SP 409.1325800.2018

СП 409.1325800.2018

Pipelines trunk and field for oil and gas. Work on the installation of thermal and anticorrosive insulation, monitoring of work

Трубопроводы магистральные и промысловые для нефти и газа. Производство работ по устройству тепловой и противокоррозионной изоляции, контроль выполнения работ

Status: Effective - Introduced for the first time

The set of rules applies to the construction of thermal and anticorrosive insulation of main and field steel pipelines intended for the transportation of oil, gas and oil products, with a nominal diameter up to DN 1400 and overpressure of the medium: not higher than 10 MPa - for main pipelines; not higher than 32 MPa - for field pipelines. The set of rules establishes requirements for insulating materials and structures, for the technology of building and repairing external anticorrosion and heat-insulating coatings in factory, basic and route conditions, for monitoring the performance of works on the installation of thermal and anticorrosive insulation on the linear part of main and field pipelines, for transportation and storage insulation materials, pipes and pipe fittings with coatings. The code does not apply to offshore pipelines

Свод правил распространяется на производство работ по устройству тепловой и противокоррозионной изоляции магистральных и промысловых стальных трубопроводов, предназначенных для транспортирования нефти, газа и нефтепродуктов, номинальным диаметром до DN 1400 и избыточным давлением среды: не выше 10 МПа — для магистральных трубопроводов; не выше 32 МПа — для промысловых трубопроводов. Свод правил устанавливает требования к изоляционным материалам и конструкциям, к технологии устройства и ремонта наружных противокоррозионных и теплоизоляционных покрытий в заводских, базовых и трассовых условиях, к контролю выполнения работ по устройству тепловой и противокоррозионной изоляции на линейной части магистральных и промысловых трубопроводов, к транспортированию и хранению изоляционных материалов, труб и соединительных деталей трубопроводов с покрытиями. Свод правил не распространяется на морские трубопроводы

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Approved: Ministry of construction and housing and communal services of the Russian Federation, 8/29/2018

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The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

Construction (Max) » Regulations » Documents System of normative documents in construction » 3. Normative documents on urban planning, buildings and constructions » K.34 Main and field pipelines »

ISO classifier » 75 EXTRACTION AND PROCESSING OF OIL, GAS AND RELATED PRODUCTION » 75.020 Production and processing of oil and natural gas »

The Document References:

Code 190-FZ: Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation

Federal Law 261-FZ: On energy conservation and on improving energy efficiency and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation

GOST 11262-2017: Plastics. Tensile test method

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GOST 5631-79: Lacquer BT-577 and paint BT-177. Specifications

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GOST 9.008-82: Unified system of corrosion and ageing protection. Metal and non-metal inorganic coatings. Terms and definitions

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GOST 9.304-87: Unified system of corrosion and ageing protection. Thermal sprayed coatings. General requirements and methods of control

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GOST EN 1602-2011: Thermal insulating products in building applications. Method for determination of the apparent density

GOST ISO 1167-1-2013: Thermoplastics pipes, fittings and assemblies for the conveyance of fluids. Determination of the resistance to internal pressure. Part 1. General method

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GOST R 57385-2017: Trunk pipeline transport of oil and oil products. Construction of oil and oil products trunk pipelines. Thermal insulation of pipes and fittings

GOST R ISO 8501-1-2014: Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products. Visual assessment of surface cleanliness. Part 1. Rust grades and preparation grades of uncoated steel substrates and of steel substrates after overall removal of previous coatings

SP 125.13330.2012: Petroleum product pipelines laid through cities and public areas

SP 28.13330.2017: Protection against corrosion of construction

SP 284.1325800.2016: Instructions for design, construction and redesign of field oil and gas pipelines

SP 36.13330.2012: Trunk pipelines

SP 41-103-2000: Equipment and piping insulation engineering

SP 48.13330.2011: Organization of construction

SP 61.13330.2012: Designing of thermal insulation of equipment and pipe lines

SP 72.13330.2016: Protection of buildings, facilities and structures against corrosion

SP 86.13330.2014: Main (Trunk) pipelines

The Document is Referenced By:

Order 1653: On amending the order of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology of April 2, 2020 N 687

SP 284.1325800.2016: Instructions for design, construction and redesign of field oil and gas pipelines

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