SP 350.1326000.2018

СП 350.1326000.2018

Norms for technological design of sea ports

Нормы технологического проектирования морских портов

Status: Effective

The set of rules includes the norms of technological design of seaports, terminals and other port infrastructure facilities and determines the relationship and the relationship between the parameters of the main elements of seaports. The norms of the Code of Rules do not apply to the design of the port water area, radar systems for the movement of ships (VTS) in the port water area and approaches to it, checkpoints across the state border, the design rules and rules of which are determined by separate regulatory documents. The standards for technological design of seaports are applied in the design of new, reconstruction and modernization of existing seaports and their individual elements, as well as ports located on sections of rivers with a maritime regime of navigation, and their individual elements

Свод правил включает нормы технологического проектирования морских портов, терминалов и других объектов портовой инфраструктуры и определяет взаимосвязь и соотношения между параметрами основных элементов морских портов. Нормы свода правил не распространяются на проектирование акватории порта, систем радиолокационного управления движением судов (СУДС) на акватории порта и подходах к нему, пунктов пропуска через государственную границу, нормы и правила проектирования которых определены отдельными нормативными документами. Нормы технологического проектирования морских портов применяются при проектировании новых, реконструкции и модернизации действующих морских портов и их отдельных элементов, а также портов, расположенных на участках рек с морским режимом судоходства, и их отдельных элементов

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Approved: Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, 3/1/2018

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The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

Construction (Max) » Regulations » Documents System of normative documents in construction » 3. Normative documents on urban planning, buildings and constructions » к.33 Hydrotechnical and meliorative constructions »

ISO classifier » 93 CIVIL CONSTRUCTION » 93.140 Construction of waterways, ports and dams »

National standards » 93 CIVIL CONSTRUCTION » 93.140 Construction of waterways, ports and dams »

The Document References:

Code 190-FZ: Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation

Federal Law 16-FZ: About transport security

Federal Law 184-FZ: About technical regulation

Federal Law 261-FZ: On energy conservation and on improving energy efficiency and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation

Federal Law 52-FZ: Public Sanitary and Epidemiological Well-Being

Federal Law 7-FZ: Environmental Protection

Federal Law 96-FZ: Atmospheric Protection

GN Maximum allowable concentrations (MACs) of harmful substances in occupational air

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GOST 12.1.029-80: Means and methods of defense from noise. Classification

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Order 181n: Typical list of measures taken annually by the employer to improve labor conditions and safety and reduce levels of occupational risks

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POT R O- Occupational health and safety regulations in seaports

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RD 31.04.23-94: Instruction on prevention of pollution from ships

RD 31.06.01-79: Instructions for the collection, disposal and disposal of garbage seaports

RD 31.06.05-85: Method for the Determination of Atmospheric Emissions of Particulate Matter During Transshipment of Bulk Cargoes

RD 31.06.06-86: Procedure for calculating harmful substance emissions into the atmosphere at seaports.

RD Rules for the sea transportation of food goods. General requirements

RD 31.15.01-89: Regulations for the Maritime Transport of Dangerous Goods

RD 31.21.81-79: Instructions for power supply of ships from land-based networks.

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RD 31.41.04-79: Part 4. Cards of typical and experimental technological processes of transshipment operations with dangerous goods

RD 31.82.01-95: Mandatory Occupational Safety and Health Requirements for New Design and Rehabilitation and Modernization of Existing Seaports, Transshipment Complexes, and Individual Port Facilities

RD 31.82.03-87: Labour safety rules in sea ports.

RD 78.36.006-2005: Choice and application of hardware of security and alarm systems and engineering safety measures for development of facilities

Resolution 390: Fire safety rules in the Russian Federation

Resolution 87: The list of names of communication services included in the license for the implementation of activities in the field of rendering communication services

Resolution 87: Regulations on the composition of sections of design documentation and requirements for their content

Resolution 930: General requirements for the construction, reconstruction, equipment and technical equipment of buildings, premises and structures necessary for the organization of border, customs and other types of control carried out at checkpoints across the state border of the Russian Federation

Rules on the Selection of Pressure Vessels and Equipment: Instruction on the selection of pressure vessels and devices operating under pressure of 100 kgf/cm2 and overpressure protection, Ministry of Petroleum Energy

SanPiN Sanitary-epidemiological requirements to protection of sea coastal waters from pollution in population water use places

SanPiN Water diposal at inhabitted points. Sanitary protection of water bodies. Hygienic requirements to surface waters protection

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SNiP 3.05.03-85: Heat networks

SP 1.13130.2009: The systems of fire protection. Evacuation ways and exits

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SP 109.13330.2012: Cold storage units

SP 11.13130.2009: Location of fire service divisions. Procedure and methods of determination

SP 110.13330.2012: Warehouses for oil and oil products. Fire regulations

SP 114.13330.2016: Forest material storages. Fire regulations

SP 119.13330.2012: Railways of 1520 mm

SP 12.13130.2009: Determination of categories of rooms, buildings and external installations for explosion and fire hazards

SP 122.13330.2012: Railway and highway tunnels

SP 124.13330.2012: Heating networks

SP 14.13330.2014: Construction in seismic regions SNIP II-7-81 (revision SP 14.13330.2011)

SP 16.13330.2011: Steel structures

SP 165.1325800.2014: Engineering and technical measures of civil defense

SP 18.13330.2011: Master plans for industrial enterprises

SP Occupational hygiene enterprise designing building reconstruction and maintenance. Hygienic requirements to the designing of new and reconstructible industrial enterprises

SP 20.13330.2011: Loads and impacts

SP 22.13330.2011: Buildings and structures foundations

SP 23.13330.2011: Foundation of hydraulic structures

SP 29.13330.2011: Floors

SP 30.13330.2012: Domestic water supply and sewerage of buildings.

SP 31.13330.2012: Water supply. Pipelines and portable water treatment plants

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SP 34.13330.2012: Automobile roads. Updated living edition of SNIP 2.05.02-85

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SP 37.13330.2012: Industrial transport

SP 38.13330.2012: Loads and impacts on Hydraulic structures (from wave, ice and ships)

SP 4.13130.2013: Systems of fire protection. Restriction of fire spread at object of defense. Requirements to special layout and structural decisions

SP 42.13330.2016: Urban development. Urban and rural planning and development

SP 44.13330.2011: Administrative and residential buildings

SP 5.13130.2009: Fire protection systems. Automated fire alarm and fire extinguishing installations. Design norms and regulations

SP 51.13330.2011: Noise protection and rooms acoustics.

SP 52.13330.2011: Natural and artificial lighting

SP 56.13330.2011: Industrial buildings

SP 58.13330.2012: Hydraulic Structures. Basic statements

SP 60.13330.2012: Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC). Updated living edition of SNiP 41-01-2003

SP 92.13330.2012: Warehouses of dry mineral hestilizers and chamical means of protection plants

VNTP 02-85: Industry-Specific Engineering Design Standards for General Purpose Warehouses

VNTP 02-92: Norms of technological design of bakery industry enterprises. Part I. Bakeries

VNTP 02-92: Norms of technological design of bakery industry enterprises. Part II Bakeries

VNTP 05-88: Engineering Design Standards for Grain Collecting Centers and Elevators

VNTP 3-90: Engineering Design Standards for Branched Petroleum Product Pipelines

VNTP 5-95: Norms of technological design of enterprises for provisioning with petroleum products (petroleum storage depots)

VSN 01-89: Enterprises for servicing motor vehicles

VSN 12-87: Crude oil and oil product handling berth facilities. Fire protection. Design practice

VSN 12-87/MMF: Crude oil and oil product handling berth facilities. Fire protection. Design practice

The Document is Referenced By:

GOST R 59021-2020: Oil and gas industry. Liquefied natural gas handling and bunkering. General requirements

GOST R 59022-2020: Oil and gas industry. Liquefied natural gas handling and bunkering. Berth equipment

GOST R 70577-2022: Checkpoints across the state border of the Russian Federation. General requirements

ITS 46-2019: Reducing emissions of pollutants, discharges of pollutants during storage and warehousing of goods (goods)

Methodical manual: Refinement of initial seismicity and seismic micro-zoning of sections of transport facilities

Methodical manual: Hotel building design

Methodical manual: Classification methods of information modeling tasks

Methodical manual: Base data for the design of building structures on the tsunami-dangerous coasts of the Russian Federation

Methodical manual: Building Design for Refrigerators

SP 316.1325800.2017: Container terminals. Regulations of projecting

SP 389.1326000.2018: Technical operation of seaport infrastructure facilities

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