. Planning organization of the land plot

GOST R 113.16.01-2020: Best available technology. Dust suppression and prevention of freezing with the use of products based on calcium chloride, magnesium chloride and sodium chloride

GOST R 56778-2020: Buildings for residential and public use. Evaluation of heat consumption for heating and ventilation

GOST R 56778-2021: Residential and public buildings. Evaluation of heat consumption for heating and ventilation

GOST R 56926-2016: Window and balcony constructions of different functional purpose for residential buildings. General specifications

GOST R 58322-2018: Contact network for high-speed rail lines. Technical requirements and control methods

GOST R 58323-2018: Reinforced concrete pipes for trenchless laying of engineering networks. Technical conditions

GOST R 58623-2019: The main pipeline transport of oil and oil products. Vertical cylindrical steel tanks. Technical Operation Rules

GOST R 58875-2020: Green standards. Greened and maintained roofs of buildings and structures. Technical and environmental requirements

GOST R 59009-2020: Wood-based panels for block construction. Specifications

GOST R 59620-2022: Public roads. Spherical (spherical segmental) combined bearing parts for bridge structures. General specifications

GOST R 59633-2021: Translucent facade constructions. Method for determining thermal performance in a climatic chamber

GOST R 59943-2021: Roads for public use. Monitoring systems for bridge structures. Design rules

GOST R 70005-2022: Preservation of objects of cultural heritage from biopollution. Classification, methods of protection and elimination of consequences. General requirements

GOST R 70139-2022: Data centers. Engineering infrastructure. Classification

GOST R 70389-2022: Heat supply schemes of cities. Development and updating processes. Technical conditions for procurement

Methodical manual: Building Design for Refrigerators

Methodical manual: Refinement of initial seismicity and seismic micro-zoning of sections of transport facilities

Methodical manual: Hotel building design

Methodical manual: Classification methods of information modeling tasks

Methodical manual: Base data for the design of building structures on the tsunami-dangerous coasts of the Russian Federation

ODM 218.2.058-2019: Recommendations on the use of composite materials in the construction of bridge structures and pedestrian bridges

Order 50/pr: On the approval of changes in the estimated norms

Order 50/pr: The plan for the development and approval of codes of practice and updating of previously approved building codes and regulations, codes for 2020

Order 859/pr: On the approval of SP 131.13330.2020 "SNiP 23-01-99 * Construction climatology"

Resolution 985: The list of national standards and sets of rules (parts of such standards and sets of rules), as a result of which, on a mandatory basis, compliance with the requirements of the Federal Law "Technical Regulations on the Safety of Buildings and Structures"

SP 104.13330.2016: Ground protection from flooding and underflooding

SP 116.13330.2012: Engineering protection of territories, buildings and structures from dangerous geological processes. Basic principles.

SP 121.13330.2019: Airdromes

SP 122.13330.2012: Railway and highway tunnels

SP 145.13330.2020: Boarding houses. Design rules

SP 15.13330.2012: Masonry and reinforced masonry structures

SP 15.13330.2020: Stone and reinforced masonry structures SNiP II-2281 *

SP 16.13330.2017: Steel structures

SP 17.13330.2017: The roofs

SP 18.13330.2019: Production facilities. Planning organization of the land plot (Master plans of industrial enterprises) SNiP II-89-80 *

SP 19.13330.2019: Agricultural enterprises. Planning organization of the land

SP 20.13330.2016: Loads and actions

SP 22.13330.2016: Soil bases of buildings and structures

SP 230.1325800.2015: Construction enclosing of buildings characteristics of thermal conductive of inclusions

SP 25.13330.2012: Soil bases and foundations on permafrost soils

SP 25.13330.2020: Bases and foundations on permafrost soil SNiP 2.02.04-88

SP 252.1325800.2016: Preschool educational institution buildings. Design rules

SP 257.1325800.2020: Hotel buildings. Design rules

SP 260.1325800.2016: Cold-formed thin-walled steel profile and galvanized corrugated plate constructions. Design rules

SP 266.1325800.2016: Composite steel and concrete structures. Design rules

SP 267.1325800.2016: High rise buildings and complexes. Design rules

SP 27.13330.2017: Concrete and reinforced concrete structures intended for the service in elevated and high temperatures

SP 28.13330.2017: Protection against corrosion of construction

SP 284.1325800.2016: Instructions for design, construction and redesign of field oil and gas pipelines

SP 293.1325800.2017: Facade's thermo insulation composite systems with external mortar layers. Design and work execution rules

SP 294.1325800.2017: The construction of steel. Design rules

SP 30.13330.2020: Internal water supply and sewerage of buildings SNiP 2.04.01-85 *

SP 31.13330.2012: Water supply. Pipelines and portable water treatment plants

SP 32.13330.2018: Sewerage. Outdoor networks and facilities

SP 335.1325800.2017: Large-panel construction system. Design rules

SP 34.13330.2012: Automobile roads. Updated living edition of SNIP 2.05.02-85

SP 34.13330.2021: SNiP 2.05.02-85 * Highways

SP 345.1325800.2017: Residential and public buildings. Thermal performance design

SP 35.13330.2011: Bridges and pipes. Updated living edition of SNiP 2.05.03-84

SP 351.1325800.2017: Concrete and reinforced concrete designs from light concrete. Rules of design

SP 367.1325800.2017: Residential and public buildings. Daylighting design

SP 37.13330.2012: Industrial transport

SP 380.1325800.2018: Fire station building. Desing rules

SP 385.1325800.2018: Protection of buildings and structures against progressive collapse. Design code. Basic statements

SP 387.1325800.2018: Spatial reinforced concrete structures of roofs and floors. Design requirements

SP 396.1325800.2018: Streets and roads of settlements. Urban Planning Rules

SP 414.1325800.2018: Fixed formwork. Design rules

SP 417.1325800.2018: Buildings of railway stations. Design rules

SP 417.1325800.2020: Railway station complexes. Design rules

SP 42.13330.2016: Urban development. Urban and rural planning and development

SP 426.1325800.2020: Fencing constructions for translucent buildings and structures. Design rules

SP 434.1325800.2018: Polystyrene concrete enclosures. Design rules

SP 44.13330.2011: Administrative and residential buildings

SP 443.1325800.2019: Bridges with aluminum alloy structures. Design rules

SP 450.1325800.2019: Agro-industrial clusters. Design rules

SP 453.1325800.2019: Artificial high-speed railway lines. Design and construction rules

SP 462.1325800.2019: Bus station buildings. Design rules

SP 462.1325800.2019: Bus station buildings. Design rules

SP 463.1325800.2019: Buildings of river and sea stations. Design rules

SP 463.1325800.2019: Buildings of river and sea stations. Design rules

SP 464.1325800.2019: Buildings of shopping and entertainment complexes. Design rules

SP 464.1325800.2019: Buildings of shopping and entertainment complexes. Design rules

SP 47.13330.2016: Engineering survey for construction. Basic principles

SP 475.1325800.2020: Parks. The rules of urban planning and landscaping

SP 476.1325800.2020: Territories of urban and rural settlements. Rules for the planning, development and improvement of residential neighborhoods

SP 478.1325800.2019: Air terminal buildings and complexes. Design rules

SP 482.1325800.2020: Engineering and hydrometeorological surveys for construction. General rules for the production of work

SP 492.1325800.2020: Animal shelters. Design rules

SP 495.1325800.2020: Isothermal tanks for storage of liquefied gases. Design rules

SP 496.1325800.2020: Foundations and foundations of buildings and structures on permafrost soils. Work rules

SP 497.1325800.2020: Foundations and foundations of buildings and structures on permafrost soils. Operating rules

SP 498.1325800.2020: Foundations and foundations of buildings and structures on permafrost soils. Requirements for engineering preparation of the territory

SP 499.1325800.2021: Engineering protection of territories, buildings and structures from karst-suffusion processes. Design rules

SP 53.13330.2019: Planning and development of the territory of citizens conducting gardening. Buildings and constructions

SP 56.13330.2011: Industrial buildings

SP 59.13330.2020: Accessibility of buildings and structures for people with limited mobility SNiP 35-01-2001

SP 63.13330.2018: Concrete and reinforced concrete structures. Key Points

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