SP 389.1326000.2018

СП 389.1326000.2018

Technical operation of seaport infrastructure facilities

Техническая эксплуатация объектов инфраструктуры морского порта

Status: Effective - Introduced for the first time

The set of rules establishes general requirements for the procedure for the technical operation of sea port infrastructure facilities.

Свод правил устанавливает общие требования к порядку осуществления технической эксплуатации объектов инфраструктуры морского порта.

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Approved: Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, 10/15/2018

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The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

Construction (Max) » Regulations » Sectoral and departmental regulatory and methodological documents » Design and construction of offshore structures »

ISO classifier » 93 CIVIL CONSTRUCTION » 93.140 Construction of waterways, ports and dams »

National standards » 93 CIVIL CONSTRUCTION » 93.140 Construction of waterways, ports and dams »

The Document References:

Code 190-FZ: Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation

Code 74-FZ: Water Code of the Russian Federation

Federal Law 155-FZ: On inland sea waters, the territorial sea and the adjacent zone of the Russian Federation

Federal Law 184-FZ: About technical regulation

Federal Law 261-FZ: On energy conservation and on improving energy efficiency and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation

Federal Law 7-FZ: Environmental Protection

GKINP 03-010-03: Instructions for leveling classes I, II, III and IV

GOST 12.1.005-88: General sanitary requirements for working zone air

GOST 19185-73: Hydraulic engineering. Basic concepts. Terms and definitions

GOST 24846-2012: Soils. Methods of measuring the strains of structures and building bases

GOST 25634-83: Catalogue of geodetic stations coordinates. Form and content

GOST 26600-98: Navigation waterways signs. General specifications

GOST 27751-2014: Reliability for constructions and foundations. General principles

GOST 30247.0-94: Elements of building constructions. Fire-resistance test methods. General requirements

GOST 31937-2011: Buildings and constructions. Rules of inspection and of the technical condition

GOST 5686-2012: Sоils. Fiеld tеst mеthоds bу рilеs

GOST R 12.4.026-2001: Occupational safety standards system. Safety colors, safety signs and signal marking. Purpose and rules of application. General technical requirements and characteristics. Test methods

GOST R 51248-99: Overland rail crane tracks. Principal specifications

GOST R 51256-2011: Traffic control devices. Road marking. Classification. Technical requirements

GOST R 51872-2002: Executive geodetic documentation in construction. Performance rules

GOST R 52290-2004: Traffic control devices. Traffic signs. General technical requirements

GOST R 54523-2011: Port hydraulic structures. Rules of inspection and monitoring of the technical condition

Manual for SNiP 3.07.02-87: Allowance for the production and acceptance of work during the construction of new, reconstruction and expansion of existing hydrotechnical sea and river transport facilities

MDS 12-22.2005: Recommendations for the application in the construction industry of the requirements of regulatory legal and other regulatory acts containing state regulatory labor protection requirements

MDS 12-4.2000: Russian Federation Procedural Ordinance for Failure Investigation Procedures for Buildings, Structures, and Building and Structure Components

Order 533: Federal norms and rules in the field of industrial safety "Safety rules for hazardous production facilities where lifting structures are used"

Order 533: On the approval of federal norms and rules in the field of industrial safety "General explosion safety rules for explosive and fire hazardous chemical, petrochemical and oil refining industries"

POT R O-14000-004-98: Regulation

POT R O- Occupational health and safety regulations in seaports

R 31.3.08-04: Industry-Specific Ordinance on Scheduled Preventive Maintenance of Process Buildings and Structures in Maritime Transport

RD 152-001-94: Ecological requirements for transportation enterprises

RD 31.04.01-90: Work execution regulations for cleanup of polluted port waters.

RD 31.04.23-94: Instruction on prevention of pollution from ships

RD 31.06.01-79: Instructions for the collection, disposal and disposal of garbage seaports

RD 31.06.06-86: Procedure for calculating harmful substance emissions into the atmosphere at seaports.

RD 31.1.02-04: Rules of technical operation of lifting and transport equipment of sea trading ports

RD 31.15.01-89: Regulations for the Maritime Transport of Dangerous Goods

RD 31.31.21-81: Main provisions on designing seaports with frozen water area.

RD 31.31.25-85: Guidelines for Design of Wharf Structures for Arctic Conditions

RD 31.31.38-86: Instructions for strengthening and reconstruction of mooring facilities.

RD 31.31.55-93: Instruction on designing the marine jetty and coast-protecting structures

RD 31.35.01-80: Guidelines for corrosion protection of marine port facilities designed for handling chemicals. Minmorflot, Soyuzmorniiproekt, 1980

RD 31.35.03-86: Guidelines for the Development of Construction Documents for Repair of Maritime Transport Buildings and Structures

RD 31.35.06-81: Guide to Establishment of Standards on Operating Loads on Thrust-Type Wharf Structures by Testing Them Under Experimental Static Loads

RD 31.35.07-83: Guidelines for electrochemical corrosion protection of steel structures of marine waterworks in the underwater zone. Minmorflot, Soyuzmorniiproekt, 1983

RD 31.35.13-90: Instructions for repair of hydraulic structures in maritime transport. Minmorflot, Soyuzmorniiproekt, 1990

RD 31.6.07-2002: Instructions for maintenance of navigation equipment of marine approach channels and harbour areas.

RD 31.63.01-83: Operational definition guide of a vessel canal draught on approach channels to seaports.

RD 31.63.02-83: Guide to Determining Declared Draft of Ships in Seaports

RD 31.74.04-2002: Technology surveying works in the manufacture of dredging and depth control for the safe navigation of vessels in ports and approaches to them. Instructions.

RD 31.74.08-94: Technical Guidelines to Marine Dredging Operations

RD 31.84.05-89: Occupational Safety and Health Regulations for Operating Navigational Equipment and Conducting Hydrographic Operations

RD 39-0147098-005-88: Environmental Protection Regulations for the Production, Treatment, and Transportation of Crude Oil

RD 50:48:0075.01.05: Recommendations on organization and safe operation of ground gantry rails.

Resolution 1108: Regulations on Federal State Supervision in the Field of Safety of Hydraulic Structures

SanPiN Sanitary-epidemiological requirements to protection of sea coastal waters from pollution in population water use places

SanPiN Water diposal at inhabitted points. Sanitary protection of water bodies. Hygienic requirements to surface waters protection

SanPiN 2.2.1/ Sanitary-protective zones and sanitary classification of enterprises, constructions and other objects

SNiP 12-03-2001: Labor safety in construction industry

SNiP 12-04-2002: Safety in construction. Part 2. Construction works

SP 11-104-97: Collection of rules for engineering surveys for construction. Engineering-geodetic surveys for construction

SP 12.13130.2009: Determination of categories of rooms, buildings and external installations for explosion and fire hazards

SP 12-103-2002: Tracks for ground rail cranes. Design, installation and operation

SP 13-102-2003: Rules of inspection of bearing structures of buildings and facilities

SP 16.13330.2017: Steel structures

SP 22.13330.2011: Buildings and structures foundations

SP 22.13330.2016: Soil bases of buildings and structures

SP 277.1325800.2016: Costal protection constructions. Design rules

SP 28.13330.2017: Protection against corrosion of construction

SP 3.4.2318-08: Sanitary defence of the territory of the Russian Federation

SP 350.1326000.2018: Norms for technological design of sea ports

SP 38.13330.2012: Loads and impacts on Hydraulic structures (from wave, ice and ships)

SP 4.13130.2013: Systems of fire protection. Restriction of fire spread at object of defense. Requirements to special layout and structural decisions

SP 41.13330.2012: Concrete and reinforced concrete hydraulic structures

SP 45.13330.2017: Earthworks, grounds and footings

SP 47.13330.2016: Engineering survey for construction. Basic principles

SP 56.13330.2011: Industrial buildings

SP 58.13330.2012: Hydraulic Structures. Basic statements

SP 63.13330.2012: Concrete and reinforced concrete structures. General provisions.

SP 64.13330.2017: Timber structures

SP 68.13330.2017: Acceptance into operation completed construction objects. Basic provisions

SP 72.13330.2016: Protection of buildings, facilities and structures against corrosion

VSN 19-89: Work acceptance rules for highway construction and repair

VSN 34-91/MT-st: Execution and Acceptance Requirements for New Construction, Rehabilitation, and Expansion of Existing Marine and River Hydraulic Transport Structures. Part I: Part II: Part III

VSN 486-86: Water Protection Related to Operations Using Hydromechanical Methods

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